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to open the ears of lightbearers; the root cause of all compromise of self

1)   The idyllic hours which mankind spend beneath the trees and upon the flowing green grass, whether in contemplation of nature or in the perusal of great spiritual truths must bring to each one an innate realization of his own seed-like qualities.
  O, Most Gracious Ones, a seed is a very tiny counterpart of the greater manifestation of the tree.  A great example of the tiny finite seed expanding to become a flowering tree “in which the birds of the air may nest” is the mustard seed (Luke 13:18,19).  The Master Jesus in presenting the mustard seed concept to mankind referred to man’s faith and said that if man had as much faith as a grain of mustard seed, he could say unto a mountain “Be thou removed,” and it would be.    
  Currently mankind are sometimes of the opinion that if they cannot remove the mountain because of a lack of their faith, they will remove themselves and go to the mountain.  Verily I say, with the power and Spirit of the Christ as an ascended being the actual intent of this statement of Jesus was for the removal of the mountain, and I think also that he referred to a mountain of adversity.  The sea of troubles in which mankind find themselves is never so deep or intertwined with the tangled roots of man’s weaving or so treacherous as quicksand that the power of God cannot give immediate deliverance.
  Now let it be clearly understood by all that each man must “study to show himself approved” (II Timothy 2:15) unto his own divinity, for the greatest Initiations are not even those which are passed before the Great White Brotherhood or those which are passed before men in the various initiatique processes still used in some of the mystery schools of the world.  The greatest initiations are conducted in the secret place of the Most High God within the temple of each man’s own individualized being, for only by passing beneath that wondrous arch where man truly “knows himself” can he manifest to others the eternal faith that springs up like a fountain of magnificent cosmic energy within the chalice of his own heart….
  The student who would prepare himself then must study all the hidden mysteries of God revealed in the ascended masters’ Own words.  This does not come alone through mere reading but through the maintaining of an uplifted heart toward God for understanding as one reads.  This permits the Holy Spirit to chasten as well as to reveal to man every anomaly of imperfection, both upon the surface and in subterranean areas of his own world.
  To the eternal student I say EXCELSIOR!  MARCH ONWARD!  Manifest the content of discontent that does not permit rest until achievement is won!  Your Brother in Eternal Youth,      REX  Pearls of Wisdom 7:31
2)   Gracious ones, God Himself is born out of love and His nature exudes this quality throughout space and beyond time.  The Law of the eternal Cycles’ ever flowing grace manifests by the power of love, and it is this power which has framed the world.  An age of reason bereft of love is not reason.  The tenderness of the reality of God is more genuine than the deepest friendships which the world could ever create or which is ever possible unto men and unto women.     
(by Bessemer)
                                     -John the Beloved:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:22
3)   Men say that they are brothers, and if they are, their deeds will stand behind their words.  The impetus for action through illumination is captured in the rays that we seek now to disseminate.  We desire to see the unification of a world maddened by strife, nationalism and egoistic individualism, a world of vicious power complexes controlled by men whose pitiful lives became distraught early in childhood by age-old oppressions.  Their reactions to these oppressions made them vow to control the environment which they found to be not to their liking.  And because they are more numerous than the babe in Bethlehem the world is filled with old tyrannies, hatreds and clashes of violence….
  Set against the backdrop of the black velvet of human allure and sensuality will be seen the nova of God-magnificence, and this true polestar of divine magnetism will attract mankind and be the hope of illumination to the world, of freedom from fear and oppression, of the transmutation of violence by the magnification of Christ-love and the steadying of the vessel that now moves midst seas of turbulence created down through the centuries by mankind’s karma.     Pearls of Wisdom 10:40
                                            -Lanto:  Pearls of Wisdom 10:40
4)   Liberty is the opportunity to give the gift of freedom to others.  Your acceptance of this opportunity means that you have accepted mankind’s right to pursue those goals which bring about the greatest development of soul and consciousness.  If you will stop to think about it, the pursuit of those goals which enhance the gift of freedom must of necessity deal wholly with constructive activities.  There can be no permanent freedom for any man while he gives his energies to destructive activities.       
                                   -Goddess of Liberty:  Pearls of Wisdom 15:47
5)   Beloved ones, I am the listening ear of God.  My angels are numberless numbers.  And the listening ear is Our gift to the evolutions of Earth.  We always hear, beloved, and in hearing We also transmit.
  Some of you who have been impressed with advances in communications in this century would be quite impressed to know just how vast is a cosmic science.  Why, beloved, it is possible to beam off the moon or any planet or the Sun by a simple beam of light the words that are being spoken.  Therefore the dictations that have been delivered by these Messengers throughout their career have been beamed to other worlds and octaves where there have been lifestreams who have had the listening ear and who have desired to hear the messages from higher octaves.
  Communication therefore across the vast systems of worlds is indeed vast, complex, highly precise.  Then of course there are thought beams and feelings that travel with great intensity long distances.  Therefore you can imagine the entire matter-cosmos as  crisscrossing lines of communication.  Knowing this you can see yourselves as recipients of the entire gamut of vibration from the lowest to the highest.  Thus there must be a screening process and that comes from the domain of your Holy Christ Self.  The tube of light screens out more than mere physical danger or burdens of this world.  It allows the penetration of only the highest and best [vibrations], except of course when you have receiving stations in the subconscious that allow other elements to come through.
  But when you call, especially in the name of your Christhood, for the sealing of that tube of light and your being regardless of the imperfect state you may retain [at the level of the human consciousness] it is a call of reinforcement whereby you acknowledge to Almighty God that by no means will you allow even that which is at subconscious levels of awareness and that which is in the unconscious to be a receiving station for those [worldly] vibrations of like condition.
  Of course there is also the sealing and binding of the electronic belt and [of] those forces [of the unconscious] which you may call for daily.  And you are also blessed by calling to Oromasis and Diana to walk through your electronic belt and your four lower bodies daily to so deliver you of the magnet [of human consciousness] that attracts to yourself in polarity whatever you are or whatever you are manifesting.
  Thus Our angels attend every lifestream upon earth.  In this capacity We serve of course the Keeper of the Scrolls.  For as We listen We also transmit to the Mighty I AM Presence, to the Father-Mother God.  Our transmittals become the source [material] for the scribes, the angels of the Keeper of the Scrolls who must keep the record in the Book of Life.  Therefore it is not only the words that you speak that We [must] listen to--your prayers, your questions, your burdens and your problems [for which We] attempt to be the instrument of some healing, some understanding, as God does send it through Us and through various angels of the seven rays--but [it is] also the vibrations of [your] desires [that] We must listen [to].  For desire is a prayer, beloved.
  The desire of the heart--may it be pure.  The desire of soul and mind--may it be for goals sublime.  But where recordings yet send forth the frequencies of old desires, perhaps forgotten yet not discarded, these are written down also.  And so you will discover that when God answers prayer He must answer all of the communications [of your sendings] and not merely those that you consciously choose to direct to Him.  When you ask for gifts that you think you ought to have, even spiritual gifts, God responds by helping you [learn lessons] in the greatest area of need, needs that you may not know you have but [that] God knows.  Therefore by [the agency of] many angels He sends into your life conditions and experiences whereby the lesser desires may be tasted, tried, put on, experienced until they are no longer sweet but bitter. And thus you let go of the desire.
  Remember, beloved, that in letting go of your wants you must take the final [step] of permanently discarding them, exorcising them in the name of God [I AM THAT I AM], calling for deliverance from the momentum that is not easy to get rid of [and from] those [entities] out of the astral plane who ride piggyback [into your world on that momentum--calling for deliverance from the habits of] well-meaning friends who continue to feed those [wants] when you have decided you are through and through with them altogether.
  Satisfying a few of these [desires] only that you may see the dead end and the futility [of engaging in them any longer] is [sometimes] God’s way of liberating you. This [method] may take you into certain byways [of] life [--for some it is the only way they learn their lessons--] but it is guaranteed that you will not take the same byways again.  Thus God has His methods [under] Karmic Law to wean you from lesser states of consciousness and to place before you such magnificent examples [of what your life can be if you take hold of it], such [a] vision [of your future, free from the bonds of inordinate desire] that you are swift to fly to higher altitudes and [higher] spheres [of communion].
  Now then, beloved, the purpose of listening angels is that unascended lifestreams need to be listened to.  And there are not sufficient listening ears in embodiment, for many would weary of that which must be listened to.  Nor are there sufficient hours in the day for all of the telling and all of the receiving of that telling.  And so as you communicate to Us there is compressed as thoughtforms and [on] spindles the recordings of the mind almost as endless recordings of the dream state.  These We are able to assimilate on the instant. We may listen to a week’s worth of conversation and be able to understand it and respond to it in a matter of seconds.  So there is a step-up of communication and the response is always forthcoming; [there is always] a response on the moment and then [there is] always the response that may encompass weeks and months and years of an individual’s life.
  Blessed ones, it is often the case that the individual must catch up to the response, for the response may be higher [than his present understanding] and farther than he is ready [to] reach for.  God may give an answer and a number of years later you may truly receive it [and finally] understand it and suddenly those words spoken so long ago so simply have the most profound meaning in your life.
  Of course when you cannot even hear the response because it is so far beyond you [because your present desires eclipse it altogether] it is then that you have the impression that no one is listening, no one cares.  And you may descend into the depths of despair over [your] fate in the lap of your karma.  Beloved, the answer is there, but [your] desire for the answer, [on God’s terms and not on your terms, must] compel growth in the soul and the desire for growth.  And sometimes that is in fact the only answer God may send--a missile of desire for growth.  For God knows that in your present state you cannot find your way out of your present state!  Nor [can you] hear the grand solution to life’s conundrum.
  Therefore angels bring you the desire for growth as though it were a desire for some sweet tropical fruit, and it is then that you are determined to stretch your limbs.  And sometimes you suddenly stand up and simply walk out of a situation where you have been caught for lifetimes.  This is literally the case:  in the presence of those angels you simply walk away from the stagnant pool of self-indulgence.  And O what a glorious day!  for in the twinkling of the Eye of God you see so many things.  And now you know that God was there all the while, that Maitreya was there and that Listening Angel did not fail you.
  The greatest gift I have to give you, beloved, is that of the listening ear.   It is good to strain the inner ear to listen to the harpstrings of the mind.  And over the harpstrings come not only melodies but communications of angel whisperings and a tuning of the heart.  Listen with all of your might.  Feel the voice of God quivering, vibrating the eardrum and the inner ear until you come to the realm of the soundless sound.
Developing the listening ear will assist you to transmute the karma of unwillingness to listen, not wanting to know, not wanting to hear!  For all of this may require change, uncomfortability [as the last vestiges of the human resist]:  “Leave me alone.  I do not want to hear the voice of God.  I will drown it out with rock music, with fun, with pleasure, with television, with every possible material sound.”  Go to the streams and the rivers, go to the mountains.  Listen to the wind and the wave.  Put your ear to the earth and sense the vibrations.  Listen, O my children, for God never ceases to speak to you.  Either one is listening, beloved, or one is talking or one is drowning out the voice of the Teacher.  How the force drives up from the untransmuted self the resistance to the Word!--which in the Beginning is with Brahman, which Beginning you can approach.  How do you approach it?   By a thought sent to the point of Beginning in cosmos.  Yes, you may have a thread of light from your inner ear to the heart of Brahman and the Word.  It is not impossible; all things are possible with God. 
  God never desired you to be limited to the certain sounds of a few feet around you.  God has never limited the expanding of the mind across a cosmos.  Why, you have limited it, beloved!  And it has become the collective karma of the evolutions of the Earth.  And if you did not have this karma [of non-grace for non-listening] when you arrived [on planet Earth] and [you] did not make it since you arrived, you are yet subject to the laws [governing] the bodies that may be allowed on planet Earth and to the [karmic limits of the] sensitivity of those bodies and systems.  Thus, beloved, because you are lightbearers and [you] invoke the light and the violet flame you can begin to call for the setting aside of certain karmic limitations that were placed upon this humanity.  You need not forever remain in their mortal matrix.
  Surely you believe that the better portion of yourself is immortal and that you are subject unto the immortal Laws of God.  Let it be your daily striving to reduce the limitations of mortality that the false hierarchies of Morphus--of Mort [et alia] have imposed upon you.  They are not all necessary, they are not all karmic, they are not all required.  Haven’t you in fact achieved the breaking of the bonds of a certain limitation by [the] very [act] of your claiming this land and [your] living upon it at this altitude and far from the restrictions of populated areas?   Already you see you are erasing the lines of force of mortality [itself].
  I AM Listening Angel, for I AM a listener.  And therefore I listen not only to unascended beings but to ascended and cosmic beings.  And [thus] I have taken in much learning, much knowledge, much wisdom from many systems of worlds.  Therefore know that I am not only a listening angel but a whispering angel.  I may whisper in your ear, if you invite me, secrets of cosmos, assistance when you take your exams in the classrooms of life, giving to you then from the mentors in your field solutions that defy comprehension by your peers.  You may find yourselves bringing forth invention and [coming to] a point of ingenuity that does not cease all of your life.
  The reason I am known as Listening Angel [and that I serve in the office I hold to the evolutions of Earth] is because the people of this world desire more to be listened to than to listen.  Therefore know that when you call me I may do both [--I may be listened to even as I listen].  And you may decide to [listen to me and to] learn from me how to be a good listener and therefore [to be] a comforter and a very present help to your friends [in trouble].
  Good listeners always know a lot and seldom tell.  Beloved ones, in Our bands We do not repeat the privacy of communication that comes to Us, for We honor it as We stand before you representing your own high priest, your Christ Self.  Therefore does it go then to God.  Therefore does it go to recording angels.  For you above all, beloved, are most pleased to go over the records of your past communications and to see how [in] centuries hence you have surely made great strides in the content of the mind, [in] what seemed important to you at the time and what is important [to you] today.  Thus fear not the records of the Keeper of the Scrolls, for they present the milestones in your evolution and give you a fair shake before the Lords of Karma.  For sometimes you yourself do not even remember what you or others have said.  Thus the angel of the Keeper of the Scrolls may come forth in your defense to [read the record before the Lords of Karma of] what you did and did not say, did and did not do.
  Therefore the highest court in the universe, the Court of the Sacred Fire, as well as the court of the Karmic Board will never fail you.  It is the charity of your Christ Self.  It is the flame of illumination, it is faith.  These things [of God] do not fail you.  And thus you say as you stand before them a son of light “True and righteous are Thy judgments, LORD God Almighty.  True and righteous are Thy judgments.”  But the sons of Belial do not thus speak.  They blaspheme God and His Law and His Justice.  Thus it is easy to tell the one from the other, for the son of God is always prepared to meet his fate and [to accept] that cosmic Justice which is meet.  This is the true sign of the overcomer and the humble servant whom We shall never leave, beloved.
  Therefore welcome divine Justice, for by it all things shall be fulfilled and you shall attain the kingdom of God.  Knowing this so well, you will even call for the hastening of divine Justice [in your life] that you might assimilate its [lessons], become it and give it unto all others.  Having submitted then to divine Justice you may one day wear robes of justice and adjudicate the fate of men and nations.  Blessed ones, such a victory must always begin with the development of the listening ear.  [And] this is what I have come to tell you:  I, Listening Angel, stand ready to open the ears of  lightbearers and  children of God who long ago have stopped up their ears lest they should hear the voice of the Son of God and the Son of God should deliver a message that would not please them.  Now, beloved, behold your God, behold your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  And desire with the deepest desiring of your soul to hear all the words that he spoke, all the admonishments and all of the teachings [that he has given] to his own and to millions down the centuries whom he has counseled in their hour of the travail of the soul and even the soul’s dark night.
  Desire to hear what one day long ago you refused to hear.  If you send me that desire and that prayer, beloved, I shall come to you and give you in your inner ear that teaching.  And the angels of Jesus and others of the great avatars will accompany me and they shall read to you the records of those sayings and those teachings that you did miss [for your willfulness, your frowardness].  O precious one, now develop your sense of the value of the true listening ear.  I, Listening Angel, bow to the light within you and I shall continue to listen to the sendings of that light which you send to all [of] a cosmos.         -Listening Angel:  10-5-1989 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
6)   Bells of divine Love are ringing, beloved, and I am ringing them.  The bells of divine Love are intended to strike the bell within mind and heart of the memory when the soul did start on the path of love.  The true path of love, beloved, is one that does bring the greatest challenges, for pain on the path of love is many times unbearable.  And those who have not chosen to bear the pain of love [--whether of divine love or human love in all of its ramifications--] have therefore sidestepped the path, taken other byways, strayed from the straight and narrow that leads to the fount of bliss that is the true mystery of Christ’s love.
  I come to set you back on course that you might begin at the beginning and remember your vows before the altar of the Great Central Sun, shared between twinflames.  You vowed to go forth and forevermore to be one.  But when the path became painful you sometimes accepted lesser loves as comfort, as salve for the wounded ego.  And therefore in so self-indulging you lost the touch of the fingertips of the beloved and could not find them again no matter how you groped in the dark of the surrounding karma that did come with nightfall.
  Do you understand, beloved, that the greatest lesson your soul can learn is that love is the all, love is the goal--and to stop a moment and know just how great is the love of your Father-Mother God for you [--is it not the right thing to do]?  Most have come to the place of insensitivity to that love or a sense that they are not worthy of it, and by an absence of self-worth they tune it out.  This is another form of non-listening.  It is the tuning out of those things that are so precious and so beautiful because one deems oneself unclean, unready.  The Mother who loves you, the Father who loves you will embrace you as you are and give you that [divine] love to wash you clean.  I come then with a very special rose for each of you.  Its perfume shall not engulf you always but it shall be there when you desire to breathe in that fragrance, that breath of loveliness.
  Blessed ones, no matter how painful is the course of love, its pursuit will fulfill the whole Law of Being and bring you back to that point of wholeness and the divine memory of God.  Do not fear to experience pain.  Allow yourself to experience it, to neutralize it perhaps with the exercise of the sacred fire breath, but not to escape pain.  This, beloved, must surely be the root cause of all compromise of self and hence the undoing of the psyche as the psyche becomes surrounded with its own psychology of human ups and downs far, far afield from centeredness in God.
  I, Nada, come then with an ovoid of love and I place it around you at a very safe distance, even three feet from the heart or a greater distance, so that at first the tingling of love like an aeolian harp is felt at a certain distance from the aura.
You see, beloved, I come [with this ovoid of love], for you have called me, for you have placed yourselves here.  And as the Chohan of the Sixth Ray and a member of the Karmic Board I come with an answer to prayer.  I come with a composite response to the [angelic] listenings to your being at all levels. And in this moment I shall engage in an experiment that you can experience if you will allow yourself to let go and experience it.
  This ovoid is the shape of an egg.  You might even think of it as the protective womb of the Divine Mother.  But as I draw it closer to you, beloved, you will begin to experience pain as though there were an increase in the intensity of an electric vibration.  You see, beloved, the nearer the ovoid of love comes to your being the more it will bring out the memory of the pain of love’s separation or the crossing of the line and the misuse of divine Love or human love.  It will also bring to you a certain intensity of the love of God to cause your soul to say [within her] self “This Love is so great I cannot contain it, I cannot sustain it.”  And what in a moment may be bliss may become the pain, as one poet has said, of too much love, of too much loving.
  Blessed ones, when you feel the pain of the closing-in of this ovoid of love it shall be for you the pain of the memory of having left off from your First Love [and even from] your first estate.  And [with] each passing year of drifting farther from the point of love’s origin that pain, beloved, is stored in the psyche and in the unconscious.  Pretend there were nothing else stored there.  [And consider why] the pain of love’s absence, the pain of losing love is most severe and [that it] does possibly include an explanation for all other goings astray, compromise of the Law, self-dishonesty.  [Indeed] the covering-up of that which is most painful may result in many compensations.
  Beloved, the purpose of this experiment is that you might endure the pain for the moments of this dictation and say to yourself afterwards “Why, that pain allowed the dissolution of some of the records of the separation from love--from Father, from Mother.”  The pain in experiencing [the loss of love divine or human] is a part of a process that is known as an accelerated transmutation whereby if you truly desire to overcome all things and to do so quickly, as Lanello has suggested is the necessity of the hour and indeed it is, you will discover that you can bear the pain [of this accelerated transmutation] for the resolution that follows.  This is why I have said, fear not the pain [–whether pain that comes on the path of love as you reap love’s sowings or pain that comes from the karma of non-loving].
  Now, beloved, We come to the moment when this ovoid of love will come closer and closer but very gradually, and sometimes [it will] pause for the adjustment of your consciousness.  I, Nada, bring [this] to you that you might be face to face with moments in time and eternity that are important for you to look at.  For in them that picture that is worth a thousand words will convey to you an interchange and then a leaving off, a separation, a breaking of a [love-] tie by fear or anger [or] thoughts unknown or jealousy.  There came a break and no way to fix the break in that episode or life.  And so it is as though this particular picture on the screen of the mind had fractured lines through it, and the pain of that fracture of a broken love or a broken heart has remained sealed in the subconscious.
  Now the angels of Love of my bands approach to allow you to experience that moment and then to feel the great closing-in upon you of love’s swaddling garment whereby those records may be healed as though by the magic of Merlin you did fly backwards in time, relive that moment and make all things right.  Therefore to embrace the unkindness or the deliberate betrayal [of love on the part of yourself or another] and to see how the release of the love of your heart should heal yourself, above all, and heal [as well] those who have brought injury [to you] where [their hearts] are receptive [to love’s resolution by an accelerated transmutation]–this is the true path of love.  And where you have longed to heal the one who has been the instrument of injury you may go to that picture and see whether or not it would ever have been possible.  For [true] love [means] facing reality.  And sometimes the pain of love is to know that one whom you would forgive, one whom you would [anoint] with the oil of Gilead desires it not and will not drink of mercy’s cup.
  The resolution then is to know--better to have loved and loved in vain than never to have loved at all.  For though it may have brought pain it also did bring understanding and the ripening of the heart that must learn in its maturity that all are not ready to receive your cup of love or forgiveness or kindness.  To let go and let God take care of that one is the purest and best love.  For in letting go of the desire for resolution where resolution is simply not possible you may fly to new heights where there are many holding out their cups, waiting for your coming, when you will pour out the sweet nectar of love that you have garnered in your heart for these and these alone.
  See how going back to the point of pain, giving and giving again brings a resolution whereby you let go of a desire for something that might have been, that never was, that never shall be and that is not the will of God--for it is not the freewill of the [other] participant in that interchange.  And freewill is after all supreme under the Law of   divine Love.
  The ovoid comes closer, beloved, as you come to trust love and love’s omniscience and [love’s] great and tender care.  All of this means that in the wisdom of love pain is the portal to bliss, the bliss of the return to Oneness, to Wholeness and to the true comprehension of the Law of the One.  I AM One, O God, in Thy Presence; and all sons of light are in that Oneness.  Therefore I know the true meaning of the merging in the nirvana of [the Causal Body of] the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.  Therefore I know I can lose myself in what has been called the Cloud of Unknowing.  No longer is love the Cloud of Unknowing, for I am knowing my beloved Presence as the cloud of knowing love, all-knowing love.  I cross the barriers [of the lines of the outer color rings of the Causal Body] and when I am ready I am received in the most outer sphere of the five secret-ray spheres.
  I await, for I would not enter until love beckons.  I had better increase and tarry in the spheres of love and wisdom and the outer rays, for when I enter the spheres of the Dhyani Buddhas I know that I shall be in the purity of love.  I desire my garments to be so ready.  Therefore I submit to the disciplines of the seven chohans.  I receive my beloved Nada.  And when I must say “O wait, thou ovoid, come not nigh, [for] I would minister to life, I would first go out and find the lame, halt and blind and increase my heart of love that in the closing-in of the ovoid I do not lose the markings of time and space where I yet require dimension to enter in to service to life,” [I will lack not the courage of my convictions].
   O Nada, teach me the way of selfless ministering love whereby the ovoid of [love’s] light may come and continue to close in because only in that ministration and selflessness shall I encompass the Whole.  I shall be the Infinite One, no longer feeling the pains of the inner dimensions of the ovoid, for I need not time and space to know fully the bliss of love.
   Blessed ones, at this point I allow only 25 percent of this ovoid to complete its course of closing-in that this expression of the Holy Spirit might be tempered to the present state of your karma.  The fullness of love, beloved, is to transcend the octaves of limitation, not for a moment but forever.  The time is not yet, beloved, for you have a deep desire to retrace, to go back to the frames you have seen of past experiences.  Nothing else will do but your determined resolution to settle the accounts person to person, lifestream by lifestream.
  This then is my gift to you [so] that you will not need to go the way of the Eastern path of endless reincarnation to accomplish this.  For you may call at any hour for this ovoid of love to surround you, once again to be shown the most pressing of needs.  And as you go back to that moment frozen in time you may pour out your heart, have those conversations that seem so necessary at times to achieve the unburdening of soul and heart, and attain resolution.  You may do this outside of the time and space that you are accustomed to so that you may cover many moments of all of your incarnations, seemingly in the full hours required but taking only microseconds.  Thus you will flash the violet flame into those scenes.  Thus you will greet those wronged and wronging.  This will give you a profound inner satisfaction, [allowing you to] fulfill many of the requirements of service on the sixth ray and liberate much energy tied up in those hurts and disagreements and misunderstandings that have remained knots--knots in the psyche, beloved, that need no longer be there.
  Now comes the final pressing-in of the Holy Spirit.  [7-second pause]  Sound the Om to reestablish the balance.  [Congregation joins Nada in the sounding of the Om]  Om  Om  Om  Now the ovoid expands to the [distance] of three feet [from your heart] and begins to dissolve.  When you wish it to return I suggest that it should be [during] a decree session where you may call it forth [after] having created a sound forcefield.  For, beloved, you may find yourselves in most serious encounters where the records are deep as are the scars.  It is important to be braced in the presence of Archangel Michael and Astrea, to have abundant violet flame on hand.  But to meet those levels, beloved, is surely the true healing you have always sought and desired and may now receive by the blessedness of your service to life.
  Blessed ones, it is my prayer that you shall find in the path of the sixth ray the key to love and to the mystery of love whereby the necessary acceleration of light to win in this hour of Armageddon may be yours, not merely by grace or gift but by a certain attainment measure for measure.  Thus in dignity and in the honor of love, in integrity and wisdom walk the path all the way home to your perfect love.
  I AM Nada where I stand.  I AM always love as the sixth ray in action.  This you will be capable of perpetual ministration and service when you [will] have resolved a certain percentage of these old ties and tie-ups of energy.  I AM with you always as you perfect the true science of love,       
(by Hawkins)
                                     Nada:  10-5-1989 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana

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