Sunday, May 28, 2017

in the I AM Presence let your light and let your soul be raised up

Now let’s ask the question “Why are some people not accountable?  Where have they lost the spark of accountability for their life and their personal integrity?  That is the real problem of being; that’s the equation….Is it a total disruption of life on this planet where biologically people no longer sense that they are a replica, a living replica of Almighty God?  That’s what you are—you are a replica of your Christ Self, you are made in the image of God!…

It’s precisely at the point of helplessness (as with a baby) and the sensing of the helplessness of another part of life that you sense your own innate Godhood.  And that moment is your supreme test.  Lucifer failed it; Jesus Christ passed it--it’s as simple as that.  When some people sense their Godhood they become a Luciferian and they use all of their Godhood to destroy the Godhood in all others.  But when other people sense their Godhood they want to give it (its fruitfulness and inspiration) to everyone else.  That’s the difference in the two paths….

In the name of the light of God that never fails I AM the sealing of these servants of God in the forehead.  I AM the sealing of the light and the God-flame and the calla-lila for the victory of the ascension.  I seal them unto Thy heart, O beloved Alpha/Omega!  Amen.                   
-Messenger E C Prophet:  3-25-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles   (in Prayer and Meditation, 1978)
This confrontation, beloved, with the power elite of Babylon, the Chaldeans themselves, is a confrontation which this reincarnation of the lightbearers must once again face in order to counteract the forces of anti-freedom.  Understand, beloved, that the mighty men of Babylon and their king (of old) did put to the sword the mighty men of Israel….

Understand that the fallen angels know well what is the covenant betwixt a people and their God.  And their intrusion into society in the West today is to create that vulnerability midst the people whereby through their disobedience they, the fallen ones incarnate, may have a means of entering in and overturning the children of the light.  Thus the careful enticement of the lightbearers of the world who embody the Spirit of America is that which has become and has ever been the strategy of these fallen ones.  It is a part of this strategy of the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy to wear down the people of East and West through drugs and rock music and abortion, debilitating their bodies and weakening them through all manner of toxic substances--and then the disinformation and then the programming and the deprogramming of them from a way of life that is free to the seeming carefreeness of a totalitarian rule.

Beloved, understand the steps and stages of this revolution of the fallen ones meted against the people of light upon earth.  Awake, I say!  You have been through this many times over!  Some who are here this night were among those who were of the bands of Zedekiah put to death, for they were leaders in Judah….Therefore let neither prophet nor representative of the people nor ministers or pastors or rabbis nor those who lead a nation in any way consider that these Chaldeans, now reincarnate as the Soviets and the conspirators from the West who support them, will change their tune or their designs.  Remember that they have been around this planet for aeons, and they have been warring against others of other bands of fallen angels in their rivalry to attain supremacy; and in these wars of the gods, take heed, beloved, that you are not caught in the crossfire….

Thus, beloved, it is an hour to consider what is the fate of those who know that they come to the end of a cycle and an age.  I speak then of the seed of the wicked who have inserted themselves and I speak of prophecy….Therefore let the handwriting on the wall of world karma descending be read and reread by the sons and daughters of God.  And let those who have light and are the Christed ones realize this hour how you are beloved of Elohim, how you are beloved of the I AM THAT I AM, how you are beloved of Sanat Kumara and Saint Germain, and how one individual who knows his Christhood is more valuable in the earth in this hour than any other individual in any other capacity….

Therefore I say, in the I AM Presence let your light and let your soul be raised up.  Come then into the mountain of the I AM THAT I AM which you can achieve here and now.  And in that mountain of God, that holy of holies of your I AM Presence, see and know the right course of physical action.  Take accountability for your personal economy and your survival and your livelihood, and do not seek to depend upon church or state for that livelihood.  You therefore must forge and win that victory in your right place.           
-Elohim Cyclopea:  7-5-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles              (all-seeing Eye by Ch. Sindelar)      more of this dictation at
Give us now our perfect place/ Where we can serve the light in grace,/ 
Flood us with supply and all we need/ To fulfill God’s plan with lightning speed!       In the name of Christ and the mighty I AM, amen.

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