Wednesday, May 24, 2017

the release of straight knowledge from the heart of God

The propitiation for man’s iniquities is taken on then by the great mediatorship of the universal Cosmic Christ—this is the life that has been symbolized by the blood of Jesus.  But men have put Christ to an open shame by seeking under the urges of demons to teach openly and spread everywhere those dogmas of the vicarious atonement which confute universal Reality in the consciousness of men and render chaotic the manifestation of universal Law.

This cannot be; for the Laws of God are complete, and every son whom He made was created with equal opportunity.  These truths must be taught in the schools and in the churches of the world.  Yet today such a program is only a vision, and certainly it is one that will be mightily opposed by those firmly entrenched forces that do not understand what they teach and consider the greatest desecration to be the denial of the blood of Christ.

We deny him not, but we affirm him forever for we see him as he is:  the Universal Lord, the Everliving Logos, the Word that goeth forth equally to redeem the sons of men and to bring to all the joy of the Lord.

Lovingly for the illumination of man upon earth I AM    Goddess Meru     Pearls of Wisdom 11:41

-Lake Titicaca

We do not consider that the entrenched forces that seize the minds of children from the cradle will lightly give them up.  Certainly the Armageddon of spiritual warfare will continue--error fighting against truth and truth standing alone in the world as the means of man’s deliverance.  Be that as it may, those who personalize these matters seeking to attack the person through whom truth comes may well be forewarned, as it is our will:  “It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.”  These words spoken by the Lord Christ to Saul on the road to Damascus show that the power of truth is invincible, indomitable and absolute.

Men and women should learn to understand the difference between truth and man’s interpretation of truth.  The world today is filled with a dogma that is based upon the misinterpretation of scripture with a generous shrinking of correct interpretation thrown in as good wheat among the tares.  Those who would compel mankind to make a decision for Christ that is based on fear rather than on true understanding and inner commitment have also to remember that the winning of individuals to your own opinion will in no wise eliminate the karma and responsibility you have for dominating the consciousness of mankind….

Too frequently mankind’s service is only lip service for he has not been taught to expand the flame in his heart and to offer it as a token of the Father’s love to all whom he contacts.  We desire that the youth should understand the law of interaction--the law of the golden rule….

One of the saddest factors involving the release of straight knowledge from the heart of God is that individuals have a tendency to deify those through whom knowledge is given or--if they do not agree with it--to attribute it to demons.  For the most part there are no gray tones, only the blackest of blacks or the whitest of whites.  They seek to hold men in bondage through the power of absolute fear, and this can only produce torment.

The nature of truth and the power of truth inherent in nature bespeak an eternal spring; nature shows forth the power of the resurrection flame in her continual garlanding of the earth with renewal….When people are taught that there is no escape from sin in its repetition but only by freeing oneself from the weight of sin through prayer and whatever ordeal or personal sacrifice the Law may require they can take the first step in eliminating the consciousness of netherworld conditions, of astral horrors and of the fear of death or hell.  Then they begin to live in goodness, in the consciousness of the nature of God and to express Him….Attainment comes through working with microcosmic law….The child must be taught that even graces and courtesies extended to others return to the universe the gratitude of the individual for the opportunity of life….

The desire to be a part of the ALLNESS of God can be satisfied only by INFINITE grace….If individuals would only understand that none are immune to the Law, that the Law acts coequally upon all, they would realize that the dawn of perfection within themselves is the first ray of service to the will of God….

Often great compassion goes out from our temple for the people of this dark star of Earth because they have sunk so deeply into the oblivion of illusion.           -Meru    Pearls of Wisdom 11:42

-chakras purified,   balanced, intensified, aligned, and cloaked in the forgiveness flame      copyright Summit Lighthouse

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