Saturday, March 16, 2019

Unto all who have hope hope is given

    Unto all who have hope hope is given, even as unto those who have shall more be added.  Blessed hearts, a grain of hope can magnetize an ocean of hope.  But those who are without hope, beloved, defile the honor of God, show their mistrust of Him and deny the trinity of faith, hope and charity.  Thus the demons of despair, despondency and death come as destroyers of hope.
  Beloved, understand then why the flame of hope is my charge and destiny.  For to keep alive but a flicker of hope in the hearts of the children of the Sun, this then is to preserve the opening for the entrée of the Lord Christ or any angel or cosmic being into the world of that one.
  The flowers and all of nature, the stars, even the blue of the sky is a promise of present and future hope, beloved.  Thus God has painted the very canopy and backdrop of a universe to inspire hope that whispers in the heart “All is not lost.”  Beloved, faith is the foundation of hope.  Faith then in the absolute Good of tomorrow, if it is not evident today, allows hope to take the soul soaring to new heights of opportunity and potential.
  Blessed hearts, do you understand for how many of Earth’s evolutions there is no hope in this hour--no hope of a better tomorrow?  Hope not only absent in their own hearts but hope absent by the economic systems under which they toil.  Where there is famine then and poverty, where there is not even the strength of mind or will or heart to think upon a better future hope is not only absent but hope is not even conceivable.  It does not even exist as an option in the mind.  To choose to be hopeful or not has long ago ceased to be.
  Thus We come, beloved, in an hour of cynicism, fatalism, psychic prediction and all manner of prognostication that has declared the finality of death through the Four Horsemen and mankind’s returning karma.  We come, Our angels of light, Gabriel with me.  We come then to expand a purity that is like steel.  Can you imagine compressed light so fiery as to be stronger than the strongest wall, harder than the hardest hardness known?  It is the concentration of light that does make the aura impervious to despair.
  Blessed ones, the opening of despair is through the drug culture and rock music.  This opening into the youth of the world is followed by all forms of masquerading suicide entities.  Do you realize, beloved, that in the moment of the decision to take one’s life the only hope held is of death itself, which is a perverted self and a perverted hope?
  Know this then, beloved--that the fire of Astrea, that the calls for the continual clearing of the astral plane and the naming of these entities day after day will surely reap the harvest of lightbearers sought by beloved Saint Germain.  Though the human cannot be guaranteed, the lightbearer who is free from all illusions and entanglements with the fallen ones can almost of a certainty be guaranteed to receive the light.
  Now, beloved, there are hurdles to be passed to be sure, but once there is a clearing and a certain crystal perception of consciousness occurs as though a peep into the infinite--a peep in the cosmic mirror as to what one may be like, how one may look when cleansed by the flaming presence of hope--this is enough.  Beloved, the greatest preachers, evangelists, deliverers of the Word have been those who could deliver my flame of hope. Once the individual seizes hope based on an inner knowing and a belief in the Laws of God and [a belief] that these exist to support his endeavor, to support him in moving forward away from past failure, he is seized again with newness of life.
  Blessed ones, when people find hope and joy in the little things of life--when they even devise for themselves certain intricacies of thought that bring them nearer to Our bands, whether children or adults--do not in an advanced awareness of the path dash these precious though perhaps humble cups of hope from them.  And even if they at times may hold hope focused in the wrong individual or the wrong system, We have concluded many times that rather than bring disillusionment to the soul We would allow a little bit of error sprinkled in to preserve a way and a path that, because it embodies not only hope but truth herself, will eventually lead that one out of the lower levels to the highest realms.
  You see, beloved, one reason that individuals follow psychic meanderings and lesser paths is that these vibrate exactly with their subconscious, with their electronic belt.  Almost like a chameleon being the same color of a leaf so these blend in with a false path and a false guru or perhaps one that is half and half.
  Our trust in the living flame of God is great.  As you give the calls to Astrea for the youth and mankind there is a lifting of veils of illusion and psychicism.  And suddenly by the power of the legions of Hope and Gabriel, Our bands, they [people on paths which do not offer the fullness of truth] realize in a moment’s descent of the Holy Spirit that they have seen all that they can see with this or that teacher or this or that instruction.  And as though the Holy Spirit would suddenly carry them to another place they are brought face to face with the reality of the archangels and the Sons of God ascended.
  So you see, beloved ones, the great miracle of hope as the flame of purity carried by all of Us of the fourth ray is the wonder itself that so many by comparison of the evolutions of Earth have indeed grasped the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.  Many more than you realize have incorporated into their lives precepts of truth tucked into Our books that have become a leaven of hope.  Hope is indeed a leaven, beloved, and it is expansive.  My aura is expansive to include the stars, for I see hope everywhere in cosmos and whatever I see there I AM.  And so my angels who travel in my cosmic aura and mantle become also the components of my being of hope.  Thus I am known as the Divine Mother of Hope. 
  And some who have ascended on this ray of hope, grasping hope above and beyond all else that did assail them, have become living representatives of my aura.  They carry the tie to my Presence, beloved, in heaven itself.  Thus these saints and angels are continually ministering unto all lifewaves, intensifying some hope--some hope that will lead to the heart of God.
  Sometimes then stimulated by Our light individuals who have not cleared the aura may turn the energy of hope into false schemes--gambling, tying themselves to individuals who take them down other paths of illusion.  Thus it is then that We look to Astrea’s legions and the full fire of the Holy Spirit to draw them back and point them in the direction of an upward path.  False hope is dangerous, beloved--most dangerous.  For when the disillusionment comes there is very little left.  Thus you see, this is one of the plots of the sinister force--bringing individuals from disillusionment with their leaders, with their parents, with their friends who betray them to then say “If this or that one be not true, who can I trust, where can I go?”  And many fall into a heap of hopelessness, often because they can find no Self-worth.
  It is a mighty task, beloved, that is set before Us.  We seek swiftly to weave a layer of light twixt the individual and the returning karma of the year and the dark sphere.  If We can place but a filigree of hope around each lifestream, but a veil, We can perchance prevent the assimilation of so much darkness returning.  Thus Our legions are very, very occupied in this hour, beloved, preparing lifestreams, intensifying the full fire of Serapis Bey that those who are of the light of God, those who are His children might cling to that hope even though they understand not the Law of Karma of this age.  Hope then enables the individual to weather the storms of life and to know even from nature that the vilest of storms, and even cataclysm itself, does spend itself and pass and then the calm does return.  So in the cycles of nature and of life becoming life and passing on one knows that the sine wave of hope is infinite.
  Now, beloved ones, the mighty purpose of Our coming is to above all give hope to you who have been students of the ascended masters for many years, who have come then as it were to the puzzle of life, the very conundrum of self--how to shed the snakeskin and yet in the process to retain an identity and to realize Christhood.  This brings Us then to the reason for the universities of the Spirit….know that it is self-knowledge and the application of the Law itself that enables one to maintain the flame of hope.
  And what is hope but the ascension flame itself?  What is hope but life itself?  Life without hope is not life at all.  Every newborn child comes with hope--hope of surmounting the past incarnation, hope for the clean white page that is given and new opportunity.  One can see this hope on the brow of the newborn child.  One can see hope in the baby’s cry, for the cry signifies that the child still bears hope that the cry will be answered.  Beloved ones, it is when the individual ceases to cry that one ought to be concerned--ceasing to cry out to God, saying instead “What’s the use?  He will never answer anyway.”  Thus, beloved, neglect not Our flame when you pray for those oppressed.
  And remember, dearest hearts, that the goal of the ascension is not merely a goal of reunion with God, but the goal of the ascension is to intensify ascending currents in the aura, in the garment, in the sacred fire that rises upon the spinal altar . This blazing, accelerating flame that swirls around one’s presence becomes that very garment first of the transfiguration, then the resurrection, then the ascension.  The goal of the ascension, beloved ones, is to be the living presence of the ascension flame on Earth.  As you set for yourself this goal recognize then as you have been taught that it too is a magnet and therefore it must be sustained in a mighty way.
  The ascension flame as the flame of the hope of the Divine Mother, beloved, is a communicator and a receiving station of communication with all worlds in the matter-cosmos and worlds above.  For this flame is pure light! light! light! light! light! that expands as from the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity.  These beings with myself, beloved, and others of the archeiai and the ladies of heaven have appeared to many a child as a fairy godmother, as a fairy queen with trooping elementals.  And do you know this is the greatest delight of little children, and they love to hear stories of fairy queens and fairy godmothers and goddesses.  It is because We carry this flame of whitefire, divine hope, and the child can see the pattern of the ascent.
  Thus if you would wear the garment that heals on contact, beloved, know that this garment must be free from psychicism which is the antithesis of hope and the ascension flame, free of death and hell and astral substance.  And psychicism, beloved, is not merely the mark of those who go after the spirits that mutter and peep and other sources of lower entities for their daily guidance.  It is much more than this, beloved.  It includes the idolatrous cult, the selfish self, the self engaged in too much misuse of the sacred fire and expending of the life-force.
  There are many psychics in the world, beloved, who have never gone to see a psychic and would not term themselves psychic and yet they are.  Many of these consider themselves in direct contact with the ascended masters.  For them wishing has been the belief that the wish has come true; but it takes more than wishing, beloved--it takes attainment and prayer.  It takes a divine contact that may begin with hope but must increase through the expansion of this mighty cable to the heart of God, expanding and pushing back the lower vibrations.
  The fire of the ascension flame, beloved, as hope does indeed therefore bring to you the quickening of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially all discernment of spirits that is coming through Paul the Venetian and the Holy Spirit.  Understand then that it is the white flame of purity that enables you to know exactly the vibrations that come upon you or upon the arth.  The all-knowing Mind of God is truly present in the flame of purity.  The flame of purity then that is the living presence of Hope begins in the heart.  One must love.  It is always the beginning, as Morya has said.  It is a path of the heart and the Presence face-to-face.  Thus We say simply “Blessed are the pure in heart:  for they do see God.”
  Now there are illusions whereby people entertain the belief that they are pure in heart; but again, beloved, unless one be cleansed by Astrea, unless the Divine Mother is thy love and goal you shall find then there is yet lurking behind the individual’s self-image of purity the record of the hatred of the Mother of Purity.  See then that thou be not fooled.
  Take then the opportunity as Jesus did at Luxor to follow the very first steps.  Would you not desire to go over his footsteps?  Would you not desire, beloved, to be absolutely certain that you have left nothing within the heart or aura or mind that the force can catch you on--a point whereby a clever and mischievous demon may cause you grief?  Grief, blessed, is followed by the weeping entity.  Grief is an absence of hope as the absence of the loved one.  Internalize hope.  Internalize the essence, the heart, the attainment of the one departed.
  Is it not beautiful that God has sent wondrous presences into mortal form?  Some are like beautiful flowers plucked early with the first breath of summer but not before all who are intended to see and know them have had the experience of placing the fingers of the mind upon that blessed flame, flower of hope.  And when they are gone one retains the vision, one retains the hope not only of a hereafter but of a here and now where one says:   "I AM THAT I AM!  I claim the full mantle of hope and purity and light and ascension’s flame of this one who has tarried with me as my friend.  And I shall be a friend to that one departed by embodying all hope that that one had for the fulfillment of life here and hereafter.'
  Thus to incorporate, to embody other parts of the mystical body not seen is the purpose of living and passing through the veils of time and space.  Beloved ones, have you ever noticed that as long as there is an accomplished pianist around, everyone listens to that pianist and does not bother to play himself?  But when that one is no longer present someone must fill the vacuum.  And as nature abhors the vacuum so one is raised up.
  When there are those who do things for you, including to carry the light and hold back the darkness and be the embodiment of the Great White Brotherhood, it is easy to remain the chela and to have or retain no necessity of hope of being the Master.  But when the Master ascends, beloved, necessity who is always the Mother of hope’s invention, does come and say “Unless you be the master of this situation all these little ones will be scattered, will be gone astray, will have no hope.  You are our only hope!”
  So she says to you.  And so you say to yourself--and the one who has Self-worth says this in the confidence, the strength, the boldness and the humility of the God-enfired son: “I AM the hope of this my family, my community.  Lo, I AM the hope of the world!  I AM the hope of the world, for I AM an archeia of hope.”
  But, beloved, remember the Law as Jesus said it.  He said “So long as I AM [the I AM of me is] in the world I AM the light [Christ consciousness] of the world.”  Many have forgotten this qualifying statement.  Therefore taking into account the eventual absence of his physical incarnation, Jesus did say “When the I AM of me is ascended ye are the light [Christ consciousness] of the world.  A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”  This city of light cannot be hid, it is a city of hope.  Does not each and every one of you hope for many things regarding this Community?  Ye are indeed the hope of a world that may yet know not that you exist.  Yet they have contacted the vibration on inner planes and they lean upon that light of hope of your aura as though it were a staff, as though it were a real and physical support.
  O let the body of God be infused with hope in this hour!  Let all the Earth know that by hope,multiplied by the Cosmic Christ and all God-qualities the full golden age can, does and shall manifest!
  O blessed hearts, do you know one thing that you have absolute and complete control over?  It is this--that the golden age can manifest in this hour where you are!  Where the individualization of the God-flame is in you the golden age can already be in session and progress in your aura.  Would you not like to entertain angels and children and say“Come into my house.  Here is a circle of a golden sphere which I have lowered into manifestation”?  Would you not like those who seek hope to have a hope of a future better world for themselves?
  Blessed ones, the avatars who have ascended, even the saints who have not balanced their karma have inspired this hope upon all downtrodden--that somewhere there is a golden age happening.  You have viewed it as the etheric cities of light.  Now, beloved ones, see it as your aura expanding.  Be inside a giant globe.  Visualize and position the mountains, the streams, the paradise, the beautiful ones, the happiness.  Hear the birds of hope singing.  Blessed ones, I said:  you have the absolute control of the manifestation of your life.  And this is a statement of my hope--a hope that is never future.  For when I hope, beloved, it is done.  I have only to begin to send forth hope and the object of my hope is instantaneously precipitated.  For I refuse to acknowledge past, present or future.  The Eternal Now therefore is my hope, and therefore moment by moment my hopes are satisfied.
  Blessed ones, it is important to hope in the realm of the possible.  For if you continually hope for that which cannot be for it violates the Law--it is not practical nor probable nor possible according to all calculations--you will soon be lost in daydreams and fantasies where nothing comes to pass.  Thus, beloved, the secret of hoping and rejoicing in hope is to hope for those things which you know can, should, must, shall and are now presently possible for you.
  The present, beloved, is the matrix, or womb, of hope.  The Eternal Christ descends.  You have a hope in your aura; it is the most powerful matrix.  In the human sense you may pass through cycles of time and years.  Have you not come to a place where something magnificent has suddenly come into your life and then remembered that three years ago or a decade ago you once had a hope, and since that hope you forgot the hope but your life took a course whereby it was indeed fulfilled?  Have you not noticed that there has been in reality no time?  Time is collapsed.  The moment of hope and its fulfillment are one.  All sorrow is past, you live in the bliss of a hope that is now.
  Therefore, beloved, set the greatest, most powerful matrix of hope which I give to you which is also presently possible.  And it is the golden-age happening of your aura!  Do you understand this, beloved?  It is a happening now!  Imagine then with golden robes and golden spheres of light how hope then becomes illumination’s flame, which is why the trinity of the threefold flame is called faith, hope and charity.  Illumine the world with golden wisdom’s flame of hope, beloved. Understand the whitefire core is there.
  You need no longer speculate “Will the golden age come to Earth?”  "It is here in me.  That I know, O God.  It is where I AM, and more than this I cannot even desire, for I am with hope filling cosmos with my golden age."
  What is the golden age, beloved?  Is it age one or ten or twenty-five or fifty or a hundred?  The golden age, beloved, is the age when you find consummation in the Mind of Sanat Kumara.  He the Eternal Youth has inspired upon this Earth the eternal hope.  Blessed hearts, I seal you in this mystery of the world and the universe of your microcosm.  And I say by the fiat of Almighty God of the fourth ray I draw a circle of hope around you as the base of your ovoid of light.  I seal you in whitefire hope/protection, and I impress upon you the unit of golden age that is solely, uniquely your individualization of the God-flame.
   O Lord Gautama Buddha, thou who art Shamballa, Lord Gautama Buddha, thou who dost ensoul a planet with thy Buddhas incarnate, with thy bodhisattvas, thou who dost here and now embody the golden age of Earth, intensify the Great Central Sun Magnet of golden-flame illumination’s light, white-fire purity and manifest now in thy aura budding golden yellow-white centered lotuses of these thy Keepers of the Flame!  Now Gautama, let their lotus blossoms expand in the preordained positions they hold in the very heart-center and cosmic rings of causal body of golden age of Earth!
   So, beloved, expand the cosmic conception of the golden age.  See then Gautama Buddha centered in his own causal body and see how he fills not only the Earth but universes beyond.  See yourself then suspended--each one, individual God-flames of hope, individual units of Hierarchy of golden age.  O God and Goddess Meru, thou who hast set the power and the foundation, I then with Gabriel beloved do manifest here with Alpha and Omega Our twinflames, twin pillars of whitefire hope, life, ascension!  These pillars, beloved, are sealed as twin pillars of living flame, electrodes of light.  They are pillars of the ascension, beloved, and they are in the fastnesses of these wilderness lands.  Beloved ones, those who shall take their initiations of Maitreya unto the hour of the complete absorption unto ascension’s flame shall be sealed, healed and assisted mightily by our twin pillars of living fire.  Let those who fear and doubt have these demons of the night bound and cast into the Lake of Sacred Fire!  
  Now I say to all of you, if you recreate your fear and doubt, then I shall say Woe to you!  For ere I come again the Law may descend that requires both thee and thy fears and doubts to be removed from this place.  Therefore in the name of the Cosmic Council I speak to you, beloved.  Legions of Astrea and my bands strip from you in this twenty-four-hour cycle all fear and doubt concerning thy reason for being and all else. Therefore accept it.  Fill the aura with life, light, hope, faith and charity!  And know, beloved, that never, never, never again in all eternity which is now need you ever accept a needless fear or doubt.  So it is done and sealed by the Great Central Sun Magnet, by the whitefire core of Being.
  I say in the name of Saint Germain, let this body of God universal and triumphant be healed of all schism caused by fear and doubt!  I have decreed it, O beloved.  Will you accept it?  [”Yes!”]  Will you receive me into your heart that I may abide there forever as the living flame of Hope?  [”Yes!”]  Then will you trust, beloved, that if Hope’s call is not answered, for karma’s adversity must first be passed, that from the beginning unto the ending after you have crossed the abyss and the wide chasm there shall be the fulfillment of promise and the rainbow shall declare it?  Will you thus have the patience to let Hope have her perfect work in you?  [”Yes!”]  Do not weary, my beloved.  Attend thy Lord and thy God who shall perfect thee even as thou dost seek to be perfected in His Word and Work.
  I love you with an all-consuming love out of which the Father/Mother God taught me in the very beginning to fashion a flame of living hope.  Hope then is the gift of the Divine Mother’s love.  Unto love then I return, beloved.  May you follow the white petals of the rose of hope to the pink petals of eternal bliss.  In the name of the Cosmic Christ I seal you forever.  And I implore you in the name of Saint Germain, give my hope to all.  Let my name be known.  Let The Healing Power of Angels be in the hands of those who need it most.
  O beloved, there are some who will not last too much longer without that teaching.  Bear it to them as a lamp, as the power of a spoken word, a written word sealed.  But above all, beloved, bear them the flame of hope with good cheer, joy, comfort and illumination that will lock their hearts into a point of the Law that proves to them God will never, never, never forsake the soul who yet has hope.  
  -Archeia Hope 1-2-1987 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana

  Hail, O lightbearers of the nations!  I descend into this City of the Angels with legions of violet-flame angels who are come then for the freedom and the liberation of your souls, your minds and your bodies.  Fear not, for the hour of your liberation is come if you will it so.  For our God has willed it, and He has sent me to you this day to deliver not only my prophecy but my light as His Own light directly to your heart and heart-center.
  Children of the Sun, ye are of an ancient memory and one with the forces of light.  Ten thousand years and more you have awaited this hour of your coming and mine for the fervent release of the seventh ray to an age beset with the accumulation of the karma not alone of two thousand years but many.  Beloved, the cycles have turned.  Aye, they have turned for thee and for me.  The cycles then confer in time and space a delivery of the Word and a lowering from your own God-Self, from your own I AM Presence that intensity of sacred fire that in the twinkling of the Eye of God can indeed transmute that fourth Horseman’s delivery of death and hell.  Therefore people of the light, do not tarry in the false teachings of a false hierarchy that does not extend to you a vision of what in actuality is coming upon the nations but concerns itself rather with personal entertainment or even the promise of deliverance through UFOs.
  I tell you, beloved, the hour has come when the lightbearer must choose between the path of the Divine Mother and the true ascension or the path of the UFOs, which promise a flesh-and-blood deliverance but, beloved, cannot give you that which you already have--which only you can acquire--through the magnificent consummation of your spirit with the living presence of God!  Let God then be your Savior and none else! Let God be your teacher/deliverer, for He is a consuming fire.  And those of Us who are among the Immortals, those who are the ascended masters show you now at inner levels the pathway of your soul that you can win and thereby endow a planet with victory even as you take your own in this life.
  Indeed it is possible for you to transcend all of the cycles of your karma in this age.  But whatever the calling or the choosing of your soul remember it cannot be accomplished without the Holy Spirit’s gift to you of the violet flame.  And truly it is given in this hour.  And there is no mantra more necessary to your deliverance and survival--for the violet flame is a physical flame!  And, beloved, it is the physical atoms of the Earth that are burdened with disease and death and toxins and chemical pollutants which burden the body and prevent the mind from being the chalice of the diamond-shining Mind of God which is your rightful inheritance from the Universal Christ.  Maitreya is his name yet he is an ascended master and has not incarnated in this hour.  Beloved ones, he is here to overshadow everyone and not any single lifestream.    
  Therefore claim your union with the hosts of the LORD where you are and go not after the spirits that mutter and peep--fallen Atlanteans who will come and tell you many tales except the one that is needed which is your deliverance from the returning karma that, I tell you, is being delivered upon all in this hour through the Four Horsemen.
  Blessed ones, it is the Cosmic Christ personified in your own Christ Self that does stand between you and the returning karma of an age.  January 1, 1987, is the hour I have predicted for the acceleration of darkness.  I do not desire to deliver such a prediction but I say it that you might arm yourselves well and protect your children and your communities, your nations and the planetary body.  Fear not, beloved, for the fallen angels who would promise deliverance through a prophecy of peace or psychicism or those aliens from other systems are only there to deter you from the true and living God who has loved you with such a fervor as to place the divine fire in your very breast.
  Beloved ones, I have walked among you in recent centuries and long ages past.  Many of you have known me.  And I say to you that the adoration of the light and the sacred fire, its expansion in your heart gives to you the coequality of an equation where you and Christ are one.  Behold the Second Coming of Christ--not alone as the sign in the heaven but as the sign of your emergent Godhood!  Moses has delivered unto you the sign of the I AM THAT I AM.  I tell you, this nation is the Place Prepared for the return of the twelve tribes amongst Jew, Christian and all alike who have been raised up from the four corners of the Earth.
  I tell you truly, the hour is not too late for you to turn around those things descending.  I have said it once, but I shall say it again.  For as I stand in your presence and you allow it I may transfer to you that violet flame--that spirit of freedom whereby you may know this truth that shall set you free.  I say it, beloved, that when you apply the spiritual science and true path of the balancing of karma to the problems of the economy, to the problems of defense, education, drugs in America you can make all the difference.  For God is no respecter of persons.  You need not be a follower of mine or this Messenger or any particular religion but only a devotee of the living flame of God above you and in the Central Sun and in this temple that is vibrant of life, that you call home for this lifetime.
  Beloved ones, devotion to the Law of the One and the one Source makes of all one manifestation of light.  Therefore We see many sons but one God alone.  And in that heartfelt union of the light there is strength, there is deterrence, there is defense, there is eternal Life, there is the conquering of death in your cells and atoms.  Speak to the viral attacks upon you that come as AIDS or cancer and say:  “Thus far and no farther!  You have no power over me!  Now get thee hence out of my temple!  For where I AM there is the flame of God, and I consecrate in His name this temple to be the temple of the Lord’s Spirit."
  Thus, beloved ones, take up the decree written down long ago by the Messenger Mark Prophet and command “O atoms, cells, electrons within this form of mine...!”  Thus, beloved, command them to “be all light!”  Then visualize the Sun in the center of every atom and molecule, especially where there is the report to you of that terminal disease.  Command the light, dispel the darkness and take, O take, beloved, my gift to you of the violet flame!  Why is it my gift, beloved?  For God has given it unto me to give to you--for so many thousands of years ago I espoused the flame of the seventh age and ray--in many incarnations that then ensued.
  Beloved, I was a priest and a high priest in the Temple of the Violet Flame on Atlantis.  Yes, I studied with Melchizedek at the retreat of Lord Zadkiel that now is in the etheric octave over the Caribbean.  Beloved ones, I was indeed there when the Lord Jesus Christ received his initiation long before his incarnation final to be “a priest forever after the Order of Mel­chizedek."  This calling is unto you to study and learn of the seventh ray and the seventh-ray masters.
  Therefore I call forth from the Central Sun a pillar of violet flame fire that shall be set in the heart of this city.  Unto it then, beloved, have recourse.  Call upon the pillar of violet flame that is an ancient pillar of the seventh ray.  It is because the hour is short that I come to you this day and that I deliver my message.  Beloved, I love you with the intensity of the Almighty One, with the love of the camaraderie that We have shared in prior centuries.  I know thee, who thou art, O thou child of the Most High, thou striving one, devoted yet burdened.  I know the thoughts of thy heart and thy prayers.  I come, then, as your Saint Joseph to care for you even as I cared for the Christ Child.
  Beloved ones, I do understand the burden of your heart.  Thus I have given to you the mantra “I AM the Light of the Heart.”  O, enter into the deepest mysteries of God and recognize that they are all contained in your heart, in the cells and atoms.  The Laws are written there; a whole cosmos is inside of you!  In fact once you were beings of a cosmos waiting to be born.  Once with twinflame you saw the face of Father/Mother God and rejoiced that Elohim created you to go forth and manifest the divine polarity in universes unborn. You indeed came trailing clouds of glory, beloved.
  Yet there was a losing of the way at the influence of the fallen angels who in their pride defied the Lord God in His sons and descended into density, were cast into the earth and made to take on physical bodies such as those you wear.  For they were determined to move against the divine Manchild who is the Christ--the Christos or light--the Anointed One of every one of you.
  Thus, beloved, you have lost the way of the understanding that some minds in this universe set themselves to absolute Evil, which is to destroy the potential and the realization of that potential of Christhood by each and every one of you.  They have taught the lie of “only one Son of God”--that only Jesus could attain to this.  Yet the only begotten Son of God is the Cosmic Christ who is individualized in ye all as that potential whom Jesus incarnated, exter­nalized and was fully the representative of for the Piscean age.
  Beloved hearts, fallen angels in embodiment and aliens with no good purpose, though they also speak about love, have come to this planet for one purpose alone--as pied pipers to lead the sons and daughters of God away from the divine Source and the reunion with light.  Because you have been taught by philosophers, psychologists and even some men of the cloth that there is no evil or evil intent you therefore have been lulled to sleep concerning that debacle of nuclear war that hangs as a threat--a threat against whom?  The lightbearers, beloved.  For it is they who will lose all.  And when I say “all” I mean the opportunity at the end of an age to found a golden age and to bring it forth hand in hand with the heavenly hosts, the archangels and elemental life.
  The hour of opportunity is at hand and has never been greater for the victory of a universal enlightenment and an age of peace.  Beloved ones, I implore you and I come to ask you this.  I ask you to buy fifty years of peace for me and I will show you what the heavenly hosts working through you may do to save this planet utterly from disease and death and war.  Blessed hearts, to implement this you must call upon your representatives and demand the immediate defense of this nation, whether or not you think it logical or reasonable that an ascended master such as I should plead to you for physical defense.
  Believe me then on the common sense of it that there is a necessity for physical defense to guard physical life.  And I tell you, you need the bodies you wear and the minds you have, free and uncontaminated by nuclear holocaus, in order to balance your karma.  That balancing of karma does come through service and through the violet flame.  Beloved ones, your life and opportunity are more precious than they have ever been in any past age.  Do not underestimate then the envy and revenge of the fallen angels who have worked as the devil works, without any break whatsoever, to stop you from realizing the full Sonship of that Cosmic Christ.
  It is the dawning of Aquarius and of the age of awareness. And so you are at this convention.  Blessed ones, take the science of the spoken Word--for the spoken Word is a sword of the Spirit--and through it accelerate mightily.  Value your life and service.  Help one another and determine that this nation which I sponsored in the beginning shall live and survive to fulfill her immortal destiny.  You are here, beloved, because I sponsored you in the hour of your birth.  And some of you who have not traveled abroad have not understood how I have borne your karma as I have not borne it for any other nation that you might set a path of freedom and liberty not alone in government but in fields of health, medicine, science, education and law.
  Blessed hearts, before Almighty God I have vowed my sponsorship of this land of opportunity because it is the best hope whereby mankind might survive in freedom to know the path that you know, which they have not yet touched.  In the name of the Goddess of Liberty, Cosmic Mother whose temple is over the city of New York and whose statue is enshrined there I bring you in my hand and heart the flame of Liberty. May you understand its portent in the third century of America’s destiny.  O look up and live, beloved of the light!
  I would deliver to you the healing power of the seventh ray.  And I shall be therefore in the Heart of the Inner Retreat for some days surrounding the celebration of the Declaration of Independence, July 4th.   I summon you to this high place and mountainous retreat where the light of the Holy Spirit flows and I may again transfer to you a just portion of the violet flame and your own divinity.   For this day I can give only that which the Law allows for each life­stream--that which you are able to receive.  Blessed ones, it is an increment of light that will not hurt you but will help you.  And thus the governing action of the Cosmic Christ allows only that which the body can receive and yet remain in balance to take place.
  Therefore, my beloved--those who have known me forever, those who only recently have made my acquaintance--I tell you that I took the name Saint Germain for it means “holy brother.”  May you think of me always as your friend and brother on the path.  And may you know that I may not enter your world to intercede for you unless you call my name in the name of God and ask.  Therefore say it to me any hour of the day or night--“In the name of Almighty God, Saint Germain, help me now!”  I promise you that an Electronic Presence of myself shall be at your side with the speed of light.  And if you desire to increase your capacity to receive my assistance, then take up the calls to the violet flame and see how your aura will actually turn a violet color so that friends may see it and feel the impact of the seventh ray.
  When your aura is so charged, beloved, I may then enter it and repolarize your very physical form to the light of God that never fails, to the inner blueprint and the image of Christ in which ye are made!  From the beginning unto the ending I AM Saint Germain, one with the Keepers of the Flame worldwide . O beloved, let me help you!  Receive me now as your friend forever.  Angels of the seventh ray, now surround this my U.S.A., the entire border.   Let it be now walls of light, violet flame, blue lightning and a pillar of fire!  So may it be in the LORD’s Day and in the descent of the vengeance of our God that is His judgment that the people of light might know the protection and divine intervention.  So call it forth and reinforce it, for angels of light do establish it.  In the name Jesus Christ I serve.   [36-sec. standing ovation]     

             -Saint Germain:  2-7-1987 at Pasadena via Messenger E C Prophet
   In the beginning was the Word...and that Word was God...and without that Word was not anything made that was made!” (Gospel of John 1:1)  The Word referred to here is God’s most holy and sacred name “I AM”--in general so carelessly and thoughtlessly used in conversation of all kinds by the populace of this dear Earth, particularly the English-speaking people.  The Word “I AM” as it appears in English today carries within it the full creative power of the Godhead and, as such, is used by all of Us in Our octave, as well as everywhere else in the universe.  That Word can never have its vibratory action changed by translation into any other language for “Je suis,” “Ich bin” or any other combination of sounds which mean “I am” do not carry the same creative activity of God-power as does “I AM” in English today.
  There will come the day when those faithful chelas of our beloved Saint Germain and Morya El who by selfless service to life have earned the privilege of entering the Royal Teton Retreat in the Wyoming Rockies.  Then in the beautiful Record Room which is there they will be able to see for themselves the use of this Word in the history of past civilizations, written upon sheets of gold which have been rolled on golden spindles. Although they may not be able to read the language of the script they will easily be able to distinguish the Word “I AM”--for it will stand out as being the name used to specify Deity even in those ancient times.  Then is not the knowledge and use of the Word “I AM” indispensable to your eternal victory of the ascension--since it is the open door back into the heart of your Creator?
  I AM the very embodiment of all the God-power of victory, those feelings which will enable you to overcome every human appearance, instead of allowing that appearance to “overcome” you, no matter how formidable that appearance or group of them may be.  Today I bring to each of you who will accept it the substance of my victory--that golden flame which contains within it my living feeling of victorious accomplishment-- in all you do.  This is a very real and tangible gift!
  Whenever you need victorious accomplishment over anything remember that I AM in the universe and that I AM no farther away from you than your own heartbeat.  You see, the light which beats your very heart is God’s life and therefore a very real part of that victory which I AM.  Therefore whenever confronted by any set of circumstances which portends less than God-success for you, may I suggest that you make the following call:  "My very own beloved I AM Presence and beloved Mighty Victory, I consciously and determinedly refuse acceptance into my feelings or any other part of my world of anything but God-victory right here and now!  In reality that victory I AM!  My very life is that victory!  Mighty Victory, flood my entire being and world with your feelings thereof which compel victorious accomplishment for me.  Help me to fully accept it as being real and true even before it appears for me in outer manifestation."    
  Try me out and keep on calling until you have given me sufficient opportunity to make you the victory I AM!  We know full well that for the unascended it is so easy for him to yield his world to the pull of the senses and limiting appearances, for that is the way of the world in which he lives.  All unascended consciousness is one, even as Our ascended master consciousness is One in Our octave.  That is why, especially in these changing days as the life of the entire universe is spiraling upward in its return to the Godhead from whence it came We must have at least some of the life from those embodied upon your star consciously claiming victory in order to be able to anchor and expand that God-virtue here.
   Victory! Victory! Victory! must be claimed in all they do until claiming victory becomes a fixed and unalterable habit with them.  Help to this end I am particularly well prepared, ready and most lovingly willing to give at any moment, day or night....From everlasting to everlasting I AM the victory of all life everywhere!  My power ever increases as the ages roll.  Accept me and my help, beloved ones, for I live but to expand God-victory.  Be my friend, even as I am yours and let me through your victories draw to myself more and more friends on Earth.  Let me make your world a living example of what my power of victory can do for all.  Come along with me!  The best is yet to be.  You cannot yet imagine what I can do with victory!    
(by Saintt-Gaudens)
-Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 2:18 via Messenger Mark Prophet

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