Thursday, March 28, 2019

hypocrisy is based on heartlessness

243.  You should maintain a sacred store of strength, and the enemy will surely sense that in you there is a reservoir dedicated to Service.  Great wisdom is needed in order to maintain true equilibrium.  The Thinker used to teach,“Learn not to dissipate the strength that was entrusted to you.  Safeguard, but do not become misers.”
244.  Urusvati knows that hypocrisy is based on heartlessness.  Indeed, the bond with the higher spheres is formed through the heart, a heart generous in all its expressions.  But the violent rage of heartlessness is fierce and spreads widely.  People may intend to harm only one but then injure many.  Terrible is the karma of these heartless fools who mumble lofty utterances about truth while actually defaming it.
  Heartless thinking is the plague of humanity.  Ancient philosophers did not include heartless people in their concepts of government.  Plato in his Republic and Aristotle in his Politics had in mind organized societies of intelligent co-workers and did not tolerate tyrants, hypocrites or swindlers.  It is impossible to imagine a strong state consisting of hypocrites and swindlers.  Hypocrisy is incompatible with the highest beliefs and knowledge, and a false foundation will serve only a false structure.  We do not approve of the slightest manifestation of hypocrisy, and believe that this vice begets all other corrupt feelings.
  The Thinker opposed instantly the slightest trace of hypocrisy in his disciples.  He would say "In this case go to the priests and pay them with gold for their prayers.  They assume that the gods will accept hired prayers."      -M:  Supermundane 1, 1938
264.   Urusvati knows that prayer is often hypocritical.  We have already spoken about the significance of prayer, but it is necessary to mention the harm of hypocritical or hired prayer.  People do not realize the extreme harm in any kind of falsehood, but hypocrisy and bribery are its grossest expressions.  One should realize how pervasively each false thought spreads.  It is indeed blasphemous to hire someone for prayer.  It is criminal to try to deceive Him who is considered by people as the Most High.  Monstrous examples can be cited of people who mumbled prayers and at the same time plotted murder.
321.  The worldly-wise advise us to ignore the cruelties that surround us, but these "wise" ones are without life.  You will be told many stories about the brilliant achievements of culture, yet the fact remains that slavery still exists.  Moreover it exists under a clever mask of sanctimonious hypocrisy; such a masquerade is particularly shameful.  Yet instead of general indignation one hears excuses for this shame.
372.  Besides hypocrisy one can also expect to see great cunning.  People will deceive themselves in order to justify their own weaknesses.  Yet they will not stop to think about the dangers they create for themselves.  On the surface they appear to be Our co-workers, yet where is the reverence that should be at the foundation of all collaboration?      -Morya;  Supermundane 2, 1938

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