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The final abode of God’s light ray of individualized energy is the heart

The final abode of God’s light ray of individualized energy is the heart wherein the expanding threefold flame is secured.  Being then expands its awareness through the flame within the heart.   When you guard the action of that flame by determining that no person, place, condition or thing shall ever interfere with it, the physical organ is strengthened and the great cosmic compensation occurs to amplify the divine intent in man.

The therapy of divine love ought to be applied daily by all.  Yet how sad it is, beloved ones, that mankind permit outer distractions to interfere with their spiritual nourishment whereas their physical hunger is seldom denied attention.  The heart indeed is the altar of man.  If the body of man is to express the health of Almighty God, this wonderful center with the body temple must be bathed daily in a pool of unselfed love.  The love of which I speak is too pure to be dissipated in feelings of self-righteousness which do subtly steal God’s vital energy….

There is one point that I do want to stress again, for it may mean the salvation of some who read my words.  I wish to warn against the temptation that comes to give you the feeling that you are expressing more rightness than others because you are a center for that which is so gloriously superior to all outer action.  This is nothing more than the exaltation of the personal self rather than the glorification of God….The use of the violet flame, the forgetting of self in daily prayer for humility and utter compassion are one’s sure defense against this unfortunate form of error….

Turn to the real concerning every man, and the real within you shall also expand with the power of the ascended masters….We add daily many of the children of men to the flocks of His pasture.  How goodly are the tents of the Almighty and how mighty are His sheep who, having heard His loving voice, are made more like Him. 

     For love in action I AM   
Nada:                                          Pearls of Wisdom 8:30     (portrait by Ruth Hawkins)

  The violet flame has always been used in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood situated on the etheric plane--the highest plane of matter--where the ascended masters preside, receiving only the most worthy chelas (devotees) for instruction and training in the way of initiation.  Those who were found worthy--adherents of the various religions, members of secret societies (such as Rosicrucian and Masonic), communicants of the flame in the mystery schools—were given the knowledge of the violet flame after having proved themselves to be selfless as both receivers and givers of freedom on the path of soul liberation….the violet singing flame causes the very atoms and molecules of your being to sing as they resume their inherent frequency and are therefore brought into pitch with the keynote of your own lifestream.  This keynote is the sounding of the chord of your own I AM Presence.

  And when by the action of the violet flame you free the energies of your four lower bodies (etheric, mental, emotional, physical) to respond to that chord, the wonderful world of the microcosm moves in harmony with the grand macrocosm of your I AM Presence and causal body.  The violet flame forgives as it frees, consumes as it transmutes, clears the records of past karma, equalizes the flow of energy between yourself and other lifestreams and propels you into the arms of the living God….You can think of the action in your desire body as though your emotions were being dunked in a chemical solution of purple liquid which dissolves the dirt that has accumulated for decades about the latticework of your feeling world….

For as the master alchemist* has said, in the word “t-r-y” is the sacred formula of being:  Theos = God; rules = law; you = being.  Theos + rule + you = God’s law active in principle within your being.  Let the energies of the violet flame unlock your true Self even as they sweep away the encrustations of the synthetic self.  Le the violet flame work in you the works of God. 

   Until we meet again in Darjeeling I AM        Science of the Spoken Word, 1983   
El Morya:    chapter XIV of                Science of the Spoken Word, 1983     
  *Saint Germain, master alchemist,
hierarch of the Aquarian age, understood this principle of cosmic law only too well:  for the sake of the few and eventually the many who would make resplendent use of the violet flame he was willing to forego and to sacrifice that portion of his momentum that would be misused and to chalk up that misuse as a necessary expenditure in the laboratory of mankind’s consciousness.               -Morya
I am therefore about to discuss the efficacy of decrees, not only in the removing of fear but also in the removing from the consciousness of mankind of every discouraging and disparaging condition which they may ever have to face.  For the Word of God is power:  it is the divine decree which man gives in unison with the voice of the Eternal One who proclaims the eternal law of his being.

Inasmuch as human density varies from subject to subject, so that one individual may manifest a tremendous weight of negation whereas another may be relatively close to his perfectionment, it will not be found that all individuals can expect exactly the same results from the employment of spiritual methods, even those such as I advocate.  
Nevertheless all can benefit greatly from the giving of decrees even at sublevels of awareness, for the light that is invoked through the giving of decrees penetrates to the very core of being.

Let us now take up the first principle of removing fear.  If the strength of fear is directly related to the number of times the object of one’s fear has been revolved, then would it not be a part of wisdom to unwind each turn of the wire upon the pole of being?  I ask you in God’s name!             
-Maitreya:           chapter III of  Science of the Spoken Word, 1983

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