Saturday, May 27, 2017

Those of you who have faith do not realize what it is to have your faith destroyed

Faith--“the substance of things hoped for”--requires illumined hope and is best invoked where the joy of love is sustained.  Your feelings are most important, children of God upon the planet Terra, for universal Law is ubiquitous.  As above in higher realms so below the same beautiful Law will produced those miracles you seek. There are many factors governing the release of man’s desires into manifestation from the realm of the Unformed.  All of these should be ultimately known and balanced, one in support of the other--as is the custom in higher octaves--in order to assure to individuals the reality of joyous precipitation.  Many upon earth are concerned only with the precipitation of money and things without recognizing the marvelous joy in precipitating states of consciousness that actually become divine ordinances in action.

When individuals understand that it is not reasonable to suppose that the nature of God can be manifested overnight by mortals but that a bit portion, which one of the masters once called an “Alpha-bit”, can be externalized and can bring the delight and joy of minor achievement preceding major accomplishment, they will not allow themselves to entertain feelings of discouragement over what may seem to be slow spiritual progress….who can deny that this (great) buoyant manifestation would scarcely be enjoyed by individuals who had not first passed through the lesser octaves of light where they were able to master circumstances step by step.  For there they might come to realize that the happiness they sought was not to be found merely in the possession of worldly goods or of one another’s souls but rather in contributing to the joyous expansion of the universal Presence everywhere by multiplying the “loaves and fishes”  of providential reality, providing self and others with spiritual graces in a true emulation of the Lord Christ….

Those of you who have faith do not realize what it is to have your faith destroyed; those of you who have love do not realize what it is to be without it….Some among men have a peculiar misunderstanding concerning the purposes of life.  They feel that spiritual things exist only in the distant hereafter,  in the realm of the speculative and thus exercise no appeal to them—they want bread here and now, they want joy here and now.  And they feel that those who “spin otherworldly pipe dreams”, as they would call them, only involve men in a loss of time, energy and opportunity that might better be used to achieve personal happiness; and they are not going to be trapped by the devices of religious hypocrites into following that which they have been taught to scorn--no, never!…

But what is it they spend so much energy in denying?  If it is not real, why do they not simply leave it alone?  We on the other hand who have contact with the Most High--and a knowledgeable contact at that--are able to weld together the entire body of God in the universe through the power we transmit over spiritual cables of love and light.     

Radiantly I AN full of faith for you,        
Archangel Michael                          Pearls of Wisdom  11:47

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