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threefold flame balanced, purified and expanded round the heart

The science of the immaculate concept is that law which is written in in the inward parts of man, known by his very heart of hearts yet dim in the memory of his outer mind….And so God is expressed impersonally in the outworking of His immutable Laws, all of which are corollary to the one Great Law of Being in cosmos.  The science of the immaculate concept then is the knowledge of how to use pure ideas to transform the world of the microcosm into a macrocosmic wonder--as above in God, so below in man.  Beauty and truth have a geometry all their own, a symmetry that allows the energies of God to flow freely through their ideations and then to coalesce in form.  Pure ideas and noble forms are the archetypal patterns of the Real Image (Light/Truth/ Christ/Purity/Oneness/Peace).  They are seeds of light which when planted in the subconscious and conscious domains of the fertile mind bring forth after their kind.  Without these kernels of light, rooted and nourished in the very substance of his soul, man cannot hope to express perfection in his world.  

Each one is a lodestone of God-desire to become without all that which is within (in the whitefire core of being).  Each one is a magnet that attracts from God above to man below the creative essence of the universe….Each time the fingers of his mind trace the lines of a Michelangelo, the strokes of a Raphael, the movements of a symphony, the cadences of a ballet, the formations of the birds that cross the sky the soul takes in the patterns of the mind of God on which hang the entire schemata of His macrocosmic universe.  Beholding the universe and even our own planetary home we observe how nature upholds the Law of perfection and shrugs off imperfection.     -pp. 132-5 of of Science of the Spoken Word by Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit University Press, 1983             

-anointed Messengers of the Brotherhood Mark and Elizabeth Prophet

Your call, confidently and lovingly given aloud, is the exercise of the science of the spoken Word.  The call by your freewill sets into motion the flow of the violet fire that transmutes the underlying emotional and mental conditions that are causative in all disease.  But you must also willingly submit to the flame (of Life) such manifestations as anger and aggravation, hatred and even mild dislike toward any part of life or person—even subtle resentment held in your heart against yourself or members of your family….Remember, all layers of your consciousness are affected by the pure flow of light directly from the heart of your Christ Self to and through your physical heart.  Persistence is needed to penetrate age-old habits of human discord resulting in “men’s hearts failing them for fear” (Luke 21:26)….

Then visualize spheres of sacred fire descending as the pulsating presence of the Holy Spirit (the Oneness).  Visualize the whitefire core centered in the scintillating sapphire-blue flame wrapped in the leaping emerald-green fires (of the healing thoughtform released by Archangel Raphael--see illustrations).  He will not fail you.  The healing process takes place through the restoration of Christ’s wholeness--first in your soul (solar energies), then in your mind and finally in your body, which will always reflect the state of your higher (in energy-vibration) vehicles.
 By your unspeakable love for the Holy Spirit magnetize this healing thoughtform from the mind of God first to your heart and then to any distressed, disturbed or diseased area of the body.  You can even see your entire form enfolded in God’s healing Presence, for when your eye is single --your visualization concentrated and charged with love--your whole body shall be full of light (Matt. 6:22).  It is the Lord’s promise and

The whitefire core, always interacting with the violet flame, is the energy of Alpha and Omega which transmutes the conditions—physical, mental and emotional—that cause the disorder of the altogether natural flow of harmony in your life.  The blue sphere—again in combination with the violet fire—is the action of the will of God which summons by divine decree the atoms, molecules and cells into conformity with the inner blueprint of the Son of God in whose image you were and are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”…

The green sphere---blending with the scrubbing, scouring action of the violet flame--is the miracle of God’s immortal Life that restores the flow of Spirit through matter and makes it whole.  See in your mind’s eye the healing thoughtform alternation with the surging/resurging violet flame burning through all substance blocking the flow of the life-force. 
-emerald ray action

-resurrection ray

As the whirling—clockwise—thoughtform magnetizes the flow of your lifestream into the matrix of nature’s original design the debris of centuries of misqualified thought and feeling substance is thrown off by centrifugal force into the violet flame where it is stripped of all discord and transmuted by the alchemy of the Holy Spirit back to the crystal clarity of the River of Life (Rev. 12:1).     [Thoughtform of the emerald ray restoring the scientific matrix of your heart.  Visualize the healing flame (see illustration) of nature’s life-giving forces penetrating in, through and around your heart.]

-pp. 142, 145-8 of Science of the Spoken Word by Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit University Press, 1983

-Archeia Mary, Maitreya, Kuan Yin   (portaits by Ruth Hawkins; statue from Pakistan)

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