Thursday, May 25, 2017

For the victory of right over might and the perpetuation of the light of freedom

 Those who love the natural expression of truth find it difficult to understand how there can be so much untruth in men’s concepts.  As they gaze upon the face of nature and see the beauty of the light passing through the sky…it is as though there were two gods--a God of nature where the face of truth is and a god of man where vacillation, deceit and confusion manifest.

Men of truth must weigh the human heart which the scriptures have called deceitfully wicked (Jer. 17:9), for nowhere is it more wicked than in matters of politics….Well have some of the electorate asked themselves this question, “Dare we trust the destiny of our nation to men such as these?”  You may be thankful that there is a higher destiny that presides over the affairs of men….

While it has been said “Your goals should be one,”  they remain diversified through the lens of the minds of the many.  But we foster and encourage appreciation of the culture of liberty, of freedom, of the power to express transcendent humanitarian ideals.

You cannot gain order in society by disorder or by disrespect of the law.  The so-called avant-garde culture currently in vogue to which the young are being subjected is in reality one of the terrors of the dark night of human consciousness.  If they could see from our level there could be no practiced deceit or intended destruction wrought upon them….can heaven do less than to pledge her all to the faithful who dare in the darkest hour of human infamy to seek to preserve us a nation?  Those who are alert will understand the need to uphold in prayer the land of the pilgrims’ pride, the ancient boundaries of respect for neighbor, for property, for opportunity and those who have the courage to take a stand for the principles of the Brotherhood.

If the world is to have a solution to its problems it must be because of the example of liberty and courage set before it from the heart of America.  This heart must survive and pump into the mainstream of the body politic of the world the nutrients of independence--the vital strength to rejuvenate the nation and to slough off the old cancer cell of disrespect, profanity, obscenity, degeneracy and disorganization.  Both old and new institutions must uphold the banner of the Christ….
  For the victory of right over might and the perpetuation of the light of freedom forever, I remain     
 by Schmiechen, 1884
El Morya            Pearls of Wisdom 11:43
  Wise is the man who learns not to take for granted the great potentials of God realization available to him.  Born of reverence comes the gift of greater understanding.  Reverence for the intricacies of spiritual laws will enable the students of the light to examine--by contrast--the probings of material science and to see how spiritual science, the grace of God and the teachings of the ascended masters do in reality supersede even the glories of the material world.  As a matter of fact material things do contain the recordings of the mind and thoughts of God even as do spiritual things; but the power to retrace the subtle gifts and graces of God that are hidden behind the veil of nature is often denied individuals by reason of the coarseness of their consciousness.  When we say we advocate a refinement of consciousness and the development of the subtle sense of knowing divine grace we are not making vain expressions but giving the most valuable instructions….

It has been said many times that unused knowledge passes from the screen of the mind; therefore it should be wholly understandable that advanced teachings are given to men in order that they may rejoice in the transcendent glories of spiritual knowledge and revelation and use them to improve their spiritual lot and that of their fellow men….

Transcendence is progressive change, and the nature of God with all of its absolute beauty becomes more magnificent each moment.  If it were not so, the advancing souls of the ascended masters would come to a point in the Absolute where all things would be attained and they would no longer experience that holy anticipation, that joyous expectancy for the cornucopia of progress and expanding awareness that is so much a part of the unfoldment of the divine in man at every stage of his development….

When men consider the fact that born of human vanity is the perpetual search for new drama and sensational experience it is easy to see how this search may become a trap for humanly intelligent beings to completely overlook the glories of God that are hidden in the microcosm of self.  Thus there takes place a sort of mental tumbling and a wild emotional activity which captivates the mind; these arise out of the eagerness of the ego for attainment.  Students in search of spiritual reality trample upon holy truth again and agin, and they ride roughshod over the road of spiritual progress failing to perceive the subtleties and beauties of the path.   
  by Schmiechen, 1884
-Kuthumi:         Pearls of Wisdom 11:44

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