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We are your coaches; We are your teachers

    The service of untold numbers of ascended as well as unascended initiates of the first ray is greatly needed.   And there is grave concern among those who meet in Darjeeling today even while you keep your vigil here.   For, beloved, this midpoint of the decade marks a major turning of events and a turning of karmic cycles fallen due.  And whether or not that turning becomes a downward turning and precipitates a fatal event in Earth’s history depends on the commitment of lightbearers who will come together to offer fervent prayers and decrees for the turning back of those things which may come upon the Earth.  
  If these things are unleashed--and I shall speak more of them in a moment, beloved--then you will see that it will be difficult to turn around a civilization and the darkness that will ensue.  I speak then of drugs, all types of drugs--heroin, cocaine, marijuana, et cetera.   I speak of these drugs invading the minds of people of all ages.  I speak of these drugs causing an alteration in the genetic code of individuals and eventually in their offspring. I speak of the use of drugs throughout the world, and I say that their widespread use is preventing the light of God from rising on the spinal altar of all those who partake of them.
  Beloved, the drug czars appointed by Presidents Bush and Clinton to deal with drugs and drug trafficking have betrayed their trust, have betrayed the people, have betrayed the children.  Thus there is a diabolical history of drug use in this land and elsewhere.  This will contribute to the fall of civilization.  Mark my word, beloved.
  Even more devastating and also of grave concern to the Darjeeling Council is the destructive influence of the laggard evolutions who at one time were invited to come to Earth.  And they did come, beloved.  And some have made progress on the spiritual path and have actually come into an awareness of their own I AM Presence, becoming profoundly spiritual.   But the large majority are still seized with the hatred they have held against other laggard races whom they knew long ago when they made war with one another and in that war actually destroyed their own planetary home.
  These individuals do not think as you think.  And I speak of the radical branches of these laggard evolutions.  They are seized with a madness, seized with demons and controlled by aliens who come in their spacecraft.
  There are benign beings who travel in spacecraft and there are not-so-benign beings who travel in spacecraft.  (And any ascended master may use a spacecraft at will or not at all.)  Some aliens come in spacecraft on the astral plane and go undetected by Earth’s people.  Such as these are bent on destroying civilization, extracting the genetic code of human life and stealing the genetic material of humanity in order to combine it with the 'less human' genes of the evolutions of their planetary systems.  And you have heard countless reports about people who have been abducted.  Blessed ones, you can call forth the full power of Archangel Michael for your protection. 
  You have the Great Central Sun Magnet and you must use it. Use it faithfully to demagnetize your brains and your physical bodies of any and all implants, even those of a psychic nature, whether they originate on the astral plane or on the mental plane. For the most part these are invisible in the physical octave.
  Giving your 'Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree' and your calls to Archangel Michael for absolute protection is essential while you are at the crossroads of intergalactic battles.   For you are the ones who are potentially Christs and, in some cases, already Christs, blessed by the Holy Spirit and taking action on behalf of the people of Earth.
  I tell you then, beloved, that that which is plotted by these laggard evolutions is germ warfare in its darkest, most hideous manifestation.  Blessed ones, these fanatical ones are determined to destroy the United States.  They are determined to destroy nation after nation until they have gained control over what they deem to be their lands, their monies and their strongholds in the Earth.  Their plots, as you know, are going on right before your very eyes.
  Furthermore, beloved, as you may be aware, there are types of viruses that are being discovered in the Earth today that are so lethal that they can destroy the population of an entire city.  This then is another of my grave concerns.  For while We plant the Tree of Life at this Mystery School and on this ranch, while We raise up in you sons and daughters of God ready to stand on the threshold of eternal Life and to enter into eternal Life at the conclusion of this embodiment, We see that there is such great darkness in the Earth as to potentially eclipse the great good that the Great White Brotherhood is able to accomplish through you and all lightbearers of the world.
  Thus seek protection early.  And know, beloved, that because of the unpredictability of the human consciousness if the planetary plot of fallen ones in their germ warfare is not exposed and dealt with, no one (including the ascended masters) will be able to say just when or where this deadly warfare will be unleashed….
  You must be aware that at the midpoint of this decade things could begin to go downhill and be accelerated by the very momentum of their downward spiral.  Or you can turn things around and enter into a fusion of your soul with the living God.  Some of you, because you are one with God, having achieved that oneness out of the profound love of your hearts and your devotion over many centuries, are not concerned whether you must lay down your lives.  But, beloved hearts, God is concerned, for God would have you in embodiment.  God would preserve the Earth; God does not desire to see cataclysm.
  I tell you, beloved, when We speak of the last plagues in the Earth it is important to remember that these last plagues are not merely the sicknesses unto death that you know about, but they also involve unseen viruses and diseases that you do not know about and for which presently there is no cure.  And so, beloved, I now turn my attention to the Tibetan monasteries, where the original purity of Buddhism has been kept alive for centuries by the monks and nuns.  I speak to you then as monks and nuns of the Pure Land and I say, if you will return to giving your early morning decrees before breakfast and if you will work on these issues with a great fervor of heart, you will be able to deal with the last plagues.  For We will send reinforcements by the power of Astrea in answer to your call. 
  Following is the thoughtform I would give you for your visualization.  Visualize the circle and sword of Astrea encircling viruses that cannot be seen except under a microscope.  Visualize billions times billions of the Electronic Presence of Astrea around them.  And use your Astrea decrees henceforth to encircle all kinds of evil-life-forms that have been planted in the Earth, that have survived the sinking of continents and cataclysms and yet remain, and others, beloved --and this is what I wish you to know--that have been deposited in the Earth recently by aliens in UFOs.
  I sound the alarm this day.  You ought to be alarmed and you ought to realize that the power of the sacred fire that is in your hand, if you will make use of it daily, can turn around and consume these foul viruses in the Earth.  But this planetary clearance must be done by those who are initiates….We then have grave concern about many situations and yet We have tremendous and abundant joy.  As has been said before, beloved, this Earth is in your hands.  We are your coaches; We are your teachers; We tell you where the trouble is and what you must do.  But it is your hour to achieve the victory; it is your hour to liberate this planet and her people.    
                                     -Lanello:  2-26-1995 via Messenger E C Prophet 

 I AM, I AM, I AM the Law of Loving Service here!
 I AM, I AM, I AM the blessing of Christ-cheer!
 I AM, I AM, I AM the healing hands of peace!
 I AM, I AM, I AM God-Freedom’s full release!

-The Masters’ Vessel by Lanello   
-Noah at Yerevan

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