Friday, May 19, 2017

Let it be known by proclamation of Alpha and Omega

Let it be known by proclamation of Alpha and Omega sent and signified by Our hand, delivered unto all the nations and the starry bodies and the lifewaves, that the Fallen One--as identity, as energy, as consciousness--has passed through the fires of Alpha and Omega whose flaming reality consumes all that is in rebellion against the One Source, Almighty God.  And many who followed the Fallen One have also passed through the Judgment Hall of the God-Star Sirius.  And there are others who time has not yet come for whom the judgment has not been sounded.

Now let all evolutions and lifewaves know:  the challenge of the hour is the consuming by the sacred fire of the cause, effect, record and memory of all that has been impressed upon the body of the Mother--that body the entire cosmos--by the fallen ones.  Now let us behold how the Fallen One has left seeds of rebellion even in the four lower bodies of the children of God….More dangerous even than the Fallen One are the seeds of rebellion that remain to be consumed, for the seed contains within itself the pattern of the whole.  And therefore I release the light of the fiery core of Our Oneness for the canceling-out of the seed of the Fallen One.  I release this energy to the level of the etheric plane, the plane of fire; farther it cannot go without the assent of your freewill and your invocation, for the sacred fire will consume the wheat with the tares unless it first be assimilated in the consciousness of the lightbearers.  

Let the sacred fire in the increment that can be borne by each one be sealed in the third eye and the crown and the heart as a trinity of action that can be called forth and released in the plane of the mind and the mental belt of a cosmos.  It is the mind of Christ that the fallen ones have determined to seize, to misuse.  They have no power from Alpha and Omega, yet the fiery core of life within the children of the Sun has been used to affirm that power, to acquiesce to it and to reinforce it.

I say then, withdraw by the authority of your freewill all affirmation, all consent that you have given unto the fallen ones, unto their rebellion, unto the seed and unto the carnal mind of your  own creation.  Only thus will the mental belt be cleansed of the remnant of the Fallen One….

You have a cosmos!  You have an energy field assigned to you!  Let the four quadrants of your creation be purged of every residue of the Fallen One!  Let them be purged by your freewill aligned with My own, aligned with the Four and Twenty Elders who render judgment in the God-Star.  And let the earth-body as well be free of the impressions of rebellion and the ego that is set apart from the Divine One!…

You are set apart as a diamond suspended in crystal, suspended in ruby, suspended in agate.  See how the crystallization of the God-flame which I AM must be made your own.  You determine the fate of your own cosmos….

I AM Alpha!  I AM Omega!  When you know that you are Alpha, that you are Omega then and only then will you find yourself in the whitefire core of the Great Central Sun.  Children of the One:  forge your God-identity!                 -Alpha:  7-5-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

-Amitabha Buddha, as in Prayer and Meditation, 1978

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