Tuesday, May 23, 2017

If the Spirit of liberty is to be honored

If the Spirit of liberty is to be honored it must be honored not only by the man of low degree who rejoices in the hope of his exaltation but also by those older sheep of the Lord’s flock whose hoary heads of wisdom are crowned not in order to bring personal adulation but to focalize spiritual offices of great responsibility.  The time has come when we shall muster in all who would make their calling and election sure on behalf of the Brotherhood the determination to muster their all to the cause of liberty.  The world welters in turmoil, confusion is apparent yet we dwell not in the sense of this unrighteousness, for we hold up the crown of understanding and the Spirit of liberty to the eyes of men.  More precious than rubies and diamonds or the treasures of the world is the Spirit of liberty….

Shall those who follow in their (recent graduates of schoolroom Earth) footsteps “trailing clouds of glory” scatter their birthright by the whirlwinds of their own nostrils as they seek to gather to themselves objects of personal gain, or shall they commit themselves into the keeping of the justice of universal Law and thus release into the world the blessings of their purified hearts?…This year of decision, sons of liberty, hearken and live and let live.         
-Goddess of Liberty:    Pearls of Wisdom 11:26
At a time in the history of man when there is less and less concern for the wellbeing of others we would like to speak on matters of diet.  Now the subject of diet, precious ones of earth, concerns not only food for the physical body but also food for the soul, the mind and the spirit of man.  And so we turn our attention to the nourishing of the whole man that he may be made whole….

In matters of the mind and spirit with all of man’s getting he has failed to achieve even a basic understanding of the rudiments of cosmic Law….The power of each Godly example, of each man who will take his stand for love pure and undefiled is thereby (through practicing the golden rule) set into motion in society—and this is the little leaven that leaveneth the whole lump (1Cor. 5:6)….

The welding together of dissonant elements of society is necessary in order that the harmony of higher spheres, dispensed from the many mansions of the Father, may come to the people of this blessed planet with that long overdue peace which every mother’s heart ought to crave.
   Your sister of light,    Meta     Pearls of Wisdom 11:28
The key to each one’s overcoming lies within his own acceptance of his victory as a fait accompli—an accomplished fact—and the turning of his attention to those things that will produce his freedom and the miracles of life that intensify the flame of reality within the mind.  In this manner the consciousness is able to cut itself free from trivial and disturbing affairs….The universe will praise the man or woman who will right himself, not wrong himself….

The real way to freedom then is for the individual to absorb within the flame of his own heart that tremendous God-joy which reaches out into the universe and bears good tidings of great things which shall be unto all people (Luke 2:10)….

Did not the Father say through the Son, “All power in heaven and earth is given unto me”?  Do you think, precious ones, that this power is given to one man to assert himself above another?  Do you think it is an exclusive formula that one man is given and that another is denied?  Nay, I tell you, the power of the universe is for all and I affirm it by my flame of victory.  If you will call to me I will anchor a flame of victory right within your forehead.  I will anchor it through your spiritual eye that it might rise and pulsate and give you a glimpse of your infinite cosmic future.  But you must have the faith to believe that I exist and you must have the faith to believe that you exist; you must have the faith to believe that a response can leap across the space between our worlds and convey to you that which God has already conveyed.  Then by reactivation-in-principle you will receive that gracious gift of Life—the animating principle of immortality that is the flame of your overcoming victory.

You do not need to die; you need never cease to be; but you do need to identify with your own reality which holds in trust for you the gift of immortal Life….I AM Victory and I come to bestow my blessing upon those who will accept it.  I AM Victory and I confess to you that God is my victory.  There is never any need for anyone to be ashamed to acknowledge the power of the invincible cosmic honor flame of Almighty God….

I want to say that there are those upon earth who would like to convey “the fact” that they and they alone are the infinite God--this is darkness and shame, for the gift of the infinite God is given to all, and the spiritual loaf of His love was broken into many crumbs that fall as sacred eucharist from His table.  Your own mighty I AM Presence itself is a fragment of the whole that has within itself the power of the whole, the quality of the whole and the ability to communicate itself to man and to realign his four lower bodies….

From the heart of the Great Central Sun I AM      Victory          Pearls of Wisdom 11:33

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