Thursday, May 25, 2017

double-mindedness cannot magnetize singleness of vision and purpose

          -Divine Director by Charles Sindelar

I am reminded that in constructing universities of the Spirit the curriculum is all important; but equally important is the attitude of the students…I am particularly concerned that individuals shall perceive that they are dealing with the natural order of life when they begin to unfold their spiritual identities….Material life for many a year, for many a century, for millennia in fact has been centered around mainly around the survival of the flesh, of the family, of the community, whereas spiritual reality has always been considered too distant and undefined to be of any relevance to mortal men….

The descent of  human consciousness into the knowledge of good and evil is without question the complicating factor that has for ages hindered men and women from the attainment of right knowledge….  You have then in effect a state of consciousness that is basically evil that seeks to gaze upon the universe and to perceive only good--and this is not possible, for evil cannot focus upon good even as double-mindedness cannot magnetize singleness of vision and purpose.   This is a most subtle point and one that argues mightily for a renewal of consciousness, for a change of mind, for the development of the smallest portion of the mind of Deity as a seed-spark, a germinal factor in the evolving process of illumined perception….

This washing of the water (of life) by the Word is the action of the all-seeing Eye of God as it is focused through the consciousness of the Christ who is the only safe mediator between good and evil.  It is just as important to recognize a thorn as an abortion of the consciousness of the rose as it is to be able to recognize the beauty of the rose….We are trying to show you that in the realm of mortal affairs there is much to be undone as well as much that must be done….And it is precisely out of this false sense, this inability to perceive who I AM that attitudes of failure are generated….
                   Lovingly I AM       the Great Divine Director        Pearls of Wisdom 11:45 

    Unless  individuals shall understand Jesus’ statement “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32) they may continue the struggle to get it for themselves.  Once they understand that the gift of Life is theirs to be appropriated they will see that they cannot serve two masters and serve them both well.  Blessed ones, almost anything “can be proven” by human reason; the argumentations of the human intellect are a complete waste of divine energy in the world of form….

The power to renew and to wipe out the stain of the hieroglyphs of error enables man to contact the mainstream of God’s consciousness and to become infused with universal Reason, with the pure Reason of God….The universal Word or Logos--the power of the Spirit and the power of transmutation together with the power of the Christ mind (as universal Trinity)--contain the dynamic principles by which a mere individual embodied in flesh can attain absolute oneness with Spirit and self-mastery….

But if the field of consciousness be neglected and the old carnal mind referenced by Saint Paul remain in command, it will surely interfere with the externalization of the mind of Christ.  The mind of Christ is universal….

What man needs to do is to learn to let go of himself and to release himself from the mainstream of mortal and environmental consciousness.  The subterranean stream of the mass consciousness that flows in the world must also be released, and the individual must perceive that the Sun of illumination--the Son of God, the wisdom of God, the great stream of the divine consciousness by which the worlds were framed--exists as much today as in the beginning and it is transcendently achieving its own goal.  Then he must hitch the wagon of his consciousness to this star of Reality.  When individuals realize that this can be done they are more than willing to let go of the muddied stream of human filth and degradation that has for far too long held them enmeshed in its clutches…

Spirit is the regenerator of matter, and regeneration is the process by which matter is changed into Spirit and thus immortalized….But so long as the field of consciousness is not renewed and remains imbued with the concept that it is the prime mover, that it will ferret out the mysteries of the kingdom, and that it will attain and accomplish, just so long will the soul be hindered from finding true reality.

Only when the field of consciousness is able to relinquish all discord and sense of struggle, only when he is able to perceive the goodness of God as resident within the son of God, within the Christ of God, can that Christ and that light truly take dominion over the earth—over matter, over substance, over manifestation, over identity.  When this is done then the embryonic God begins to manifest and the field of consciousness becomes the forcefield into which universal education can be lowered….

Let all understand then that the very nearness of the divine to the heartbeat of man signifies the intent of God to raise the Christ, to regenerate and to renew the opportunities of Life for every individual and to help him to attain to a state of consciousness that can permanently receive and reflect God….

By the fire of the Spirit the garden of man’s heart will be made fallow…Herein is hope for the direction and infusion of consciousness by the universal will—and out of this will come the mastery of time and circumstance for all.    

            Gratefully I remain      the Great Divine Director:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:46    
-chart of your Real Self

Abundance of Every Good and Perfect Gift

   Beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my Holy Christ Self, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Helios and Vesta, beloved Saint Germain and Portia, seven mighty Elohim and directors of the elements, beloved God of Gold, Lord Tabor and Lords of Nature, elemental life of fire, air, water and earth, entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and World Mother—in the name of the Presence of God which I AM and through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me I decree:

      Charge, charge, charge! throughout my four lower bodies the purifying, balancing action of the golden flame of precipitated sunlight from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun!  (3x)

      Release, release, release!  into my hands and world today the full cosmic abundance of every good and perfect gift from my own mighty I AM Presence and causal body!  (3x)

     Cut me free, cut me free, cut me free!  right now and forever from all economic limitations by the full power of the three-times-three* and the golden radiance of the light of God that never fails!  (3x)

O God of love, thou God of Gold,/ My true success you ever hold
In the hollow of thy hand,/ Supply is mine by thy command!

Come, come now by all thy love/ From thy treasure-house above,
Set me free from every lack, Fulfill the law and lead me back!

For abundance now outpoured/ My God Presence is adored,
Complete the glory of Thy plan,/ By Thy grace I AM God’s man!  

              And in full faith I consciously accept this done right now with full power in Jesus’ name, amen.                             * "3x3"  refers to seven major rays--blue, yellow, pink, white, green, purple/gold and violet plus the secret ray of Father and secret ray of Mother, making 9 rays.      
copyright The Summit Lighthouse, Inc.

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