Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The golden dawn in the Temple of Incal

Through psychiatric and clinical procedures, through the weighty keeping of records and thought probings of human motives the denizens of mortal thought and feeling are questionably raised to the surface where they are further examined by mankind.  The finite span of mortal years has not afforded men the opportunity to properly evaluate this phenomenon, nevertheless those who proclaim this method as the panacea for human ill remain dauntless in their search for “the answers.”…

Self-created barriers are often ignored in the search, and when the expected yield does not manifest after lengthy pursuit there may be an inclination to abandon or to join a new caravan.  At times this may mean returning to old and outworn theories or dogmas, yet the lure of the spirit of adventure at times drives men haplessly from one caravan to another.

The Goddess Meru and I have consorted together as to how we may this very hour poignantly and unforgettably call to your attention the need for individuals to evaluate themselves and to recognize the fact that their own lives and consciousness resemble an altar, an holy place where God is intended to abide….It is an essential ingredient of the victorious life that those who seem to be wise in the world should abandon their haughty sense of superior wisdom and become childlike in the search, and those who are basically ignorant of much should abandon their sense of lack and substitute it with a hopeful feeling of imminent revelation, moment by moment….

A probing sophistry may say “What is a wisdom flame?”  We who know and understand can reply, “As the Earth can pass through the tail of a cosmic comet with impugnity so the soul of man can pass through the flame of cosmic illumination and receive the impartation of cosmic knowledge upon contact.”…

None in the caravan should despise the other, for each child and man can but manifest at a given point in time those hopes which he alone has externalized upon the altars of his consciousness.  One cannot be another, but all can become One….An undeveloped faith that mounts up like Icarus of old may find the tempered heat of the Sun too much for the waxen wings of premature aspiration, and the chariot of consciousness may rush into the Sun while the driver unaware falls to the earth, a broken and defeated spirit….

The golden dawn in the Temple of Incal is the beginning of the newness of eternity and of life in infinity.      Graciously I AM    Meru      Pearls of Wisdom 9:7  
-Lake Titicaca
As we consider the practical meaning of a purified heart we must conclude that the universal manifestation of purity of heart would solve most of the problems of the individual and the world collectively.  Our gift then this year at this season when the word “sweetheart” is on many lips is allegiance to the power of love as opposed to the opposite pole, that of hatred and mild dislike….we must be consistent in our reverence for energy and for economy and bear in mind that each moment indulged in subtle or obvious manifestations of criticism is a waste of the economy of life, for out of imperfection one cannot give birth to perfection….
Although perfection and the divine ideal are ever-present within man in the ever-present flame of life that beats his heart, the Great Law requires the conscious direction of the will so that subconscious imaging which might otherwise turn consciousness downward are stripped of their sheaths of impurity and transformed into shafts of light to raise the individual, the planetary body and all life thereon….
Through the centuries the almost anemic manifestation of spiritual ideals again and again by those who have tasted and spurned cosmic opportunity has been contrasted by the ruddy expansion of all that serves the ever-fattening human ego….
There are those whom men feel deserve to die, but we would raise all unto Life that none of those in whom the Father has vested the mighty threefold flame of Life should ever be lost.        
-Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom  9:8              (in Prayer and Meditation, 1978)
As the physical Sun of this system of worlds shines upon both just and unjust, who bask in its benefits, so is every individual facet of the Godhead a sun of radiant splendor which is intended to convey a blessing of lesser magnitude, one which is beneficial as well as necessary to the advancing soul who must be content with little splinters of God until he is able to demonstrate the ability to assimilate more of the infinite Sun.  This spiritual light, which is often ignored by the multitudes so surfeited in mortal doings, is earnestly sought by an ever-increasing few who one day will engulf those presently engaged in materialistic seeking as the golden age of spiritual adventure is more fully launched.

It has been our thought to quicken the pulse of the youth of the world as the first step in preparation for the giving of greater opportunity extended over a longer period of time in order that the challenge of life might become a spiritual one.  Yet those who walk in darkness that they might commercialize the credulous have thought otherwise.  They prefer to ensnare the youth of the world with all the glitter and glamour of the physical world made available through modern science.  Merely to make match with them by purveying religious teachings cloaked with glamour is not the answer.  Rather it is necessary, by contrast, to sustain great individual islands—focuses of the mighty threefold flame resident within individual lives in manifestation—great pools of devotion upon whose banks many may sit and receive the silent benediction of higher octaves.

Thus we can by the power of right example enable men to shed egocentricity and act to teach from the purest motives.  We can indeed act to assist many age groups to purify their worlds  until the inner teacher shining through will be able to guide the hungry ones to the feet of their own God Presence where heart and soul are indeed filled with the bread of the angels.  Nothing else will suffice…
The barriers separating East and West have lessened, it is true, but mounting conflicts between nations continue, threatening to stay the sweet cherub hand of opportunity as souls wend their way towards Shamballa.  A “City of Hope” is perceived behind the dream of each precious seeker who desires to heave behind him, as a heritage for all mankind, some striking resemblance to the great image….The strands of our compassion are daily binding up the splintering world.  The many needless fractures of personal and national friendships shattered by greed, misunderstanding and ignorance must be repaired and the old boundaries of the Ancient of Days restored.  Thus measurement becomes co-measurement—a cosmic impetus—and true judgment is rendered by a careful sifting of fact and graceful attunement….our wish is for the old profitable harmony in its pristine purity to be rediscovered as faith and goodwill to all….

The perfect image of the divine plan remains undeciphered; and since men cannot read the hieroglyphs of divinity they cannot impart knowledge of reality to others….I am grateful to say that at times hope does invade even the hearts of the most callous including those who have said “There is no God.”…Let the purple hue, transmutation’s balm, glow and emanate the message of our Brotherhood, both near and far.            
I AM Gautama:      Pearls of Wisdom  9:9

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