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persevere and you shall win!

1)   Gracious ones, persevere and you shall win!  The challenge to every chela, every would-be initiate, to all who would come under our disciplines is given herewith.  Persevere and you shall win!  The thought of merger with the Divine ought to be a blessed goal wherein all can shine.  Competition and the vain spirit of egocentricity have no place in our disciplines, for one must work unswervingly for a purpose and devote oneself to the fulfillment of that purpose.
  The power to see the Promised Land vouchsafed of old to Moses as he came out of Egyptian bondage is one which to modern-day men and women must report the challenges of the times and make them aware of the need to persevere--to persevere in all that is of the past so that the untransmuted and banal aspects thereof may become vanquished in the name of victory; to persevere in the present hour when the drabness of appearances and the seeming slowness of pace does not temper the zeal of the fire of the heart; to persevere in the future by a glorious hope that refuses to leave the screen of the mind; to persevere at all times and to win.
  There are those whose beings, like bones bleached upon the desert, strew the landscape because they did not persevere.  They thirsted when no water was available and they could not find within their souls the power to seek it although it may have been nigh, even at hand. There are those whose steadfastness wanes when victory is at the very door.  There are those who do not understand the mercy of God.  It has been said, 'His mercy endureth forever;' and if we are to act the part of those who believe in the rewards of the Most High God, we must see His mercy as enduring for us, a flame of compassion that tempers circumstance to ability and power to manifest the law of victory for each one.
  If you could see at inner levels as We do,the power of holy example as it was made known to the Karmic Board where individuals surmounted most frightful circumstances to become victors, you would recognize that often by comparison measurement your own struggles are but those of an ant seeking to reach a nearby anthill.  Men and women of today, recognize that the challenges of the past in a chameleon form are with you still.
  There is no difference between the challenges of this hour and those of the past save that you have a greater comfort for your physical being.  The weaknesses brought upon mankind by soft living this past century have framed for him a weaker physical body in many cases and a mind that could not have endured the struggles which your forebears did.  Yet there are challenges before you which they did not know.
  We are aware of the changes in the times, yet the psyche of man, the soul, remains the same.  You are you; and it is your destiny to climb upward on the walls so perpendicular and slippery as to be impossible to a mountain climber, so that you can climb up out of the cup of mortal density and a lack of realization until as you peer over the brim and behold the mighty cosmos whose throbbing heart is all around you, you will not be staggered by the vision which you see but will say, “I as God will win and persevere!”
  You must rest in the arms of almighty bliss.  You must be consumed by the fires of victory and be willing to relinquish your hold upon that parcel of ground which you claim as your own.  You must see the vast sky of infinity stretching boundless in all directions.  You must see there a perfection of great care and loving and watchful service whereby, although it does not always seem to be to your mortal mind and to appearances, there is a compassionate and watchful eye over you every hour of the day and the night, and the wings of the morning are spread in their eternal brightness upon the mountains.
  And 'neath those wings there is a glow-ray that casts its glow upon the terrain beneath; and as you behold those wings, the raising power of the great Sun may in some cases remember the lofty and ancient Egyptian call “Holy art Thou, O Aton, Thou God of Oneness.”

-Serapis Bey   February 20, 1966 via Messenger Mark Prophet             (by Norman Thomas Miller)
2)   There exists in the world today a very dangerous sense of earthly sophistication which is wholly rooted in personal pride; in the grips of this pseudo-reality individuals consider themselves qualified to be the arbiters of their own destiny….
 The narrow gate must exclude the paltry errors of men, but they must be willing to recognize the fact that they have erred and to come to that contriteness of heart whereby we can impart to them safely and in divine measure the commands of the Infinite over the finite mind and being.                  -Serapis:  Dossier on the Ascenion, 1967
3)   For I tell you if it were not for the Mystery School of the Essenes, the entire dispensation of Christianity would have never been born! I tell you it requires the whitefire core of discipline!…
  And therefore I will proclaim the Word and the Law of the Father that this company and this community of saints will be disciplined in the Law as I disciplined Jesus that he might fulfill the Law and the way of the Christ….
  Take heart then for I take the precious amethyst that is anchored in the physical forcefield and I transfer to you now from the heart of Holy Amethyst and from the heart of Zadkiel that infusion of heartfire, that purple fiery heart which I have championed which is indeed the very heart of America.
  And I give to you that momentum of heart that is the wine of Christ, that is the very blood of Jesus the Lord.  And I say to you, let your bodies be infused with new strength and new life and let all those who are selfless in the way know this strength--and let those who faint by the way know that their fainting is because they have not yet surrendered their all to the will of God.
  Be sensible in your service then, be diligent and hearken unto the angel who stands in your midst to call you.  This is the hour of the victory and it is that hour when a moment's hesitation can mean the loss of the prize and the calling.      
          -Saint Germain:  April 24, 1977 at Pasadena via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
4)   Beloved Clara Louise 
was and is an inspiration to me on the path of Life.  She is the twinflame of Amen Bey, brother in the temple of Serapis Bey....Through the hand of the first Mother of the Flame, from the Lord of the World, came the dispensation for all of us to carry on.  And the dispensation is a path of wisdom and of the Teachings for the teaching of all of the world's children.
  The torches must always be passed.  One day you will pass a torch. The most important thing to remember about the passing of a torch is that the torch is a flame that burns.  It is composed of many, many millions of flames.  And each one of those flames is a petal--a petal of light and sacred fire.
  As you go into the central sun of your Mighty I AM Presence and form and fashion your torch of Life you will want to be certain, as those who have gone before us are certain, that the torch will contain all that the one who follows you on the path will need in order to make it all the way home.   have mentioned to you that our beloved Mark signed my own copy of Climb the Highest Mountain with the words 'May you win all the way.’  It is not enough that we wish victory upon someone, or winning.  We want them to win all the way, every step of the way—not just today but to the hour of the ascension.
  Every Guru is concerned for the blessed chela—that he make it all the way home, else the path should be in vain.  Therefore you must be concerned for the chela you do not yet know, for the master you are to become--that even now you are forging a torch that you will one day pass.  And when it comes time to pass the torch there will be no time to say 'Wait a minute, I must create the torch.'  The torch must be there and burning.
  The torch of Gautama Buddha, Clara Louise and our own beloved Lanello were there--just seven weeks before his ascension.  That very year of 1973 Summit University opened on a full-time basis--out of that torch.  And all who have passed through its halls are free to ratify the will of God and receive one petal of the torch, one petal-flame that becomes a nucleus of your own torch to be passed in the hour and the appointing.    -Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet October 25, 1981
5)   You need not expect, precious ones, that as the swoop of a great bird of paradise heaven will come down to you and raise you instantly up into the light.  Each day you weave a strand of light substance back to the heart of your Presence by the shuttle of your attention; each strand strengthens the anchor beyond the veil and thus draws you into a state of consciousness wherein God can use you more as an effective instrument for good.
  The ascension process is like an ascent up a pyramid.  In Mexico, Egypt and the Yucatan a person can spend days climbing the ruins of the pyramids, with each step taking them closer to the top.
The pyramid we climb daily is not made of stone but of light, the pure essence of divinity.  It is the pyramid of the ascension.  Thoughts, feelings and actions are all steps by which we climb toward the apex of this pyramid.  Approaching the top the pyramid’s steps grow narrower and there are fewer and fewer right choices.
  Ascending the steps is not done all at once but rather on an incremental basis.  Life is not always a constantly ascending process. In other words one may not climb steadily up the pyramid each and every day.  Perhaps there is a pause to catch one’s breath.  Or a climber may actually stumble and slide down a step or two.  There may even be times when he feels he is not moving upward at all . But progress eventually resumes and the climber is on his way again.  Steady upward movement will eventually lead toward the wonderful divine union with God.
  Although progress may sometimes seem intangible it is helpful to remember that we are on earth because our karma dictates that this is the best place to be.  It is appropriate to consider yourself as an unascended being striving to make your ascension.  The Messenger Mark Prophet said that “we have to recognize that if God wanted us up in heaven right this minute, we would be there and not here.  We are on earth because the most practical place for us to be in our present state of evolution is in physical embodiment.  We have lessons to learn.  We have a bright world to conquer or a world to make bright. We have spiritual responsibilities; we have material responsibilities. And we must fulfill our mission as Christ fulfilled his."
  Working the works of him that sent me, as Christ said and did, is the action of the third ray, the third rung of Life—yet so often bypassed. See how they have replaced perfect Love with mechanization man, with the pride of the ego, with ambition—all of these perversions of Love and of its sweetest colorations….
  Precious hearts, these lesser loves then become, once they are accepted, a matter of human habit patterns.  And once people enter into the rote of human love they do not consider again, often in decades or lifetimes, a higher path, a more intense spiral.  And like the proverbial rut those human habit patterns make deeper and deeper trenches.     -Serapis Bey  April 9, 1981 via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
6)   Candidacy for the ascension comes because of many incarnations of striving, personal self-discipline and a love that cares for God more than self—more than selfishness or self-concern or the little discords of the moment that eat away like rats at the fabric of the immortal garment.
  Understand then that it is a precarious moment, for there is no guarantee that the candidate will succeed.  Yet I must say that to receive a candidate for the ascension in full ceremony I must have the assurance at Luxor that that one has vested within himself the awareness of the Godhead and its potential to dwell bodily in him.
The individual must sense himself worthy to be a co-creator with God and to contain the God-flame of the chela that can hold the balance with the God-flame of the Guru.
  At the moment of this candidacy, beloved hearts, the one who is disciple is no longer called 'disciple' but ‘friend.'   Therefore let the friend appear.  Let the friend arise!…Beware false humility!  Beware false pride!  Beware that you wear the garment of diligence, purity, and love.  All things can be attained by diligence, purity and love….
  Purity contains all of the wisdom of God, for that which is pure is the all-knowing Mind.  That which is pure contains the all-power of God, for purity is strength.  “My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure.”  Purity is the light—the light, O the light!  One flashing brilliance, one moment of that light and so you know who is God, who is yourself, who is thy neighbor, who is the friend.  Who indeed.
  Therefore the quality of diligence in appropriating all of the virtues of purity and the foundation of the personal love of the Personal God. These three, these three—faith, hope, and charity—by any other name are still the essential virtues of life.    
                                 -Serapis Bey  3-16-1982 Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
7)   Now you may wonder why I have spoken of a mechanical doctrine involving the ascension and of the great error in this doctrine, but I shall attempt here to put it into focus for you so that you may be on guard to maintain a correct understanding of the ascension.  For thoughts, precious ones, are indeed things, as one of your poets has said, and the treasures that we would have you gather are the treasures of victorious accomplishment and divine truth.  Error has no power except that to which mankind dedicate themselves, supposing that they serve the cause of truth and freedom.  Jesus referred to this when he said 'If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!'  I am come to expand the light, and this we seek to do here concerning the ascension.
  The statement beloved Jesus made long ago concerning the kingdom of heaven reading thus, 'The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force,' enters into many areas of doctrine.  And therefore I would interpret to you that the mechanical sense of attainment is usually behind the violence of mankind who seek to force their way of spiritual grace and their unfolding divinity through the erroneous supposition that the secrets of the universe can be mechanically mastered, including the ascension itself.
  Now I am certain that you recognize that a carpenter may master the art of construction, that an electrician may direct on the pathway of wires the flow of the current to do the bidding of man, that the construction of matter and substance may be understood by the physicist, that the employment of this material substance may be directed by the wise among mankind and knowledge disseminated to those having lesser wisdom.
  In the religious field the comparatively few actually circulate the doctrine of the mechanical ascension at the present time, but I am interested in having our students well rounded in their understanding of truth.  There are times when it is wise to point out the doctrines of error so that the sincere are not led into byways of delusion where loss of time and energy occurs and the karmic responsibilities of misleading others also enters into the picture.  For usually when individuals become tethered to wrong thought they are not aware of the nature of the thought and thus presume it to be light and truth. Believing thusly they do not hesitate to impart their knowledge to others who may have less comprehension than they do and be misled to a greater degree, all of which could become a karmic responsibility of the one who misleads the other.
  Let me clearly indicate to you the power of divine grace and how mankind, through infinite and holy prayer--an 'infinite prayer' being the great inward groanings of the soul, and 'holy prayer' being the conscious implorations to Deity made with the purity of right concepts--may draw forth from the Godhead the grace that is sufficient for every hour, that will expand the light and consciousness to such Christlike proportions as will literally draw God-awareness into the individual focus of consciousness, enabling each one to rise not only through the balancing of karma--through overcoming error--but also spiritually through the attainment of the fullness of God's gift of divine Sonship, the right-you-all (or ritual) of the ascension whereby the Sun-ray of individual being is drawn up the ladder of light to the Great Sun Source.
  I do not deny that some have attained to the powers of the kingdom of heaven through an attempted action of rote and what We might term partial elements of cosmic science.  Yet in all such cases, because the grace of God is greatly absent and the power and pressure of individual attainment is utilized rather than 'Thine is the power', such a one must sometime, somewhere painstakingly retrace each stitch of partial accomplishment until all is properly placed by divine grace in the garments of the High Priest (True Being).
  Let all recognize then that mere mechanics are not the prime requisite in the knowledge of God, but the pure power of love is the perception of the Infinite.  The Creator's expanding love will enter into every area of life when invited until the temple is flooded with such ineffable light as will automatically raise every facet of your life into its victory and freedom.   
  And therefore there is strife, division, criticism and all manner of that mortal consciousness so devious as to captivate the soul in these sockets of time and space and the stickiness of karma that will not let go until you transcend its plane and discover yourself somewhere else--the point of light.  Then nothing, nothing can hold you back!    Though you may yet carry that pack of karma on your back awaiting the cycles of its transmutation, beloved ones, you are free!  You know the I AM is in you and with you and not alone above you. You act in the name of God, on behalf of God, as God, for you are God!
  This awareness then can be yours preceding the full balancing of your karma.  Hasten the day, I say!  Meditate as you are taught.  Remind yourself of the flame of Luxor.  Paint a picture of it with your own hand.  Put it above your bed where you will see it once a day  just as a reminder to think of me and my own as we stand on the points of that geometric star-formation surrounding that mighty central focus. Beloved ones, there are manifold stars interconnected in a divinely geometric pattern.  And thus those with greater and lesser light may stand closer or farther from the central flame on the points of these interpenetrating stars.
  Beloved ones, all who are invited to attend the ritual of an individual ascension in the light are invited because they are ready to participate in the experience, which adds unto each one something more of the measure of the ascended one.  Think of any one here in your midst.  Would it not be a great joy to gather round at Luxor as this disciple or chela, this brother or sister you have known for so many years, should stand in the center of that flame?  It is the unspeakable joy.  It is worth the striving, worth pressing through, pushing on, knowing the goal is before you.  You must have a constant reminder of your goals.  When you look at the whitened obelisk, reminiscent of the alabaster of the City of Light on ancient Atlantis it ought to remind you of Luxor.  But perhaps you think only as far as this nation's capital without remembering that there is a threefold flame.     -Serapis Bey  October 28, 1984 Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
8)   And remember, dearest hearts, that the goal of the ascension is not merely a goal of reunion with God, but the goal of the ascension is to intensify ascending currents in the aura, in the garment, in the sacred fire that rises upon the spinal altar.  This blazing, accelerating flame that swirls around one's presence becomes that very garment, first of the transfiguration, then the resurrection, then the ascension.
  The goal of the ascension, beloved ones, is to be the living presence of the ascension-flame on earth.  As you set for yourself this goal recognize then, as you have been taught, that it too is a magnet and therefore it must be sustained in a mighty way.
  The ascension flame as the flame of the hope of the Divine Mother, beloved, is a communicator and a receiving station of communication with all worlds in the matter-cosmos and worlds above.  For this flame is pure light! light! light! light! light! that expands as from the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity.  These beings with myself, beloved, and others of the archeiai and the ladies of heaven have appeared to many a child as a fairy godmother, as a fairy queen with trooping elementals.
  And do you know, this is the greatest delight of little children, and they love to hear stories of fairy queens and fairy godmothers and goddesses.  It is because We carry this flame of whitefire, divine hope, and the child can see the pattern of the ascent.
  Thus if you would wear the garment that heals on contact, beloved, know that this garment must be free from psychicism, which is the antithesis of hope and the ascension flame, free of death and hell and astral substance.  And psychicism, beloved, is not merely the mark of those who go after the spirits that mutter and peep and other sources of lower entities for their daily guidance.  It is much more than this, beloved.  It includes the idolatrous cult, the selfish self, the self engaged in too much misuse of the sacred fire and expending of the life-force…..
  The fire of the ascension flame, beloved, as hope does indeed therefore bring to you the quickening of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially all discernment of spirits that is coming through Paul the Venetian and the Holy Spirit.  Understand the, that it is the white flame of purity that enables you to know exactly the vibrations that come upon you or upon the earth.  The all-knowing Mind of God is truly present in the flame of purity.   -Archeia Hope  January 2, 1987 Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet   
……………………… …………………… ……………………….…........................
9)   Blessed hearts, a path of individualism was extolled by Moses and the prophets.  Supreme individuals were they who responded to the individualization of the God-flame, I AM THAT I AM.  And the great individualist Christ Jesus with the apostles, the great revolutionaries of the East, all have come singularly consumed by sacred fire, moving among men, holding a balance, preserving an Earth and an evolution for your own maturity and divine sonship in this hour.
  Thus the path of freedom squarely set upon freewill does acknowledge that some, including the embodied fallen angels, have chosen to pursue a course of death and war, manipulation by temporal power and moneyed instruments, beloved.  And their interests have not been with and for and by the people who share the common light of the one loaf of the LORD's table.  Nay, I tell you, their agenda has been the rivalry of various orders of fallen angels who have sought to take from these little ones the light of their emergent Christhood.              
-Archangel Zadkiel   November 25, 1987 Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet      (bu N. Roerich)
10)   Now in this hour of our communion I draw you to the etheric octave and my retreat in Kashmir.  It is the place where Jesus often stays.  And from that point We send out the call that all souls of light who have had attainment on earth, who have known the bonding to the living Christ (as those of the golden age on Atlantis under Jesus Christ did) might have in this hour and day the opportunity for the fulfillment of their mission, unless of course that mission requires them to return again to Earth.  For We must not, as has been said, skim off all of the cream in one dispensation.
  Therefore We search by the Mind of God all souls who are destined to have the victory in this hour.  We start with this room and with concentric rings of souls upon souls who are a part of this activity and those beyond it who have managed to increase light and hold it in this life.  Blessed ones, We come up with a certain million of souls on earth who could be ready and could take their ascension at the conclusion of their present life.  This would be a great boon to the planet and set the momentum for that path.  The great boon, of course, would also be that they should be in the earth and set the example and become with Us world teachers.
  By the grace of God and Our Lord Maitreya and Manjushri I share the office of World Teacher with our beloved Jesus the Christ.  We then have called for you to become world teachers, to take Our training at Maitreya's Mystery School in Montana, to know the disciplines of the path, to come into alignment with that Holy Christ Self and to surely be the loving presence of the heavenly hosts unto all whom you meet.
  May you desire to increase in the presence of the Holy Spirit!  May you know that aura of Love….Think of those things that you have accomplished or acquired in life, whether knowledge or the world's goods or friendships or whatever has been your desire.  Think of how when you have fulfilled your desires you have somehow neutralized the desire itself.  And so there does come a time when you no longer need that certain thing or someone or situation to give you happiness or a sense of completeness.  It is finished.  Now you have the same energy to seek, to fulfill the desiring of the God within you.  I know, for I have trained novices, neophytes and those well advanced on the path that it is an unwritten law that each one gets what he wants in life.  For the want is the sense of absence of something that becomes the desire to have it.
  Now then, can you not see how many things life has brought to you to fill in every need of your heart and mind?  Will you not feel then the completeness of God within you even though you yourself may not feel complete?  May you lean upon that wholeness, love that wholeness that God is and enter it.  And may you conclude this series of lectures and dictations by a reexamination of your goals and the focus of your heart.
  Precious is the light of the mind!  Precious is the light of the eye and the third eye!  Do not waste it with attention on outer things and TV and everything that passes through the day.  Look within!  Let the energy build.  Let the light of the Divine Mother ascend upon the altar of your being.  Be a concentrated center of light and make yourself a representative of the Great White Brotherhood where you are.  Be God's rep where you work and serve and where you live, but tell no one; just be it.
  May you know the one great quality that is sought after that comes from the auric rings of Maitreya and his true bodhisattvas.  It is the quality of kindness, almost overlooked in this hurried world, almost thought of as unnecessary.  Yet what do you remember most about anyone?  A kindness, a gesture, a sincere concern, a practical helpfulness, a perception of your need before you yourself know it.  Kindness, beloved, is an aura of strength.  Until you encounter someone who has that full-bodied flame, which surely relates to Maitreya, you may not even know just what the fullness of the cup of kindness can be.
  I speak of this, for it is well for the student on the path to select a virtue and in selecting the virtue that he will make his own, his signet and his mark in life, study the course of Maitreya and the buddhas and bodhisattvas as to what they consider to be the most essential element whereby the blessed tie can be made from their hearts to those who suffer--suffer by their misconceptions, suffer by many things that have been told to them by false teachers, a tangled web of deception that must be untangled and cast into the fire.
  Yes, beloved, understand that the kindness of the Buddha is an all-encompassing, all-enfolding aura.  May you long to have it because you desire, in the spirit of Lord Ling, to bring the flame of God-happiness to all.  Many, many people are not happy, beloved.  They surely are miserable in their souls yet cannot even articulate what pain they experience in aloneness.  People who are surrounded by many yet feel unloved, for they do not love themselves as God—they have needs.
  I ask you to begin to rejoice in the givingness of Self that meets the very specific need of anyone or everyone who is near you.  This is the mark and the sign of a true teacher.  You do not have to be perfected in elocution or the delivery of the Word, but you must be effective in opening up the heart and releasing that kindness which all will feel no matter how limited your powers of speech or your vocabulary.
  When I was embodied as Saint Francis I did not always have the power of speech.  It grew upon me and in me.  As I communed with all levels of life—the animal kingdom, the birds and the flowers--I began to know a language of love.  And in the imparting of love and the multifaceted vibrations of love I would tune in to the particular note, the wavelength that would summon the forces of elemental life and I would see the aura and the rejoicing.
  Yet I myself had moments of great burden and sorrow as I moved through life and sought to perfect the Order.  At the end, beloved, I thought I had failed, failed to convince my brethren that the vow of poverty and Mother Poverty herself would give the greatest virtue and foundation to the Church.  Thus, beloved, so it does occur even in the life of one who might be considered a saint that karma does descend, that the dark night of the soul takes its season and toll.  And the Dark Night of the Spirit is the blackest night of all….
  O minister to life, beloved, and more!  Now embark upon your true mission to be world teachers.  If you desire to place yourselves under our tutelage, come to the Ranch if you will.  And if you cannot, study where you are.   But be assured that when you apply to Us We will begin that course and direct you in the ways of the training that you need.  And if you call to Us, We will see to it that you will encounter every individual on earth whom your karma requires you to contact and give the gift of understanding.  Is not the gift of understanding the gift of kindness?  Aye, it is, surely it is.  Is there no greater unkindness than to leave someone in ignorance?    
(by Schmiecheen, 1884)
                -Kuthumi  5-5-1991 via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

11)    O beloved, obedience is not hard when you have been touched by divine Love in a measure beyond your present comprehension.  Love that permeates all being is first of all a forgiving love—God’s forgiving of you and your forgiving of all parts of life.  Forgiving love is a saturating love, a healing love, a love of resolution.     -Serapis Bey October 11, 1991 via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
12)      Beloved ones, We do indeed hold the balance for Earth’s evolutions.
Understand this.  And treasure in the innermost part of your soul, treasure your light body and the very manifestation of your causal body.  Know that We do intensify the action of all that has gone before and all that shall be manifest on earth.  Thus We are Helios and Vesta, your Father-Mother God.  We are that Father-Mother.  And you are that Father-Mother, for God is in each and every one.  God is in each and every one of you.  God is in each and every one of you!
  And the pulsating flame of God pulsates day and night and night and day, from birth to extension of life to absolute God-victory. This is the experience that you have had from ancient times until the present.  You have had the nurturing of your Father-Mother God Helios and Vesta.
  Think, beloved, if We had never made that vow. And it was indeed a vow—a vow to remain with Earth’s evolutions until all Our children would rise unto the flame of Mighty Cosmos.
  Now, beloved, We, Helios and Vesta, would seal this conference with a great and mighty manifestation of Elohim, Archangels and Chohans of the Rays by forming ring upon ring upon ring within this hall once this service is concluded. And We ask you to form a circle of oneness that cannot be broken—a circle of oneness whereby Mighty Victory and Omri-Tas will return and return, again and again and again.
  There are so many wondrous lifestreams on the planetary body, beloved.  Even from Our realm it is difficult to conceive of the millions and millions of souls who have right hearts, including yourselves.  Having a right heart, beloved, means having a heart that is loving, a heart that is pure, a heart that is indeed right.  Think about the right heart that dwells within you.  And know how much you can realize through the courage of the heart, how much you can realize of God whose flame burns now again and again and again upon the altar of each heart.
  So now, precious ones of Mighty Victory, precious ones who are little children, precious ones who are moving on toward the stations of heaven to remain or to return, so God in His infinite mercy sending through Elohim does send to you this day Our promise.  And that promise is that every lightbearer upon earth who shall remember to call to the violet flame daily shall know such a manifestation of world transmutation that, as you look back and think about it, you will say to yourselves:  “What a wondrous gift God has given us!  Let us multiply it many times over and give it back to Him so that all the children of the world, all who grieve, all who are dying may know that there truly is Life everlasting.”  And that Life everlasting belongs to each and every one of you, including those of you here and everywhere on earth.  Think of this, beloved.  For We, Helios and Vesta, have tended the flame for you for aeons.  So the worlds are spinning.  So the ancient worlds are rising and descending.  But from the Beginning to the Ending you are the sons and daughters of God.  Therefore We salute thee and We bow before you.
  You can empower yourself by mirroring God within your soul.  Entering into the path of bhakti yoga, the path of personal devotion to the Guru, is one way to do this.  As you give your devotions bow to your Gurus as they appear before you in your mind’s eye and spare not your undying gratitude to Helios and Vesta and to the God and Goddess Meru for sponsoring your lifestream on the path of the Sun.  Let this practice which makes perfect be for you the extending of the light of your heart in a filigree thread that makes a direct line from your heart to the heart of Helios and Vesta.  Follow this line of your heart, visualize it, meditate on it and realize that you can know the moment when you have made contact with the heart of Helios and Vesta.
  Be aware of that moment and of the pulsation of the ray from your heart as it returns to you charged with the love of your Father-Mother God.  Now guard the flow and keep the filigree thread intact so that the currents of the Sun may continue to flow to you.  Do not go a day without engaging in this interchange whereby you give yourself to Helios and Vesta and They give themselves to you on the return current of Their love. In a sense you become Helios and Vesta and They become you.  This is a cosmic interchange of energies between God and man.  It follows the pattern of the figure-eight whereby at the nexus you enter infinity.
  When you achieve this oneness with Helios and Vesta and you sustain it by reciting their mantras and singing to the Great Central Sun you will live within the corona of the Sun, as it were, here below.  You will feel the momentum of the corona building and you will perceive that there is an arc of light between you and your Sun-Parents so powerful that you may never again be disconnected from Helios and Vesta unless you willfully disconnect yourself.  But you must call upon God Harmony who together with Serapis Bey keeps the flame of harmony on the six o’clock line of your cosmic clock that you might maintain harmony in your relationship to Helios and Vesta.
  As you send love missiles from your heart to Helios and Vesta there is a strengthening of the bond between you and Them--a tightening.  There is a securing of your oneness with the Father-Mother light of this solar system until you discover (after weeks and sometimes months and years of maintaining this ritual) that God multiplies His light magnificently in you through the very spiritual/physical rays of the Sun and that you in turn multiply the presence of Helios and Vesta about you here below.     
-Helios and Vesta:  7-9-1998 at San Diego via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    Call/Salutation to Helios and Vesta                              
 O mighty Presence of God, I AM, in and behind the Sun:
I welcome Thy light which floods all the Earth
Into my life, into my mind, into my spirit, into my soul.
Radiate and blaze forth Thy light!
Break the bonds of darkness and superstition!
Charge me with the great clearness of Thy whitefire radiance!
I AM Thy child and each day I shall become more of thy manifestation!  (3x)

Helios and Vesta!  Helios and Vesta!  Helios and Vesta!
Let the light flow into my being!
Let the light expand in the center of my heart!
Let the light expand  in the center of the earth!
And let the Earth be transformed into the new day!   (3x) 


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