Monday, May 15, 2017

Understand the meaning of the term "thread of contact."

You see then that our Messenger must stand at that nexus where the tides and the currents converge, where Alpha becomes Omega, Omega becomes Alpha, where the ascended masters stand lowering that God consciousness to the plane of the Christ mind for all evolutions of Terra and where the Keepers of the Flame rise to the plane of the Christ mind through their invocations and decrees. At that point is the release of the spoken Word. I say, guard the chalice, guard the vessel. Understand that that is the point, the point of the flow that must be preserved, for it is the thread of contact. Understand the meaning of the term "thread of contact." And understand that that word thread conveys the meaning of a very delicate, delicate stream of light that connects the worlds of ascended octaves and unascended evolutions. That thread is what the fallen ones would snap, and their attempt at the snapping of the thread is their attempt to sever the very crystal cord that conveys the flow of life into the heart of the Messenger. See then that you understand the meaning of brotherhood and the meaning of community, for all that we share together is the result of the strength of each one multiplied by the light of the Christ and the I AM Presence of each one. See then that as you yourself will to be one who is called a messenger of light, one who is a messenger of the Word as you give your decrees and invocations and your love to God, see that when you open your mouth to give your decrees that that also is the point of the nexus of a cosmic flow. And until you open your mouth and give voice to the power of the Word there is that momentum of opposition to that decree that sometimes rolls in as the very momentum of the hordes of darkness. And that opposition comes as a certain irregularity in your lives whereby you do not pursue the ritual of the flame or the setting aside of the giving of decrees at the appointed hour or the coming together with regularity for services. Do you see then that the opposition being intense is also subtle, extremely subtle, and always it is to disturb that thread of contact? Each one maintains a thread of contact with the hosts of light, with the I AM Presence; and in each one of you, that thread of contact is for the very specific purpose to our cause, the entire cause of the Great White Brotherhood. I speak especially to you, you who have come only recently into the understanding of the teachings. You have had a calling and a focalization of the thread of contact for many years and even in previous incarnations. But your absence from our midst and from direct contact with the ascended masters has been carefully programmed by the fallen ones to keep you from an understanding and an awareness of the great, great import of that thread and of your individual service to life. -Saint Germain: 1-2-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger E C Prophet .......

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