Thursday, May 18, 2017

when they shall come face-to-face with the blazing truth of reality

Mother Mary is concerned as we enter the Aquarian age that the restoration of purity, of honor, of faithfulness in the marriage vow be restored. And when men and women learn this consecration in meditation they have their dignity, their soul's worth restored in them and there is a transmutation in the heart of the Mother and in the heart of Saint Germain of all that has been put upon us, where we have come to believe that we are the sinful creation--the product of sex--that is wrong. However the perversion of this teaching of Mother Mary goes all the way in the opposite direction to license, to a lack of morals, to free love and free sex, perverted sex and homosexuality and all of those things that have no part with the consecration of the sacred fire. When students of the ascended masters learn the true way they find joy and happiness, complete fulfillment and no longer the agony and the suffering and the burden that comes when there is a misunderstanding and a misuse of these energies. -Messenger E C Prophet: 10-11-1975 at San Francisco ............................................................................... Bud dear hearts, what a shock some men and women are in for when they shall come face-to-face with the blazing truth of reality and realize that so much of what they have learned must be unlearned and that what they have thought to be their own greatness must be sacrificed upon the altar of the true greatness of the Christ Self. Then perhaps they will compare that which they do not yet know with that which they do know, and they will see how very lacking in luster they are in the eyes of the cosmic Hierarchy. -Kuthumi: Studies in the Human Aura (portrait by Schmiechen, 1884) ......................................................................... In Buddhism the quality of forgiveness known as ksanti is translated as patience, forbearance or endurance….For those who would espouse the path of the bodhisattva Saint Germain gave a profound teaching on the ritual of forgiveness and the danger of harboring resentment: “In truth when men understand the ritual of forgiveness and the ritual of honor they will understand that as they reach out from their hearts to enfold one whom they meet with true and unbiased love there flows from their hearts to that one an energy of upliftment that in contacting the receptive heart is raised exponentially into higher dimensions until by the power of the square root, the cosmic cube glows within that energy and amplifies it by love. This positively charged energy then returns to the sender, assuring him that the blessings he will reap for the joy he has released to another will be a permanent part of his world forever.” -7-4-1968 dictation via Messenger Mark Prophet; note by ECP on translation of forgiveness at pages 48-9 of Maitreya on Initiation, S. U. Press, 2006 “I come to initiate the line of bodhisattvas of the new age. I come to inquire: are there any among you who care enough for Terra to live and to love and to live and to serve until this people, held in the hand of God, come into the center of the One?” -Maitreya: 11-21-1976 via Messenger E C Prophet

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