Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Let all who are athirst, come

by C. Sindelar

We call to the lame, the halt, the blind and to all those who have need of our healing hands and we say, Come.  “The Spirit and the bride say, Come.  [And let him that heareth say, Come.]  Let all who are athirst, come” (Rev. 22:17).  And let a new outreach go forth into the world bearing the tidings of truth.  As Saint Francis taught the law of reincarnation in the public squares so let us now have teachers who are willing to brave the censure of the merging orthodox movements that would unify all churches into one great church in order to intensify their power of control in the world.

Let us proclaim the truth of reimbodiment to the world in order that they might truly see that all of their infirmities and all of their problems are caused by disobedience to the Law in the present as well as in times past….

Let us show forth the meaning of the Universal Christ.  Let us publish, let us preach, let us teach, let us feed the sheep of God who are hungry for the truth.  Let those in all religious movements who can accept our call made in this day and age for the salvation of a planet and its people see the need to work together in harmony with the Spirit of Life and with the ascended masters’ octave….

Let men understand then that not by condemnation of one another will they succeed in rallying together the congregation of the righteous but by the proclamation of truth as God has given them eyes to see it.   It is never wise to limit the eyes of others but to give to all the freedom you seek for yourselves, for the day has come when the expansion of Universal Law must be accomplished and the truth must be brought to the masses—“Feed my sheep.”

Today the communications media control the world….Do you realize that America, through creeping forms of control, is being headed in the direction of this same type of totalitarianism (as world communism)?  The political control of media has been sought and achieved by some in the denial of program time to individuals who seek the dissemination of ascended master truth.  But they will not succeed, for the powers of the light will work through the students who realize that their future in the world not only now but also in the days to come depends upon their immediate backing of our projects with the necessary supply that God has entrusted to them….

We expect that in every way unity shall prevail and that no power of shame or darkness shall further deter us from releasing cosmic truth to the world.  Then shall every city, town, hamlet and home bristle with the spiritual energies of cosmic electricities…
Yours for victory in the light,    
 (etching by Sindelar)
Jesus the Christ             Pearls of Wisdom 11:34

 Krishna and Arjuna

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