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the golden age of reality

 Inner attainment is not a badge or a visible sign, nor is it noted by intellectual prowess or emotional bubbling over.  It is not easy to tell, one chela to the next, who has the inner light, who has seen his star….
  What I tell you is this:   hearts among you have attainment, other hearts do not.  The Law is impartial, plays no favorites; and a Community of the Holy Spirit is made up of individuals responsible unto God.  A  community is also a brotherhood and a sisterhood of chelas supporting one another, upholding one another.  But this is only until the child may stand on his own two 
feet .  One dare not take the habit of leaning on another's decree momentum or any other momentum, beloved….
  Yes, it is possible to offend the Spirit but not by the human foibles and mistakes that so many line up according to rules.  The Law may overlook much, even when all others point the finger at an individual. But I will tell you what the Law will never overlook.  It will never overlook the withholding of love from thy brother.  It will never overlook an impure heart; the impure heart will not enter in.  It will not overlook the Liar and the lie.  It will not overlook those who see a brother's need—who see him toiling in the day and the night and then walk away to their own pleasure and conceit.
  The Law will not overlook one who separates himself from a path that is clearly outlined.  The Law will not overlook one who elevates himself in spiritual pride and soon falls prey to the psychic.  The Law will never overlook one who does not receive any of these little ones as the Christ in arm.  There are sins that can be brushed aside by the hand of God, and then there are sins that are not forgiven.  Some have always wondered 'What is this sin against the Holy Ghost that is not forgiven until it is forsaken, and in some cases never?’  Beloved hearts, it is the violation of the flame of Life in any form—failure to feed my sheep when they are hungry and naked and in need, failure to be sensitive to world pain and world need, taking instead the Teaching exclusively unto one's private life and development.    
                                                  -Morya El:  12-31-1986 via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  On the cover of your mantra booklet you see the “chakra man.”
  This is a representation of yourself, a runner in the race of life pressing, as Paul said, “toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus,” <6> the Master himself being the forerunner of the Inner Buddha whom each disciple can know and realize.  The colors of the seven chakras as depicted on the body of the runner indicate which chakras are the orifice, or sending and receiving center, for each of the seven rainbow rays of God.
  Various schools of thought in the New Age as well as in the past century have prescribed their colors for the chakras.  People ask me why our colors differ from some of these.  My answer is that those we show are the colors released from the Ascended Masters to their Messengers as they should appear in the purified etheric body, the highest vibrating of the four lower bodies and the natural envelope of the soul.   I believe that some clairvoyants who have put forth their version of the colors have read the condition of the chakras in the astral, untransmuted, i.e., unpurified, state of the human consciousness, hence the discrepancy.
  This chart of the chakra man shows the color (frequency) of the light which each of the chakras should be emitting when it is purified and balanced in the plus and minus factors, the yang and the yin of the whirling t’ai chi.  The colors correlate to the seven rays of the causal body which you see illustrated on the screen as seven color bands, spheres within spheres surrounding the I AM Presence (the upper figure in the Chart of Your Divine Self).    

  The colors of the chakras reveal which of the rays from the causal body is intended to be released through each chakra; ideally the chakra should vibrate on the same wavelength as the corresponding sphere of the causal body, “as Above, so below.” Therefore these are the seven rays, the seven spheres, and the seven chakras that we will be meditating and decreeing upon today.  As part of our compassionate service to all life this is the means whereby we pursue the goal of self-realization in the Buddhic consciousness in our souls and minds and hearts....
  Both unascended masters and ascended masters together with their chelas (disciples) make up the Great White Brotherhood under whose sponsorship I serve.  The term “white” refers not to race but to the white light that surrounds these saints in heaven and on earth who are the mystical body of God.  They are the “great multitude” witnessed by John the Revelator which no man could number, of all nations and kindreds and people and tongues who stood before the throne and before the Lamb clothed with white robes, with palms in their hands, and cried [i.e., decreed] with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb... These are they which came out of great tribulation and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.   These are the saints robed in white who have ascended to the Throne (Three-in-One) of God, which is the goal of life for all who have descended from God. 
  I would like to speak to you of the beloved Archangel Michael as we begin at the beginning of the ritual of our soul’s ascent to the throne of Buddha today, for he always stands guard during our spiritual exercises . Whether you are affiliated with Judaism, Christianity or Islam you will find mentioned in your religious tradition the figure of this Archangel who is the great protector of God’s people.  Archangel Michael is the Prince of the Archangels, the first among equals unto whom all other Archangels and their legions defer.  He has been given the title Defender of the Faith and is known as the champion of the Woman and her seed and the leader of the Lord’s hosts in the battle of Armageddon.  He stands as the protector of the Buddhic and Christic consciousness in all children of God.  His name means “Who is as God?”
  This deliverer sent to us by the LORD has figured as the greatest and most revered of angels in Jewish, Christian and Islamic scripture.  In the Old Testament he is described as the guardian of Israel.   He appeared to Joshua as he prepared to lead the Israelites into battle at Jericho, revealing himself as Captain of the Host of the LORD.  The Book of Daniel prophesies his intercession on behalf of God’s people during a coming “time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation,” when he will stand “for the children of thy people” who shall be delivered by his intercession.   In Jewish mystical literature and legend Archangel Michael is identified as the “angel of the Lord” who appeared to Moses in a flame in the bush that burned with the sacred fire of God but was not consumed.  He is the angel who wrestled with Jacob, guided Israel through the wilderness, destroyed the army of Sennacherib, and saved the three Hebrew boys from Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace.
  The Book of Enoch describes him as “one of the holy angels, who, presiding over human virtue, commands the nations.”  In “The War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness”, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Michael is the “mighty, ministering angel” through whom God promises to “send perpetual help” to the sons of light.
  As “Saint Michael” he is venerated by Catholics as patron and protector of the Church.  In the early Christian community he was revered for the miraculous cures wrought by his intercession.  The beloved Archangel was also among the three heavenly visitors who revealed to Joan of Arc her mission to deliver France.
  Revelation 12 tells of the Archangel’s key role as the defender of the Woman clothed with the Sun and her Universal Manchild; with his angels he casts “the dragon and his angels” out of heaven into the earth.  And in Revelation 16 he is the first of the seven angels to “pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth,” marking the descending woes, the seven last plagues, of mankind’s karma returning to their doorstep their misuses of God’s light.
  Called Mika’il in Muslim lore, he is the angel of nature, providing both food and knowledge to man.  In Zoroastrianism a parallel has also been drawn between Archangel Michael and Vohu Manah, who is one of the Amesha Spentas, cosmic beings whose role corresponds to that of the Archangels.  It is taught that in a final conflict with the forces of darkness Vohu Manah will defeat the adversary.
Archangel Michael holds the office in the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood of Archangel of the First Ray.  He embodies God’s consciousness of faith, protection, perfection and the will of God. From his retreat on the etheric plane at Banff in Alberta, Canada,midst the splendors of the Canadian Rockies at Lake Louise, he goes forth with his legions of blue-lightning angels to protect the children of the light and preserve freedom on earth.
  With his hosts Archangel Michael descends into the pits of death and hell to bind the adversaries of the divine Manchild--the Christ consciousness--in God’s children, remanding them to the Court of the Sacred Fire for their final judgment before the Twenty Four Elders.  He sweeps through the astral plane, binding demons and discarnates that prey upon unsuspecting souls, rendering incomparable assistance to those beset by dark forces.  The name of his feminine complement is Faith.  His musical keynote, capturing the frequencies of his Electronic Presence, is “The Navy Hymn, Eternal Father Strong to Save.”  The keynote of his retreat is “The Soldiers’ Chorus” from Faust by Charles Gounod.
  The Seven Archangels serve the Lord by embodying His Consciousness and Presence on each of the seven rays.  They serve the sons and daughters of God by initiating them in the steps of self-mastery they must gain by embodying the qualities of the seven rays in their seven chakras.
  The first ray is the ray of God’s Power and the sixteen-petaled throat chakra is the power center in man.  Through the gift of speech God’s children exercise the power and the authority of the spoken Word by means of this chakra; they increase in faith and in the perfecting of the Word and Work of the Lord by a self-sacrificing devotion to the will of God.  The color of this ray and chakra is a brilliant sapphire blue.  Archangel Michael as the Archangel of the First Ray initiates us in the uses of power in the throat chakra.
  The second ray is the ray of God’s Wisdom and the thousand-petaled crown chakra is the wisdom center in man.  Through the gift of intelligence God’s children exercise the illumination of the Mind of Christ and attain the enlightenment of the Buddha.  The color of this ray is the brilliant yellow of the yellow diamond.  Archangel Jophiel as the Archangel of the Second Ray initiates us in the uses of wisdom in the crown chakra.
  The third ray is the ray of God’s Love and the twelve-petaled heart chakra is the love center in man.  Through the gift of charity God’s children express the compassion of the sacred heart of Jesus and Gautama and perfect Love’s calling on earth.  The color of this ray ranges from a delicate petal pink or rose-colored beryl to the purging fires of the ruby.  Archangel Chamuel as the Archangel of the Third Ray initiates us in the uses of love in the heart chakra.
  The fourth ray is the ray of God’s Purity and the four-petaled base-of-the-spine chakra is the center of the sacred fire of purity in man.  Through the Divine Mother’s gift of this life-force God’s children become co-creators with the Trinity and purify their souls and chakras for reunion with the eternal light.  The color of this ray is the dazzling white light of the Father-Mother God which is best focused in the diamond.   Archangel Gabriel as the Archangel of the Fourth Ray initiates us in the uses of the sacred fire in the base-of-the-spine chakra.
  The fifth ray is the ray of God’s divine Wholeness, and the all-seeing Eye of God is the means of its precipitation from Spirit to matter through the 96-petaled third-eye chakra in man.  Through the gift of truth and the soundings of the Word, God’s children apply principles of harmony in chords of music and in alchemical formulas of the healing arts for the restoration of that divine Wholeness, as Above so below; they also pursue the complete science of the Mother and the all-inclusive religion of the Father as they work the works of God on earth.  The color of this ray is emerald green.  Archangel Raphael as the Archangel of the Fifth Ray initiates us in the uses of science and religion, music and the healing arts in the third-eye chakra.
  The sixth ray is the ray of God’s Peace and the ten-petaled solar-plexus chakra is the center of peace and the power of peace in man.  Through the gift of God’s desire for peace God’s children engage in ministration and service to all life.  The color of this ray is alexandrite purple and topaz-sun-gold with flecks of ruby crystal.  Archangel Uriel as the Archangel of the Sixth Ray initiates us in the uses of peace, the mastery of the emotions and compassion to all life in the solar-plexus chakra.
  The seventh ray is the ray of God’s Freedom through the justice and mercy of the Law and the six-petaled seat-of-the-soul chakra is the center of soul-liberation in man through the ritual and alchemy of the violet flame.   Through the gift of freedom God’s children are called to exercise freewill with Christ-discrimination for righteous judgment and action in the Word and Work of the Lord on the path of personal Christhood.  The color of this ray is amethyst violet.  Archangel Zadkiel as the Archangel of the Seventh Ray initiates us in the uses of freedom and the justice and mercy of the Law in the seat-of-the-soul chakra.
  The seventh ray which comes to the fore in and rules the two-thousand-year age of Aquarius now beginning affords the soul the freedom to change the human condition by the ritual and alchemy of the violet flame.  The seat-of-the-soul chakra is actually the seat of the soul’s residence in the body.  Positioned below the heart between the solar-plexus and the base-of-the-spine chakras it is the place of the soul’s self-knowledge in the real Self and the not-Self.   Here is self-conscious awareness of the integral soul-personality having partial integration in God and partial integration with the not-Self.   Both conditions are the result of choices the soul has made over many lifetimes.
  Those of you who have studied the martial arts know that the seat-of-the-soul chakra is the body’s point of equilibrium; it is the center of chi, inner energy or life-force essential to the maintenance of life.  It is taught that from this center of gravity, or life center, chi is distributed to the rest of the body.  This is true insofar as the physical energy is concerned, for in soul-awareness the psyche does freely focus and circulate this energy.  However the heart is the ultimate center and distribution point of the sacred fire that descends from the I AM Presence (the Father) over the crystal cord and ascends from the base-of-the-spine chakra of the Mother.
  From within the seat-of-the-soul chakra, the center of equilibrium, the soul knows with an inner intuitive knowing what the outer mind cannot or will not come to grips with, what the emotions block for fear of the encounter with the karmic realities at hand.  The soul knows what is coming upon the Earth.  The soul knows the past, present and future.  The soul knows all things independently of our mental indoctrination and our emotional programming in this life. Unfortunately the conscious mind’s contact with the soul which it has at birth decreases with the development of the mental and emotional bodies; however consistent daily application of the violet flame transmutes the barriers between the conscious and subconscious, the outer awareness of the mind and the inner awareness of the soul.     
                                -Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet:   May 20, 1989  at NYC
   I AM in the heart of every freedom fighter upon earth.  I am in the heart of those who were defeated in Tiananmen Square because the nations did not rise up with one arm and say “Thus far and no farther!” to the Communist Chinese, to that government and this nation’s representative who has preferred commerce to the liberty of the individual.  Yes, beloved, nation by nation by nation I am in the hearts of those who have dared to strike against this Moloch of human greed, against the towers of Babylon and Assyria and of the ancient ones of Atlantis who did betray the people.
  I want you to know that reincarnation is true and the souls whom you observe today fighting for freedom including yourselves have come again and again and again.  Fifty thousand years again and again they have stood against these dark ones and given their lives.  They would not even consider retreat!  They would not consider it, for they know that their life is a flame.   Their life is a continuity of being.   And if that flame be snuffed out, they will come again and live again, for they serve with the great Christ and the great Buddha.  They serve, beloved, to deliver nations and this is their reason for being.
  And when they are struck on the battlefield, when they are massacred, when they receive that napalm, when they receive those chemicals upon themselves and they breathe their last breath they are yet in prayer as they exit that body and are taken up by angels.  And they are brought to healing retreats of the angels and they are succored and they are healed and they are cradled in the arms of the Divine Mother until one day another mother and another womb may bear them and they shall live to breathe again and to fight again.  And thus you see Palestinians bearing arms at the tender age of ten.  Yes, beloved, they are taking their stand against a power that they can no longer fight with their bare hands.
  Beloved, realize there are some things that are more important than anything else in your life and in the entire world, things like integrity, like honor, like life, like human suffering.   And where there is human suffering let the bodhisattvas of Gautama Buddha, let them come forth and let them say to God:  “O my God, I am here!  I will stand with you.  I am protected in this my nation.  I am protected in America, in Europe, in countries that are free.  I am protected in Japan.  Therefore I can afford to give my life, I can afford to give my mantras, I can afford to speak out, I can afford to write and to challenge and to let my voice be heard.  And by God and in the name of the life He has given me I will do it!  And I know that, millions and millions together, we can demand defense, we can demand righteousness, we can demand a return to God and His Law that does demand that every single human life on earth must be sacrificed for, for life is the gift of God and God is in that life!"  
                                                -Saint Germain    April 27, 1991 via Messenger ECP
(by Saint Germain)
The flame of Freedom speaks
The flame of Freedom within each heart
The flame of Freedom saith onto all:
  Come apart now and be a separate and chosen people, elect unto God--men who have chosen their election well, who have determined to cast their lot in with the Immortals.  These are they who have set their teeth with determination, who have said:
I will never give up
I will never turn back
I will never submit
I will bear the Flame of Freedom unto my victory
I will bear this fame in honor
I will sustain the glory of Life within my nation
I will sustain the glory of Life within my being
I will win my ascension
I will forsake all idols and
I will forsake the idol of my outer self
I will have the glory of my immaculate divinely conceived Self manifesting within me
I AM Freedom and
I AM determined to be Freedom
I Am the flame of Freedom and
I AM determined to bear it to all
I AM God's Freedom and He is indeed free
I AM freed by His Power and His Power is supreme
I Am fulfilling the purposes of God's Kingdom on Earth
  I place before you a vast panorama of the heaven-world in the highest octaves of the etheric plane.  I open the doors to this vista that you might see that there are many, many accomplished bodhisattvas who have taken the Bodhisattva Vow and therefore have not taken their ascension.  They await the day and the hour in a vast future time and space when they may reembody, six hundred years after a golden age should manifest on earth if that golden age shall indeed manifest.
  These beings of light have such a high attainment that even though they are not ascended they are not allowed to descend into the earth-plane to walk among you.  They guard well their mantle, they guard well their mission and they know that the future will give them opportunity to bring many souls to the path of the Buddha.
  Here and there on the Earth are precious souls born with very high attainment.  Some of them make it but not all, for they are fragile though strong.  When their parents are not able to care for them as they must be cared for, beloved, their mission cannot be fulfilled and is often aborted.
  This is the age when We would call you to come into the very heart center of the second ray which goes back to Helios and Vesta, Alpha and Omega.  For the power of the wisdom of God, the vision of God, the presence of God can ultimately shatter the density of a planet.  What does this mean?  It means that each of you requires an increment of a very special bud of golden-yellow flame.  How many can be entrusted with this flame?  How many will learn to use the flame and then expand it to light up a darkened room, even a darkened universe?
  Since the Earth is becoming darker and darker We recommend that you call upon all adepts of the second ray throughout the vast cosmos--those who are in the earth who have not taken the ascension and those who have.  This is a time, beloved, in this first quadrant of the yea, to thrust through, to thrust through mightily, beloved, that the golden-yellow flame might bring a higher understanding of reality to so many who desire to do good in the earth.  This may be the golden age of Aquarius but it is also the golden age of reality.
  Now then as We move with the God and Goddess Meru, as We move with these beings of high attainment of the second ray let Us use Our forces and gather them to expose the Liar and his lie, the Murderer and the murderous intent and to expose the islands of blackness that sometimes cover entire continents.  This darkness is in those who come out of the astral plane yet who do not move physically in the earth.
You can do much, beloved.  The decrees you give to illumination’s flame will light up the world for many.
  Now then We send you forth, as El Morya does determine his timetable.  First and foremost We send you to this nation.  And as the world gets lighter--for We will not admit defeat by darkness--We may be able to send you again to other nations.  In this hour it is most important to defend the soil, the people, the land and the freedom of the United States.  This nation must be protected, for those who would move against her have been on the Earth for thousands of years.  They did not originate on this planet but came from other worlds and are almost unreconcilable with those who are on the earth this day.
  The problem of the absence of reconciliation, beloved, is this:  though they may or may not have a heart chakra it is questionable whether they have a threefold flame. And there is an overlay upon some of the peoples of the world of such a hardness of heart that one wonders when that hardness might be broken and if it might be broken before the individuals themselves must go to the second death.  Therefore strange gods are in the Earth, strange manifestations that do not appear in the profile of the Manus or of the Christ or of the Buddha.
  Come to the realization then that you can bring many to the feet of their God, but only if they are willing and able.  If they are not, all of heaven bows to their freewill.  Now then, beloved, We believe that through illumination’s golden flame and your cooperation in using that flame, even if it be fifteen minutes a day, We can bring a parting of the veil, partially that is, that people might have a glimpse of the golden Sun of other octaves, of high etheric planes, of beings who shine with a golden light.
  All of Earth is not in darkness, for the brightness of your I AM Presence is not only above you but also in your temple.  We see this though you may know it not.  Therefore We tell you that it is so, that you have advanced--some of you tremendously--since you began this path and are even moving forward from past lifetimes, multiplying your momentum of service and seeing how necessary is the power of the yellow ray.  Let the Mind of God be in you.  Expand it and know your capacity to change the world.  If one avatar or five or ten or ten thousand were to pass through, would you count yourself among them?   Or would you say “I am a mere beggar.  I am not up to that level.   I cannot call myself an avatar.”
  Well, beloved, work for the title.  Work for the fulfillment of all that title entails and know that God lives in you as surely as God lives in me.  Is there a difference?   I think not, but some of you are either ignorant or simply not willing to believe that “ye are Gods,” as Moses said, “and all of you are children of the Most High."   If God made you as Gods--and He did because he made you in His image and likeness--then exercise this power and save a planet.  Your Mighty I AM Presence is up to it.
  Let Us speak then of the various levels of leaders of the nations who think they have power and think they have greatness but are actually among the worst of the worst.  It is even notable in these days that people demonstrate in the streets and demand that the popular vote be reinforced and ratified.  O blessed ones, it is surely, surely a planet of contrasts.
  Let Us talk about what is eternal.  Let Us talk about the etheric plane as being far more concrete than your physical octave.  Let Us talk about you becoming whole and being on the verge of moving from mortality to immortality.  Oh, what a transition that will be, beloved, what a transition!  Know that you may enter in to that immortality before you are ultimately one with God [in the ascension]….
  Since I bilocate in many places in the world none of you who remain here will be without me either.  This is the Mystery School and it is always in the etheric octave. Reach for that octave, reach for the stars, reach for the gaps that must be filled in so that you may be whole.  Reach for all things which when pulled together will give you wholeness, equilibrium, balance.  And one day as you are walking in the valleys, the mountains, the hills you will have a certain sense within you.  That certain sense is that you will start to feel the slow turning of the fire enfolding itself within you.  Ever so softly, ever so gently, you are receiving the message that God desires to bring you up higher--closer and closer to the realms of your immortality.
  It is a wonderful thing, beloved, after lifetimes of service, of balancing karma and if you have much karma, of being weighed down and weighted down by that karma, then coming into embodiment again and again and then finding the ascended masters, Their Teachings, the Messenger, finding all that you now have.  This is the moment when you can look back on your entire history.  Ask the Keeper of the Scrolls
 to show you.  Ask the Lords of Karma.  And you can see in past history where you first began a departure from the golden flames of illumination and from soaring sunward in the sunlight and how little by little you gravitated toward darker realms, darker individuals who brought you this way and that way and the wrong way.
  Thus you have gone through a long period of balancing karma.  Yet many of you have come to a fulfillment, beloved, to a point where you have indeed transmuted very key blocks, heavy blocks of world and personal karma.  This is where you are today.  I remind you that the Messenger has told you that Mark Prophet would not leave this octave until Elizabeth had won her 51 percent [of karma balanced].  After that, beloved, he saw that it was time and meet for him to move on and hold the balance for her service unto the end.
  You see, beloved, when karma is finally balanced and you have toiled for so very, very long do not forget to accept the cup of elixir that is yours to drink.  Do not forget that beside all of the negative karma, all of this and all of that, your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, my Son, your Mighty I AM Presence and the Godhead look upon you now as pure, clear and able to carry the light.
  If some of you still have things to work out, We look at that, We help you but We do not place much weight upon it.  We see the preponderance of your effort, your sacrifice and your sense of what a long, long time it has been, but now you are truly coming home.  Leaving the Mystery School will take you to places where you must be, here and there, meeting this particular person, getting involved in that particular aspect of education and so forth.  Yes, there are things you must do.  But in the fiery core of your being let the light of whitefire and yellow flame and golden illumination be of such intensity and strength within you that that inner core shall never be moved.
You will simply move graciously through the world, saying to yourself:
I know why I encountered this person or that person.
I understand why I still have problems,
   but the greater me and the fullness of the fire of my being is my lodestone.
That is my inner Presence.
That is the strength of my God,
And my God infills me now and I AM whole.
I AM blessed.
I no longer look upon myself as a beggar,
   for I am a prince, a princess in the kingdom of my God.
I accept this and in this life, God willing,
I will make my trek all the way to the Throne of Grace.
  Think upon these things.  Think upon these things and know that I am with you always, even unto the fulfillment of your victory….
-Lord Maitreya:   January 2, 1997 via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana   (Keeper of the Scrolls, by Auriel Bessemer)

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