Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I come to give you of my heartflame for the cushioning of your heart

-La Tourelle, Colorado Springs I tell you, there are cults of Baal and of darkness abroad in this land. These are the real cults of the fallen ones, but they have in turn tried to slap upon the organization of the Great White Brotherhood and our Messenger the term “cult” and “sect” and “fanaticism” and so forth and so on when indeed they are the ones who are the purveyors of this symbolism of the goat of Mendes and of all of the accouterments of satanic rite, even when they know not that they have hitched their wagon not to the star of mighty Cosmos, but to the electronic belt, negative spirals of the fallen ones--those dark stars to whom is reserved the mist of blackness forever. See then the intricacies of the Law and of the Teaching. See then how the thread of contact with our octave that is maintained by the science of the spoken Word is all that the children of God upon earth have—that thread of contact drawing them into the presence of the Holy of Holies. Thank God for those who yet pray in Jesus’ name. Thank God for those who yet give the mantras in the name of Buddha, in the name of Mohammed and the great avatars who have walked the earth…. I come then for a transfer of a portion of my energy--it is the violet flame. This transfer then is that you might have that flame of freedom, that violet flame of transmutation, for the protection of the delicate thread of contact--your individual contact with the ascended masters, with the I AM Presence, with the Christ Self, with the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and with every soul of flame evolving in the planes of Mater. This is the meaning of the thread of contact. We see then that that thread, as delicate heartbeat, as delicate physical focus within you of the heart chakra is under the stress and the strain of the travail and the groaning of the birth of the Christ in Terra. I come to give you of my heartflame for the cushioning of your heart, for the cushioning of the thread, for the cushioning of consciousness. For you are engaged in a mighty struggle of life, the struggle then that is waged by the children of God, that struggle to bring light in the very midst of darkness. Now it is not God who struggles but only the consciousness that is out of the way of alignment with God…. Why, I tell you, precious ones, the greater the presence of doubt and fear, the greater you will understand is the intensification of the battle. And when you feel that doubt and fear it is precisely the scenario that I have described to you. It is because God is using you for the victory that you must then defend your citadel against the inroads of those fallen ones who are in a state of such fear themselves because they stand to lose their very stronghold and their stranglehold among the children of God upon earth…. Let it be clear then that God-mastery is won by illumination, this very illumination which I give you. All consciousness of death is the consciousness of the fallen ones who are spiraling through the cycles of death. For death is not real, it does not exist….Therefore you see, all fear is based on death. -Saint Germain: 1-2-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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