Sunday, June 11, 2017

to make Freedom’s Star more than a violet planet

Realize then that the enemies of the light do not slumber, neither does the Almighty slumber nor sleep.  And He that keepeth Israel is the Keeper of this flame who perpetually meditates upon the flame of thy life.

Hail, Gautama Buddha, keeper of the flame of Life!
Hail, Sanat Kumara, preserver of the opportunity for Life!
Hail, Maitreya, teacher in the path of Christhood!
Hail, Jesus Christ, way shower to all disciples of Truth!
Hail, Saint Germain and Morya!  Greetings to the beloved Messengers Godfre and Lanello!
Blessed be the Keeper of the Flame, the Maha Chohan, and all the chohans of the rays!
Blessed be every lifestream for whom the sanctity of this flame of Life is greater than all other considerations!
Blessed is the keeper of the flame who places foremost in daily life the working of the work of love as a sacred fire perpetually burning!

In the intricacy of the love matrix we come.  We hold the flame for Earth….O courageous ones, I draw you now into the heart of hearts of the secret rays, for this is where the love fire leads!             -Elohim Heros and Amora:  1-1-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles via Messenger ECP           

Thus this day and this hour there is a separating out, and there be some who have the sapphire aura of El Morya and there be some who have not.  And therefore there shall be the gathering of those who form the nucleus of the will of God and the throat chakra and the outer band of the causal body of this Community, and there be others who may desire to enter in to the ranks of the legions of the Lords of the first ray who may do so….

We move into the new age today.  Today I say is the first and most important step.  Today is the step of the resolution for the next two thousand years.  Blessed hearts, this is the springboard to eternity and you will require every step to be the right step and the direct step.  Therefore I come; I come to you, for I desire to stand on behalf of El Morya to shape the troops, to return the chelas of the diamond heart to him, to gather others.  And those who would be discarded let them be discarded.  For there is no longer a hiding of the coward or the mediocre state or the lukewarm that does not have the ability to have an allegiance whether to light or darkness; therefore the lukewarm have not the allegiance of either light or darkness. 

Thus, beloved, from this day forward the die is cast and you can well guess it is a blue die. …The legions of the first ray therefore join the legions of the seventh as we are determined to be the instruments of a planetary transmutation of violet flame and the binding by the power of the cosmic circle and sword of blue flame of all conditions and abuses of this first ray of God’s will, seeing to it that according to the Faithful and True and the Son of God Universal, those who have abused the power, the perfection, the will of the first ray may be brought to judgment and their hand be stayed against any and all further abuses of that which has come through the diamond heart of Morya….

Our goal is to make Freedom’s Star more than a violet planet.  It is to make it a planet of illumination’s golden flame.                    

-Archangel Michael:  1-1-1989 at RTR, Montana via Messenger ECP    (illustration in Prayer and Meditation, 1978)
-basic matrix by Auriel Bessemer, 1971

Sun of this chart has now progressed (at rate of 1 degree/year) to 10 degrees Aquarius.
-r, mt. shasta, ca

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