Friday, May 19, 2017

I honor then these beloved ones

I honor then these beloved ones, the ascended masters and cosmic beings who--having the same power of freewill with which the laggard civilizations and the civilization of Atlantis were endowed--have chosen to outpicture the magnificence and perfection of the eternal Presence rather than to outpicture upon the screen of life human discord, thus justifying the expenditure of energy which has been contributed to them by the solar emissaries from the heart of beloved Helios and Vesta, from the heart of beloved Alpha and Omega and from the light of God which does not fail.  It is only cosmic Justice that a balance should be made for the expenditure of every ounce of energy….
For I think that Life shall determine those who are children of light and children of truth and those who prefer to wear a crown of sorrow in preference to a crown of God’s pure light and love and service and perfection and beauty.  I trust that all of you who hear my words will desire to outpicture the beauty and holiness of your Presence, instead of any form of self-depreciation or criticism of others, that the comfort of the Lord Maha Chohan and the brotherhood of the Royal Teton may enfold you justly in that eternal radiance that on a path of light will win for you your own ascension.                -Confucius:  7-3-1962 near Washington, DC via Messenger Mark Prophet                

-Confucius, PadmaSambhava, Yogananda, Milarepa, Nanak--from Prayer and Meditation, 1978

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