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As the public in Central Asia become more vocal

-Kyrgyz yurts in Xinjiang   Flickr / davidstanleytravel
  Children of ethnic Kazakhs held at re-education camps in China’s Xinjiang pleaded for their families’ release.   “I ask the whole world, please, help us get our mom back,” one little girl says between sobs in a video posted by RFE/RL , “We miss her very much.”
  The heartbreaking footage underscores the role the people of Central Asia have had in putting a human face on the incarceration of an estimated million Muslims in Xinjiang by Chinese authorities.  While the great majority of those detained in what Beijing calls free “vocational education and training centers” are Uyghurs, ethnic Kazakhs and ethnic Kyrgyz — both Muslim and each with their own prefecture within Xinjiang — have also been detained in the camps.
  Recently a group of activists in Bishkek formed the Committee To Protect Kyrgyz People In China.  The group, as RFE/RL reports, is mostly ethnic Kyrgyz who moved to Kyrgyzstan from China and obtained residence or citizenship.  Like the children gathered by Atazhurt in Almaty, the members of the Committee To Protect Kyrgyz People In China say they have relatives in Xinjiang who had disappeared or who visited the region after moving to Kyrgyzstan and have not returned.  As the public in Central Asia — primarily Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan — become more vocal about their personal connection to the misery playing out in Xinjiang, their governments find little room  to maneuver and less political will to make a scene.  Even Astana, far more powerful on the global stage than Bishkek, is meek in the face of Beijing. Kazakhstan has managed to free some Kazakh citizens detained but unable to budge China on the larger internment issue.  Kyrgyzstan could find small success in a similar fashion.  The Uyghurs have no other state that claims them and thus no other state to advocate for them.

that this flame of Almighty God may burn in your hearts forever

  Through the ritual of attunement with the Holy Spirit the hopes of the many are made known to each one.  The desire to express comfort to those parts of life requiring it is very great, for there are in the world today a large number of devotees of humanity such as those of you who have assembled here in our retreat who yearn to magnetize the glow of the comfort-flame on behalf of their brethren.  These also desire to mobilize an effective means of contact whereby the individual soul can come to know the needs of others and, by the mystical touch of the Holy Spirit, reach out to aid every part of life.  This is magnanimity in the fullest sense of the word, it is the faint echo of perfection within the corridors of memory recalled from the vast halls of learning wherein the mind of God and man do meet.
  The Temple of Concord is a holy place.  Those who have worshiped there kneeling at the feet of the God Presence know the measure and worth of the highest devotion that in forsaking all selfish desire receives the highest reward.  These emerge from their communion with Holy Spirit ready to translate the strands of immortal opportunity into a great tapestry of reality.  Weaving vestments of hope for all people they portray the drama of the Second Coming of Christ and illumine a darkening world....
  Because man has freewill you cannot always enter into complete rapport with all people, but you can become one with the Christ in all and with the real Self that is the true Being of man.  It would be well if you would contemplate the statement of the Master Jesus concerning the casting-out of demons: “This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”
  This doctrine of Christ-principle is intended to teach mankind that when the forces of negation are deeply entrenched within mind and heart of man (within the four lower bodies and the personality, for they can never abide within the real Self) they hold an iron rule over the psyche.  Because of long association with their subject and the deeply ingrained habits that he has taken on under their influence the demons who actually live off of his energy violently oppose any attempt of the Christ to enter in and take dominion in the individual consciousness.
  Possessiveness is ever the quality of the evil one; therefore those who would use the power of the Holy Spirit to cast out demons from others must themselves be free from possession.  They must understand the need for faith, hope and charity as well as humility as they garner the energies of the Holy Spirit in readiness for the freeing of the obsessed.  Attempting to possess neither the soul nor the demon that has held it bound, they must seek to be possessed of God; for it is the divinity within man that is his authority to cast out all evil forces that prey upon the minds of men.
  Man’s consciousness must be totally possessed of the Holy Spirit if he would have access to the power that effectively purges the darkness of obsession.  Being possessed of the Lord’s Spirit is not bondage but a bond of love that makes man the instrument of the Christ, honoring his Laws and serving his purposes every hour of the day and night. Possessed of the great flaming balance of God’s love, wisdom and power you have every right to demand from Life an expansion of all divine qualities within your world and to use the energies thereof for the freedom of your fellowmen; but you must bear in mind the need to have a request for assistance either from the one obsessed or from those responsible for him....
  If you have given your consciousness to God and you maintain a constant attunement with the Holy Spirit, then when you speak to the demon and command him with a loud voice, saying “In the name of Jesus the Christ I command you to come out of him!” you can expect immediate results.  Where the possessing demons are deeply entrenched prayer and fasting for one to three days will provide the devotee with clarity of mind and an impetus of the Spirit, thereby making him a better instrument for the casting-out of dark forces that have tormented a child of God.
  Restoration then is an action of the Holy Spirit; and in your service to life you must not neglect the restoration of the temple of your own being....Because mankind do not see this pollution of the astral, mental and etheric planes--although the more sensitive feel it--I cannot fail to stress to all upon the planet the need to make contact with the Holy Spirit as the agent of God whose fires will burn a pathway through the night and reestablish man’s contact with the I AM Presence.
  Those who would bow to divine edicts must above all adore the ministration of the Holy Spirit as the brightest light in a darkened world and the mightiest hope for humanity’s freedom.  To those who would increase the tempo of the love-beat of God within their hearts and sustain an activity of the divine similitude within their consciousness the Holy Spirit is the great energizer of all right motive and conduct and the means whereby the ever mounting tides of the holier way will crest their worlds as the abundance of every good and perfect gift.
     I remain your advocate of contact with the Infinite,     Maha Chohan     
       Pearls of Wisdom 9:34
  “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh:  and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.”
  The sure Word of prophecy which must come alive within the domain of the individual is a personal bestowal of the Law of infinite Love:  in the very heart of the self a man must admit the great purifying light rays of the Holy Spirit.  It is so easy for individuals to feel that the needs of others for righteousness exceed the needs of the individual seeker.  One with God is indeed a majority, and self-negligence is just as dangerous as is the neglect of the entire flock of God.
  The power of example in the realm of spiritual attraction is mighty indeed, and we love the devotee who, knowing that error has taken its toll in his world, is willing to accept the comforting balm of God’s infinite forgiveness for him, perceiving that forgiveness is a spiritual garment which must be donned by the individual and proudly worn.  Those who have walked in darkness and have seen the great light are often greater lovers of the light than those who have fled less far from the center of Infinite Good.  Hold fast then to the Spirit of God as a dear friend of old who will never leave you nor forsake you so long as you do not leave or forsake Him.
  The qualification of the divine bond is essential, for you dwell in a time when “guarantees” are of such great value to mankind.  In the common law a guarantee is but a contract between individuals, and when men and women understand that the Holy Spirit is charged by the Law of divine agency with establishing the contract of Life with individual man they will feel that the guarantees of Life, which are backed by eternal promises, deserve to have full representation and no misrepresentation by those who profess to love God and serve His cause.  Just as the Almighty guarantees His bond of Life with man and backs that bond with eternal promises, so the Lord deserves to have His Covenants observed by man.  He deserves to have full representation and no misrepresentation by those who profess to love Him and to serve His cause.  Man must extend comfort to every part of life in whom the eternal Spirit dwells.  Just as God will not deny man comfort so man must not deny comfort to God.
  The Holy Spirit will often fill the soul with floods of rejoicing, particularly as the individual walks and talks with God in greater measure.  To some among mankind talking with God as with dearest friend may at first seem strange.  Yet you must assure them that there is no safer or surer method of getting immediate results, of “getting” the Holy Spirit and feeling a flow of radiant personal comfort in their world than to practice this ritual of “sensing” the divine tie.  The words “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” should be revered in mind and heart as certification of the promises of God fulfilled in His creation--a certification of the garment of God’s hopes that men may rejoice to wear.
  While the world burns with regret for errors made and spews out the venom of ignorance and misunderstanding the Holy Spirit stands as a pillar of strength, upholding virtue and righteousness to both left and right.  Every body temple, every home, every place of worship is intended to be a point of contact with the Holy Spirit.  “Know ye not that your bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost” is the admonishment of the saints.  A home where love abides is the altar of God and the products of that home most excellent.  Every place of worship where the Holy Spirit is adored is a focus of comfort to all who come within its walls.
  In an age when men pursue that which they esteem to be best for themselves let the men and women of understanding hold with rejoicing that the best gifts of freedom are in the domain of spiritual progress.  The tide of God’s love flows in tangible currents to the souls of men through the Holy Spirit, ordained by God as the universal link between heaven and earth.  As a bubbling spring, as a fountain of eternal youth uplifting mind and heart, the surge of the Holy Spirit is the resurgence of the Christ consciousness in man.
  Where the Spirit of the Lord abides there abides the Spirit of the Son.  Where the Holy Spirit dwells there dwells the Father-Mother God with the Son.  The transfiguration of Jesus wherein Moses and Elijah appeared unto Peter, James and John through their communion with the eternal God made possible by the agency of the Holy Spirit caused them to exclaim “It is good for us to be here:  if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles!”  This manifestation of the eternal Christ portrays the great boon of heavenly comfort that is bestowed by the Holy Spirit upon all who seek diligently to know God through His emissaries.
  As representative of God’s Spirit I urge all who have read the many words in this current series to understand that it is the Spirit that giveth life and the letter that killeth.  As you have read these words and been blessed with the letter of the Law, now seek to do greater honor to the Holy Spirit that this flame of Almighty God may burn in your hearts forever and that in your communion, by the agency of the Holy Spirit, you will be guided into all truth for His name’s sake, I AM.
  The God of Abraham, of Isaac and Jacob, the eternal God of our Fathers, is no myth but a tangible, breathing, vibrant reality.  He can be known as infinitely real, even within the circle of the finite world.  He can quickly infill and inspire and animate all things.  He can raise the dead and breathe the breath of Life into a newborn babe.  He overflows the banks of mortality, enhancing joy in service and the bonds of eternal reality so that wherever you live or move or have your being you know that you are alive within His Spirit and that His Spirit is alive within you.  Thus many a moment which might otherwise be surfeited with the boredom of a self-centered ego can become instantaneously productive of the joyous communication established through the eternal tie between the Spirit of God and the spirit of man.
  When the spirit of man flows into the Spirit of God and the Spirit of God flows into the spirit of man there is a divine exchange--a cosmic transmutation--and both God and men enjoy the feeling of sharing and of belonging to one another.  No longer severed from any part of life the soul perceives itself a pilgrim among other pilgrims upon the path of progress.  The hand of fellowship extended with great expectation from moment to moment imparts the tenderness of that patience which possesses the soul.  Thus will God be glorified in you and in all creation; thus in an age destined for freedom--one that has been stretched upon the racks of bondage--will freedom and its flame be the means to the divine end that raises the soul into its great eternal realm of immortal blessedness.   Seize the hands of this hour and every hour and know that as Christ has said so do all the Sons of heaven say:  “Lo, I AM with you alway in the bonds of the Holy Spirit into which we all drink as the kingdom of God magnificently expands.”
     I remain forever yours,   
                                     Lord Maha Chohan   Pearls of Wisdom 9:35
  Let me solemnly state as the emissary of the Holy Spirit that men ought to turn wholeheartedly to God and make a forthright determination to let nothing dissuade them from fulfilling the purposes of divine Love, which begin with compassion toward all and personal spiritual progress to the glory of God and the deliverance of this age.  It is never too late--so long as the retributive effects of personal and planetary karma have not been released--for mankind to do all in their power to hold the balance for the is our desire now as it has been in the past to assist mankind to read the handwriting on the wall of the age and to forewarn them that the rubble of their human creation will take its toll unless they transmute it by a valiant act of cosmic service and unless those who are presently engaged in selfish endeavors--totally negligent insofar as their great spiritual responsibilities are concerned--reverse the tide of their selfish energies and channel them into the mainstream of divine Will....
 The momentums of service which the children of the light have built up over the years must be maintained as they steadily press toward the manifestation of the golden rule.  Service to man is service to God; but in his service man must not neglect the pursuit of divine awareness.  For in the higher reaches of the Self are to be found the treasures of God of which the world has great need.
Let us then decree that the human prisoner
Bound to a senseless round of useless habits
Shall go free!
Loose him and let him go!
Thus has God commanded.
Neglect continues—
Thus has stubborn human will demanded;
Yet in sweet surrender there is born
The essence of the cosmic morn,
The golden age to be.
     I remain,     Maha Chohan  Pearls of Wisdom 9:36
  Out of the eternal light of God whence you have descended, my beloved, I AM come in this hour--here in the physical octave--to establish the light of truth as foundation and nucleus of this God-government in the earth!  By the sword of Truth I stand--and Pallas Athena with me and my own beloved Mary.
  Children of the Sun, welcome to the heart of an archangel!  Welcome to the heart of truth!  Truth is a vibrancy of light’s own Holy Spirit.  Truth is power!  Truth is the power of judgment unto all error and erroneous conceptions of the mind and heart.  Truth is the foundation whereby the inner blueprint of the will of God is crystallized in matter; therefore let truth be proclaimed!  For only by the speaking of the Word is there established that funnel of light whereby that which is real in God can become that which is real within you.

  The power to create is locked in the power of the Word.  And speech itself is granted unto the offspring of God wherefore and whereby they become co-creators with Him.  The speaking of truth is the means whereby the alchemy of the Spirit does manifest.  Remember this, Keepers of the Flame:  that for want of the speaking of truth many cycles of life have been aborted—especially within the government of the United States of America.         -Archangel Raphael:  1-18-1981 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger E C Prophet   

the unifying principle in all life

  The intense longing for God which, from time to time, fills the hearts of men often gives rise to feelings of frustration when it is interpreted in the lower vein of human self-seeking. The God-intent fostered by the ministrations of the Holy Spirit is ever to produce happiness and peace within the domain of the individual so that progress in the right direction, as well as the divine protection that is necessary for spiritual warfare, can manifest effectively and victoriously.
  It clearly follows that any frustration in thought and feeling involving the spiritual search should be translated into a spur--a chastisement of the Lord given to those whom He loves that they may gird up the talents of their lifestream in the pursuit of a cosmic purpose and a cosmic identity.  Lack of vision and perspective are often the bane of the spiritual seeker who asks himself “How can I know?”…It may be simple, but it is true and often overlooked that there is much within the domain of each individual that can be known and that is applicable to the specific needs of the moment, for God has not left man bereft of reason and of the power of observation. ...
  While many yearn for complete seership and the ability to commune with higher expressions of God and to have advanced explanations of cosmic Law, men and women must learn to use the simple graces and gifts which they have already received even with the novitiate level of their search.  The accretion of neglect in the karmic record is the mark of the unprofitable servant.  When men fail to use the talents given unto them, hiding them in the folds of their garments, their creative faculties become dulled through the idling of the flow of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit serves as wayshower unto those who will let go of their own way, which leads to self-condemnation that is no part of the divine Self, and embrace the divine way.  Those who turn to God repentant and meek receive the ministrations of His Spirit as long as they pursue the path of righteousness; because He is nigh at hand, even at the very door, they can begin a new era of soul progress in their dealing with the infinite Law of Being.
  Let it be understood that there is no attitude more calculated to turn the heart of man to stone than that of fleeing from karmic responsibilities and from the working-out of circumstances in which the individual finds himself as the result of his previous actions.  New stations in life should be sought only when the karmic scales are balanced--when debts with the parties involved have been cleared and past accounts have been settled fairly.
  As part of the system of initiation evolved by the Brotherhood for the lifewaves of this planet individuals are often brought together with those who cause them great distress of mind and heart in order that they may work out their karmic patterns through mutual service.  The temptation is ever to cast aside the unpleasant responsibility and to find temporary peace by fleeing the chastisement of the Law….If men have wronged others, they must undo their wrongs and in the process learn how to do well.  Thus in the great citadel of life the spiritual as well as the material needs of man are served through the Holy Spirit.  By invocation to its flame the pain of penance is lessened, and lifestreams forced to rub elbow can without pride or rancor roll up their sleeves and enter into a sincere labor of love on behalf of one another and all mankind.
  You do not know nor can you imagine what a joy it is to the soul to feel free from the pride of person, a disease which has long engaged mankind’s energies in the mold of a frightful futility.  The strength of the soul is developed through a universal concept of love; but if this universal concept is to justly serve its purpose, it must become personal and practical as men apply the unguents of love to the wounds of those whom they have afflicted in yesteryear….How quickly the flames of God respond to the fervent call of the soul for love, for forgiveness and for balance to manifest!  How much easier it is to transmute past wrongs than it is to perpetuate them!  How much more advantageous it would be to personal and planetary progress if men would welcome the knock of opportunity upon the door of the heart!...
  The cooperative industries of nations and people are spurred by their understanding of the purposes of life on earth, not the least of which is the working-out of the cycles of individual and group karma.  Through a correct apprehension of the relationship of souls to one another and to the Holy Spirit mortal involvements are put aside and man joyously pursues the path of discipleship, balancing his karma and entering into such rewarding friendships as are forged in Christ….
  In reality, precious ones, the Holy Spirit desires to give peace and comfort unto everyone upon the planetary body; but the “peace I leave with you,” the “peace I give unto you” can be enjoyed only as the reward for honest labor….Saint Francis knew that by letting God’s peace flow through him, like the wind rustling in the trees, he would become one with the Spirit, hence one with all life that proceedeth therefrom.  Because his prayer to the Holy Spirit was utterly selfless it left an indelible imprint upon the consciousness of mankind and elemental life….
  Consider your life then as though it were a giant press imprinting hieroglyphs upon the ages.  And then see with what consideration of comfort you can begin to engrave the designs of the Holy Spirit upon the building blocks of creation in man and nature.  Erase the defenses of the personal self which are always reacting against the offenses of others.  Let them go!  For they have never served the cause of comfort….You live in a time when a greater bond betwixt heaven and earth must be forged, when the purposes of true religion must be served and the old timeworn dogmas replaced by an infusion of life and purposed faith within all mankind…. 
  I remain your friend in the close-knit bond of comfort to the earth,         
                                                 Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:32
   At present the body of God upon earth consists of broken fragments which all too often are found warring with one another.  The pure Christian traditions have been warped by men’s misinterpretations of Christ’s theology which for the most part have resulted from the incomplete record of his teachings available to them.  Needless to say, this has created an awful confusion among the brethren. The purposes of God which were destined to unite the hearts of men through the treasures of spiritual Law have, through the depredations of men and the false zeal thereof, been turned into a sword of division piercing humanity’s longing for Christ-unity and producing a mounting debt to life….
  It is the function of the Holy Spirit to act as the unifying principle in all life; but I ask you, precious ones, when the ministrations of the Spirit are rejected where is the possibility of continued effort on behalf of unity?  The Lords of Karma who by divine appointment are responsible for the administration of divine justice on earth have been forced to deny petitions made to them and unto God simply because the great Law could not grant more energy to be expended in a failing cause.  Because of the bigotries and religious hatreds of their followers, often based on an incomplete understanding of the Law, many religious movements have become sterile; meanwhile individuals continue to bemoan the awful travesty of disunity, failing to see that the power of change lies within their own hands….
  Therefore the Lords of Karma have decided that the greatest justice is to grant the energy of the passed torch to those spiritually advanced movements of the world who will enter into no degree of unbrotherly feeling against other groups who either misunderstand the Law or who refuse to work with those whose concepts may differ from their own….it is indeed heartening to see the simplicity of the childlike mind, ready and willing to grasp each amplification of divine grace and knowledge dispensed from God’s own hand with the timeliness of cosmic Law which spans the ages and is ever expanding through the Law of Transcendence of its own divine nature.            
                                               -Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:33

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Syria and Iraq news

    in April 2018 Trump added that the US had gotten “nothing out of $7 trillion [spent] in the Middle East over the last 17 years.”  …“Russia and the West are fighting to decide whether Syria will be run by Sunni Islamists backed by Saudi Arabia or Shiite Islamists backed by Iran,” warns Daniel Greenfield.  Deciding whether to support Sunni or Shiite Muslims in a holy war is a casus belli devoid of any Just War morality.
  “This insane civil war has burned up countless lives, not to mention plenty of dollars, rubles, euros and pounds.  The only certain winners of this war, once the dust has settled, will chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ and call for the death of infidels.”
12-30-18     Residents of Mosul said they are increasingly facing the same corruption that bedeviled their city in the run-up to the Islamic State’s blitzkrieg rise to power in 2014. Government soldiers and local militia groups that run the city routinely commit human rights violations, including racketeering, unjust imprisonment and extortion....
Authorities routinely arrest people with little evidence other than their names matching those on a list of fugitives.  Many Mosul residents avoid passing checkpoints out of fear that their names will appear on such lists in error.
About 350,000 people have the same names on a list of 60,000 terrorists, said Ahmed al-Jubori, a member of the Iraqi parliament representing Mosul and a member of Civilized Alliance (Tamadon), a coalition of left-leaning political parties.

the ongoing Saudi cover-up; McChrystal on Trump

new facts revealed in a newly published book:
1.  Istanbul chief of Saudi intelligence + 2 more Saudi intel on diplomatic passports were part of Saudi hit team at Istanbul.
2.  After weeks of shifting official narratives, Saudi Arabia said the journalist was killed by a "rogue operation" and arrested(?) 18 people allegedly connected to his death.  This source states that although toxicologist/bon-saw user Tubaigy was reported to be detained, he is actually living at a villa in Jeddah with his family.
These recordings show that the three murderers say that they will first tell Khashoggi that he will be taken to Riyadh and if he refuses, he will be killed.
3.  The murderers themselves roughly cleaned the consulate.  Then, the consulate personnel did some thorough cleaning in the afternoon the same day.  Lastly, the 'real' and most detailed cleaning takes place after nine days passed from the murder with the arrival of two experts on the issue:  a chemist, Halid Yahya el-Zehrani and a toxicologist, Ahmet Abdülaziz el-Cenubi.  These two people, known in intelligence terms as "wipers," came with an 11-member Saudi group that visited Turkey following the incident with the claim of helping to uncover the murder.  This last cleaning lasted for a week, until Turkish intelligence teams examined the consulate on Oct.17.
10-22-18   Qahtani’s biography on Twitter changed in recent days from royal adviser to chairman of the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones, a role he had held before….A second senior Saudi official said
Qahtani had been detained following his sacking by royal decree, but he continued to tweet afterwards.  The sources with links to the royal court said he was not believed to be under arrest….A Turkish intelligence source relayed that at one point Qahtani told his men to dispose of Khashoggi.  “Bring me the head of the dog”, the Turkish intelligence source says Qahtani instructed....
  Another Saudi official close to the investigation said that Qahtani decided on his own to organize Khashoggi’s kidnapping and that he asked Asiri to get a team together, but that their plans had gone wrong.
12-30-18    In an interview on ABC News’s “This Week,” Ret. Gen. McChrystal told host Martha Raddatz that “I don’t think he tells the truth.” The general also responded affirmatively when asked whether he believes Trump is “immoral.”
  McChrystal said that contrary to Trump’s claim, the Islamic State militant group, also known as ISIS, has not been defeated.  “I don’t believe ISIS is defeated.  I think ISIS is as much an idea as it is a number of ISIS fighters. There’s a lot of intelligence that says there are actually more ISIS fighters around the world now than there were a couple of years ago,” he said.


they will be able to help mankind learn how to break the force of vicious habit

  “Be not entangled with the yoke of bondage which differing religious opinions sometimes brings about.  Understand, blessed ones of the planet Earth, that many manifestations of the Father-Mother God are necessary in order to reach the various levels of consciousness of embodied humanity.  There is no enmity between one manifestation of God and another.  There is only the cosmic outreach from the heart of the Spirit of God intended to save that which is lost in the planes of matter….”  These, blessed ones, are some of the statements made by the great emissary from Venus….
  Through this dispensation of light granted by the Karmic Board unascended brethren serving with the ascended masters will be privileged by the grace of God to anchor these powerful focuses in the world of form in the present era.  Thus they will be able to help mankind learn how to break the force of vicious habit, whether it be the inordinate use of intoxicants or narcotics, the wrong use of the mind or tongue, a propensity for ego strutting or the vain use of energy.
  New clarity of mind will enable many students to maintain a greater measure of attunement with their own God Presence.      -Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:28
   Now comes the era of the descent of the Holy Spirit, the time of fullness when the omnipresent God through the impersonal power of his great Spirit makes every man to know his role and connection with the Godhead.  The reason, blessed ones, that the Holy Spirit was referred to as the Comforter is that it is the power and intent of the Holy Spirit to make every man feel integrated into the heart of the universe.  For it is through the Holy Spirit that the currents of life, the essence of God Himself, actually flow through the nervous and cardiovascular systems, the musculoskeletal structure, and every cell and atom of the physical form of man.  It is through the Holy Spirit that they flow through his soul consciousness including the etheric, mental and emotional vehicles, purifying the internal facets of the mind, integrating all into conscious identification with the Christed individuality of man.
  As you study the power of the Holy Spirit you will come into closer contact with this aspect of the Tri-unity of God which is always the essential oneness thereof, for the word Trinity is definitive as Tri-unity or the threefold aspect of the one flame of Life. .. Now then the Holy Spirit flows through the consciousness of man in a transmutative release in order to transfer to his world the reality and power of God, effecting thereby an integration of the personal self with the Godhead. …
  To receive the Spirit of God is to be in truth a Son of God, and to be a Son of God is to manifest the character of the Christ in action. …To identify with God and to identify with His Spirit is an activity of great joy which will always unite all people into the electrifying consciousness of the divine identity when the soul will proclaim with the depths of a joy almost indescribable “Why, I AM!”
  This is to know the Self as it was released from the heart of the Father.  This is to know the Self as Enoch, the seventh from Adam, knew God and to become so identified with this great tide of immortal reality as to count all else but loss. …
  I AM bestowing a continuation of the boundless grace of God upon all who will receive it.    
                                            -Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:29
  The mighty thrust and motor of life is the Spirit of God….The Holy Spirit is the ingredient of life which is the fire of cosmos, the germinal power in nature; it is the power that beats the heart and infuses every form of life with the essence of the Father-Mother God.  The Holy Spirit is indigenous to every life manifestation, and without the Holy Spirit there can be no manifestation of life.
  When individuals forsake the light of the Christ and of the Holy Spirit they become literally devoid of reality; hence the term “not-person” or “non-person” which has come into use in certain circles.  When this happens even the reflected light of life within the person takes on the robes of darkness. …the power of invocation, the power of the light of God that never fails is always available through the agency of the Holy Spirit to transmute gross substance into the one substance of the light itself….
  When men reject their divine opportunity and fail to respond to the knocking of the Spirit of Life upon the door of their hearts they open themselves up to subtle forms of self-annihilation which, all too late, bring them to their knees before God in a most desolate and helpless state of consciousness.  If the energies of life are squandered in riotous living and eternal values are meanly thrown aside for the pauperism of fleshly gain which in a moment is swept away and lost forever, truly what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul—the only means he has of implementing his spiritual opportunity?
  Gracious ones, the power of the Holy Spirit is all around you.  It is vital, magnetic, compassionate and eternal.  The Holy Spirit is the omnipresence of God; it saturates all space and hallows that space, but it concentrates in greater measure where the call that goes forth to the heart of God compels the answer of the descent of His abiding grace….
  As I have spoken to you to generate in you love and respect for this vital force of God that flows into the family of humankind, wedding all nations and peoples to the Higher Way, it is preparatory to the Second Coming of the Christ.  Beloved ones, I enfold you in my love.     -Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:30
   But take heart.  Heaven never sleeps and heaven is never idle….We urge all therefore to recognize that the power of the Word, of the Logos in the beginning formed all things. All things were made by him, the Logoic Christ, the Only Begotten of the Father….
  I, Michael, tell you once again that the power of truth to penetrate error is being intensified in the world of form, that the power of the light to disperse the darkness is being increased, and that the implementation of the required assistance which mankind seek is forthcoming.
  Therefore the one condition we would create in all hearts is that miraculous attitude of expectancy that catches the vision and captures the divine plan while fulfilling the responsibilities of daily living.  For all must understand the role that each one is expected to play in the forthcoming activities of the heavenly hosts. Whatever blessing you receive from on high must be considered an anointing made possible by your acceptance of His grace. As you put into practice the revealed precepts there will unfold the spiritual blueprint of an arc of triumph in the world symbolizing, and at the same time magnetizing, a new and living way for all to conquer through the incorporeal body of the Universal Christ—this is the way that will immortalize millions who shall accept it.
  Religion and science as they are currently being taught have splintered the creative oneness of the Christ; much of religion has become a diatribe of selfish confusion, elevating lies to the position of truth, while science has probed the material universe and disregarded for the most part the realm of First Cause.
                                    -Archangel Michael:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:1

   near Shasta

Saturday, December 29, 2018

destined to be a lamp unto the feet of mankind

   The changes necessary to lift mankind out of the socket of mortal error are often sweeping and intense.  The far-reaching and sometimes drastic effects of a valiant spiritual search will frequently cause some individuals to recoil or to desire retreat into a past era of lesser progress.  In reality this can never be, for those who have once tasted the gift of illumination, who have reached forth their hand and eaten of the Tree of Life, are never again satisfied with the husks of mortal surfeiting or the limited scope of mortal attainment….
  The present age is one of total warfare wherein the battle between light and darkness continually rages and the valiant know no rest save that which God gives to the spiritual soldiers who, weary from service to mankind, reach a point of near exhaustion.  I would not for one moment imply that men cannot mount up with wings as eagles and renew their strength.  They have done so again and again, and they shall continue to do so; but there are times in the life of the most devoted when the weight of the cross is staggering.  It is then that the succor of the Divine Mother is poured out in a more than ordinary measure….
  The cosmic beings from Venus who were attending the council sessions were called upon to give of their light and opinion upon the subject.  One of them spoke for all, and these in essence were his words:
  “Variation will come wherever there is a lack of understanding or of total dedication.  In the case of a lack of understanding, man does not always know whether he is doing right or wrong.  In the case of a lack of dedication there is a tendency to substitute a smattering of attainment for the full manifestation of mastery.  This could rightly be considered the result of mental laziness and physical sluggishness, both of which can be cured in part if not altogether by total involvement in the golden-rule ethic of being “my brother’s keeper” and by renewed consecration to the causes of the Brotherhood.  This must start with the will; men must will to do good.  They must will to woo eternal principles and to hold them in esteem.  They must forsake the banal influences of the past and determine to work for right change in the future which will most assuredly become the now!”          
                                                 -Maha Chohan: Pearls of Wisdom 9:27
  The Word of God which was destined to be a lamp unto the feet of mankind is sent by the Spirit of God through the mighty chain of prophets who through the centuries have been illumined and who have acted as intermediaries between God and man.  There is a touchstone of reality within mankind which, when attuned to, will enable men to clearly perceive the reality of that which is truth and to separate themselves from that which is error.  The Holy Spirit will always produce the perfection of Almighty God in the consciousness of mankind.  Joy and love will abound together with true peace, but all should understand clearly the great mystery of how true peace is achieved through the Spirit of Truth.
  Men whose deeds are evil often love darkness rather than light; and there is a fruit of darkness, an evolution of darkness which proceeds from dreary minds damp with rank emotionalism; unsatisfied even with self-adulation they remain fettered by the conditionings of mortality.  The Son of God is not so, and the Spirit of God is not so; for the Spirit of God moves across the margent of the world bestowing at will his gift of reality to every man.  Far above the speculations of the mortal mind that are used to justify a way of life, the Spirit of God transcends human philosophy and replaces it with divine theosophy.  Searching out the vastness of the divine Self and translating it for the human self, the power of the Word lights man’s path that he may clearly see the way to go.
  Of all the heart-rending problems encountered by mankind upon this planet the one that is most trying to spiritual seekers is the question Which is the correct or true path?  Many are the innocent lambs of God who know not that there are traps laid for them, nor do they expect to find wolves in sheep’s clothing preaching from the pulpits of the world.  They have not reckoned with those unregenerate spirits who have spawned a luciferian theology to keep the children of God from finding the true path.  Jesus said “I AM the way”; but the Sadducees and Pharisees have loudly proclaimed another way and through their sorcery have exercised a hypnotic control over the people.  Practicing black magic as blatantly today as they did in the Dark Ages they bind the faithful to doctrine and personality through their satanic lies of hellfire and damnation.
  Wise are the disciples of God who will understand then that there are abroad in the world false doctrines in large number created out of the whole cloth by men whose consciousness has been contaminated through personality worship with the silt of their own sensual concepts.  Those who would know the truth and thus be free must understand that many of these gross figures surround themselves with an aura of sanctity, profundity and peace combined with the mystique of veiled prophecy.  Thus those who require the exclusiveness of a personality cult are often sucked into the “hallowed circle” of the false prophets who succeed in playing God by playing upon the credulity of the masses.
  The Holy Spirit speaks with great plainness and forthrightness; nevertheless the Laws of God, so obvious and so charged with common sense, so apparent in nature and so natural to the heart of man are often ignored for the dim-witted complexities of intellectual sophistry.  Those who rise to positions of prominence in the religious community have no qualms about fabricating a multitude of rationalizations that confuse the people and in some cases even inspire them to espouse noble causes when for a time it suits their ends.
  In this day when the elect can indeed be deceived it is necessary that we stimulate among mankind the desire for the correct understanding of the spiritual path.  Initiations abound; and the circumstances of initiation whereby mankind’s devotion to truth is tested from day to day are often brought about through the ministrations of the Holy Spirit coordinated through the office of the Cosmic Christ.  When these initiations are passed the unfolding soul awareness of man is caught up into the arms of God and revitalized in his blessed consciousness of the truth that indeed makes all men free….

  When surrounded by turmoil and the din of that which does not seem to be at peace men must pursue the pathways of peace and be undisturbed by outer conditions.  The Law of infinite Love is the supplier of opportunity for balance to every lifestream.  When men shy away from their opportunities to balance their debts to life they are withholding from themselves the opportunity of the hour.  Through grace and perfection there flows forth from the heart of God the valiant manifestation of spiritual victory….Shadows upon the path are dissipated by the initiatic light, and the bond of true devotion unites hearts as never before.       
                                          -Maha Chohan:     Pearls of Wisdom 9:31

                                                           -Ney Falls

each call you make to us believing that we exist and that we exist to serve the needs of both God and man will be answered

    Gratitude as the catalyst of good fortune must not be overlooked by those seeking abundance in their lives, whereas ingratitude rooted in hardness of heart must be considered the enemy of joy, happiness and the flow of the divine energy from God to man.  Truly it is that openness of spirit aptly described in the phrase “leaping and praising God” which frees all men on the planetary body from harms and hatreds and creates a spirit of regeneration that animates the flame of thanksgiving throughout the pageant of the year.
  In memory of the men and women the world around who throughout the ages have loved liberty more than life it is my desire to create in the consciousness of each disciple of progressive truth in this day and age the same victorious sense of gratitude these pilgrims of the Spirit once had and fortunately, I might add, have retained to the present moment….
  The sky is one’s abode, yet one can swoop down on pinions of light to raise others in their moments of trial. The heavens need not be sought as a haven of aloofness but as a dwelling place for those who would survey the world need, descend to lend a helping hand, and then ascend once again to bask in the golden Sun of Christed illumination….
  The Christ beholds the raising of mankind’s consciousness through the leaven of trust which God has placed within the soul--the Lord has vested man with a swaddling garment of pure light and grace…
 For your victory and the victory of all mankind I remain               
                                     Saint Germain            Pearls of Wisdom 14:46
   From the fires of the Sun I AM come.  True love recognizing the one Spirit omnipresent in all life moves to tremble the web of being with the vibratory nature of divine love in its ongoingness and its all-givingness.
A heart surrounded by the densities of the world, by greed and selfish desire is unheard of in our octave of light.  For the one great communal Presence in which we all share is the fire of God’s love whose giant outreach to humanity magnifies in the most lowly of His creatures the great Gloria in Excelsis and that excellence of perfect love and perfect wisdom which can only be derived from the Godhead.
  Never in the history of the universe upon any planet or system of worlds has darkness triumphed.  In reality the rolling clouds of darkened and graying conditions such as those which now pervade the world order have only served as a background to perceptive souls for the invincible light of God which has continued from the very beginning of love’s cycles to pour out the virtue and beauty of perfection to all creation….
  But when each individual takes his stand with divine love and determines that nothing shall stop him from completing his appointed round, that nothing shall halt or delay the onrushing of his energies back to the heart of God brimming with the fruits of service, then life as precious moments of opportunity will not be lost.  Take note that I said nothing shall stop him….
  I AM an archangel, and my love and assistance are yours for the asking; but the great Law requires that you ask. Those of us in our octave understand, and we hope that you do also, that each call you make to us believing that we exist and that we exist to serve the needs of both God and man will be answered by that healing stream of energy which it is our role to direct….If the hearts of men then will expand their faith in the infinite perceptions of God, they too will perceive that only abundant life and abundant strength and abundant joy ought to be the lot of the whole family of nations….
  Valiantly I came out of the sacred fire of God’s loving heart, and I remain ever in the service of the eternal King and His lovers of righteousness.  For His name’s sake I AM

               Chamuel of the Light        Pearls of Wisdom 14:48

        -Taj Maha and a masterpiece by Auriel Bessemer

As man begins to divide the light and the darkness in himself

     Let me hasten to assure you that a call to your own God Self, to the indwelling I AM Presence or unto me, Hilarion, will be answered by a quickening of your imagination and an outpouring of light from the well-springs on high.  Yes, my friend, there are by God’s grace many in the higher octaves who are beckoning you to come up the ladder of life so that you might begin to understand the potential of the soul that God has nourished within you.
  You are aware of the many pulls upon the soul of man, in fact upon his whole psyche, pulls that originate in the chaotic conditions of the world as well as in his own subconscious mind.  Mankind is looking to the world with a promise that is mighty for a fulfillment that is often so lacking that it seems to tarnish the reality within him.  Let him now turn to the grace of God and to those who are above him in a spiritual way.  Let him become aware of them that he may truly gain in stature and advance in the order of Hierarchy.
  Individuals have unwittingly stunted their own progress by aborting the creative imagination that God has placed within the soul.  Many have imprisoned the splendor of God’s grace that, if they would only allow it, would shine like a beacon from within….
  You who look to the higher way of life will understand that Life is destiny.  This destiny you will desire to fulfill according to the traditions of the Masters, using the world for the mastery of self, not abusing it in the selfish domination of others.  And you will let no outer condition become the bane of your spiritual existence that, like quicksand, will swallow up your constructive ideas.  Remember, beloved hearts of light, in past ages humanity have dwelled in darkness, forgetting the glories of the light from whence they came.  
  To the one who does not know the way of the light, let me say that the only means of finding it is to begin today to invoke it and to keep on invoking it until the road of eternal Life rises before you, unfolding ever-new vistas of progress and challenges of discovery and attainment….
One day you will know Him as your Self, and thus in the imitation of the living God through the Eternal Christ you will become that which you already are.
    As you evolve remember always I remain your friend,   
                                        Hilarion: Pearls of Wisdom 14:3
   Now when I begin to speak of fashioning the bounds of reality you should understand that it means that the individual must become aware of that measure of himself which is real and that which is the mere accumulation of centuries of dusty ideas.  As man begins to divide the light and the darkness in himself he is able to gauge the worth of the accumulation, and albeit a great deal suitable only for burning will have to be cast into the flame, he will in the process gather little jewels of consciousness.  These he will eventually sort out and refurbish with those higher standards that he acquires with the passing of the years.
Thus little by little the standards of his life become tethered to the great boundaries of a new reality that is expansive.  He is no longer satisfied with the toys and pacifiers of his former existence; he yearns and reaches out for a new healing--a veritable regeneration--of mind and spirit….
  In the healing of mind and soul we need the air in its natural purity, we need the light in its glowing reality and we need to understand the meaning of love as a transforming contribution to all to whom we give it.  To so many love has become a mere feeling of possessiveness, a grasping at life without the desire to convey the enormity of God’s grace as a tangible, living gift.  When the words “My grace is sufficient for thee” were understood by Paul they became a light that substantiated his very being, that lent credence to his existence….
  When the light received by man becomes an object for misqualification that man consumes upon his lusts, upon his desires, then his degeneration becomes his own self-condemnation.  But when at last man understands that God is love and that he must prepare himself to receive the host of that eternal love within himself, he experiences the communion that evokes the consciousness of the holy Grail.  He finds that he is able to govern outer circumstances; for the Lord who said “Take dominion over the earth!”  reinforces His decree by producing self-mastery in the soul.  And that self-mastery will never be satisfied with less than total victory over all conditions less than the perfection of the eternal plan….By conquering the mortal self as well as mortal conditions man finds the way of true humility which is the way of overcoming victory. And until he does, man lies in chains--chained by his own thought. …
    As your servant in the light I AM devotedly

     Meta, patroness of healing arts      Pearls of Wisdom 14:4