Monday, December 24, 2018

the unification of purpose that would help mankind to see reality

Precious Flames of My Heart,
   You have heard it said that spring is in the heart.  As you look upon the conditions of the world it may seem a strange contrast that in the millions of years during which the Earth itself has undergone recurrent change, the consciousness of the people in their dealings with one another has remained primitive.
  Those who expound upon the theories of socialism as a means to achieve a better way of life for humanity should see from the examples of past ages--if they will only look without prejudice or personal pride in their own limited judgments--that it is solely due to a lack of true religion pure and undefiled and a lack of the practice of true religion that civilization has gone down, time after time, into the negative spirals of destructivity, immorality and shame….
  as there manifests a frail self,
    an outward fragile thing,
      so there is an inner strength, an inner purpose,
        a greatness to which we must give wing.
  I urge all to attain self-mastery rather than mastery over the lives of others and to check the widespread practices of control men have one to another.  How determinedly the dark forces have spawned the Machiavellian ideas that men must control other men and their outward destinies.  They have created then not greatness or graciousness but mechanisms by which they divide and subdivide the races of men.  This fragmentation does not result in the unification of purpose that would help mankind to see reality and to know it when they see it; on the contrary it creates those schisms which breed violence because men think unlike each other.  And because they do not think alike they can exude the poisonous breath of hatred against one another and in so doing feel that they are fulfilling their raison d’être.  Some even dare to consider their hatred to be the product of lofty ideals….
  We of the Great White Brotherhood are willing to give men their freedom to choose as they would; we simply exhort them to be wise and not to subject themselves to the deceit that in dividing men defeats the purposes of every avatar, of every disciple, of any and all who have ever known upon this earth a Golgotha on behalf of the children of God.         
(by R. Hawkins)
                                       -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:18

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