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why Earth is a crossroads

  You all yearn for something not quite remembered, not quite known or seen.  You think it is for the twinflame or for God or for divine friendship.  But in reality you seek the lost identity of Self.  Many times frustrations or even illusions of grandeur or miscalculations of one’s power or prowess derive from the distorted view of ancient days when the reality of Truth was there.  Having abused power thus, there are many frustrated potentates.  This has become an inversion.  The ego then has dominated the temple, and the divine man remains aloft as in a balloon that will not land….
  Consciousness is won by the process of the procession of electrons and molecules, the process of internalization of the Word by will.  And will then is a foundation for wise dominion, and the twain thirst after love.  And love becomes the necessity when passing through then the upper levels of the pyramid of this Tree of Life.  The foundation is the blue will, then the wise dominion [wisdom] of it.  But you cannot exceed the two-thirds mark to the point of resurrection without love.  Without love it is not possible to love God supremely, to give obedience to the Guru, to forgive and forgive again--truly to forget.
  Thus God has created the barrier.  Even as the fallen angels have determined to purvey a false use of will and power and intelligence they have never been able to synthesize a love that could carry the Spirit-sparks home.  Not that their misuse of power or intelligence could!  But this misuse enables many to survive on the left-handed path, taking heaven by force….
  I come for the reversing of the degeneracy of matter.  It is my office, it is my life; only the seventh ray, the seventh age and the seventh dispensation may accomplish this….
  The race of overlords known as Nazis in this century and tyrants of all ages have come under this Peshu Alga.  Though they have passed from the screen of life they have not all passed through the final judgment and the second death because their time could not come until the false hierarch himself had been taken.  You must be aware of the fact therefore that centuries ago the twinflame of Peshu Alga, being even more vicious than himself, passed through that judgment and second death through the victory and life of Christ and his saints.  But there are other complements, there are other coordinates who move to support that Peshu Alga who are yet in physical embodiment. …
  Beloved hearts, as Mary the Mother has told you, let this book [The Lost Years of Jesus] fly!!  Send it to all you have ever known.  Balance your karma by releasing the flame of the Christ encounter.
  Here let the individual begin to think as a free spirit.   Let him begin to wrestle with his archdeceivers.  Let him wrestle!  Let him be uncomfortable!  Let him have to take a stand and have courage.  Let him hurl the book to the floor!  Let him pick it up again.
  You see, beloved hearts, Truth must come and Truth brings a revolution.  And a revolution is good because it is a turning of the mind and the heart--and this time in the right direction.  They follow Karl Marx, they follow Lenin.  Let them follow the man Jesus; let them follow the youth; let them follow a real person of flesh and blood.
  It is the most thrilling story if you could read beyond in the records of akasha, of his encounter with the many on his way--his wisdom, his narrow escapes, what he learned about human character.   You have known it as he did in other lives, but it is required to learn it again.  It is a refreshing story of one who dared, one who took the chance--the chance of God to be victorious--and made it.  It is the most exciting story of the hero of the age.  And it will tear them from their orthodoxy else leave them angry and growling and hissing.
  Let them hiss!  Let them condemn.  As long as you give dynamic decrees and continue your support these arrows of hatred will touch neither yourselves nor the Messengers.  It does not matter what anyone says--let Truth march onward and let it be through you personally.       -Elohim Arcturus   December 30, 1984 at Camelot, Los Angeles

  Most gracious ones of light, We Elohim of the First Ray have positioned ourselves in the Great Central Sun for some time recently, there to contemplate Our mission concerning this fourteen-month cycle of the blue sphere.
  We have meditated upon the heart of Almighty God, communing with the powers of Elohim, Alpha to Omega.  We have deliberated the cycles of cosmos, of planetary systems and of this peculiar planet as a crossroads for many lifewaves who have come from far distant stars.  They have journeyed here in spacecraft long, long ago bringing with them laggard evolutions, all sorts of their own scientific creations that have evolved and become the animal forms you see on Earth. Others have become as the robotic creation—godless, appearing as men yet not as men of God.
  We see then key individuals everywhere on Earth. You might won­der why Earth could be so important.  It has become the point of assembly of individuals who were either the key to light and the accel­era­tion of their home planets or the key to darkness and their degeneracy.
  Thus they have arrived, for Earth affords many amenities not found so easily, having the physical plane in its adaptability to many types of evolutions.  Therefore the sons of Belial—that ancient one that came from another galaxy—the seed of Satan, another rebel who took pride in his relationship to Luci­fer, and many others yet have representatives here, though they themselves have passed before the Court of the Sacred Fire and gone through the Final Judgment and the second death.
  Genetically their seed is sown among the tares.  By will­fulness, favoritism, desiring to be liked by these gods, mankind and even the sons of light have taken unto themselves certain genetic combinations that have given to them a propensity for pride and ambition, which, beloved hearts, is indeed not their original portion but which must then be overcome by a conscious deter­mina­tion.  It is as though the shoes were worn by a certain step or a certain leaning of the foot and now you would attempt to right it.  But the shoes have been worn in the wrong way and so now it is difficult to correct the step.
  I tell you, all things may come into alignment with the will of God by your desiring, by your determination, by your conscious willing.  For Elohim are with you no matter what your point of origin or descent or ascent. We are here following the dispensation of Alpha and Omega that those who believe on the Christ of the One Sent may also receive by that power accorded unto that mantle the gift of sonship through the threefold flame.
Line upon line is the way of self-correction on the path of the first ray.  El Morya and the Darjeeling Council surely represent well the first initiations and the fruits thereof that bring you first to the heart of Archangel Michael and then to the retreat of Hercules and Amazonia.
  We therefore stand in this sanctuary for a purpose. And We ask you now to stand with Us in honor of the will of God and God’s purposes in the thirty-­three-year spirals being outplayed.  Beloved ones, We come for the steadying of Earth.  For Solar Logoi have said, beloved, that They will not hold back the fury and wrath of the blue-flame will of God.  For want of allegiance to this flame the very outer coating and seal of the cells of physical bodies have worn thin, are no longer of that cobalt blue energy and fire to reject the viruses of every kind that penetrate the cell for decomposition of the body.
  These Atlantean scientists come from other planets have indeed created viruses.  But they have continued because of man­kind’s consciousness, flattering themselves to think that they get away with the ignoring of the will of God.  Beloved ones, where there is a breakdown in this mighty will of God systems in the body and in society begin to break down—buildings crumble, bodies decay, the death spiral sets in.
  We are come now for the increase and release of light of Elohim.  O beloved, hear Our call!  We will not hold back.  Thus the shaft of blue flame is upon you.  Thus receive it now and see how this cosmic cross of blue flame is formed about you by angelic hosts of light.  Stretch forth your hands and feel yourselves free as a starry body, an ovoid of light and this cosmic cross.
  Know then that the arms of the cross, as you stretch your arms in this manner, do reach into infinity.  And ultimately the lines that go forth from your heart meet on the other side of cosmos, and you are a part of a mighty ring of light that as far as you are concerned is indeed infinite.  In the same manner that pillar of fire that goes vertically through you now does continue worlds without end.  Following the magnificent curve it also does meet on the other side of cosmos.  Thus you may wrap this cosmos in the arms of Alpha and Omega and know that you contain, all inside of this sphere of identity of Elohim, universes and the kingdom of God which is also in your heart.
Now be seated in rings of fire as We would speak to you of the urgency and dangers of the blue ray.  Beloved ones, it is an immense power We bear--a power which when We vest it in individuals makes them of all people most unwelcome.  This Power of the will of God is an agitation.  In fact when you have seen it in the Messenger you have noted well that many people may not linger in the aura of the Messenger for too long.     Some­times an hour is enough.  And when strangers come into her pre­sence they often find an acceleration of karma, though they may not connect it with the encounter.
  Beloved ones, I tell you a mystery.  Were We to increase the power of Elohim which this Office [of the Messenger] can contain and which this lifestream has attained to it would result in dire circumstances for ninety percent of the chelas in this activity.  For you are not ready for the full initiations of the blue ray; therefore you see, We must temper this blue ray to the shorn lambs.   But We advise you, beloved, that We desire to form a real and living molecule of a Sun- presence of the first ray and to do so at the Inner Retreat where the land is vast enough to contain the  energy that We would anchor into the Earth.
  Beloved ones, We come to ask you to consider a more fer­vent chelaship on the first ray, to truly come to the under­standing of being El Morya in manifestation, of being Lanello and Mother Mary--to truly increase that will of God with decrees and to be prepared for the backlash and for the challenge to meet it with violet flame and joy and not to allow the power of God to draw you into cycles of irritation or anxiety or anger or argumentation or misuse of sacred fire.  For power is the most difficult equation of life.   It determines who then is sinner or saint, who is of the light and who is not.  For those who receive a little bit often become potentates in their own fiefdoms and immediately encircle them­selves as prince of the realm, sending this one here and this one there and being in control.
  But this desire to be in control, beloved ones, is seated in fear.  Even chelas themselves desire in some way to control the Messenger for their own sense of security.  This can become a stifling experience to the Darjeeling Council who then cannot use the Messenger as They would use her but must bear also the burden of those who somehow by association determine that they will steal the light rather than earn it.  It all boils down to this, beloved ones:  some determine to become the light; some find one from whom they can curry it with favors.
  Blessed ones, the will of God is free; the will of God is light.  The will of God is the Power of cosmos.  You can have it, for the source of your causal body is there.  Let yourself then pursue it with a joy of excellence, as you have been told.  For this is what the Cosmic Council in the Great Central Sun has said to Us:  the dangers on Earth of not having in full force the Power of the will of God outweigh the dangers of having it.  There­fore you see, civilization is bowed down because of the rejection of the pillars in the temple.  “Pillars of Her­cules” refers to the shafts of the will of God and those who will embody that will.
  Beloved ones, let the Messenger be Our tree planted--planted by the waters of Life, bearing much fruit.  And when you are able you may pluck that fruit.  When you do not desire it you may leave it upon the tree.  And sometimes you may find it ripe upon the ground.  But let the tree increase.  Let it expand; let it bear fruit for you.
  Precious hearts, it is most important that you realize that the power of the blue ray does incite condemnation and gossip, revenge, the desire to get even when the blessing is not forth­coming because the offering is not acceptable.  Thus you remem­ber how Cain was wroth because his offering was not received by Lord Maitreya, though he worked very hard.  So this very life­stream and others of the same seed have arrayed themselves against this church in this hour.
  And those lifestreams did come from other systems, along with Serpents, i.e., fallen angels.  And therefore the evolution of light and darkness unfolded as a karmic necessity on Earth.  For once the lightbearers had toyed with the delicacies and delicious ways of the fallen angels, [the Law decreed that] they must thereafter walk in those ways [of their karma] until they should be surfeited and return to the point of the One.
  In the justice of the ongoing cycles then We must tell you that the more among you who espouse the cause of the will of God and this path of chelaship the less darkness will come upon the Earth and upon this activity, because by your chelaship We will increase this blue-flame electrode round about the Messen­ger and correspondingly in you.  If your chelaship does not accelerate, you may suffer loss.  You may be driven and sawn asunder by the Power of God’s will.  This will is the immensity of the fire of the nucleus of the atom, of all powers and matter-forces in the earth and the sea and the land.
  Beloved ones, you are dealing not alone with spiritual power but physical power.  And therefore We Elohim of the First Ray are referred to as the most physical of all Elohim.  For by Our very ray We are attached to the physical earth and your physical bodies. And so it is true with Archangel Michael and El Morya and those who serve this ray of the will of God. Likewise the false-­hierarchy impostors of these divine offices are also very physical.  Thus Armageddon is physical, beloved, but the victory is spiritual.
  Realize then that a certain increase of light [as the Christ consciousness] will come day by day.  The key then is to espouse the flame of God Harmony.  For through the nexus of this great Master you find, beloved, that you truly will balance the molecules of blue flame, the electrodes, the light itself.  And when you balance this Alpha-light with the violet flame, as the Great Central Sun Magnet of violet flame and seventh ray then you will know truly one step of blue, another of violet, one of blue and another of violet.  And you will be surefooted on the upward-spiraling staircase toward that point of the eye of the lighthouse where your light with Ours may be a beacon to the world.
  We must speak to you of Mighty Cosmos’ secret rays, for these rays concern the initiations forged and won in the brain through the hands, the feet, the glandular system and the nerves themselves.  The secret rays surround the threefold flame of the heart.  The violation of these rays is like the violation of the nucleus of the atom for destructive purposes.  Some men in this world, false pastors in church and state, have made it their business to move against the Great White Brotherhood and this activity.  They have employed everything from psychotronics, mind manipulation by psychic and mechanized means to voodoo, blood rites, black magic and Satanism to prayers of malintent which they offer in their churches and calls to Jesus to destroy this entire activity and especially its Messen­ger.
  Beloved ones, when these energies come upon you and loved ones they always manifest as chaos, confusion, accidents--espe­cially accidents to the head, the feet, the hands and in the area of the spleen.  For it is a misuse of those secret rays by the power of the spoken Word, which is Our ray--the first ray and the throat chakra.
When you find yourselves out of sorts, when you find divi­sions entering the Circle of Love quickly remember that you have entered this sanctuary—some for the first time.  By your freewill you have put yourself in the presence of Elohim.  You now carry a portion of the mantle of the Great White Brotherhood, and therefore the prophecy is also upon you to be “despised and rejected of men” as every Christed one was and is.  For it is the men who love darkness because their deeds are Evil who despise the light and the lightbearers.
  Blessed sons and daughters of God, when you come to the source and the fount of the Great White Brotherhood know that you have come to the highest dispensation on the planetary body that has come to the physical octave.  There are masters and unascended masters in the etheric plane.  But the release of light by the mantle We have placed here is not duplicated.  We say this by way of transferring to you the understanding that when you go out from this altar drenched with the light of the will of God,you must be prepared to meet that which is the antithesis of that light and those individuals who have sworn enmity against that light from the beginning.  They have en­trenched themselves around the world.
  Therefore I speak in the name of Archangel Michael. And I say to all students of every language, your priority this year with this fourteen-month cycle of the blue sphere is indeed to quickly translate Archangel Michael’s Rosary.  And when you lecture and when you teach, no matter what the subject, you may not give a lecture again without telling the people that whatever else they do the giving of Archangel Michael’s Rosary is the sole and unique prayer that will protect their communities and nations from the darkness that is projected by evil minds.
  I am certain that you can see what would take place out of certain lifestreams in the Middle East were they to have absolute power in the physical domain.  Blessed ones, with the sale of technology freely from this nation to Communist bloc nations, Red China, and with the stealing of those secrets that go even to the Middle East it is only a question of time until the forces of the abuse of power on Earth may consider that they do indeed have the power to take on the nations of the West.
  Beloved ones, remember that many lifestreams not of the light who are the laggard evolutions have made a suicide pact to please their overlords, who promise them eternal Life when they give their life up in acts of terrorism.  Is there any difference between terrorism--the throwing of bombs and grenades and the murder of innocent life--and the delivery of a nuclear weapon of any sort?  It is only a question of degree and a sense of power.
  Thus when the power of God descends be mindful that all the way from the anti-chela and the anti-Guru to the powers that be in the world to the disen­franchised ones who have not a threefold flame, there is a lusting after the light and ultimately the willingness to commit suicide that those who have the light may not continue their evolution.  They are as a web of darkness.  They are almost as microbes forming a net.  It does not matter to them if some of the cells, some of the components of their conspiracy are no more.  What they desire is the perpetuation of the false hierarchy itself and the consciousness of anti-God across the galaxies.
  Let me tell you, beloved ones, that those key individuals who have come--and come to Earth and been here millions of years and now approach the hour of their Judgment--they then must be bound and taken by the mighty archangels because, beloved, with them goes [there can be taken] the very core of the [false hierarchy of the] initiation of Evil on their planetary home or system.
  This is why Earth is a crossroads.  This is why you have been given the various types of Judgment calls. For you have been a part of the Judgment of lifestreams.  And reaction to that Judgment has been literally the liberation of worlds whose evo­lutions have known the source of that call [to be from light­bearers sojourning on planet Earth] and who have sent praise and joyous shouts and gratitude to your hearts.
  When you consider these dimensions, beloved ones, do you not understand that you also are a primary target?  And therefore, you cannot afford to let down your guard ever.  Let this entire movement swell with prayers and dynamic decrees during the up­coming playing out of the court cases and lawsuits that have beset the Church and the Messenger for a number of years.
  Immediately following this conference these actions must be taken and decided.  And therefore let your prayers be to Alpha and Omega and to Us the Elohim, to the archangels and the Darjeeling Council to overshadow the trials, the courtroom and all those involved with the intensity of the will of God.  For the will of God only is the solution to every problem of human entanglement and burden.  Count it all as the lessons of life, the experience that is gained and thereby the mastery attained.
  Beloved ones, your point of prayer and intensity is indeed necessary, for these individuals appearing average are not average at all.  But they do represent key forces and other planes whence they have come.  And therefore much depends on the acceleration of the Judgment of the powers of darkness that would use them and retain them as tools for as long as possible.  We seek then a divine resolution in all things that you might be liberated to be pillars of fire in the temple of our God.  We are accompanied now by great Teams of Conquerors and blue-lightning angels who will perform a service on Earth while you stand and sing to the God Harmony.  [number 467 sung]
  The light of the will of God must come!  It shall descend!  Let Earth prepare for the light will right the four lower bodies of the planet.  And those who will transcend the age are those who will be found in the heart of God Harmony, in the Eye of the will of God.  O vortex supreme of the Central Sun, fiery whirl, descend!  Now come upon Earth.  And We as Elohim say then with Morya “Let the chips fall where they may!”  For Earth has a destiny.  And a cosmic spin now is inaugurated by Our presence here.  And that new spin will be felt over the next century, subtly, for the righting now of the turning of a weary world.
  Blessed ones, the impelling of the light is up.  Take no chance and delay, for the delay may cost you everything.  We convey Our desire, Our support and Our best wishes for your victory in the light of God’s will in the new year.  May you understand that We have played Our part and shall continue to do so.  But now, beloved, your victory is entirely up to you.  The responsibility is upon your shoulders.  Wise is the man, woman or child who identifies with the inner Christ and lets the government of his life, nation and planet be upon those shoulders, capable, of the Lord Christ.  In the name of the Cosmic Cross of Whitefire of Alpha and Omega I seal you in your cosmic destiny!  May you reach for it, seize it and run!      -Elohim Hercules:  12-30-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles   
-Half-dome at Yosemite
  Your Lord did walk the earth in the spiral of resurrection’s flame to the age of eighty-one.  He did not pass from the screen of life at thirty-three but took up his abode in Kashmir and there had a great following of disciples.  And the light and the presence of the Lord Christ filled the temples, the hearts and the chakras of a people who were ready for his message.   -Justinius  February 28, 1993 via Messenger E C Prophet

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