Saturday, May 20, 2017

marriage is the crucible wherein man and woman come together to bear one another’s burden

And the Great Sower of souls commissions me this day to seal that fiery light of the soul in the corona of my causal body:  and there is a golden light now that seals the soul of each one who has taken the spiral of our releases in this conference to the heart as a fire that will grow….

Now let the mandala at the fiery core of the Church be the sign unto the hierarchies of the Sun that on Terra souls of light have provided the place where the Mother-flame might be enshrined….Let the brides come with a veil of innocence purified by application!; let them be washed clean by the flow of the Logos! let them accept mercy as the healing ray whereby that which has been fractured might be made whole again!…Let all the bridal party be those who prepare for the coming of the Church and the Christed one.  And let the family of God on earth reflect the holy family in heaven of the sacred trinity of life, even the threefold flame.

Let there be rejoicing, let their be celebration!  Let there be the fiery cube of the heart!  I come to clear the way for the avatars; I come to bless keepers of the flame who would reconsecrate their vows.  And I shall stand upon the holy mountain of the LORD and I shall release the blessing through the Mother of the Flame for the marriage that is made in heaven, that is dedicated upon earth.  For every marriage is initiation in preparation for twinflames and their reunion in the fiery core, and marriage is the crucible wherein man and woman come together to bear one another’s burden, the burden of karma and the dharma of life.  And thus as the masculine and feminine rays of Alpha and Omega are enshrined in the marriage vows so the wholeness and the oneness of the twain provide the forcefield whereby the wholeness of the Father-Mother God might receive souls taking incarnation and all of mankind….In the ultimate sense the only true marriage is the soul’s reunion with the I AM Presence in the ritual of the ascension….

Let life be then daily the testing of that love that will lead father and mother back to the point of origin, back to the place where the twain may become Father and Mother for a llifewave, Manus of a race, sponsors of a solar system, integrators of galaxies.  This is the potential of souls united in love….

Won’t you prepare a place for those who have volunteered to assist mankind in the upward movement of spirals?…They are ringing the bell, so to speak, at the door of life and the portals of birth.  Brave souls are these!  Precious ones, let your hearts be softened!  Feel the tenderness of their love and let their tenderness be reflected in your own love.  Receive them with open arms!…This is my word and my prophecy and my vision that is your joy to fulfill.  See then how the avatars would come forth, how they are rejoicing to take part in this holy manifestation, in this spiral of light that promises to draw all mankind into the opportunity of the ascension!…I ask that you consecrate life as a mother of the flame, as a father of the flame, and that you take the responsibility that others have taken for you….I was, as you can be, literally charged with the light of the Logos in that ministry, and it was the gift of God.  As I strove to be the chalice so God responded to my striving as He will respond to your own….

I seal you with a kiss upon the brow; I come to each one.  May I also wash your feet?            
-Jesus Christ:  7-6-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger E C Prophet  (illustrtion from Prayer and Meditation, 1978--Kuan Yin below:)

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