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Let there be a spiritual community of lightbearers of Europe who by proxy hold then the focalpoint of the mantle of God-government in Europe!

  And yet the heads of Europe have challenged the United States to enter once again into negotiation with the Soviets to limit arms.  Well, beloved hearts, if there were a limitation of arms across the board, if there were not chicanery and dishonor by the Soviet Union, these things might indeed bring in an era of peace.  But it is not so.  And therefore I commend you to an intense activity of calls to the Karmic Board, especially to the Goddess of Liberty and Cyclopea, for the exposure of the misuses of treaties especially the SALT treaties by the Soviet Union!
  Therefore you see, the recalcitrant ones--the seed of Serpent in Europe who resisted my own United States of Europe--are resisting today the true plan from the heart of the Great Divine Director and from my own fiery heart.  Blessed ones, what they will bring about in Europe if they pursue this attitude of human stubbornness is the overrunning of Europe by the Soviets!  They will precipitate a schism between the light of America and the European soil. 
  Let them be forewarned!  For I stand in the very heart of the soul of America and in the heart of the Mother of the World--I stand and I say to them:  You are the false pastors of my people and I denounce you!  You who have occupied those seats of authority in Europe, you who have caused the splintering of nations and the death of millions by your recalcitrance--you are brought to the judgment!…
  Therefore I say, I take that light of this dispensation and I give to Europe, with the archangels, my causal body, my Presence and my purple fiery heart now for an era, now for an opportunity to return to the light, to unite--not on the basis of selfish economic interests!  After all are these the only things that will unite people in the hour of their greed?  Can they not rise to sacrifice and unite upon the basis of the Mighty I AM Presence!
  Let there be a spiritual community of lightbearers of Europe who by proxy hold then the focalpoint of the mantle of God-government in Europe!  And therefore We will work through your hearts instead of through those who focus the Antichrist and have never yet succeeded in subduing the forces of greed, of envy and of war that have come upon the people.
  Beloved hearts, these fallen ones are not leading Europe in the direction of light.  And they are hirelings!  They are not the true shepherds of the people, and they care not for the salvation of their souls!  They care not for the salvation of life as it is lived in this hour upon earth.  They will pass away.  They will pass to the Final Judgment—and they know it!  Trust them not, O children of the light in Europe, but look to the true example of the Law.
  I come with matters on my heart and I am determined to lay them upon your heart’s altar.  For you, my beloved, have prepared your heart’s altar for my coming, and I am comfortable in your presence.  And I choose to tarry with you, and I choose to make myself more physically present.  And therefore I am lowering the light of my ascended light body nearer and nearer to your physical form that you may remember me as Joseph and know that I am still the protector of the one who holds the office of Mother of the World and who keeps the vigil for the incarnation of the Christ in you all….
  Alpha has told you (on 4-17-1981) and I affirm it with Him--these unbenign visitors from outer space, they come to limit the consciousness and the awareness of the Word incarnate.  Think of it, beloved ones!  It is not natural for a people to remain in bondage and ignorance and to espouse a false doctrine and theology that is absurd on the face of it, that is ridiculous, that no child of light would believe except for the interference twixt the threefold flame of the heart and (higher) mind that does mesh with the outer mind when it is allowed to do so.
  There is interference by these rays of the fallen ones--by psychotronics, if you would call them that!  And these are the forces that We deal with in answer to your call.  It is the mass hypnosis and the brainwashing of a people….  And so We have seen in the decades that followed that Second World War not the rising up of ascended master youth but the putting down of that youth by the fallen angels and the Watchers who remain abroad in the land and at inner levels--and who day by day are being brought to the judgment by your calls that are fervent and determined and most necessary.  Blessed ones, We are seeing now in this decade of 1980 the results of the misuse, the misapplication of the very light that came forth as a cosmic dispensation.  Whereas some have ascended and the requirements of the Law have been fulfilled and amplified again by this activity of light there has also been a misuse of that light and, if you will, a miscarriage of justice.  That miscarriage has occurred in the institutions of education, of society, of the economy where the light has not flowed to the people but rather has been usurped by the fallen ones in everything from outright war in Vietnam, to welfare, to indulgence, to that humanism that is called “scientific” that has entered the public schools by an emphasis upon sex--not as the raising of the sacred fire but as the squandering of that light…

  The torch is passed!  Therefore I say, make the Messengers’ victory your own.   
                             -Saint Germain:  5-3-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles
5-18-2018  At an interim press conference Mr Putin lauded a “healthy” renewed contact with Germany.  And Ms Merkel agreed:  “These negotiations are important and they will continue.”  For this, the leaders have Donald Trump to thank. The US president’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal has set European leaders scrambling on a mission to save it.  Russia, a close ally of Iran, has been only too keen to assist.
5-17-2018  Rapprochement with Russia is now a core policy objective in Berlin, according to a senior German official with knowledge of the chancellery’s strategy.
  I ask you to begin to rejoice in the givingness of Self that meets the very specific need of anyone or everyone who is near you.  This is the mark and the sign of a true teacher.  You do not have to be perfected in elocution or the delivery of the Word, but you must be effective in opening up the heart and releasing that kindness which all will feel no matter how limited your powers of speech or your vocabulary.
  When I was embodied as Saint Francis I did not always have the power of speech.  It grew upon me and in me.  As I communed with all levels of life--the animal kingdom, the birds and flowers--
I began to know a language of love.  And in the imparting of love and the multifaceted vibrations of love I would tune in to the particular note, the wavelength, that would summon the forces of elemental life and I would see the aura and rejoicing.

  Yet I myself had moments of great burden and sorrow as I moved through life and sought to perfect the Order.  At the end, beloved, I thought I had failed, failed to convince my brethren that the vow of poverty and Mother Poverty herself would give the greatest virtue and foundation to the Church.  Thus, beloved, so it does occur even in the life of one who might be considered a saint that karma does descend, that the dark night of the soul takes its season and toll.  And the Dark Night of the Spirit is the blackest night of all.     
(by Schmiechen, 1884)
              -Kuthumi  5-5-1991 via Messenger E C Prophet

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