Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hail, sons and daughters of flame aborning

Hail, sons and daughters of flame aborning in the cosmos of the Mother! I AM come to claim My own. I AM come to draw the flock into the heart of love. I come to seal the eye and to set the mark of victory upon My own for the Day, the everlasting Day when the fire shall stream forth and the separation shall occur and the rays of God shall be drawn back to the heart of the Great Central Sun! I come to seal lifewaves not alone in this solar system but throughout the galaxy, for the initiation of light draweth nigh! Fear not! I AM with thee! I AM thy Father-Mother God. I AM in the center of a soul and I AM in the seed of the whole of creation. I come to renew the ancient vow; I come that you might know that God is, that God cares, that God is here where you are, and that you can always be where I AM. I AM the answer to a prayer before you have called. I AM aware of all aspects of life. I know the light that flows, I know the darkness that must be consumed ere you can come into the throne of Alpha-Omega. I know what is required of thee, line upon line. And inasmuch as I AM that awareness, will not you call to Me more often for the revelation of that plan of life and of the scheduling of initiation and of the exercise of light within the chakras?…Know then that Alpha is not as far as you think--and yet far far far removed from mortal consciousness, from confinement….Do you remember the cradle of our love? And do you remember the day when you chose to go forth and to descend in form? We remember well--and the tear in the eye of Father-Mother, knowing all that the soul would traverse yet the soul rejoicing, not knowing the travail of separation but only the joy of going forth on a mission of discovery, of experiment, of probing the all of God. For the soul knew not that it had already the all of God but determined to go forth to rediscover that Self of the I AM THAT I AM. Now the tear is in the eye of the soul as the soul contemplates how many cycles have turned since the fond embrace and the fond good-bye. And the time has come for the return! …Let all be alert! Let all be aware that the passing from the Macrocosm of the one who instigated the rebellion of the angels is a point for the release of great light in the Macrocosm. -Alpha: 7-5-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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