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I will not have my sons and daughters take a backseat to the manipulators

  Quite frankly, many individuals on the spiritual path use their contact with us as a means of attaching importance to their own egos.  They but harm our cause.   
-Serapis Bey:  "The Banner of Humility" in Dossier on the Ascension, 1967    illustration by Norman Thomas Miller
The seed requires the Sun, the light of the Word of God, and the rain of the Holy Spirit and the warmth of Mother. The seed is the Law of God; the seed is the germinal power of a cosmos.

Now let us assemble the factors of growth.  Let us assemble the points of the City Foursquare.  Let the Law of the impersonal God be reinforced in the principle of right action.  Let the Word be reinforced out of the mouths of the sons and daughters of God as they speak holy truth.

Do not fear to take the pulpit!  Do not fear to preach the gospel!  I have called you!  I AM Jesus, your Lord and your master.  You cannot forever sit in the pews of life.  You must go forth and preach.  You must preach in the faith that I AM the Word, I AM the message, I AM the messenger.

I come as the Faithful and True with the armies of heaven.  I come to defend you as you take your rightful place in the pulpits of the world.  I will not have my sons and daughters take a backseat to the manipulators, the arch­deceivers, the false priests, the wolves in sheep’s clothing who themselves are ignorant tools of the malice of the Evil One.  Let it be rolled back!  I release the fire of the Logos!  It is a fire that takes a layer of skin from the astral plane, burns it as with a fiery intensity as the acid takes the layer of consciousness that ought to be and is no more.

The undergirdings of the fallen ones are withdrawn one by one as you lift up the voice of the Son of God; they no longer have a foundation or a superstructure. Their fabrications are as a pile of matchsticks.  Cast them down with a sweep of the right hand of God, the right hand of Father and of Mother, of Son and Holy Spirit.

So let sons and daughters of God preach the Word!  I anoint you by the flame of my being.  I anoint all who hear me and have faith in the inevitable power of the Logos to speak the word of salvation.  I say inevitable, for by the force of the God within you--the wellspring of life from the soul and the rivers of waters flowing out of the belly, out of the soul--and by the force of God Almighty from on high you will see that you will only open your mouth and the Word of God will come forth as the two-edged sword cleaving asunder the real from the unreal, dividing the brethren, dividing the families, dividing mankind to the right and to the left.

That sword of living truth will come forth from you if you have the faith as a grain of mustard seed.  This is so because this is the hour of initiation.  And the challenge of initiation you must face with courage unswerving, with determination.   And remember this key to initiation:  it is to put your right foot forward, and then your left, and then your right, and then your left--to keep on walking toward the Sun.  Keep on:  keep on walking toward the Sun--the right, the left, the right, the left.

Passing through time and space you will triumph.  You will triumph as sons and daughters of God.  You must keep walking, you must keep your momentum, you must keep moving--and this is the way to win.  No matter what the hurdle, the request of the Mother, the challenge in the way, the prompting from within, keep on walking toward the sun of your I AM Presence.

I speak not idle words--I speak the word of truth distilled and con­centrated.  And every word that I speak is to quicken your soul, for I desire to bring forth the New Jerusalem through you as white stones, as lively stones in the temple.  And I am placing my stones in the cities of America and the world; for there are fine grids and forcefields that proceed from the New Jerusalem throughout the world.  And each one of you, as a cube, as a stone in the temple of our God must hold one of these needlepoints of light at a particular point on Terra.

And do you know that the mathematics of the release of fohat is so exact that where you are and where you keep the flame is determined within feet and inches?  Where you are in the cities, where you are in your homes and in your sanctuaries is carefully calculated in the retreat of Cuzco for the balance of light….

So then, sealed with the light of the Word, embarking on a course of action, guided by principle, bring then the fruits of the Mother to the city . Bring the love, the nourishment of soul!  Bring compassion.  Bring the waters that issue from the great Source of the One.  Bring beauty and art and culture; and above all bring the little children.  Bring the little children into the Holy City of the Christ consciousness!  Bring them into the arms of the Mother and let them be God-taught.

I raise my hand for the parting of the waters, the murky waters of the astral plane, that the children of the Mother might pass over the Red Sea, might pass into the glory, the Shekinah glory of the Son of God, that the children might contact the flame of the Mother that they might be taught, that they might receive the torch of culture, of illumination, of science, of self-mas­tery and of devotion to God.  So let this be imparted in your Sunday schools, in your Montessori schools, in your tutoring of these precious ones who come as the hope of the new day.

Now I say, when you approach the west side of the city bring gifts of the Spirit.  You wait to receive the gifts of the Spirit--I say, give the gifts of the Spirit!  Give them in the power of the three-times-three.  Give the gifts unto your soul, unto elemental life; impart them in the way.

Let the fire of the Holy Spirit be the moving of the winds of God.  And let these winds blow away the dust of centuries, blow away the encrustations.  As you stand upon the hillsides so let the wind blow through your garments.  Let the wind blow away the fog, the density, and feel yourself caressed by love, cleansed by a love that loves you very much.  Now let us see what the Lord God will work in you in this age.             

-Jesus Christ:  12-25-1975 at Santa Barbara via Messenger E C Prophet         (etching by Sindelar)

-Shastina, a secondary cone of Mt. Shasta
As you have kept the light in your heart so let the fiat go forth from your I AM Presence for the geometrization of being…, As you face the center of the pyramid, each (of 4) standing on one side, the side of the north, the south, the east and the west—face the center and know that the pyramid contains within itself the resurrection flame.  And by its very matrix the Great Pyramid and the resurrection flame in the center is the key to the restoration of this city and to every city.

Beloved ones, there has entered into power within this city in the office of mayor one who is not committed to the eternal goal of the Great White Brotherhood.  I ask you then to give those dynamic decrees that there should be raised up in this city government and in this state government those who will no longer act in a manner that is a desecration of the Mother-flame….

Well, beloved ones, understand that this is why we need the instrument—for our energies must be arced into the negative polarity, into the matter universe, and the intensity of energies needed to hold the balance for the Earth are so great that if we were to arc these energies to those of you who have not sufficient development of the heart chakra it would annihilate your very form.  And so you see, even when heaven desires to save a planet and a people it is many times simply not possible…But some of you must retrace your steps, some of you have much catching up to do, for over the past several thousand years you have neglected your calling to become the son of God.  And this is the meaning of the son of God:  that the heart becomes the immaculate whitefire core (of being).          
-Lady Venus:  4-23-1978 at NYC via Messenger E C Prophet    (protrait by Ruth Hawkins, ~1985)
-Sanat Kumara, Regent of Venus:

And when the time came for our teacher to return to his home star, Venus, he anointed me as the Buddha for the planetary body and bequeathed to me the Office of the Lord of the World.  The meaning of that office is manifold, for I hold the authority for the world inasmuch as I release the energies of the twelve hierarchies of the Sun through the threefold flame; and that threefold flame at Shamballa is the lifeline to all evolving here.  The threefold flame within your heart is attached by my love to the heartbeat of God enshrined in our temple….

It does not contribute to the evolution of a sphere to agree by way of human sympathy with human imperfection or sorrow, and therefore the only true way to be of any help at all to humanity is to yourself rise to the level of God’s will and from that vantage point draw all mankind  up to your level and not allow yourself to be drawn down  except to stand in the midst of the masses to proclaim the immaculate conception of ‘God’s ideational pattern....

I AM the Lord of the World; you are the lord of your world.  You can become the law of your world as you mesh your energies and consciousness with my own and with the great hierarchies of light.           
-Gautama Buddha:  Wesak 1973 via Messenger E C Prophet

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