Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The only return to Eden that can ever occur is that which takes place when man walks back to his original estate



We see the outer form as a stairway to the infinite and the machinations of conspiracy as the net of neglect.  Men have neglected the things of the Spirit; they have lived solely toward outer purpose; they have been enmeshed in darkness and the seeds of death have been scattered amongst them….The diseases of the world are brought about as the result of mankind’s fragmentation of cosmic purpose--and men dare to impute to the Deity the misqualifications they themselves have created!  Do they think that the karmic reaper shall pass them by?  His grimness shall be as the whited face of God, a solemn harbinger of justice that will not be moved, even by the cry for mercy.  Those who know and thwart the purposes of God should tremble….

The children of this Earth will remain children forever or be extinguished in the blotting out of their transgressions unless the fruit of Christed reality can be made available to them, unless the knowledge of the Spirit can be imparted to them, unless the mystic circle of the holy twelve can be made real to them….The dissonance of the world is an overpowering shroud that leads man downward into astral horror.  Neither witchcraft nor deceit, the domination of other lives or the unhealthy utilization of the laws of visualization can produce the children of the new age.  The children of the new age must partake of the Grail.  They must understand the refinement of the earth itself; they must see the purging of the elements as the necessary purification of defiled substance which they themselves have defiled….

The Christ consciousness is the inheritance of the elect, but so long as men defile themselves with outer conditions, so long as they remain afraid of the Eternal, so long shall they elect to fulfill lesser purposes.  Only by a fearless dedication, only by a recognition of fearlessness flame can they be endowed with the electronic essence that will enable them to walk the earth as gods….The only return to Eden that can ever occur is that which takes place when man walks back to his original estate and communes with God in the garden of being.  This goal the Brotherhood espouses for every man because we know that herein is the power of creative reality.         

-Morya El:                                      Pearls of Wisdom 13:19
I would like to give you a little exercise that we learned from Jesus concerning his trip to India when he himself explored in the temples there the mystic teachings of that land.  This is the exercise he gave to us:  “In India the lotus is revered, but as you know all flowers are manifestations of genuine purity.  And born out of their purity descending from the mind of God in that transient form is the fire of God’s ideal.  Therefore the true lotus is a white flame, and if you would understand that you would also understand that there is a lotus of the heart, a lotus of the mind and a lotus of the hand.

“Visualize the white-flame lotus around your heart, and as its glow begins to illumine your form and being visualize the white-flame lotus rising from the heart to enfold the mind.  Then as you reach out your hand in service see resting upon it--upon the hand of God’s servant--the pulsations of the white-flame lotus.  As you understand this it shall become tangible to you all, and when you envision the white-flame lotus around your heart it will consume the dross that exists in consciousness and you shall understand what it means to be the pure in heart….

“Thus the leap of the flame of purity will be given to other parts of life--an endowment through yourselves, a power to heal, a power to resurrect, and a power to perfect by the laying on of hands.”  And as he went on speaking to us our hearts glowed as with a cosmic fire.       -John the Beloved:  12-13-1968 at La Tourelle, Colorado Springs, shown below:        
----------                                   ...............                     ......................                      ......................
God-success is always accompanied by a feeling of fearlessness and accomplishment….There is too great a tendency in men to rationalize their acts and to adjust values according to their worldly desires.  They do not perceive the richness of grace itself, which is inherent in the soul when it can drink deeply of the draught of eternal sweetness.         
 -Confucius:                                Pearls of Wisdom 15:16
May 30 is the feastday of Jeanne d'Arc.       

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