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do not fear to be unpopular// the main character being in a quandary, a situation with no way out

And these laggards and alien races have succeeded in influencing both older and younger members of the fourth, fifth and sixth root races to support a status quo of materialism.  It is almost as if they had been hypnotized to lag behind their own root races, so entranced have they become by the next technology and the next.  For they no longer seek the watering of the soul by the waters of the Word.  They no longer desire the path or the ascension or a life that spiritually surpasses the norm on earth in this day….

The eternal truth of God that the Manus have vouchsafed to mankind has been watered down and altered to the point where it has no relevancy to this age of Aquarius.  And the husks people are fed leave them wondering where is truth and her spokesmen. Then there are the false doctrines and dogmas of Christianity that bind people to no religion but to wolves in sheep’s clothing.  People are bound because they somehow believe without having given thought to it that they must be subservient to the system, having been taught that only through this or that body or church or organization or individual can they have salvation…..

Do not fear to be unpopular with the world.  For I tell you, when you do not fear the world or its rejection you will find that though the world may reject you the angels will not.  And likewise you will be very popular with the saints in heaven, and we will hep you, we will serve you.  Cowardice has no place in the heart of a chela of El Morya or the Maha Chohan--therefore do not be cowards!  And let your bodies be purified and strengthened so that you have the peace of communion with your own soul and your own God-free being.  We certainly do need those who are leaders; we also need those who are followers….

The alarm that is sounding across the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood in this day and in this hour concerns the education of people at all levels.  People are losing the ability to speak their own languages, to formulate their own ideas, to  enter into the logic of a Pythagoras, to come to an understanding of the basic concepts of the science of life or of music or of so many disciplines that allow the expansion of the chakras.  We are living  in a time when ignorance is a plague, it is a plague in every household.  And that ignorance must be wiped out by the absolute fire of creation, the fire of the Holy Ghost!  I tell you when you have access to the Holy Ghost because you have put yourself in alignment with the Law of the Holy Ghost you will call down that fire of the Holy Ghost and you will demand that the five poisons--the five types of ignorance--be consumed in the fire of the five wisdoms (of the Dhyani Buddhas, or in the 10 perfections of the Law given by Gautama).  And you will see that whole cities may be liberated because you have kept the watch and been absolutely convinced that your fiat in the name Jesus Christ would be answered, and so it was.  This is the type of person your souls longs to be.  Now you will receive the teachings on how to be that type of person, and the results will be up to you and your striving and your devotion….

These are serious times, beloved!  And when evil is exalted and Good is debased you know that the world is upside down.  Yes, we are concerned. Therefore determine that your focus and point of service will from now on be the saving of souls through the dissemination of the teachings of the ascended masters, for this knowledge provides the option to every soul who receives it to choose Life not death.  Through this service you will attain your own victory and assist others, perhaps millions, in attaining theirs....

I seal you in the power of my causal body, that great blue causal body that I maintain in defense of your soul.            
-Divine Director:  6-26-1994 at RTR, Montana    (portrait by Ch. Sindelar)
2.  Many legends tell how wishes were fulfilled, but they do not speak about a basic condition, about the main character being in a quandary, a situation with no way out; and this condition sharpens desires until they become immutable. Even a small detour takes the edge off the arrow of immutability.  But just as a person who is not used to the water is able to swim when in danger of being drawn to the bottom, so the solution that fulfills a wish is found when every path has been cut off.  People say that a miracle has occurred, but often it is only a sharper focusing of finer energy.  The heart, the sun of the organism, is the focus of finer energy.  Thus when we speak about the heart we must keep in mind the law of finer energy.  It is wonderful to have a sense of the heart as the Sun of suns of the universe.      
  (by Sindelar, 1884)
 -Morya:  Heart 1932

-Sergey Rachmaninov

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