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The test of the ten

1)  The test of the ten involves the transmutation of the energies of the astral body (the emotional body) so that when we are required to make the transition that body is not a weight, a heavy sack like the darkening clouds that are full of water, but our astral body is light and does not hold us back in the hell of the earth, or the astral body of the earth, and we can go on to octaves of light.
  Do you know what the dream of the Mother is for mankind?  There are many things I wish to tell you about that dream, but the entire dream is cradled in Her desire for mankind to pass the test of the ten.  That is the entire dream of the Mother.  And every facet of it, which is an immaculate concept that the Mother holds for mankind, has to do with the passing of the test of the house of ten.    -Messenger ECP:  4-19-1973

                                   Captivity by Nicholas Roerich
2)   The all-seeing Eye of God is the eye of the needle that pulls the thread woven of the energies of the individual’s solar awareness.  The needle is the magnet of the Central Sun of man’s being.  And the hand that pulls the needle is the hand dedicated to the will of God unto the outpicturing of His immortal perfection in every facet of life, every movement of being, and each service rendered unto God and man….
  For this is Hierarchy--that the Master who attains the ultimate will give that ultimate to the one who is to succeed him in Hierarchy and then in a final act of selflessness lay down his life for his disciples.  The greatest desire of every teacher is that his disciple shall take up that mantle and exceed his own attainment, doing those greater works which I promised to those who would believe upon me as the incarnation of the Christ consciousness….
  I bid you to come apart with me into a desert place to commune with the God-flame of the Prophet (Mark) sent by God to prepare the way of salvation before you.  I bid you, invoke the momentum of his mantle and a double portion of his spirit that you also might go forth to smite the waters muddied by mankind’s impure consciousness.  
I bid you to meditate upon the purpose of his ascension that you might see that he has gone before you indeed to prepare a place for many of you who will also be called to higher service in the months and years ahead.     
                                                 -Jesus Christ: Pearls of Wisdom 16:16
3)   In the heart there is a pulsation of life becoming life that is the established rhythm of the cosmos reflected from the heart of God to the heart of the Great Central Sun through the heart of the Elohim, thence to all lifewaves evolving in time and space. …The heart is the connecting point for all being, for all self-consciousness. …When you can love the self as the threefold action of God’s consciousness you will have fulfilled the first and great commandment….
  The curse that returns upon those who turn away from the angel of the Lord who comes to impress the name of God “I AM THAT I AM” upon the heart is the curse of death and decay, disease and disintegration.  This is the personal-impersonal action of the Law of Love which returns to mankind that which mankind have sent forth.
  Understand and meditate upon this simple yet profound precept:  unless the energies of matter be consecrated in all ways by the flame of the Spirit their cycles will pass as the grass withereth and the flower fadeth.      -Djwal Kul:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:35
4)  To impose the Teachings of the ascended masters upon those who are unprepared to receive them because the Christ is yet a babe and the carnal mind doth sleep can truly be an imposition whereby carnal energies are stirred and the child is overpowered by the strong meat when the milk of the Word would suffice.  Take care then that you do not preempt the cycles of the Creator when dealing with the sheep of the many folds of God’s heart….While the evolving soul consciousness is to be forgiven seventy times seven the serpentine mind that would override the innocence of the soul must be firmly put in its place and kept there.      -Djwal Kul:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:38
5)   The identifying mark of all who are born of God is the point of light, of sacred fire that expands from the secret chamber of the heart through the rings of self-awareness that comprise the aura.  This point of light pulsates in the forcefield of the aura as a unique identity recognizable to God and man both in heaven and on earth.  Those who seek to deny this personality or to circumvent it as they steal the energies of the Spirit in the sin against the Holy Ghost have the mark of the beast.      -Djwal Kul:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:39
6)   The mark of the Christed one is the mark of attainment whereby the energies of the chakras below the heart are uplifted and integrated with the energies of the chakras above the heart.  Those above the heart carry the masculine polarity of being, and those below the heart carry the feminine polarity….
  If you would learn the mastery of the solar plexus, then I must remand you to the consciousness of the Elohim Peace and Aloha and their exercise of the visualization of the great Sun Disc over the solar plexus, calling in the name of Jesus the Christ and in the name of your own Christ Self to Elohim of the sixth ray for the balancing action of their consciousness to be anchored in your solar-plexus chakra.
  Visualize a circle or disc of white light the size of a dinner plate superimposed over your form at the navel.  See this as a brilliant shield of armor like the white disc of the Sun that appears in the sky.  Then give the Invocation to the Great Sun Disc.        
-Djwal Kul:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:43
Invocation to the Great Sun Disc
  Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Holy Christ Self and beloved Jesus the Christ:  blaze your dazzling light of a thousand suns in, through and around my four lower bodies as a mighty guardian action of the light of God that never fails to protect the peaceful outpicturing of God’s plan through my every thought, word and deed.
  Place your great Sun Disc over my solar plexus as a mighty shield of armor that shall instantaneously deflect all discord whatsoever that may ever be directed against me or the light for which I stand.
  I call now in the name of my Mighty I AM Presence to the Elohim of Peace to release throughout my being and world the necessary action of the mighty flame of Cosmic Christ peace that shall sustain in me the Christ consciousness at all times so that I may never be found engaged in a release of misqualified energy to any part of life, whether it be fear, malice, mild dislike, mistrust, censure or disdain.
  I call to beloved Saint Germain to seize all energy that I have ever released against my brethren and that has caused them any form of discomfort whatsoever.  And in the name of my Mighty I AM Presence I command that that energy be removed from their worlds--cause, effect, record and memory--and transmuted by the violet flame into the purity and perfection that is the sacred-fire essence of God that the Earth and all elemental life might be cut free forever from human creation and given their eternal victory in the light!
  I accept this done right now with full power, I AM this done right now with full power.  I AM, I AM, I AM God-life expressing perfection all ways at all times.  This which I call forth for myself I call forth for every man, woman and child on this planet!  Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!

O disc of light from heaven’s height,
  Descend with all your perfection!
Make my aura bright with freedom’s light
  And the Masters’ love and protection! (9x)
7)    Having gained the mastery of the seven in the seven you are ready for the multiplication by the power of the ten.  And now we will see why the number ten was so often a part of the ritual and the teaching of Jesus--the ten talents, the ten virgins, the ten lepers, the woman with the ten pieces of silver, and even the dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads.
  The solar-plexus chakra has ten petals--five with the positive charge focusing the thrust of Alpha in the secret rays and five with a negative charge focusing the return current of Omega in the secret rays.  Thus to the evolving soul consciousness the solar plexus is the vehicle whereby the initiation of the test of the ten is passed.  This is the test of selflessness which always involves the test of the emotions and of the God-control of those emotions through the divine Ego which can come into prominence in the soul only as the result of the surrender of the human ego….
  The reservoir of light held in the great Sun Disc, the magnet of the Sun presence within the solar plexus, is the energy that multiplies the mastery of love in the heart, of wisdom in the crown, of purity, action and flow in the base, of freedom in the soul, of vision in the third eye, of service in the solar plexus, and of the sacred Word in the throat….
  The one to whom he gave the five talents is the one who required the initiation of the test of the ten in the solar plexus. The master gave to his servant the five talents as the thrust of the energy of Alpha.  In the solar-plexus chakra these talents are like five positive electrodes of the five secret rays, and they represent the thrust of the Alpha-current.
  It is up to the soul as it abides in time and space, far from the presence of the Lord (the Christ Self and the I AM Presence), to use these electrodes as the masculine polarity of Spirit to draw unto itself through the magnetism of the Spirit the corresponding energies of Omega (the five negative electrodes of the five secret rays), the returning current of the Mother-flame that rises from the base-of-the-spine chakra.  The tarrying in time and space until the Lord returns is an opportunity to prove one’s stewardship--one’s ability to hold fast to that which is received and to use it to multiply the essence of Spirit in the planes of Mater….
  And the test of the ten multiplied by the action of the five secret rays that form the star of man’s being is for the drawing in through the chakras of the energies of the Mother and of the Holy Spirit.      -Djwal Kul:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:44
8)  So their corruption was great, and the anger of the Lord was hot against the Israelites who departed not from their stubborn ways.  And the Lord left the nations of the laggard generation without driving them out in order to prove Israel and to be the testing of her soul….Some among the original Hebrews, chosen of God and to whom God gave the Promised Land, compromised their attainment in the seat-of-the-soul chakra by allowing the seed (the Christic light) of Abraham to be commingled with the Canaanites.  By so doing they not only forfeited their right to be called the chosen people, but they also forfeited their vision of God in manifestation--the faculty of the third-eye chakra--which would have enabled them to recognize the Christed one who came in fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah.
  So great was the abomination of those who had been chosen to bear the Word of the law that the Lord God allowed them to be taken into Assyrian and Babylonian captivity and ultimately to be scattered over the face of the Earth….
  The challenge goes forth from the Lords of Karma to those who would keep the flame of Israel in America, in the New Jerusalem and in every nation upon Earth:  put down your idolatry and your idolatrous generation, cast down the altars of Baal and Ashtaroth throughout the land and reclaim your temples for the Lord God of Hosts!      -Djwal Kul:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:45
9)  In the all-seeing eye of God the Great Silent Watcher holds the immaculate concept of the inheritance of the sons and daughters of God.  And the petals in the third eye are forty-eight for the outward thrust of Alpha and forty-eight for the inward thrust of Omega.  In the vision of the Christ is the protection of the hereditary traits carried in the seed and the egg of man and woman.  Indeed it is in the vision of the Christ that the attributes which the Lord God impressed upon the image and likeness of himself in male and female are held.
  Each of the petals of the third-eye chakra focuses the guardian action of the Law and the blueprint of life that is focused in the chromosomes and genes….In order to be perfection man must see perfection.  The goal of those who are on the ascending spiral of being is the perfection of the original Monad, the I AM Presence….
  “Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”  His inner teaching to the disciples was that no one can simultaneously hold the vision of perfection and imperfection:  no one can gaze at once upon the image of Christ and the image of Satan.  This division of consciousness between the way of God and the ways of the world is calculated ultimately to destroy the soul and its opportunity for Godward evolution.  Therefore you see that the temptation to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the first step in the plot of the fallen ones, whose modus operandi is always divide and conquer….
  Then shall Joshua the high priest--the soul that has been vindicated in the sacred fires of the Holy Spirit--be made the true head of the Church as he takes dominion in the New Jerusalem through the single-eyed vision of the Christ.           -Djwal Kul:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:46
10)  We see the soul as the ship of Maitreya out at sea far from land where the storm of the astral plane and the dark cycle rises until the mast of the ship is almost level with the sea and the ship appears, as it were, to have capsized in the storm.  Yet the inner key and the inner design of the ship enables it to right itself and to come back [to port] after the storm has passed.    
                            -Lady Venus:  5-15-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP
11)  Know then, beloved, that you must earn the right to see, and the means of earning the right to see is obedience itself….though the golden light be upon you, though you may be robed as kings and priests unto God, the simple and basic and humble virtues of soul-chastity (purity), poverty (as selflessness, self-emptying to be filled) and obedience--these three, beloved, are truly the magnet for the threefold flame....
  Therefore I say, let the power of darkness go down in the Church!  Let the power of black magic go down!  I, Mary, bring the judgment of the Order of the Jesuits and the black pope.   Let their darkness and misuse of my light now be upon them! 
  Be not afraid, beloved, for We have raised up the new edifice of the Church Universal and Triumphant.  And remember--forever and forever you are the living Church!       
                           -Archeia Mary:  3-1-1988 at Fatima via Messenger ECP

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Ave Maria sung at Disney World, FL


1)  …so man as a co-creator with God is endowed with the sacred fire breath.  And if he will use that breath for the consecration of the energy of the Holy Spirit within the  chakras and within the aura, he will find himself becoming the very fullness of the presence of God….The very air that you breathe can be qualified with the sacred fire breath of the Holy Spirit.  Indeed the air is as it were the latent potential of the Holy Spirit.      -Djwal Kul in The Human Aura, 1996, chapter 8.
2)    O Eternal God within the heart of all life, O Flame/living Fire/breathing awareness of all that we are, of all that Thou art, we salute Life, we salute Wholeness!  And we come together in Thy flame, in Thy name to be Thy flame.      
-Messenger E C Prophet at welcome to Shasta 1975
3)   We have heard the call of the pilgrim in the way for freedom, for life, for the very air that is the breath of the Spirit to breathe the breath of Life….O Keepers of the Flame who have come to the sacred city We come to release that flame that will give to all the sense of the rhythm of the flow of the sacred fire breath, the inbreathe and the outbreath that are for the cycles of life so that all action and interaction might be according to the sacred rhythm of the violet flame….And each morning with the first ray of the dawn that caresses the face and heart of the devotee I will send forth the electric spark, the current of the Alpha-cycle of the violet flame, and in that moment you may catch that spark and be and receive the Omega-return.     -Omri-Tas:  12-29-1976 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP      
4)   Enter into the music, enter into the funnel of the breath that comes from the flute of Krishna.  Enter into the funnel of the sacred fire breath.  When love beckons you, follow.  Follow out of the mortal coil; enter the coil of the Immortals.  Children of the One, with Alpha I must say again and again and again, lose no time or space.                      
                                      -Lanello:  12-4-1977 at San Francisco via Messenger ECP
5)  when you pursue Djwal Kul’s exercises you begin the process of the balancing of the temple for the raising of that sacred kundalini.  And when that fire raises it consumes the cause and core of karmic conditions at certain levels within the chakras according to the great Law of the Lords of Karma, only according to that which the great Law will allow.       
                             -Jesus Christ:  8-6-1978 at Camelot, Los Angeles
6)   The Spirit of the Son is the sacred fire breath of exalted love.  The Spirit of the Son is the primal essence of your Godhood    
                            -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal, chapter 11
7)   We are in the love of the Holy Spirit whose fiery fount is fueled by the sacred fire breath.   -Aries and Thor, Hierarchs of air element:  Pearls of Wisdom 23:16
8)   I will give the essence of Thy Life given unto me.
With each inbreath of the sacred fire I will breathe out--Purusha!  
I will convey that element of Godhood 
That God has given to me this day!
And after a million billion breaths in the life of Brahma
So I will know that Christ himself is formed in me.  
                               -Archeia Mary:  4-17-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles
9)  Now meditate in the heart of thy heart, O souls of light.  Receive now the fragrant breath of the Holy Spirit and drop of nectar from the crown chakra….
The flow of Holy Spirit/ Delights the very air
It is the breath God raiseth/ To free men everywhere
                                 -Lanello:  6-2-1985 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
10)  And if you would heed and use the breathing exercise of Djwal Kul daily, morning and night, you would find yourself increasing the sacred fire breath.  Thus build upon this foundation and keep the force of light in your heart and in the crown and in the third eye and see how the mighty light rays of the ruby ray will go forth from your heart and be the judgment       
                                              -Maitreya:  7-14-1985 at Camelot
11)   As the chamber is emptied and then filled again, emptied and then filled again by the fire breath of illumination’s flame know that in your process of processioning through the inner canyons of being, mounting then the spiral staircase to the heart, I am with you and in a moment of recognition--the divine awareness of we two in the heart of hearts communing.  
                                  -Maitreya: 1-2-1988 at Royal Teton Ranch, MT
12)   Therefore note well, beloved, that having come full circle, a people endowed with enlightenment and the fervor of Our bands must now come to understand that the Tester whose sign has been seen as Saturn also comes in the presence of Uranus and Neptune.  Therefore, beloved, all that which has been considered as the consequences of such an astrology must be seen in the light of the Holy Spirit as Teacher, as Comforter, as the manifestation of God as the Great Guru….
  Therefore out of the ashes of the former self let the anointed one arise!  I can assure you that those who apply themselves to the path of purity in love and love in purity in the heart of their I AM Presence will receive all of the training, discipline and comfort necessary to enter into this walk with God….Know then that the Holy Spirit is a sacred fire and as you know the fire that is physical is the most difficult of the elements to control.  May you seek the path and the calling as well of the five secret rays and know that these initiations in the earth are the very cause as to the disturbance in the nations and governments and sudden burdens upon a people….
  Blessed ones, if the Holy Spirit come not, there be no deliverance.  Thus know that the same light that is become the testing of souls is become the opening by the dove of the Spirit in whose wake you ascend in vibration….In this hour of our oneness I therefore in holy emanation breathe upon you the breath of the Holy Spirit.  [The holy breath sounds]
  Thus, beloved, the initiating spiral of the Holy Spirit has descended this night in planet Earth in this city and citadel. So it is done!  It shall not be turned back!  Let he that is holy be holy still and let all who know God embrace that Spirit and live forever in His sacred fire breath.  I bless and love you.  I caress and seal you with the kiss of peace upon the brow.  I AM that Lord, that Lord of the ninth ray and the power of the three-times-three.  Purusha  [The holy breath sounds]  
                    -Maha Chohan:  2-21-1988 at Beverly Hills via Messenger ECP
13)  Blessed hearts, that call to me must be a fire of intensity as though you were a fire-breathing dragon and the fire did proceed out of your mouth.  Is this not the work of the Great White Brotherhood?  Let the fire come forth out from the mouth of the students of the Two Witnesses!  Have they not preached to you and delivered the fire?  Now be the instrument.      
                                    -Kuan Yin:  5-8-1988 at Royal Teton Ranch, MT
14)   When we breathe out the sacred fire breath in the aum our identity can be defined by any Elohim who hears that sound.     -Messenger ECP,
15)  Purusha is like the divine breath ignited by divine fire.  It is the very life-force that passes through you and infills you; it’s the energy you expend in service and receive back in meditation.   
                                         -Messenger  ECP:   Community, 2002, p. 79
16)  The element that corresponds to the flame of the Holy Spirit is oxygen.  Without that element neither man nor elemental life could continue their service.  The consciousness of the Maha Chohan is therefore comparable to the Great Central Sun Magnet--he focuses the Magnet upon the planet that draws to the Earth the emanations from the Sun that are required to sustain life.      
-Messenger Mark or E C Prophet     Call to the Fire Breath was penned by Goddess of Purity.


call to the cosmic fire breath

I AM, I AM, I AM the Fire Breath of God
From the heart of beloved Alpha and Omega.  This day I AM the immaculate concept
In expression everywhere I move
Now I AM full of joy
For now I AM the full expression of divine Love
My beloved I AM Presence,
Seal me now within the very heart
Of the expanding Fire Breath of God
Let its purity, wholeness and love
Manifest everywhere I AM today and forever. (3x)
I accept this done right now with full power!
I AM this done right now with full power!
I AM, I AM, I AM God-life expressing perfection
All ways at all times.  This which I call forth for myself                                                                                        I call forth for every man, woman and child on this planet  (amen)

  For holy wisdom is imparted not only through study in an outer sense but also through attunement in an inner sense with the great spiritual powers of Light, initiates who live and move and breathe the sacred fire breath in higher octaves.  
   -Saint Germain:
"Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of Life," Wisdom

Friday, March 29, 2019

iden­ti­fi­ca­tion with the Infinite

Rakoczy Castle, Transylvania

To All Who Love Freedom and Would Preserve It,
   Now all will admit that tensions are generated on earth.  What is the source of tension?  Surely not your mighty I AM God Presence.  Human miscreation and neglect of spiritual study have propelled men into a decisionless valley.  There they are becalmed in a state of vacillation between two evils without even the thought of deliverance in their hearts.  Millions live in this manner; selfishness is rampant; the world wallows in deceit.
  The children of light have a most awesome responsibility.  Theirs is to portray the universal divine Life; they are expected to provide the power of a better example.  The crafty world often sees the students of the light as though they too were crafty, hence there is a tendency on the part of the world to suspect everyone who is engaged in spiritual deliverance.
  I think it well that the chelas of the light understand that they cannot please the world nor can they prevent the world from false judgment.  It should be borne in mind that albeit men have left the field of divinity and denied their reality they are still utilizing divine power to perform their darkened work.  When they pass false judgment upon the sons of the light the whitefire core of the energy which they use obediently follows the pattern that has been imposed upon it (in this case false judgment), thereby creating arrows of outrageous fortune which are slung at the children of the light.  In addition this activity of criticism, even when unspoken, depletes the supply of light of the ones so engaged, for the flow of the mind is also the flow of God’s energy which is thus channeled through the attention into a dangerous and unworthy matrix for which they must one day give account.
  The protection of your tube of light, vigilance in consciousness, adherence to the Laws of true Being and faithfulness in all things will help you to expand the flame of freedom in your being and to obtain your victory over human deceit and misjudgment.  The children of light must not fear the children of the dark; he energy which they use is of this world.  The great Master Jesus came up against this very thing in his discourse with Pilate.  When Pilate reminded him that he had the power to release him or to retain him the Christ said unto him “Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above.”
  The children of light should rejoice in their own great God Presence and in the freedom which this Presence brings to them.  They must not dissipate the energies of their freedom in overconcern with antics of the disparaging ones.  Neither should the true follower of God allow himself to be cast aside from the spiritual path by a wayward brother who may appear to be a child of light but whose actions may be questionable.  Remember, blessed ones, until you are ascended and free it is still possible for you in an unguarded moment to make mistakes in your human self.  While the Presence of God who lives in every son of heaven always knows the correct and perfect thing to do, unfortunately many of the chelas of the light neglect to make their application and to hold that attunement with their Presence which would give them their freedom.
  The flame of freedom is always attained by right action.  Oh, if only the students would understand that each time they make the mistake of not calling first to the Presence before they decide on a certain course of action (because they think that they can make a go of life on their own), they reap the consequences of untutored acts.  If only students would recognize in time that right action, God-directed action is always the course of freedom.  If only the students would keep the faith during the times of their greatest tests, they would soon be winning their victory over the baneful junta of negative karma and human miscreation.
  Temptations and desires that rise from subconscious levels create a net of delusions which is thrown over the conscious mind of the student.  Old failures, frustrations and fears regurgitated from within present their appearances upon the path with stones of stumbling.  The violet transmuting flame which is both beautiful and powerful can give you advanced deliverance from these conditions.  Yet some individuals feel that it is childish and ridiculous to sit for hours or even for a half-hour invoking the violet transmuting flame.  They do not understand that cosmic Law functions within its own framework, and very soundly indeed.  The violet transmuting flame is God’s gift to man, but it must be invoked by each individual.  If you would have your freedom, you must put your attention upon the Laws that will give it to you.
  Down through the centuries We have observed that human opinion and a sense of personal righteousness have deterred individuals from the spiritual path.  What difference does it make, blessed ones, if individuals think that you are funny or just a little bit foolish?  Suppose they consider that you have been duped by erroneous concepts?  Does it really matter what they think, seeing that most of them are changing their minds all of the time and are themselves scarcely free from some form of error?  The fact of the matter is that most of the beginning students on the path have a far greater measure of freedom than do those who have never used the blessed flame of freedom or submitted themselves to ascended master instruction.  You are indeed a most fortunate people and nothing can prevent the realization of your freedom if you will only make your application.
  Some students have come to the quarterly classes over a period of many years.  They sit at Our feet and receive Our instruction, but they go right out into the world and in their hours of bitterness and darkness when their own karma encloses them as a shroud they immediately think in terms of assistance from the outer world.  When they have exhausted themselves in search and have not found an answer then they are willing to try the ascended masters’ way.  If it works immediately, fine, if it doesn’t work for them immediately, then it is not so fine and they are quick to say that the masters do not exist or that the Teachings do not work.
   Well, seeing We have obtained Our own freedom by using the selfsame instruction which We are giving to you it is hardly possible that We can be swayed in Our opinion of cosmic Law.  For cosmic Law is far more than opinion, having as it does the solid manifestation of an already recognized grace.  We urge everyone--beginner as well as advanced student on the path--to reexamine Our first instructions from time to time, to take them to heart and to try to understand that it is the human mind with its penchant for sudden boredom or doubt that deprives the individual of his ascension.
  Don’t you see, blessed ones, that the sinister force is always broadcasting into the ethers the concept that the Laws of God do not work or that they are not rooted in reality?  If individuals are going to be so quick to pick up these negative vibrations and to accept them as truth, they will be a long time in passing over the Red Sea.  For the walls of water may close in upon them as they did upon the Egyptians, and they will be inundated by human emotion.  Others will go on to their freedom and they will utilize the power of God to illumine their minds, to inspire their hearts and to supply their bodies with every necessity including energy and strength.
  God is not mocked.  Whatsoever you sow that you shall reap.  In the case of the blessed violet fire the benefits of the fire are permanent, for when application is made by the student to the heart of his divine Presence for the protection of his great tube of light and the assistance of the violet transmuting flame, with each application there are removed layers of misqualified substance from his world.
  It is difficult for individuals to see how these layers are built up, therefore they cannot always expect that they are going to see how they are stripped away.  But one by one they will be, and after a few months of practice in the correct use of decrees it is amazing how much spiritual development takes place in the individual.  This is brought about because by the process of transmutation--which is happening right while he decrees--he is effectively removing the densities in his world that have formed the Great Wall between himself and God.   As this wall is removed the inner light can shine forth and make contact with all that is beautiful and good in the universe.
  Just as the sinister force broadcasts its negations into the world which so many of the students have picked up (and sometimes amplified, the students must always bear in mind that the ascended masters and the angelic hosts are constantly broadcasting Their vibrations into higher realms of light and thus the students can receive the benefit of this outflow on behalf of freedom (and amplify it).
  Each individual, destined by God to attain the heights of God-realization and God-manifestation, should be constantly alert to attune his consciousness with these inspiring feelings that uplift the soul.  Likewise should he be alert to detect the nature of negative manifestations before they can act in his world or intrude themselves upon his consciousness.  If the students would quickly identify these ideas for what they are--negative releases--they would not be nearly so apt to accept them.
  Long ago Saint Paul said that men should believe a lie and be damned.  The meaning of the word damned is condemned; therefore the end result of individuals believing a lie about others or themselves is ultimate condemnation all the way around.  For whatever is held in consciousness about life--any part of it--or one’s associates is eventually outpictured in one’s own world.  This is the Law, blessed ones.  It functions unerringly and no one is excluded, for the Law is impersonal.  God is no respecter of persons.  Your freedom comes not by criticism, condemnation or judgment nor does it come by exalting yourselves above your fellowmen by your own personal opinions.  Your freedom comes by humble recognition of the Magnificat--“He hath put down the mighty from their seats and exalted them of low degree.”  
  For your freedom and victory I remain your brother on the spiritual path,       
               Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom  11:27
  I would be the adornment of His light; I would be the fragrance of His Presence; I would be the breath of love that flows in the annunciation of the coming of the Holy One.
  When I was given the gift of the office of World Teacher to serve at the side of my Master I said, “Let it be that I might translate the fire of the Flaming One to mankind below.  Let it be that the worth of my soul to walk at his side is in the testimony of that Word.”  And so even in my embodiment as Saint Francis, which was to preach in the squares, to teach the Law of my Master and to lay down my life for him it was for the filling of my cup, and it is the filling of my cup to this hour.
  Thus the polarity of Alpha and Omega is fulfilled in the Office of the World Teachers as our Master sends forth the thrust of the Spirit and as I expand my consciousness in adoration of the Divine Mother. This occurs so that that con­sciousness of the World Teachers might be filled with the light of the Christ and so that the distillations of the Mother-flame might be in me for the impartation of the Word of
wisdom to those who remain as always devotees of His flame.  I come as the servant of the Most High God.  I also bow before the light within you, and I acknowledge Christ as Lord of lords within you.  I acknowledge that potential, I see that potential, I enter that potential.
  I ignite a certain fire in the heart of the sphere, in the heart of the self that you might receive the energy of the World Teachers, of the complement of wisdom from the heart of the Great Central Sun.  For wisdom is an energy flow, wisdom is the transfer of the forcefield of the mind of God that is placed over your consciousness.  It is a grid that is as complex, and more so, as the most advanced computer.  And yet when you have the key to the grid you have the key to the mind of God.  The key of course is love.  When you love you find that in God’s mind there is the unfoldment within you of each scroll of life, of the mastery of every field of human and divine endeavor--of the arts and sciences, of education and government, of economics, homemaking, history and the fulfillment of the patterns of life in every aspect of society.
  The World Teachers have been given a dispensation of merit. This dispensation comes as the award from Alpha and Omega for the victories won and tests passed by certain of Our chelas who have attended the Ascended Master Univer­sity, where We have spent much of Our time in these past twelve months.  We come then with that award, just as teachers in this world often receive awards for the accomplishments of their pupils.  The Ascended Master University is one experiment that has succeeded on Terra, and therefore with that flaming merit We come to give back to those pupils--those who have won a certain element of wisdom’s fire--an increment of that merit to propel them higher.
  Those who have made the sacrifices, who have denied the self, who have applied the Teaching shall have imparted to them that flowing water of the Word which is for an expansion of the spiral of the wisdom of the World Teachers in fulfillment of the Law:  “For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.”
  So it is the Law of the divine magnet of the Christos that the more you magnetize light in heart, in mind and in soul the greater is the magnet that can make you whole.  By the greatness of that magnet you will magnetize larger energies, larger spirals, a larger consciousness of the Cosmic Christ.  The Law is in operation twenty­-four hours a day. You attract what you are.  If you do not like what you are attracting to yourself, then you can change yourself.  You must first become whatever it is that you desire in order to attract the object of your desiring.  Therefore to be desire­less so that you might build the magnet of the heart is the way of wisdom.
  In the magnet of the heart is the very pull, the gentle tug, the powerful feeling of the magnet of God.  This is rein­forced as you draw skeins of consciousness, legions of angels, beings from far-­off worlds who must come (according to the Law of the magnetization of the God-flame) to stand at your side, to be where you abide because you have declared “I AM THAT I AM.”  And all of life that has also declared “I AM THAT I AM” must become one with you and must fulfill that fiat in you.  For life is one, you know, life is one.  And here below where separation seems to be the order of the day, do you not understand, O precious children of the light, that the overcoming of every problem, of every burden, of fatigue and pain and sorrow is accomplished through transmu­tation of the sense of separation?  
  First and foremost you must challenge the lie that some­how you have a separate existence from God. It matters not whether you live outside of Him or perhaps an inch away or a million miles away.  For even if you are one­-hundredth of an inch from God, you are outside of Him.  And therefore do not assume that because you know the Law that you have become the Law but work to reinforce the Law and affirm daily:
I and my Father are one!
I and my Mother are one!
I abide in the Flaming One!
I AM the Flaming One!
There is only the Divine Whole, and I AM the expression of that Whole!
I will not be denied my birthright, for God lives in me here and now, and no one can deny it!  No one can take it from me!
I AM God in action here!
The fulfillment of the joy of the Lord is mine this hour and every hour!  I AM that joy!  I AM that love!
I AM being and consciousness fulfilled, as Above so below!  I AM the Presence of that Cosmic Mother flow!
I AM THAT I AM in all cosmic beings, worlds beyond
worlds and in the heart of the Great Central Sun.
I AM THAT I AM, and I AM the oneness of all life!  All life is in me!  I AM in all life!  We are one!  We are one!  We are one!
  This is the love of devotees of the Logos.  Let Us then challenge the lie of separation.  We will not have it!   Will you remember that I have spoken to you this day?  Precious hearts, how often the World Teachers have instructed.  How often the ascended masters have given forth the Law and how often human consciousness has acted as a sieve, and then that instruction has been lost.
  I say, let Us infire consciousness with the crystal ray!  Let Us impart to all this day, O Jesus, thou Holy One, the reinforcement of the crystal-­fire cup from out the Great Central Sun!  Let Us infire it with love!  Let Us infire it with will!  Let us infire it with wisdom’s joy!  And so, keep this counsel!  Keep my trust! Remember all the days of your life to acknowledge no separation from love, from God, from each one on earth, each one in heaven.
  Remember this: that it is my desire to propel you higher and higher in the Law.  But if for a moment you forget this oneness through a riptide of fear, as Peter did, crying out “Lord, save me,” you will find yourself sinking into the waves of human fear, doubt, condemnation and every temptation.  And you will reach out for the outstretched hand of the Christ, and you will take it.  He will then raise you up again into the oneness of light and cosmic flow whereby the alchemy of self­-mastery is passed to you from the hand of your own Christ Self.
  I AM the victory of the light in the many and the few!  I AM, I AM, I AM God­-reality!  I AM the nearness of God!  I AM piercing the veil of unreality!  I AM calling for the light of illumination, illumined action and the action of precision in your hearts to cut through all sloth, all laziness, all sleep and hypnotic states.  So then, blaze forth and shatter the curse of somnam­bulance!  Blaze through and shatter the curse!  Blaze through and let all mankind proclaim “I AM awake!”
  Let mankind be awakened this day!  Let them be shaken this day by the Cosmic Christ!  Let them be shaken from their lethargy as legions of light from out the heart of the Great Central Sun purge the Earth of all ignorance, of all malice, of all darkness usurping the way of the Christ!
  So I AM for the victory!  Let the scales fall from the eyes of mankind.  Let them behold the true leaders in the as­cended masters.  Let them behold the betrayal of the fallen ones, and let them choose this day whom they will serve.  So let them choose aright and be found in the exaltation of the angelic hosts that they might be spared the damnation of wrong choices.
  So then let that other lie, that other intellectual rational­ization be exposed that Jesus our Lord did not die of the cru­cifixion but died of a broken heart.  I tell you, the heart of Christ is not broken!  It is alive and whole and full, releasing the joy of the ages!  The mastery of the one who prayed through the night in Gethsemane is the mastery of the one who laid down his life willingly, according to the will of the Father that he might take it again according to that will.  In the heart of the Christ are the issues of life! And in the heart of the Christ is the overcoming victory and joy of overcoming.
  Therefore although tribulation is in the world be of good cheer!  For I as a Christed one have also overcome the world.  And you shall overcome the world because he over­came the world--the flesh, the devil and the reasoning of the carnal mind.
  So let the miracle sense of the joy of the translation of the Lord of your own being now be inscribed upon you, and let the hour of your transfiguration be written by your Christ Self!  Let the hour of the crucifixion be written, let the hour of the resurrection be written, let the hour of the ascension be written.  And therefore as it is written as the Law of your being I, Kuthumi, say to you:  go forth to fulfill the Law of your being!  In the name of the Lord of the World I say:  Go be the fullness of destiny!  I AM all one in the flame of life in you.  Go be the fulfilling of the Law!        
     -Kuthumi:  October 13, 1974 via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Los Angeles, California
  There is a star shining, beloved--the single star of your Christ-reality.  I am in the blue sphere of my causal body of light.  As I am known [as] the Great Divine Director, an office accorded me by the Almighty One,  I am a part of the radiant light rays descending as the will of God, as divine direction for the implementation of that will descending from each one’s own star of cosmic Christ­hood.
  The star of your causal body burns brightly tonight in the dark­ness of cosmos, in the void, throughout all matter- spheres.  It is the causal body of the Sons of God that illumines the worlds.  Think of the blackest night and know that when your causal body does appear a whole town or state or planet may be illu­mined.  Is this not a joy to know that you--in and as God--can therefore bestow upon every part of life coming to the dawn­ing and yawn­ing realization of Selfhood some morsel of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion with the Infinite?
  Thus the physical stars are positioned as you understand as the outer manifestation of great causal bodies of light of cosmic beings, a reminder to evolving souls that a point of relation­ship with the Divine One does truly exist and that because there is a commeasurement, an awareness within the soul of the point of life, there is an inner recognition of a goal, a path--even a univeral Brotherhood.  For the manifold stars sing of a unity of purpose and design.  
  Therefore, beloved, without organized religion but solely upon the principle of the love-fire of the divine spark within the evolv­ing soul may begin to equate with Elohim.  And the sense of distance does portray to the soul that there is a path and an over­coming and a quest for mastery of time and space and forces [that must be pursued] in order for the soul to reach that star.
  Now some have developed science to the place where  jour­ney to the stars physically has become possible.  But, beloved, they are yet going from point a to point b of the physical uni­verse.  Thus after long evolution in the science of matter one desires to part the veil, to scratch through the canopy of the heaven to see what is on the other side of the roof of the sky and the star itself.  Indeed many are curious to see the other side of the moon. 
  Therefore, beloved, there is inherent in the soul who has come from a Spirit-cosmos far beyond all of this magnitude the desire to return to a spiritual Sun and a Being. Tasting the ulti­mate of love in this world and life one only knows that one has not even begun to taste of the love that is beyond that is the source of the cup which one drinks in joy, in the fragile moment of love’s embrace that one would keep for eternity but that one can only keep for eternity if one will mount the spiral of love and pass through barriers into a space        unde­fined, infinite and yet without time.
  Beloved ones, the known is a comfort, but the unknown becomes a source of fear from which men may cringe and say “I will take my way and life.  Let me postpone to another day this prob­ing, this voyage of discovery into the infinite mind of God."  And thus in the long history of this planet a certain superstition, a social custom, that which is accepted as norms of activity, et cet­era has almost been a means of insulating souls and humanity and civilization against going beyond the wall--the wall that is built around the town to protect it from invading marauders or enemies.
  Somehow had God not defined the bounds of man’s habitation man himself should have drawn a limited circle about him­self to contain his fears, to keep them under control so as not to have to think about his responsibility and his own beingness in the vast beyond that seems cold on a winter’s night.  Thus he returns to the fire of the hearth and may be at peace and abide there for many centuries until he is confronted, as you are today, with conditions upon Earth which truly trouble the hearts of little children.  There is in fact nowhere to hide, no cave so removed that it cannot be touched by pollution or nuclear war or astral hordes or false hierarchies who prey upon lightbearers.  “Where shall we go, Lord? Thou hast the words of eternal Life.”  Ah, and then the soul begins to say to herself:  
Nowhere may I go on Earth or in this vast physical cosmos, nowhere may I go and be any closer in physicality to the infinite heart of Love.  Where I am is the All.  And when I am the All I am neither in heaven nor in earth, nor in China or New York, for I am in the Holy of Holies of God where I am.  And thus the soul may think to herself:  This planet Earth with all of her problems—I might just as well perch here as anywhere, for the testings of soul would be the same and my absence of mastery would be no better, no less if I were suddenly removed with lightning speed to another planet across space.  
And so it begins to dawn--the inner cosmos, the inner nucleus that has to do with the secret chamber of the heart and the cosmic interval that seems so tiny as physical dimension but is as vast as the macrocosm.  Meditate upon your heart.  See there the image of Buddha in medi­ta­tion alway upon thy soul.  Thus in all of her musings and con­templated voyages and all decisions as to what to do here and there the soul returns to the sense:  The whole vast matter-cosmos is a cage--confining, defining life, yet in limitation.  I am now ready as the bluebird of happiness to fly from this cage.  I have no fear.  I AM the Knower and the known.  That which is beyond that is cause of all that I have become here below must truly be ready to receive me.  For if indeed this physical cosmos is a reflection, a negative manifestation of the divine polarity, then I should only find a more real, a more solid, a more permanent peace.  How can I fly beyond the roof of the sky?  I must learn then complete adjustment of molecules of light of my own mind.  I must understand that to pass through this nexus I must of course first find the pinprick.  In all of cosmos some­where there must be a pinprick that I can pass through!  So I will find it, and I will travel now the circle of the figure-eight.  I will pass over that in mind and heart and meditate upon the acceleration of sacred fire.  I will not only raise the light of the Mother within me, I will dance in the fountain of her light . I will become that light!  I will swirl within it until I can absorb fully the intensity of the light.  For I know that somewhere this ris­ing fountain passes from the negative polarity of matter to the Spirit plus-polarity that gave that manifestation.   Thus each day I will be the Mother’s athlete.  I will be the runner.  I will learn to absorb more light.  I will breathe deeply and take in the oxygen that is the carrier of light.  I will meditate upon the Word.  I will know the science of sound and of mantra.  I will let my gaze rest upon the yantra of the Buddha.  OM MANI PADME HUM. OM MANI PADME HUM.  Oh, I AM that jewel in the heart of the lotus!  How magnificent!  It is indeed the elusive crystal of Spirit.  I AM THAT I AM.  I will follow the sound and the call of the Central Sun.  I will listen now in the inner ear.  I will cut off the senses from all of this turbulence of outer noisome pestilence. I will begin to attune with the movement of my heart and beyond its beating find the heart of the bird and the heart of angel, the heart of Elohim.  I will gaze upon the Sun of Helios and Vesta with my inner eye, and I will then create a spiral, an undulation.  And I will not go up and down the sine wave but I shall cut straight through as an arrow.  In my meditation I will pass through the Central Sun of this system of worlds and back again in elliptical orbit.  I can do this, for I AM the One.  I may know all the joys of this life placed here for my commeasurement with love, but I may simultaneously and without fear build ring upon ring of my causal body here below as is above.  I can enter the secret rays by the call to Mighty Cosmos.  I am only conditioned to mortality.  It has never been my reality.  I am standing now in the center of the Sun even as I stand upon the altar before the altar of the Holy Grail.  Lo, I AM here and I AM there.  I AM Mother and I AM Child, I AM Father and I AM Son, held forever in the embrace of Holy Spirit’s cloven tongues of fire.  Now I climb the sunbeam back to the heart of the blue sphere.  I hear in that ray of light the sound of the Great Divine Director.  I am commensurate with the vibration of the will of God, and now I see how that will translates through Mother as surefooted divine direction.  I may leap in the high mountains with those sheep and goats who know the way.  I am so sure that my step is the step of God, for I AM in the heart of the Great Divine Director.  Thus I know no confinement.  
I gladly accept this oppor­tunity, O God, to myself.    Roll up as a scroll the record of every life that has ever been lived in mortality--subhuman, sinful, unaware, asleep.  All these records can no longer be a part of myself, for I AM WHO I AM.  I AM the living presence of love where I AM.  I have tapped the eternal fount.  I have sailed to Venus.
But, O beloved, O beloved, when the worlds are known above and below, the worlds are become one where you are.  Matter is not bereft of Spirit; Spirit is not bereft of matter.  Entering the eye at the point of the pinprick then you are in the center of the t’ai chi.   In the sound of the Word accelerating, the great Sun-disc begins to spin.  And the spinning of the t’ai chi is the sign that I and my Father, I and my Mother are One. The one­ness is the envelope in which I dwell—a pressed flower, an immortelle.  I can be anywhere in God, for I have come to the nucleus of His will that is the blue-fire Sun of divine direc­tion.   O beloved Great Divine Director, now I know thee as thou art.  For I have also passed by the way of thy soul’s mount­ing to that blue starry body that I see in the heavens.   O Great Divine Director, come now. Be the All of me as I AM the all of thee.  Thus, beloved, you have traced with me as I have traced the path of a chela moving from the will of God to its divine direction. Truly the Mother releases, as She is the Shakti, that which is the blue sphere of my attainment. Thus the femi­nine part of that which ties you in and keys you to your footsteps on earth in a very concrete step-by-step manner.  When you pray for the will of God and you feel saturated by it, you may still say “But I do not know which way to go.  I am in love with the will of God.  I feel the fiery blueprint and  ruby crystal.  I am a part of that eternal light.  Lo, I AM THAT I AM!  But now, which way may I turn?  Are my choices being made based on limitation, centuries, millennia of tribal superstition, fear then of outer things or perhaps even pho­bias?”
Beloved ones, as you have heard from Maitreya the beloved, a sound mind is based on a sound body.  And having all rules of health with a capstone of knowledge concerning each functioning­ of the body is most important before setting the direction of one’s life.  Be certain you are not clouded by the problems that manifest from a body that is not well-tended, whose caretaker, yourself, has not understood the way of love and resurrection and accountability and truly the practical necessities of meeting the demands and stresses of life in a polluted, degenerate and bur­den­some physical planet.  Blessed ones, divine direction must begin from within.  Neither the Messenger nor the Lords of Karma may respond to you this night or to your letters when you ask for the will of God but you yourself have not truly positioned yourself directly under that Tree of Life of Lord Maitreya.  For when the fruit falls and the initiation is to be taken with bliss, you must be beneath the Tree of Life rather than here or there.  Thus Our advice to you when you have desires and plans, and these are uppermost, is to go and fill them.  Fill your desires!  Fill your cups!  Play out your spirals.  Learn then what you truly desire and what you do not desire.  For the only portion of the will of God that you will ever successfully fulfill is that which you have made your dear and deepest desire.
You cannot tattoo the will of God on a wayward soul.  You cannot wear the garment and yet not play the part.  There is no adaptability to the inner blueprint of Life until all other choices have been eliminated by you--not Us. Therefore I give you this hour to contemplate the will of God as your own desire--desires that you may think have no par­al­lel whatsoever with the spiritual path; but they may indeed be a very important part of that path simply because you contain them.
I have instructed the Messenger who has mentioned this to you before that she must be extremely careful as to any desire tha­t m­a­y cross her mind, f­or any desire contained by the Mes­sen­ger is immediately fulfilled.  And this she has observed, for there is no substance to prevent the precipitation. Thus, consid­er­ing that cosmic Law and the abundant Life should bring the fruit of desire, I have taught her to become most careful and economical with the power of desire, desiring always those things that are God’s desiring, which are her desires truly.  And thus I have taught her to withdraw instantaneously all forces and energy and thoughts and feelings from any matrix unworthy, unprofitable, unfruitful, unnecessary and not achieving the desired goal of the glory of God’s kingdom, of the golden age, of the spreading abroad of the Teachings, of the receiving of the little ones, of preparing the Montessori school and the Ranch and all facilities that everyone who might come who hungers and thirsts after righteousness might be fed.
And with all of this grand design from the causal body of myself then there comes the lines, the details of the filling in, depart­ment by department of life, of that which must be done so that no one upon earth of any evolution or persuasion may not find some path, some morsel, some teaching, some truth so that no one ultimately may go away from this Community dis­appointed or unfed or feeling somehow empty and not filled. Thus how to do this as quickly as possible with the     re­sources and the volunteers at hand--this becomes a very exacting equation.  And in this Mother Mary is the greatest asset as the admin­istrator, as the all-seeing Eye of the Community, having many angels and scribes and secretaries who do undertake to give to Our Messenger and Our leadership those reminders, those plans, those ideas that best fulfill and fill in the missing pieces to a Com­munity that is designed to be a mosaic of the Central Sun of Love with radiating light going forth.
And these rays of gold from the heart of the Sun of Love are path­ways providing openings and entrances, all leading to the heart of the Inner Retreat. This very land itself must be protected and prepared, for it has a very ancient, ancient spiri­tual focus, beloved.  It is indeed a cradle.  But I would tell you that the feet of arch­angels were placed upon that land long, long ago in its forma­tion, making etheric tracks in akasha and sealing that place as a magnet for the drawing of pilgrims.  It is truly the shrine of this international movement. It is truly the point of convergence of Suns.
Let it become a more permanent place.  Let the facilities be there, for you will see that We will bring members of the nations and the root races.  Understand its link to the Grand Teton and to the very heart of the Earth.  It is indeed a place prepared for twinflames and the cosmic cross of whitefire and solar lights and the aurora borealis and the descent of mighty souls from above, in those twinkling causal bodies, to waiting parents below.  I say then, beloved, determine in the next hour what are your unfulfilled desires.  No matter how mundane they may be, write them down in a list and look at them.  Confront them and say “Which of these must I most assuredly fulfill in order to be at peace with myself and to move on surefooted to the rays leading to the great blue causal body of the Great Divine Direc­tor?”
Put down then the spiritual goals of the Great White Brother­hood such as you understand them [to be], as they have been defined by the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brother­hood.  Do this on separate sheets of paper and decide whether there be any human desires left over from many lifetimes of somehow nonfulfillment and aloneness, whether any of these desires may be sublimated in the fulfillment of higher goals, whether truly trans­mu­ta­tion and resolution of the lesser or former desires may take place, and whether the joy you would receive from the ful­fill­ment of spiritual goals for the saving of a planet would be ade­quate--adequate to compensate for the let­ting go of one of these.
Look then to what is needed most by you personally, what is worth most to you personally.  And if there is something you have always wanted to do and you always come back to it and it will always be there nagging at you, it is best then—if you are certain that you want that perhaps detour in life—to go out and find it and realize it. Then you must take these two lists as parallel lines and say “Which of my own desires in the human sense are really God’s desires for me?  Which of these desires can link up and be an instrument for the fulfillment of the goals of the Great White Brotherhood?  How then in satisfying my own soul’s needs can I also satisfy the needs of a larger circle so that neither I nor the circle of Community will be deprived?  After all I have two arms, two legs, I have two parts to myself in every way.  I am a dual being.  As the Gemini-mind of God I can handle the whitefire/bluefire Sun.  I can under­stand the bluefire Sun of Sirius as that which must be done in the phys­i­cal universe so that when my feet are lifted by angels above the earth and I find myself being carried aloft to other spheres I will have no regrets, no sense that it is too soon to take that ascent.  But I will truly have the sense, as I do this night in the heart of the Great Divine Director, that all past records of my former self may be rolled up as a scroll, put to the torch, for I AM WHO I AM. I AM in the heart of the great blue causal body.  I AM the implementation of God’s will through the exten­sion of the light rays of the Great Divine Director.”
Thus, beloved, I will tell you this cosmic secret--every desire of yourself which is legitimate as the bluefire Sun of your being, your lawful right to integrity and individuality, every such desire that is really a part of you and the real You will always relate to the divine plan and the vast matrix of the goal of the Great White Brotherhood.
The circle of Community is drawn and it is the mighty blue sphere.  Now know this--somewhere in the service of the Great White Brotherhood you can balance 100 percent of your karma.  You can fulfill your fiery destiny and have all the real desires that you thought you had to put aside in a sense of martyrdom and false denial of self.  This is not the true path.  When you come to those desires inconsistent in every way to the goal and the divine design of the Great White Brotherhood as you know it then comes the hour, beloved, when you indeed must decide to pray fervently before the heart of the Blessed Virgin and ask that this desire be removed from you by cosmic surgery, as the incision of the surgeon removes a tumor that suddenly appears and has no reason for being.
Beloved ones, tumors benign and malignant are the sign of wrong desire unmanifest, festering, fed and nourished by human creation suppressed.  Bear well my Teaching.  For the cosmic flow between you and the great blue causal body of cosmos always flushes out those nuclei-suns of wrong desire that ultimately become growths in the astral body, robbing you of etheric power and sacred fire, taking from your crystal cord and therefore depriv­ing you of the energy that could make of your heart a cosmic heart and of your heartbeat a cosmic heartbeat.
Thus if there be not flow because you are possessive of old wants and desires to possess people and things and power and money and so forth, this is the key then to an unclear temple--crosscurrents, miscurrents and misdirections to life where you may contain splinters of ten thousand former desires and your life is nothing but a sea of chaos, directionless, going a few steps here and a few steps there but never concen­trating.  For it is impossible to concentrate one’s forces if one contains these grains and gran­ules of desires that have been somehow dissipated and scattered through the aura.
If you would write to the Karmic Board, write for this:  the prayer that all this debris of desiring this and that be consumed by the sacred fire and that you may have goal-fitting for goals you have set to which you can tether all of your forces with total commitment without dissolution.
Beloved ones, the individual on the path who has a one-pointedness of purpose is truly approaching the divine Wholeness.  And those with psychological problems are always they who have wells of untransmuted desires that divide them and also build momentums and walls of hatred and despite and fear, all directed against the central moving force of the universe whom they perceive to be antagonistic and not fulfilling their every wish.  Tyrants are these, with a split personality split by split de­sires, always desiring to control the absolute center of the causal body of the Great Divine Director.
This is why those who walk in the power and aura and mantle of the first ray of the will of God are so despised by the powers that be of this world.  For they cannot control them, they cannot defeat them!  They can do nothing with the first-ray chela of El Morya and myself and Archangel Michael and Hercules and Amazonia.  There is nothing to be done with a chela of the will of God who is become this shaft of blue flame, this extension of the Great Divine Director’s blue causal body, this shaft of the will of God, this pillar of fire, an electrode in the earth such as Hercules has placed and Serapis Bey has brought. 
Understand, beloved, that the God-goals of the Great White Brotherhood are the whitefire Sun.  In Alpha and Omega these are one.  May you resolve then in these hours and year to come all of your desirings here below as above. My prayer for you, beloved, is:  may your bluefire/whitefire suns be one where you are.  Then there will be no journeying, for Spirit/matter cosmos will be where I AM THAT I AM in you.  And you will know God-free being anywhere and everywhere always and always and always because you have become the Alpha to Omega Sun of flaming God-desire!
O, I commend you to the heart of the Buddha, Gautama.  
-Great Divine Director:  12-31-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles
"Keep on keeping on” is the way of the cosmic cross of whitefire.  Thus when discernment is needed, when a difficult decision is to be made which you have placed upon the altar of God look then to the lives of the greatest of heroes and those who have ascended.  Study their right choices and understand the rightness of choice by the fruit of that action.  Understand [human] errors and be spared of pitfalls because [you understand how] saints who have gone before you have also temporarily fallen into the traps of the seed of the wicked.  Realize, beloved, that every succeeding test of divine Love will call for you to sacrifice, [sometimes] even to sacrifice “morality” or what is the acceptable human standard in that time frame.
  Purity of heart and the motive of your soul and that which impels you to lay down your life for the friend may be an overriding concern that is also one with the heart of God.  The tests are spiritual ones.  They leave the moorings and the support systems of all of the rules and regulations of the world and they bring you directly to the heart of Christ--…what he did do . . .

  Considering Jesus to be the Prince of Peace and the embodiment of perfect Love let all of you consider episode by episode of his life how he wielded the sharp sword of Love and how that Love was expressed whether as compassion or rebuke, chastisement and judgment, healing or the raising of the dead.  For in the many-faceted jewel of the ruby ray you will discover how to pass through this labyrinth of maya and illusion and astral denizens at every hand.  
                      -Godfre:   2-23-1986 via Messenger E C Prophet