Tuesday, January 15, 2019

You must return by freewill.

  Wherever there is the love of liberty that is true there I AM.  Wherever there is a heart that beats for freedom and for life--there I AM.  I AM the Spirit of immortal freedom to an age, and I AM Saint Germain, your compatriot of light.  I stand with you to open this conference dedicated to that immortal freedom and its fire burning on the heart’s altar of every child of God, worlds without end!
  Keepers of the Flame, sons and daughters of God, I welcome you to my flaming heart.  And I open the spiral of violet flame from the blazing Sun-Presence of Omri-Tas, whose presence here, hovering over this very physical Earth, is supported and sustained by the hundred forty and four thousand priests of the sacred fire who serve with him, as he has vowed his life to uphold the office of Gautama Buddha and to expand the violet flame for freedom’s age in the very heart of Earth and her people!
  I come then as the spokesman of this great hierarch of light to consider with you this day what are the ramifications of the release of such a stupendous light of freedom to Earth from cosmic sources and how the vanguard of lightbearers must be fully and wholly prepared to keep that flame.  Therefore in the courtesy of divine grace and in my own heart’s love I bid you be seated.
  As We have expressed to you before, the sending of light to Earth and to the hearts of those who pray fervently for justice is somewhat of an equation--complex and mathematical--which simple and sincere hearts do not always understand. I ask you to appreciate then the very fact of life and the factor of the formula of the transfer of energy of spheres.  You understand the principle in nuclear fission of the swift transfer of energy from atom to atom.  You understand many of the processes in nature. Life then consists of the movement of energy--how, when, where, by whom and under what circumstances does therefore influence all manifestation.
  Consider then the triggering of anger, even if it is not in the awareness of all people.  When that anger that is the anger of Antichrist does manifest in the person of the betrayer Peshu Alga and is anchored by his consort you therefore understand there is a manifestation that is transmitted in all directions.  And the body of that anger moving from the sphere of that individual in embodiment to others in embodiment creates a chain reaction across the planet that can scarcely be contained by elemental life.
  It is important that you realize that wherever there is an unleashing of war or a release of the anti-forces of death with the explosive quality of anger, millions therefore who are connected to the originating source of one or more fallen angels or betrayers do actually receive simultaneously upon their identical electronic blueprint this force of energy which therefore becomes a nucleus in all geographical areas for the stirring up of the multitudes of mechanization man and of the children of the light who are yet in a state of holy innocence and without the full God-mastery of divine Sonship.
  Realizing then the impact of discord and that it is transmitted regardless of the outer knowledge of individuals who express it as to its source you may also realize that light too is transmitted.  And the moment We allow the descent of light into the hearts and chakras of Our devotees We realize that that light and their disposal of it is subject, one, to their own self-mastery and, two, to the impinging conditions and forcefields of planetary discord and the astral hordes who will attempt to tear from them that light by any and all possible means!
  Therefore when We see the light which We release to faithful and true hearts who are sincere become misqualified in inharmony, discord, irritation or argumentation and thereby become a part of the planetary chain reaction of anger We cannot and We will not release those extraordinary momentums of the Holy Spirit that are after all necessary for the resolution of such crisis as you have reviewed today in the Middle East.  Thus We stand waiting to pour out of Our causal body, out of the very storehouse of heaven’s sons the answer to the equation.  We must remind you that more light requires more mastery, constancy and determination.
  It is Our desire that you think of Us in more of a personal manner and as though We were physical.  For in actuality We are physical, but We are physical beyond the spectrum of your physical sight and often beyond the sensitivity of your outer senses, though not always.  When you think of Us and know Us and feel Our presence by your love you know that We are your friends and co-workers just beyond the veil.  You must think of Us as just another Keeper of the Flame who is in the room with you, helping you, deliberating with you and extending the openness as an open horseshoe of the Darjeeling Council table.
  We desire that this fraternity of the Great White Brotherhood shall become so real to each and every one of you as to make unthinkable the misqualification of Our light--when you consider that We are in your very presence and at your very side, loving and cherishing you, upholding you and delivering you from every condition and circumstance that would beset you in your service.
  Therefore I dedicate this conference once again to the great Piscean avatar, our own beloved Jesus, the Son of light and glory.  Blessed ones, I dedicate it to him because it is his flame of God-mastery held for you in the Piscean dispensation that is what is needed that you might receive the full torch of the Aquarian age.  And I say the full torch, for each of you is earning the full petals of that torch and some of you have it not all yet.  As the Goddess of Liberty also had to pass her initiations to earn every petal of illumination’s golden torch which she bears so you also, test by test, graduation by graduation must increase the power of your own torch of light and your bearing of the mantle of God-mastery.
  We desire to see therefore the Aquarian age in full swing!  But it shall not be until, one by one, Keepers of the Flame recognize the stature of their own Godhood and their own innate ability to act as co-workers with ascended masters, to sense themselves apprentices with Us and not so far removed from the ascended state.
  Now if you look upon devotees in your midst who have already ascended and those intending to do so, you must realize that only a few short years may stand between a chela and the position of ascended master.  Why not expect then that the chela unascended is acting and behaving like the ascended master?  In reality there ought not to be so great a difference; it only lies within the erroneous conception of what is perfection, what is the heavenly state, what is the idea of man as the manifestation of God.
  Well, beloved, the imagination of men’s hearts, which is continually to do evil and has been such since before the era of the flood of Noah on this planet, is therefore incapable of imagining the perfection of Christ therefore occupying the same place as the body temple you wear.  I tell you that perfection can indeed manifest where you are and where this Messenger is, contrary to all human and carnal-mindedness.  For you see, perfection is the vibrancy, an onward-movingness, the ongoingness of God that is formed and reformed and self-transcending.  It can never be the static quality of the statue but is always the joy flame itself, is always the rippling, swirling light that makes perfect even the incomplete expression of the unascended soul.
  Therefore walk as children of the light.  In the words of the apostle “Walk as children of the light!”  In the words of Jesus “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”  Walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh, and thereby you will understand your tremendous capacity to carry that more light for which we have called--the more light that can hold the balance against the entire laggard evolutions of this Earth!
  Blessed ones, when you hold that light therefore this is what you can expect with the incoming flow of freedom from the heart of beloved Omri-Tas.  You can expect that freedom’s fires will let loose all levels of consciousness within the individual.  The era of freedom now dawning must be an era of caution on the part of the teachers and shepherds of the people.  For all must come forth, all must be unloosed, and the purification is accelerated.
  Freedom then to be one’s full God-potential is the freedom to put into the flame all that is less than that potential.  The freedom flame comes as violet fire to transmute and to consume.  Therefore, beloved hearts of light, seize! then divine opportunity to stand guard that this inundation of old momentums passing into the flame does not become the trigger for planetary chaos.
  For you see when you have been a servant of God for a number of years, decades or lifetimes, you do bear with you in your cells and in your chakras a reservoir of light.  And thus when you misqualify energy oncoming day by day from Our octaves, when you allow the flushing out of your own past human creation to cause anew some discord then the light that is in you already that you have stored there in service may amplify the discord, may multiply it.  And then the word may be true, “If the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness.”  Is it ever then worthwhile for you to be caught off-guard when the price is so high and the payment is of past attainment, and when you can so easily take many backward steps on the conveyor belt of life that is a part of the path of the ascension?
  Now let me explain what this conveyor belt is.  Some of you have traveled in the larger airports of the capitals of the nations of the world, and you have traveled partly on foot and partly on conveyor belt, on and off again.  Beloved ones, the conveyor belt on the path signifies your own good works and good momentums of the past that you bring with you.  And just when you need a little help and a little strength you are carried on your own past momentum of your own causal body of light.  Now if in the course of using that momentum you should then turn and rend your own virtue and allow yourself to be off-guard, you would lose that advantage.  And you need that advantage when in hours of service you have given all you can give and yet you are required yet to fight the good fight.  Then you are happy when carrying another’s baggage and the karma of nations to experience a little way on the path on the conveyor belt of your own momentum.
  Let us not spend the money in our cosmic bank!  Let us not unnecessarily squander the light of our causal body!  Every ounce of discord you allow to pass through you is momentously costly to you as an individual and to the greater cause of the Brotherhood because in a computerlike fashion the Cosmic Christ, Lord Maitreya, does determine then that a dispensation of light oncoming must be held back until once again you go back to the first steps on the path and once again cherish in utter humility the very fact that you have a threefold flame and a Mighty I AM Presence.
  When you maintain the humble mien, beloved ones, when you remember your state as a pilgrim of God--and you the debtor unto cosmos and God extending mercy and grace to you to be His instrument--then you do not so easily fall into the pride of the tempter that causes you to misqualify energy.  But if on the course of becoming one with God, you think yourself a god and you make pronouncements concerning other chelas whose hearts may be purer than your own, you see, that pride will go before the fall and the fall will be of your own fruit of your own Tree of Life so needlessly.
  Let us therefore consider that the more progress you make on the path as disciples the more you must be careful of that singular vice of the Fallen One himself, which is spiritual pride.  Let us remain then together humble servants.  For I am also humble before the throne of the Almighty.  And I do remember my station first, foremost and always as a servant of the Most High God and that all these things He has added unto me, as the offices which I hold, are by the grace and mercy of God--which offices I could not hope to fulfill without His grace and His continuing sponsorship of me.
  Beloved hearts, you know that as I have given my light and life for individuals in the past and lost the wager that I placed, the Karmic Board has had to deny me continuing opportunity and dispensation because of the failure of certain lifestreams upon earth.  I can assure you that in those hours of the great sense of loss in the timetable of the destiny of Earth, as I have knelt before the Lord God Almighty and before Elohim, it is They and They alone who have strengthened me and given me renewed courage and heart and life to continue with the struggle for freedom.  Thus I always remember that when one is in the service of the holy cause one in any octave must be humbly and totally dependent upon that living presence of Alpha and Omega in the heart of the Great Central Sun.
  I wish to pay homage to the Father/Mother God--to the very presence in this cosmos of Their love which sustains all of our effort, all of our enduring and our striving and those moments of hopelessness which are turned by the mighty archeiai into tears of hopefulness as we look to the sky again and behold the rainbow and the hosts of the Lord descending and we know that no matter what the past has been, God has once again ordained a new opportunity, a new light and a new dispensation!
  Therefore in gratitude, in humble gratitude for all that has been given by your own Mighty I AM Presence through your own grateful, determined, God-loving hearts I, Saint Germain, stand before you--this flag as the banner of the I AM Race, my backdrop.  For I have determined to focus through these fifty stars rays fifty in number, focusing upon the entire planetary body--focusing upon hearts of the seed of Sanat Kumara for a restoring to the life of liberty and to the true worth of the individual and the original foundation of this nation and of the dispensation of the seed of Sanat Kumara born through Abraham and come to earth for a cosmic purpose.
  In focusing the whitefire core of Alpha and Omega as the fiery heart of Serapis, of our Messengers and our chelas, it is my intent to use the momentum of the ascension flame delivered to you by beloved Serapis Bey to quicken the violet-flame spheres of which we now, as you know, have a fourteen-month dispensation.  This whitefire with the violet flame then will saturate! saturate! saturate! planet Earth and her evolutions to draw individuals of light into alignment with their own five-pointed star, which is the nucleus of the five secret rays surrounding the whitefire core of their own God-free being.
  Let America, every state, every soul of light, and every soul of light on Earth receive the whirling five-pointed star as the very call to that nationhood which is the community and the federation of the twelve tribes of Israel--of those lightbearers who come marching in the name of the Lamb and in the name of the one hundred forty and four thousand!  Therefore let the fire roll through this conference!  Let every decree to the violet flame and your calls to purity reach the hearts of the lightbearers across the face of the world!
  We shall use the publicity regarding this Messenger and our Church Universal and Triumphant to contact souls of light who have never been contacted before.  And We shall see to it that the tables are turned upon these fallen ones who have continued to oppress Our manifestation and Our victory!  Their hour is come!  They shall not pass!  You have but to decree it and to see the rolling back of their own proud wave and the rolling back of all hordes who are so afraid of your own presence and vow and light and the descent of Our own through you!
  Let the calls continue then!  And let your fiery hearts perceive the ebb and the flow of the tide of life, for they say every dog has his day.  Well, you have seen the dogs have their day.  Now it is time for the sons of God to have their day!  But you must claim it, and claim it you shall in the name of Omri-Tas.  And you shall deliver the mandate of the Goddess of Liberty!  You shall deliver the mandate of my heart!  And you shall be keepers of the violet flame and the whitefire light of the Mother.  You shall be clothed upon in white and violet hue.  And the golden crown upon your head shall signify to all the bodhisattva becoming the Buddha and the Mother.  And you will understand therefore the extreme necessity to guard that violet-flame action from giving any more fuel to the laggard races in the Middle East and anywhere else upon this planetary body.
  And therefore by the authority of my own office as Hierarch of the Aquarian Age I empower you in my name to make the call for the withdrawal of all support of the violet flame and whitefire of the ascension light from all laggard evolutions, that they may not misqualify the light of God, that they may not turn light to darkness. Therefore let there be the sealing of this release.  And I say, in the name of Elohim let all release of light to this planet bypass then the godless, the fallen ones, the Watchers, the Nephilim and all who have been guests upon this planetary home--unwelcomed and uninvited guests!  Let it bypass them.  Let them be bound.  Let them be sealed in the name of Almighty God.  And therefore let them be sealed in their own karma, in their own willfulness, in their own stiff-necked manifestation!  Let them be bound by their own returning karma!  And let there be in this hour the first of a series of separations of the tares and of the wheat!
  And therefore let lightbearers receive the light and retain it.  And I demand you retain it in God-harmony!  And let the fallen ones be sealed and cut off.  And let the Goddess of Liberty keep the flame of illumination to illumine the lightbearers in this dark night of planetary body and of the Kali Yuga.  And let the fallen ones and the dark ones be bound!  And let them go through their own cycles of decay, disintegration and death.  And let the lightbearers accelerate!
  This then is the fiat from the heart of Alpha and Omega.  This is the dispensation.  It will work to its maximum manifestation if you understand your role as true Keepers of the Flame and bearers of the torch of liberty--if you understand ultimately and finally and conclusively your need to maintain God-harmony.  And, beloved ones, it will manifest in full divine potential if every lightbearer and heart of light on earth recognizes and hears this call and answers.  And it will manifest in decreasing success according to the withdrawal of lightbearers of their support of me and my mission and their abdication from their office, as they enter into negativity and discord.
  Thus, you see, only lightbearers in embodiment can give birth to this dispensation and only lightbearers can abort it.  For the fallen ones have no power to stay the hand of the Almighty through you!  Only you yourselves, by succumbing to the temptation of indulgence in human pride and human will can turn back the mighty oncoming light.  Blessed ones, I therefore say to you that if you are not able to channel this light into physical manifestation by your own absence of will in this determination, it will therefore manifest on the etheric plane.  But the manifestation of the etheric plane and the golden age there in the temples of light will do you no more good in your physical, waking consciousness than the etheric plane affords you in this hour.
  The etheric plane therefore must also be drawn down by you.  Every manifestation of every temple of light--the golden cities, the architecture, the divine art--all this can come through the causal body of Omri-Tas multiplying the dispensation of Serapis Bey and my own situation in the office of the Aquarian age.  All who have attainment in the violet flame are being multiplied by these releases in this hour.  Thus you yourselves being beings of violet fire ought to be joyous, buoyant, determined and ever on guard in the fiat of Archangel Michael, “I AM the Guard!”
  Blessed hearts of light, let us see that these tremendous dispensations are no longer left as ornaments on the highest branches of our Tree of Life in the etheric plane, but let us bring down these spheres of the causal bodies of beings of light to the very lowest branches, to the physical octave.  Why, you can do it if you place first things first and determine that for every one of those thousands who have perished in Lebanon needlessly you will bear the cross, you will bear the crown, you will bear the victory and you will be the voice!
  As you have been decreeing this day, as our Messenger has delivered her message she has been aware of the surrounding of herself and this forcefield with the souls of lightbearers recently perished in Beirut.  These souls, blessed hearts, heard the cry and the call of the Mother and her seed and asked to be taken here by angels of light.  And their prayer was granted.  And they have come to see their own redemption, their own fulfillment that they have neither lived nor died in vain, for the saints robed in white are not only in heaven, they are on earth.
  And I can tell you that on the etheric plane there are tears of joy in the eyes of children, women and all who have gone on to other octaves, for they see that their cause will go marching on through you!  And I can assure you that in another hour, in another era the situation has been reversed; and you yourselves, making the transition at the hand of the fallen ones, have looked to see other saints robed in white keeping the flame for you.
  Now by the God-determination of those who see your own determination they desire to reincarnate--and they shall.  For the Lords of Karma give precedence and preeminence to the requests of lightbearers for entrance into the portals of Earth in this hour.  I tell you, the Lords of Karma are impressed with any lifestream today who, in the full knowledge of Earth’s conditions, actually volunteers to take embodiment, to take the mantle of the cause, and to fight on the line where light meets darkness and swallows it up. [applause]
  I wish you to know that in recent events,where suddenly and without prior warning life has gone on--sons of Britain, sons of Argentina, sons of Poland, Afghanistan, of Russia--these lightbearers dying for the cause to which they have been set, either by their leaders or by their souls, these who find themselves on the other side of life taken so swiftly and in the prime of youth, I have taken them to my heart.  I have shown them the cause and core of war and of the fallen ones.  I have shown them the alignment of nations and leaders.  And one by one those who have served in this century who have seen the futility of the cause of the Nephilim have come and are returning into embodiment to align themselves with The Faithful and True.  Do you not realize there is a design, there is a geometry and there is a destiny in this battle of Armageddon?  And Maitreya the Cosmic Christ has called his lightbearers from the four corners of the universe to be in embodiment and to serve in the victory of Earth.
  We are not asleep!  We are not without the battle plan!  We are not without Our majestic understanding and concern for every single lifestream of this planet!  And therefore all you have to do to make a golden age happen is to be in God-harmony and joy, to give the fiat, to be practical, to listen to Our suggestions and to take them, take them seriously when they come forth out of the mouth of the Messenger, to heed Our warning, to prepare the place and to continue to stump in God’s name!
  All of these activities which We have set before you are being made possible by the dispensation of the violet flame.  Understand that violet flame as making possible the acceleration of cycles and all things that could never be done without that flame and without the angels who ensoul it.  I send them to the Inner Retreat!  I send them with you to your homes and study groups and teaching centers!  I send them all around the world where a heart beats for freedom and cares for life and bears the torch of liberty.  And they will not fail.  And you will not fail if you understand the equation that the entire golden age culture of the Mother and of invention can also come through this dispensation of violet flame.
  Therefore see that every attempt to steal those secrets of technology and invention is a violation of that light.  And some must stand guard so that we may have invention without it being passed to the camp of the enemy.  This is an intolerable situation that has stayed the forward march of progress in America--this allowance of agents of foreign and enemy governments to lodge within her borders, to encamp themselves in the United Nations and in Washington, to send their spies and their KGB and therefore to seize from the very laboratories of scientists those inventions before they are even formulated or manifest.
  Beloved ones, this must come to an end.  And beloved K-17 and Lanello this day are absolutely determined to help each and every one of you who will set your heart to the reversing of this injustice--this cosmic injustice in the nation of America!  Let us see therefore a multiplication of this body of lightbearers, and let us see now the rolling back of all laggard consciousness in the midst of the people of God that would tear from them their victory!
  The crown of victory is held above the heads of those becoming world conquerors.  One day it will be bestowed by the World Mother upon you.  Would you allow any man, any fallen one, any demon or laggard to tear from you your crown, precious hearts?  [“No!”]  Well, I come as your eyes and ears and mouthpiece of cosmos to tell you that that is exactly what is happening in this very hour!  They’re all too clever to attempt to seize it in a moment of your ultimate victory, for they know you would not allow it.  Therefore before you are even born--born to the Spirit, born to the idea of your own ascension--they begin to steal a little leaf of that laurel crown.  A little leaf here, a little leaf there, a little flame here and there, and it is not noticed because you have not yet gained the full mastery of each and every one of those petals.  And therefore as light flows easily in the midst of the messengership it is easy to say, “I do not need this little bit.  I will do without it.”
  But, you see, this is based on a child’s assessment of the need of the crown.  God has never given to you any thing that you did not need, for God is a practical God.  The crown of victory is not a crown of adornment alone but a crown of need.  It is a fiery sphere of light that accelerates the momentum of the crown chakra and allows you to propel yourself into other octaves of service.  Therefore, beloved ones, cherish the crown before it is given!  Cherish the crown you are winning and weaving!  Cherish the crown, and let no man take thy crown! 
  America, O Mother of the World, O Liberty, Hear my call!  Let no man take Thy crown!  Hear me, O people of light!  Hear me, O citizens of world freedom and of a cosmos!  Let no man take the crown of Life, of the I AM Presence from America, from the lightbearers of every nation!  Let the crown of victory now be manifest, be secured and be protected by the legions of light!  I, Saint Germain, decree it, and I seal you in my purple fiery heart for your victory now and forever!  [applause]           
                                   -Saint Germain:  7-1-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles
   I have chosen to speak to you again concerning this very Middle East crisis.  Therefore I greet you in the fond embrace and the warm handshake of the legions of the seventh ray, gathering now in every continent for the warfare of freedom which is, by right and by light, cosmic transmutation.
  It is our term for the turning of the worlds, beloved hearts.  We would spin the Earth!  We would saturate with violet flame that the Earth might have a new face and a new age and a new opportunity in Justice’ name to resolve the conflicting forcefields of those who make war against the light by their own abuse and counterfeit of the real alchemy of the Holy Spirit, of personhood through Christ, of individuality ordained--not gainsaid, not thrust or seized or forced, but individuality that is the gift of God.
  You who espouse the light, be seated in the name of your own I AM Presence.  I would speak to you concerning cosmic timetables.  For I would not have you ignorant, nor would the Chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood.  For the victory is held by those who understand the strategy of the light as it passes through the crystal of time and space.
  All is in the ordering by the Law of Cycles of the momentum of peace and of war on earth.  All must be discovered through the heart of the Ancient of Days.  All must be forged and won as the thirteenth and fourteenth stations of the cross.  For going within to the divine identity is indeed the ultimate in the creative process.
  This creativity is the re-creation of oneself in the image and likeness of Him in whom thou art made.  Elohim have fashioned thee.  The Lord God has spoken in the beginning: “Let Us make man after Our image and after Our likeness,”  therefore the creation of the sons and daughters of God are in that lineal descent of Elohim.  The creation of Elohim are ye--not Nephilim.
  Therefore understand that in this hour your own judgment of life--of [by] yourself and of [by] the hosts of the Lord--is manifest in your confirmation of the Word where you are.  In the name I AM THAT I AM therefore confirm that thou art ‘I’--‘I’ who is the God unveiled by the feminine counterpart.  This Isis unveiled is the confirmation by your soul:  As above so below I AM the living Christ, I AM the Anointed One.  In the confirmation of who you are as the identity of God you complete the fourteen stations of the cross, you enter into the heart of Alpha and Omega.  And in the tomb of life, in this cosmic laboratory of being you prove eternality and step forth as the risen Christ--the one who has risen above the poor dimensions of selfhood defined by those who fell from their first estate.
  Understand that I am saying that the decisions of life, the converging of yourselves in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, the mounting as with wings of eagles to the higher plane must be accomplished one by one--not according to the first twelve stations of the cross but to the thirteenth and the fourteenth which John the Beloved and the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to our students in this very week.  For you are given the twelve lines of knowing in the understanding of the Book of Revelation, but the final thirteenth and the fourteenth are for your own assimilation of the Word.
  The great gift and the fruit of the teaching of John the Beloved is that there is no formula that can be stolen, no force that can be wrested from heaven whereby an individual may automatically enter into the higher octaves of the ascension and the ascended masters.  No, my beloved, the final steps--the coming down from the cross and the laying of the body temple within the tomb--cannot be accomplished according to any prescribed preconditioning of the soul.  Each one in application to his own Mighty I AM Presence must determine how soul and life is to be taken down from that crucifixion of the godless and how to prove the very problem of being and of divine identity.
  The Law reads that those who have attained according to the twelve steps of the first twelve stations of the cross have therefore the complete number and the divine whole of the cosmic clock, have the proving in their heart of the Christ Person, have the balancing of karma to be able--if they will it so, if they maximize cosmic purity, if they remember humility and innocence and selflessness--to understand the personal application of the Law of the thirteen and the fourteen, which are the going within to the Alpha and Omega of one’s origin.
  After all, you came forth by freewill!  You must return by freewill.  All is in divine order.  Therefore the hot pursuit of the whitefire core must begin with all diligence, creativity and ingenuity.  And you see, you will never enter in until you understand that there are twelve initiations which will take you all the way from the beginning to the ending of the outer cycles of the descent and the ascent.
When you really pass these initiations after year upon year of walking these stations with the Woman and her seed you will have balanced the necessary portion of karma.  But you see, the balance of karma does not automatically award the individual with the crown of dominion or of great wisdom.  The balance of karma is the clearing aside of the debris that one might begin the pursuit of a cosmic Selfhood.
  Thus the preparation for these final steps of initiation, for those of you who come under the dispensation of Serapis Bey, is occurring simultaneously upon earth with the hour of the confrontation and the judgment of the fallen ones.  With what measure ye judge it shall be meted unto you.  Realize then point by point of the Law must be fulfilled in yourself as you have the capacity to observe the violation of that Law in the ones concerning which the prophecy of Enoch was given.  Now then the timetable of their all-out warfare to destroy one another and the light body in the process must be known and must be discerned by signs in the heaven and signs from beneath and, above all, by the sign of your heart.
  In the very moment of your perfecting of the Law of your own being We require you, blessed hearts, to be on the alert concerning the maneuvers of these fallen ones.  For it is predestined that in their hour when they see, either they conquer another world and gain all of its light to perpetuate their identity or they go fast and furiously to the judgment.  They then will pull out all the stops, as you say, will hold nothing back, will use all in their power to conquer the object of their hatred who is both Almighty God and his Son [as well as] their rivals among the angels who fell.
  Now We are concerned, as you have heard, that the lightbearers be not caught in the crossfire.  In your anticipation of their moves give your decrees, your analysis--not necessarily this Messenger’s but your personal observation and your personal writing of the inserts and the calls.  In this very process of defining the exact moment and strategy of the binding and the judgment of these individuals you will find the keys to your own mastery of your initiations in the thirteenth and fourteenth stations.  Thus, beloved hearts, if you neglect so great a salvation as to bind the Fallen One by way of protecting the holy innocents, I can assure you that you may very well miss an opportunity for your own ultimate fulfillment.  After all, beloved hearts, the crucifixion of our Son Jesus was portrayed to the world as an instrumentation of the judgment of the fallen ones.
  What secret lies in the acred heart of this Son of God as he hangs on the cross--what mystery of life that the very process of oneness with that cross and the shedding of the blood that is the mighty Alpha-current brings about the weakening and the stripping of the high and the mighty?  He appears weak, but they are the helpless ones.  He appears without voice, without strength yet it is their voices which are not heard before the throne of the Almighty.  Thus in tribute to the one who taught the Law by example I say:  drink of his cup, and drink all of it.  Follow his footsteps--not part way up the mountain but all the way to the crown of Life.  For one would not desire to arrive at the conclusion of this opportunity of life and be found wanting in the final two steps of overcoming.
  There is no choice, and this is my message:  one cannot decide whether to engage or not engage oneself with Lord Maitreya in the perpetual rebuke of the consciousness of the Fallen One.  If one does not, one therefore sacrifices one’s own Christhood.  Not the selfish pursuit of the path but the ultimate expending of oneself in the cause is that lever of the heart that produces the descent of the Christed One in full bodily manifestation within your temple.  I have given you the key.  I challenge you, with the fervor of my heart of freedom to take the key and place it in the door.  For the lock will turn and you will enter if you understand the rules of the game.
  I have come to bring you an understanding of these rules of the game of life--and another game which they play not according to the rules.  I have come to connect your consciousness in meditation with cosmic timetables and the will of God and your inner blueprint.  Remember that you serve me and that you see me in the person of your Messenger.  You do not serve your private projects or personal causes—those pet projects that seem to take preeminence over the believing in the One Sent and the meditating on that Word.  In serving me you serve the cause of cosmic freedom--freedom that is promised not only unto this world but many worlds.  For Earth is a fulcrum for the cosmic leap of many light bodies into the Central Sun.
  This is the proving ground and the crossroads.  No wonder that so many spacecraft have appeared here for thousands of years.  They have a vested interest in controlling this evolution.  For it is prophesied from the very ancient manuscripts of another world, reflecting the Lawbook of Life, that upon this planet the victory of cosmos will unfold.
  I pray that you have the sense, the good sense to take measure of your own co-measurement, to realize what an opportunity in a cosmic lifetime it is to heed our Word, to place first things first and to move toward that personal sacrifice by the path of obedience which leads to the perfection of the Son of God.  We have given a teaching, We have pointed to the path.  You must work the work of the ages of your own salvation.  The message is for this hour until the hour of your ascension.
  Take then the teachings of John the Beloved and Jesus, my heart, and move along now--move along now in the proving of that original vow.  For I, Saint Germain, remind you once again to focus upon the crystal, focus upon the crystal, the ancient crystal of the mind of God that still remains implanted within the sons of heaven as a protection against the forces of anti-crystal/anti-Christ that roam the matter-spheres.
  You have guardian angels!  You have ascended masters of long ago who are now cosmic beings--who looked out for you millennia ago.  Why do you suppose you had the perception to perceive the truth and follow it?  Not alone by your own doing or by your own attainment was this but by the special dispensation whereby, by some past virtue or service multiplied by the grace of God, a special protection was given to you--a focalpoint of crystal which would be activated upon your hearing of the Word and the voice of truth in this age, even the voice of our Messenger.  And in the vibration and the quivering of the energy spheres themselves the crystal responded.  The tone was sounded and you remembered your moment of recognition, and the search did end.
  There are others who have that similar blessing and that similar protection.  Pray therefore that they be not hindered in their pathway to Our heart, to her heart.  Pray therefore for dispensations to those who have not been similarly blessed that they might also receive divine sponsorship.  For only by the intercession of the saints themselves can the other children of the light be wrested from the philosophies of religion and politics which have been put upon them since their earliest childhood and continuing in past embodiments.
  I AM Saint Germain in the full fervor of my being!  I send forth a mighty thrust of light and my own causal body!  I will keep it suspended over the Middle East.  I will hover there; I will neutralize and absorb all spacecraft laying their wager on planetary destruction and victory for the Nephilim.  I will be there.  I will be there!  I will be there!  And I ask you:  will you also be there with me?  [“Yes!”]
  By the authority of your heartflame I call forth your causal body to also be suspended over the Middle East.  And we together shall multiply God many times over to work a work in the name of Jesus that he shall not have been crucified in vain but that every cosmic purpose to which he came again and again--and you also, my beloved--shall be fulfilled, that not one jot or tittle of the Law will remain unfulfilled.
  We have all given Our life and Our blood to the cause of victory of light in the Middle East, over and over again.  She lives to speak to you, having vowed in the very hour of death by these laggards of the Middle East to come again to expose the murderer, to reveal the liar and to avenge the blood of the righteous similarly slain.  I will not paint for you again the memory of an ancient holocaust, but I can tell you that many among you have passed from the screen of life with a vow upon your lips to return and to fulfill the edict of truth!  Thus your souls have wept in the encounter of Pallas Athena as you recognized the one who greeted you because of your vow of truth when you made the transition to the other side.
  Pallas Athena represents beloved Vesta to your souls and keeps her flame of truth on earth.  Thus, dear hearts, in Pallas Athena’s name came my own soul in the life of Francis Bacon.  And you have come in her name also, for she to you has been the epitome of the Cosmic Mother.  For truth you live.  For truth Christ lived.  For it is truth as the flame of the Mother that sets Her children free.
  The fallen ones know not their state of bondage.  They know not they need freedom.  And they ask “What is truth?”  Listen not to them, go not their way.  For they will never cease in their subtlety to attempt to entwine their bodies round about you and to compel you by the imitation of the magnetic coil into the magnetism of their underworld.  You are from above.  Therefore look up and live.  Look to the center of the Sun and affirm:  In Saint Germain’s name I AM free--now and forevermore!  [“In Saint Germain’s name I AM free--now and forevermore!”]  And I seal it by the living sword of truth of Pallas Athena!  [“And I seal it by the living sword of truth of Pallas Athena!”]
  Thus all your vows may be sealed thusly by the sword of living truth of Pallas Athena.  For it is one thing to declare oneself free now and forevermore.  You understand that that flings a challenge into the very teeth of the fallen ones, who will try to tear from you the absolute fiat of your Godhood.  And therefore every affirmation of your being as a Son of God does need defending in this octave by the living sword of Pallas Athena!  That mighty sword of truth is the two-edged sword of the science of the spoken Word and the raised Kundalini, putting into submission those serpents that have misused that science.
  In her name and in the name of the Mother of the World, in the name of Justice and Mercy I, Saint Germain, deliver to each and every one of you the sealing of the heart by the master Jesus Christ, the sealing of the soul by the master John the Beloved!  In the name of the Guru and the chela I AM the spheres of cosmos, Alpha and Omega, conveying unto you that magnet!  And I AM the magnet drawing you with me now unto the very portion of the planet that is the Middle East.  We will go!  We will be the one thousand robed in white and violet in Saint Germain’s name! We will take up the banner! We will defend!  And we will mend our nets.     
 -Saint Germain via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on 7-18-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles


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