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the greatest weapon of the fallen ones

   Many years ago I promised this Messenger that when great numbers of souls would come I would sponsor the place.  And therefore she sent out the call to me, and I have been so preparing and so holding this land and this forcefield.  
(by H. Schmiechen, 1884)
    -Kuthumi:  9-20-1981at Royal Teton Ranch, MT; Pearl 24:74

Here's the astrologic chart for this event--

  Notice Mercury conjoins Pluto--this pair trines Moon, sextiles Neptune and is at 1-11th of circle to Uranus.  
  By solar progression (at rate of 1 degree/year) the Sun progresses to natal Mercury/Pluto in September 2007--moving forward 26 degrees in 26 years.        
  Kuthumi is the leader of the Royal Teton Ranch and this is the RTR's natal chart; 9-20-1981 was a Sunday.  By solar progression the Sun conjoined natal Jupiter by October 1999.       -r, mt. shasta   (Neroli D. passed away 11-26-2017 of cancer at Bozeman.) 
  If we are truly desirous of forging a golden age, we will stay with the sacred fire, we will stay with the violet flame, we will stay with the Masters.  And we will clean up our own consciousness, our own chakras, our own worlds until we can see clearly the light that unites us and the energy veil that separates us, which can be thrown into the flame.  We must exorcise all that causes division.  This is the greatest weapon of the fallen ones–their divide-and-conquer tactics.  And they divide us over the silliest of issues!      
                                               -Messenger ECP:  7-6-1995
  At the time of this meeting with Carla in 2001 the Elders (24-man Council of Elders) were reporting that there was an in-house fight between Neroli Duffy and Kenneth Frazier for the position of spiritual head of our church.  Ken Frazier had even approached Mother asking her to bestow upon him the mantle of the Vicar of Christ.  Mother adamantly refused.  And so the battle for the position of the Vicar of Christ began.
  According to the rebuttal letter written by Rev. Linda Worobec to “Sufficiency Unto the Guru,” her statement is as follows “The facts are:  the Ministerial Council was appointed by the Board of Directors and confirmed by the Council of Elders to exercise eight enumerated duties of the Vicar of Christ that the Messenger previously fulfilled.”  The ministerial council was formed to divide this mantle between five ministers . They are Ken Frazier, Tani Kingston, Gene Vosseler, Annice Booth and Marilyn Barrick.
The “White Paper” written by the Duffys appears to usurp the remaining eight duties.
  We told Carla that we did not support Neroli Duffy or Ken Frazier as spiritual head of our church, we believe that Mother is God’s anointed Messenger and is the spiritual head of Church Universal and Triumphant.  We believe that Mother has the anointed mantle of the Vicar of Christ that was given to her by Jesus for her life….
  Now we see that recently some of the leadership are working hard to convince the congregation and staff that Mother has passed her mantles on to them.  Mother retired from her administrative duties but not as Messenger.  The “White Paper” states that “when Mark took his leave of this octave Mother had to become Mark.  Now that our Messenger is withdrawing to enter the white fire core of being we must become the fullness of the Mother.  It continues to say that the organization must ask the question when faced with difficult situations, “What would Mother do?”  Every chela’s karma and circumstance is different.  It appears that the “White Paper” is giving leadership the mantles of Guru and not just authority in administrative duties.  The leadership also chooses “what Mother would do,” according to their own agenda such as ignoring the democratic governance with checks and balances, which Mother and Gilbert tried to put in place before she left.
  It also appears that Neroli and Peter have written the “White Paper.”  The “White Paper” gives leadership the authority to usurp Mother’s mantles including the mantle of the Vicar of Christ. Have they forgotten that the mantle of the Vicar of Christ was given to Mother by Jesus for life?  Communicant letters of due process are also being sent from their desk to keepers of the flame from the office of the presidents.
  In our opinion the “White Paper” is laced with serpentine logic.
In 2001 Peter Duffy spoke to a group of keepers concerned about the governance of our church.  He proposed that leadership was working on a governance structure that consisted of an inner circle of five individuals that could not be voted in or out.  This circle would represent a theocracy and would be above any representative governance within our church….
  When Neroli lost her position as president, Kate Gordon told us that there was a desperate attempt by leadership to find a job for Neroli.  Neroli tried to get a job in editorial because she wanted to write books.  The editorial team who had been trained by Mother refused her.  Neroli did not have the educational background in English studies or the discipline of the rigorous training under Mother to edit our teachings.  Shortly after Neroli was refused, almost all of the editorial team were fired.  Neroli became head of editorial, with Peter and Annice Booth behind the scenes.  Kate Gordon became manager of editorial….
  Neroli Duffy is the last remaining staff member that signed the document to remove the code of conduct that was on the executive board in 1997….One of the jobs Neroli has is the head of the spiritual focus committee.  This committee decides all issues to be decreed on in our church.  Some e-mails sent to keepers all over the world are incorrect or incomplete teachings such as the memo sent from Neroli saying that it is not necessary to decree on the 12th planet, even though Mother said that calls on the 12th planet are very important for the future of our children….One teen cried while telling us that Neroli said that if the children were upset by anything she had said that they were not to tell their parents about it but speak to the ministers….
  The tactics that leadership used in dividing the Moscow teaching center are the same as they have used in taking over other teaching centers around the world.  The Moscow board was responsible for uniting over 5000 keepers at the same time that the present leadership had lost a huge percentage of world membership.
  Many keepers of the flame knew of the planned agenda of the leadership several weeks before they went to Russia.  All of us watched in disbelief as they fulfilled their plan and then attempted to tell keepers that their actions in Russia were not premeditated….
  Since 1997 Neroli has made statements, in front of her co-workers on staff, that she wanted to remove Ketino from her position of being involved with Russian keepers….
  Kate and Neroli mentioned to Tonya that they wear Mother’s rings while they decree.  Recently during the New Year conference Linda Worobec wore Mother’s rings on the altar.  We understand she blesses alpha crystals with Mother’s rings.
-Ian and Tonya Scott, 3-25-2004 email to field of students of Teachings
August 2003, Moscow–the Moscow Teaching Center Board reported this in "part 3 of Expose the Truth":
  The third “fight” we had was about taping the meeting.
Neroli (Duffy from RTR, Montana) saw Ketino with the tape-recorder right in the beginning of the meeting (even before the keynote was played).  She asked about it.
NEROLI:  Are you taping?
KETINO:  Yes, we are planning to tape the whole event as it is the greatest event of the Moscow Study Group.  We are meeting with the leadership and it is the first meeting we have ever had… and maybe we will not have many.
Then in the middle of the “fight” about Julia, Linda said:
LINDA W.:  No, I don’t want this taped.  We are not taping this.
KETINO:  We are taping here everything as we are supposed to give the KOF and to the Group everything what will happen here.  It is not our opinions or our impressions we are going to present.  We are going to present whatever is taking place in this room.
LINDA:  You know what, Ketino, you don’t have the power to do that.  This is the Church.
KETINO:  We are not the Church and if you have come to the Church, it is a wrong place.
TINA:  We are communicants.  We have the Church inside of us.
KETINO:  Inside of us.  But you have come as an outside representatives of the Church.  And we have not invited you as an outside representatives of the Church.  You are coming and saying: “We are the Church”.  We are saying:  “There is no Church here in Russia in Moscow.  So if you come to the Church, there is no Church here“.
STUART:  As a Church you are required to be registered in Russia as an organization before you are allowed to practice. You cannot do anything until after you are registered.  Are you registered here?
LINDA:  Every Study Group is under the Church aspect of the organization.  And as I am the representative of the Church, every Teaching Center and Study Group is under my jurisdiction.
KATE:  and I am also the president of the Church and of the Summit Lighthouse.
KETINO:  We have raised this issue many times.  This is very unfortunate, that in our organization everything is together and we are not able to meet with the representatives of the KOF or just of TSL.  We have to meet with Church representatives
LINDA:  You don’t want to meet with the organization’s leadership and the fact that we have come all this way to visit you, that’s an indication that basically you are saying that you do not respect our position and mantles.
STUART:  And you must admit that we have expressed to you extreme concerns about security and about your role as Church people here in Moscow.
SU TEAM:  We are not here as Church people.  We are here as the leadership…
KETINO:  You don’t respect the will of the Board.  You respect without knowing the situation only your personal opinions and understanding about what is the Moscow Study Group and you even don’t want to hear from the Board what is the Moscow Study Group.  You are ready to hear what is the Moscow Study Group from the people who are not in good standing, who does nothing, literally nothing in the group…
  It is very difficult for me to be very calm under this pressure.
I am just saying again:  if you wish to speak with the leadership of the MSG, you are welcome to do that.  Maybe this is the first and the last chance for you to do that.  Use it…
Benuard will translate.  I will correct only when he will be translating wrong.  Julia P. is not the person we trust.  Maybe you trust her, but we do not trust her translation, her work…
  If you wish to hear from us you will hear from us.  If you wish to hear from Julia P., you will hear from her.  We don’t mind.  Your choice.
Finally Julia left.  Praise God.
Peter Duffy raised again the issue of the tape.
PETER:  are you taping?
KETINO:  Yes, we are taping the whole meeting.  We will not speak without recording this meeting because you will not do in silence and in secrecy all that you are intended to do.  You intend to make the decisions.  We will be speaking only when the tape recorders are on.
Peter and Norman decided to physically take from us the tape recorders.  Ketino had one in her hands.  The other was in Stuart’s hands.  The women were supporting the men and were encouraging them to fight with us.
Peter tried to take the tape recorder from Ketino’s hand as he was seated next to her.  She drew/took away her right hand with the tape recorder so that Peter could not reach it.
Norman stood up from his chair with the desire to take the tape recorders from Stuart and Ketino.
KETINO:  Norman, are you going to fight with me?
KETINO:  That’s good!

Margarita’s witness about the first part of the meeting: No doubt, these people were angry.  It was a hidden anger, but you could see that in their eyes.  I have never seen such anger as I saw in Norman’s eyes.  The women were also angry, though they spoke softly.  I believe they were angry because the meeting was not going the way they planned it.  I could not imagine that the people who practice the Teachings could behave like that.
This whole three-part “fight” was 27 minutes.  This was the most intense part of the meeting and this was the part which the SU team treated as uncontrolled rage from Ketino.  We would love to have had this meeting to be recorded on video instead of audio so that any person could see for himself/herself the eyes and the faces of people and what was taking place.  Praise God we recorded the meeting at least on audio, though the quality of the recording is pretty poor
  El Morya asked the Council of Elders to “assume the responsibility for the direction and the course” of this worldwide movement….
  The Elders are the only body that can elect and remove members of the Board of Directors and that can elect and remove spiritual leadership. The Church Board is therefore accountable to the Elders as well as to the members of the organization, and we are all accountable before our God. In effect, the Council of Elders is the only body that can provide a check and balance function to the Church Board at this time. However, because 9 Elders are Board members and/or Presidents, and 5 are employees of the Church, the ¾ supermajority required for the Elders to hold the Board accountable is not currently present. Aside from the numerical configurations, there has not been a willingness to consider checks and balances and to be open to different viewpoints.  Rather, failure to agree with a decision has been characterized as not supporting leadership, hierarchy or the organization….
  In addition, "A White Paper on the Path of Initiation," published to the field by the Board (of Directors) and the Ministerial Council (without Elders’ prior knowledge or input) in June 2003, lays out a resolution process (2-13-03).  It says that the process "includes fact-finding, meeting with those involved in person or by phone, giving them the opportunity to respond to questions and concerns.  Only after this process has been followed and the facts ascertained is a decision made.”…
Saint Germain told us “Let us trim the fat and not engage in any projects whatsoever that do not immediately lead to the practical dissemination of this Teaching or of the profile of this Community.  Let there be a reordering in all departments and let the Community come together. And let there be one-pointed direction and let the priorities be established.  For I, Saint Germain, have lined up the advisers at inner levels who will overshadow you. You have but to organize yourselves according to the superior business methods being practiced in this decade of the nineties." (July 4, 1993; Pearls of Wisdom June 19, 1994)…
  Mother said "You have to learn basic arbitration, mediation, handling arguments and disputes with people, taking the side of the soul and the Holy Christ Self rather than the outer personality, and remaining impartial till you’ve heard all sides.  And if you can’t figure the situation out, you can always call us here.”…
  We believe that the Church Board should be interested in understanding why most of the Elders who are not employees or management of the Church disagree with the handling and present actions/nonactions with the Russia situation.  We believe that the Church Board should be interested in listening to a Study Group Board with such an outstanding service record as the Moscow Group when they say they have information to share and are willing to find resolution.  We believe the Church Board should be willing to truly hear 75 KOF in Russia who wrote to say that their experience of working with the Moscow Board was a very good one, instead of only listening to a few who communicated problems. We believe that the Church Board should be willing to listen to over 600 members worldwide when they say they don’t understand why the Church leadership will not follow its own process before making such far-reaching judgments….
  Since the Elders have had no meaningful opportunity to provide input, we do so here to you, beloved Great Karmic Board.  On December 10, as a final attempt for moving forward together, we wrote to the Church Board and made the following suggestions to them:
1 Reinstate the former Moscow Board pending third party or impartial investigation and mediation or allow both groups to continue functioning with their different but compatible missions.
3 Call off the legal actions that are taking place to block Longfellow from publishing the teachings.
5 Retain the services of trained Church mediators to mediate this dispute.
7 Inform the field that these steps are being taken so as to restore the confidence level of the field for leadership.
9 Invite all members of this spiritual body to join in a novena until this situation is resolved, possibly to beloved Great Divine Director, Kuan Yin – Goddess of Mercy, Portia – Goddess of Justice, Cyclopea and Micah – Angel of Unity.
11 Use this situation as an opportunity to instill principle-based operating procedures and checks & balances that will facilitate our organization’s growth on a strong balanced foundation.

   It has been difficult for us to write this letter, just as it has been difficult for us to observe the response of the Church Board to Keepers of the Flame worldwide who are searching for answers and for hope in their leaders.  We see the conflict surrounding the former Moscow Board, as well as several that have gone before, as initiations for everyone involved.  Because we believe in our hearts that failure to bring positive resolution in this situation will have very serious consequences for this mission of bringing the Teachings to the world, we feel it our responsibility to write to the Great Karmic Board with one voice. Great damage has already been done in terms of dividing families and study groups throughout Russia and causing confusion and schism in our worldwide organization.  In addition, the attention of our members is divided and focused away from praying together about worldwide issues.   
  Therefore, we the undersigned Elders, in fulfillment of our role as Elders do petition the Lords of Karma for the righting of all wrongs, for principle-centered leadership and for the restoration of wholeness in the Body of God.  What a victory has been, and still is, waiting in the wings as opportunity — opportunity for all of us to move to a higher level of service to God and to God in one another….
Decree 0.09
      Beloved I AM Presence, beloved Lords of Karma, I desire this day, by the authority of the Christ within me, to register a complaint, to call to the attention of the hosts of heaven this injustice which I have witnessed and I have perceived.  And in the name of Almighty God I withdraw all of God’s energy from that injustice and I command that that spiral of injustice be arrested now!
      I ask the Lords of Karma to diligently consider the righting of all wrong, the balancing of God-justice in the lives of all individuals concerned; and I ask that my call be adjusted according to the will of God and that it be implemented according to that will.
  In the flame of Brotherhood,
Martin Acevedo, Alberta Fredricksen, Paula Kehoe, Christophe Lambert, Patricia Spadaro
cc: Keepers of the Flame
From: Paula Kehoe
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 9:53 PM
Subject: Moscow actions
let’s ask ourselves these questions:

1.  Even if the Moscow group is being conservative in their concerns, why would we take the risk of going against their expertise and experience and possibly damage the group's ability to meet and grow.  For all of our research, we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that no adverse action will happen to the Moscow Study Group or its Board members.  We are not the people in the line of fire, nor the people responsible for the great work being done in Russia. Why would we seek to gamble with the safety and productivity of such an active and effective group?

2.  We could also be risking both the Moscow group's physical safety as well as our leaders from the States.  Why is this deemed necessary?  There is an old saying that "if it ain't broke don't fix it”.  One of my business associates was in a legal business in Russia and quit because, though it was legal, he was continually harassed by mafia/ex-KGB officials and bureaucrats.  The "legality" of his business wasn't enough to guarantee his personal safety.  Yes we can do decrees for everyone's safety, but to roughly quote Morya, "Don't stand in the way of an avalanche".

3.  More to the point, this situation keys into our organization's unresolved identity conflict of the role of the "Church" as a church with its necessary aspect of sacraments and blessings and the role of the "Summit Lighthouse" as a nondenominational publishing house, point of dissemination of the Masters' teachings and home to the spiritual fraternity of the Keepers of the Flame.  We have previously discussed this conflict but never truly resolved it within our organization….It is not my desire to increase conflict, but to resolve it.  The stakes are very high in Russia and I agree with Alberta that everything possible needs to be done to protect these individuals and the mission in Russia.
   Best regards, Paula
From: Christophe Lambert
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 3:28 PM
Subject: RE: Open Letter to the Presidents

  Can any deny that the replacement of the Board of Moscow was preplanned?  How can you tell?  Vague innuendo about Ketino has been circulating for some time -- even among the Elders.  The pattern is simple and has been repeated too many times for me to stay silent:  find some fault in a person that has just enough reality to stick, go press their buttons, and then remove them while all sit by and watch thinking, "yes, there was some truth to that criticism, I guess I can let this one go by and still sleep at night”.  Well spiritually Rome is burning and the fiddle music is deafening, though my head is buried in my pillow like everyone else's.
  If you dig deep enough, the root of this entire pattern is simple and ugly: envy.  Envy for those who have a following, thinking it must be a personality cult -- envy by those who want their own personality cult and believe they do God's service by satisfying this desire.  If this was about removing a personality cult, why do we not use an impersonal and transparent process?
  What is the criticism leveled at Ketino?  Namely that she is building up her fiefdom and is a tyrant, and is not submitting to the authority of those who feel they know better than her and her coworkers.  Lest we forget, Ketino stepped down before, submitting to this same authority.  When this occurred, those who came to fill in the void were ineffective, so Ketino stepped in to serve again when those who wanted positions instead of to labor in the fields petered out.
 I am sick at heart that our best servants are being decimated.  The fruits of those who have served so long in Moscow are evident and abundantly good.
 Woe be to those who divide another’s house -- they shall never have unity at home.  Woe be to us if we sit idly by and watch this take place again and again and again.
 Dear Board of Directors -- please intervene this time.  Let us not reinvoke the karma of the schisms in the Christian church -- particularly with Russia.  Can we not do a little better this lifetime?
 Please do not be offended by these words but see what grains of truth can be used to further the work of the Brotherhood. 
     Onward to Victory!   Sincerely, Christophe
From: Patricia Spadaro
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 7:31 PM
To: 'Elders'
Subject: An appeal to your hearts
To the Board of Directors and Council of Elders,
   This situation, and the issues surrounding it, will have profound effects on our Church, on our Keepers of the Flame Fraternity and on the mission of spreading the Teachings. And this is not the first such situation we have faced in the last several years.  But I ask myself, how many wrenching divisions can we sustain before the ship is damaged beyond repair? 
   Where we have not been able to make peace before when such situations have arisen, today we have been given another chance:  we must see this challenge as an opportunity for deep resolution and healing.   I do not know all the details in this situation and thus cannot speak about details or make judgments.  But I do know that we will be held accountable for how we deal with this situation.
   We will be held accountable as to whether we have done everything in our power to extend opportunity upon opportunity to our brothers and sisters on the path through honorable, loving and clear communication and dialogue (as well as due processes of resolution)—or whether we have shut our ears and our hearts and turned our backs. 
  We will be held accountable for examining our own actions—and for having the courage to change our actions where change is needed. 
  We will be held accountable to extend forgiveness—and to ask for forgiveness.  And, perhaps most importantly, we will be held accountable if through any of our actions or non-actions, we have hurt or hindered any of God’s little ones.
   It is the little ones I think about.  My biggest concern is not for us. No, my biggest concern is for the souls who deserve to come into contact with the Teachings and to have the support of the loving Sangha that should be attached to those Teachings but who may turn away from the Teachings because of what they hear and because of what they see—and because they are confused about what they hear and what they see. This will be our greatest accountability.
  My brothers and sisters, I appeal to your heart of hearts to join me in this prayer,     Patricia
From: Former Moscow Board
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 3:24 PM
Subject: From Moscow
Importance: High
Dear Board of the Church Universal and Triumphant and Summit Lighthouse,
  …There must have been a major misunderstanding between us for this to happen.  So we want to clear any and all issues that are a problem.  We want to answer any questions that you have. We are not personally attached to our positions on the Board (in the past 2 years all of us have had a spell not on the Board), but we are passionate about maintaining a constructive progression of the Brotherhood’s work here.  We have always sought to keep the needs of the Russian-speaking Keepers of the Flame at the forefront of our endeavors.
  Although the Headquarters team has said that we were “not good leaders” we have tried hard here in Russia to publish, practice and spread the Ascended Masters Teachings at the highest possible standards. In these years, by the Grace of God, we have done these things for the Lightbearers and the Masters….The Moscow Keepers have sent between three to four thousand dollars every year, back to Ranch as royalties.  While there have always been difficulties harmonizing the needs of American and Russian law, particularly as regards publishing, we have always striven to act first and foremost on the basis of the cosmic honor flame….We do not understand how it serves the Brotherhood’s interest to wipe out almost 8 years of heartfelt and at times dangerous work by the former Moscow Board – by denying licenses for our publishing house, banning our translated video and audio lectures, Russian decree tapes and music.  Keepers here have been informed that they may not use any of the materials developed in Moscow that have Ketino’s voice on them. Years of work are being wiped out almost instantly and what will replace it?  How will the Keepers respond to this sudden change of attitude by the Church leadership? 
  We plead with you not to take this situation lightly or to again respond to us with silence.  We do not understand how it serves the Brotherhood’s interest to wipe out almost 8 years of heartfelt and at times dangerous work by the former Moscow Board – by denying licenses for our publishing house, banning our translated video and audio lectures, Russian decree tapes and music.  Keepers here have been informed that they may not use any of the materials developed in Moscow that have Ketino’s voice on them. Years of work are being wiped out almost instantly and what will replace it? How will the Keepers respond to this sudden change of attitude by the Church leadership? 
  We have to ask the question again.  What have we done so wrong that would cause our removal, and even more importantly, cause the splintering of a mighty united force that is holding a great balance in Russia?…But there are ways to resolve this situation by addressing some key issues.  We think it is not true, that we were given fair warning of complaints about the Board and that our Board did nothing to correct any alleged problems. We also ask, how did some Russian Keepers know (and even announce) that we were being removed before the Church representatives arrived? Was the removal of our Board done according to the high standards set for our organization?…Let us take steps towards peace and resolution rather than strife and division. There is still time and we have a world to save.
 The Former Board members of the Moscow Study Group
 Cc: The Elders
October 16, 2003 
Dear Ketino, Margarita, Nina, Sergey, and Stuart,
  This is to respond to your request for a meeting with the board of directors….The opportunity to discuss concerns, however, was cut off by one person’s behavior at the meeting, and the support of that behavior by four other board members . Due to the extraordinary nature of the behavior and the unwillingness to discuss the serious issues being raised, an assessment was made that immediate action was required to protect the interests of the organization and its members.  Management from Montana then made an operational decision to remove five members of the board. This decision was endorsed by the Board of Directors....
  We are sending this letter to our Summit University Press Representative in Moscow, Benuard Krupnik, to translate into Russian and email to each of you directly both in Russian and in English. If individuals would like to respond, you are welcome to do so by email or telephone. 
 The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant Board of Directors
 October 28, 2003       
 Dear Fellow Sons and Daughters of God,
…To review, the team from Montana came to talk informally with the then-current board members about concerns — both ours and theirs.  The opportunity to discuss concerns, however, was cut off by one person’s behavior at the meeting.  Other study group board members supported this behavior.  Due to the extraordinary nature of the behavior and the unwillingness to discuss the serious issues raised, an assessment was made that immediate action was required to protect the interests of the organization and its members.  Management from Montana then made an operational decision to remove five members of the board. This decision was endorsed by the Board of Directors.  This action of dismissing former board members and appointing new volunteer board members until new elections are held in January 2004 is clearly authorized in “The Summit Lighthouse Study Group Trademark License Agreement and Bylaws” Section 2.04 (b) which were signed in 1997 by some of the former board members when the study group was formed.
  “Much of the division within this Community is the result of the closed legalistic approach to governance in which HQ has entrenched itself….Individuals become “disenfranchised” when their communicant covenant appears increasingly contingent upon agreement with and obeisance to the dictates of an outer ring of authority that has no direct relationship to the Masters such as our Messengers had.”   -Raymond Ziemkowski of Los Angeles:  12-19-2003 email to the field of students
  Upshot in 2003-4--Martin Acevedo, Alberta Fredricksen, Paula Kehoe, Christophe Lambert, Patricia Spadaro were removed from Council of Elders; due process of the law was removed from the organization.   Sergei, Ketino and theirs formed their own group on their own terms.   The RTR launched a new holy order (Knights of Ruby Cross) directly against
Mother's word given on 5-13-1997, but that gimmick failed and was finally dropped.    regards   -r, mt. shasta

Do not fear the foul voices; cast them aside!

1)    Let the universal body of God be one, and let the great merging of souls commence.  For together you have entered this world and together you shall uphold the pattern of your mandala soul by soul until one and all have attained their immortality and their ascension back to the heart of the Father-Mother God, whence they descended long, long ago.
  The mandala of souls who make up your specific sector within the body of God can be viewed as a vast tapestry interwoven with the talents of millions of lifestreams who have contributed to the upliftment of the current planetary evolution.  Yes, one and all you are unique jewels in this kaleidoscope of life--rotating, tumbling, moving, ever self-transcending.
  And so your role in this century and the next, if you will accept it, is to go before the members of the fourth, fifth and sixth root races as wayshowers, teaching them how to balance fifty-one percent of their karma and to fulfill their respective missions, thereby clearing the way for the seventh root race to incarnate in South America.  
-Gabriel with Mohammed, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978
-Archangel Gabriel and Hope:  3-16-1996 at Bogota via Messenger of the Brotherhood E C Prophet
2)  Ho, ye servants of God!  Welcome to Our hearts!  Be seated now in the flame of living truth which Pallas Athena has prepared for you.
  Truth is the righting of all wrong.  Truth is the manifestation of the beatitude of our Lord.  Truth is the magnificence of a fire of God that shoots into the earth wherever there is a soul, a chela, a devotee who can receive that wondrous cup that contains the essence of eternal life.
  Many a knight has sought the Holy Grail but according to legend none save Galahad, Percival, Bors and Lancelot saw it.  Among the four only Galahad entered into full communion with the Holy Cup.  Those who failed in their quest were oblivious to the reality that the Grail lies dormant within each one until he quickens it by activating the threefold flame on the altar of his heart….
  And believe me, Our work has borne fruit.  We have blown the cover of three spies in the past three years.  One of these moles, CIA agent Aldrich Ames, betrayed America to the KGB for nine years before he was exposed in 1994.  He not only put national security at risk by handing over sensitive material, but he also broke a most sacred trust by turning over the names of twenty-five CIA agents to the Soviets.  According to Newswee, he “knew that they would be killed because of what he did.  But that didn’t bother him.”
  Veteran CIA officer Harold James Nicholson was a master at his trade.  In fact he was so successful in the field that he was enlisted to train other undercover agents at CIA headquarters in Virginia.  His ability to dupe, however, was doubly powerful.  His two-faced masquerade foiled the enemy for a time, but then from 1994 to 1996 he turned against his native land.  Now he is accused of selling out his country for $180,000.  Like Ames he slipped secret CIA documents into the hands of Russian intelligence officers and also divulged the identities and code names of fellow CIA officers.  He was charged with treason in November of 1996.  More recently former FBI agent Earl Edwin Pitts has been charged with spying for Moscow from 1987 to 1992.  Pitts also did it for the money.  In his admission he simply said “I entered into an agreement and provided information which I believed to be classified.”
  Apart from Our exposing these cases and the outrage of the nation you too have been working to keep America and all the world secure from the machinations of those who have turned their hearts from God.  You have had a tremendous victory over the fallen angels who gathered together at the full moon to strategize how they would overturn this Messenger, this Church, these chelas, even the nations of the world.
 They are the proud and the boastful ones.  Nevertheless by the power of the spoken Word you did vanquish them!  You took your turns throughout the night.  You stayed and stayed and stayed in King Arthur’s Court and you have gotten the victory over the hosts of darkness.  Therefore We the hosts of the Great White Brotherhood congratulate you, one and all, for this victory!  [16-second applause]
  The proud have had their day and their fall.  With lightning speed you have vanquished them.  Now stand back and behold what you have wrought!  Indeed what a tremendous moment it is when you see with your very eyes how much heartfire you have poured into the battle.  Thus Our legions and all who serve on the fifth ray and all the ascended hosts of light have had a mighty victory.  Imagine how demoralizing it must be for these fallen angels to be trounced by you for whom they have had ultimate disdain.  And though they are a proud lot they hang their heads.  Now let us watch and pray lest we ourselves should become too overconfident….
  Therefore We open wide the door that you might see that there are many evil forces who lie in wait for the exact astrological configuration to be in place so that they might control the planets and their stations and the lightbearers themselves.  Believe me, they do know and apply their astrology, and they use it to their own negative purposes.
Timing is everything.  And so the highly astute, whether the evil or the good, win their chess games according to the signs in the heavens.
  So you might as well admit that your victory over the forces of Death and Hell may necessitate that you follow your astrology meticulously.  Otherwise you may be duped simply because you find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time.  You see, you must monitor evil.  Sometimes you must allow it to peak, to completely tip its hand so that you can make the calls and wipe it out at its zenith.
  Yes, let the forces of Evil rise, let them think you have not noticed their stealth.  Then suddenly when they are about to pounce move in your troops and call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold of all who are aligned with
absolute Evil. Take advantage of your opportunity to strike while the iron is hot.  Move when the forces of light move and be absolutely still when they are still.  For they know when they must pounce upon the fallen angels and when they must hold back and wait for a more propitious moment for the victory.
  Call to El Morya, yes, call to him.  He knows well the timetables of the powers of Light and the powers of Darkness.  Yes, call to him, beloved.  He has asked you to own an ephemeris so that you might understand the times and the seasons--the cycles when you will win wars and the cycles when you will lose wars--both within the psyche and within the unconscious mind where the battle of the Real and the Unreal takes place….For Our part We with Our legions will continue to ferret out the spies and conspirators who have infiltrated the highest ranks of the government, the CIA and the FBI.  And We will continue to call to the attention of the nations the spy activities that compromise the security of the United States and the Western Hemisphere.  Therefore We invite you to join Us and Our legions night and day to uncover the treachery and intrigue that follows those who risk their lives for the defense of their nations in peace and in war….
  Therefore, beloved, We seal you, We walk with you, We work with you.  We have not been so long away from this octave that We do not remember how it is to move against the fallen angels and to have Our victories in their very midst.  In the name of the Blessed Mother, We serve.  We are her champions.  And therefore the blessed Mother Mary is the one who protects and guides us along with the beautiful Mother Kuan Yin.    
                            -Lanello and K-17:  3-26-1997 at Royal Teton Ranch, MT
3)  Under no circumstance whatsoever should you allow your threefold flame to go out--period!  It is simply not worth it.  To lose it is the greatest loss you could suffer, greater than any you have known throughout all previous lifetimes.  Therefore come into alignment with your Holy Christ Self, for he is both your teacher and your guardian angel.  He is the Lord and Master of your temple.  He is the one who keeps you in line. He is strict with you because he loves you and he knows what an arduous path lies before you.  Your Holy Christ Self, beloved, is unique to you.  Above all, he is the wayshower of your very soul.
  While your Holy Christ Self is keeping the flame for your soul, you are walking in his footsteps.  So you should be interested to know on which ray your Holy Christ Self serves. For you will be obliged to follow his lead since he is the master and you are the pupil.  Think of your Holy Christ Self’s attributes and see if you can discern what combination of traits have contributed to your Holy Christ Self’s God-mastery under his I AM Presence. Your Holy Christ Self is a being of ultimate Christhood.  Your Holy Christ Self desires to draw you up into eternal life.  Your Holy Christ Self is the mediator between your Mighty I AM Presence and your soul.  Your Holy Christ Self would teach you not only how not to make negative karma but how to make positive karma.
  At times your Holy Christ Self can be very stern.  Are you willing to listen to him when he tells you the very thing you don’t want to hear about yourself?  You must be willing to answer him without hesitation if you really want to walk side by side in the cosmic honor flame with your glorious mentor as you did long, long ago during the golden age of Atlantis when you also communed with Jesus Christ.  Do answer, if you will.  [”Yes!”]    
                                  -Elohim Cyclopea:  3-26-1997 at RTR, MT
4)  I AM Serapis Soleil and in the victory of my being I carry the sword of your victory.  Can you imagine, beloved, that I should be so generous as to carry for you for so long a time the sword that you may have lost, the sword that you would reclaim, even the magic sword--the sword Excalibur?
  Do you believe in miracles?  Do you believe in the victory of the sword?  [Congregation responds: “Yes!”]  Then take that sword.  Yes, take that sword and draw it around the circumference of the planet and her vast evolutions.    
-Serapis Bey:  3-28-1997 at RTR, MT
5)  Beloved ones, We are knee-deep in your karma.  In fact We are so far into the challenges facing Our chelas that there is no turning back whether from your side or Our side.  Indeed how could We let go of the challenges Our chelas are facing?  How could We turn away from Our chelas and say “Well, We will go here, We will go there and We will check in to the good life.”
Beloved, the so-called good life is a detour We would not take and We would not have you take.  But the Good Life that is God’s Life is for those who would go all the way.  That Good Life awaits you.  Enter into it, for it is part and parcel of your destiny and it makes you a fighter who says “I am ready, Lord!” the moment you wake up in the morning. “I am ready, Lord.  What can I give you today?”  Well, beloved, you will have much to give me because I have much to give you.
  Enter in, beloved, to the secret chamber of the heart; meditate there.  Do not fear the foul voices; cast them aside!
  All of you who have served at the Royal Teton Ranch or attended Our conferences have gained a great victory.  But, beloved, what counts is the purity of your hearts.  This I come to honor, I come to honor your hearts for I see the purity you have anchored there.  Rejoice in that purity and keep it.  Reach out to the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light, the Goddess of Purity.  Reach out, beloved, for you have attainment in your Causal Body that you know not of. …
  I AM El Morya.  Dark things are in the Earth, but I choose to look at the greater--the light, the Sun and the God-Star.  Tempus fugit; move on, beloved.  Take advantage of all that you have built; build upon it again and again.  For you are having your victories, but you must know it else you will lose them.  I seal you then in joy.  [19-second standing ovation]      
                                             -M.:  8-10-1997 at RTR, MT