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the clap and the thunder of the Cosmic Virgin who does rescue Her Own

  I speak therefore today and I tell you that in this seminar on El Salvador and Central America We have yet much work to do.  I invite you to remain to hear the analysis of these treacherous forces of anti-love moving in the guise of love and speaking with the same forked tongue of the Serpent in the garden--proposing alternatives and solutions, discoloring the facts, presenting error as truth, confusing the people and showing you that those who present themselves in many areas as the true pastors of the people in politics, in economics and in the church are actually their greatest betrayers.
  For you to understand the betrayer of the people you must understand what is anti-love and how the forces of anti-love, as the false hierarchy of the third ray, impersonate the Maha Chohan, impersonate the Comforter and the Teacher and thereby lead the children of light astray.  For you to understand subconscious momentums of hatred--perhaps not your own but implanted there through witchcraft--you must study the way of the God and Goddess Meru who hold the love-flame for this hemisphere, anchoring the light of Heros and Amora, Chamuel and Charity, the Royal Teton Retreat.
  For you to understand your path of overcoming you need the discrimination of the heart, a heart filled with love.  For many yet do not perceive the infamous lies, the practices of disinformation that go on in order to convert a nation supposedly in the way of freedom but directly into the jaws of World Communism or any other form of a totalitarian movement, even if it is that momentum of tyranny that is expressed through a dictatorial economy.
  Beloved hearts of living fire, those who will teach the world the way to the golden age must master the flame of love.  I present to you now this flame.  I reveal to you its whitefire center and a mighty action of the pink.  And outside of the pink you will see now leaping flames of golden fire, tinging as a corona of immense wisdom the impact of love.  This flame I have described is as the light of Helios and Vesta carrying the love/wisdom of the solar system.
  Then you must see now revealed the Sun behind the sun, as the sling is pulled back for the release of love/wisdom--that it is the universal power of God, His will as blueprint, as divine plan, as Great Blue Causal Body underpinning cosmos, which is the momentum behind love and wisdom to release that force into action.  Thus the trinity of love, wisdom and power whose home fires burn as the white-flame of Alpha and Omega are a complement without which you may not go forward in the mastery of your own pyramid of life.  This is the foundation, beloved.  Let us return to the foundation.     -Archeia Charity:  5-29-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles 

  Therefore putting first things first We will see how the nucleus once established will therefore establish the surrounding concentric rings—rings upon rings of those who gather and do indeed sit under their own vine and fig tree.  Just as the cells of your being cannot survive when the nucleus is attacked by the virus, by the cancer, by alien energy so neither can the nucleus of the people of God.
  Therefore the call goes forth:  let the temple of Solomon be rebuilt!  And let the light of far-off worlds be the signal to each and every one that in the face of world turmoil and world chaos We the forces of the Great White Brotherhood present the alternative to anarchy, the alternative to those who have the angry core—angry against God—and like nothing better than to be in the very center of violence and take glee in the spilling of blood and bringing pain to the body of God on earth.  This too shall pass, my beloved.  This hell shall be swallowed up in the Lake of Fire, in the living light of the Almighty. This death and death consciousness shall be consumed!…
  In the name of mercy’s flame I release to you the guardian action of the mercy seat.  O angels of the living flame of mercy, O angels of the sacred fire, angels from the heart of the Great Central Sun, legions of mercy, reinforce now the vow and the will and the purpose of the shining ones as each one becomes a part of the rainbow rays of God, sustaining then the stones in the temple of Solomon rebuilt.
  Blaze the light of ten thousand sons of God!  Blaze the light of ten thousand sons of God!  Blaze the light of ten thousand sons of God within this activity of light!  And let there be the rebuilding of the temple.  And let there be the place of the Great White Brotherhood.  And let it come quickly, O Lord Our Righteousness, within these hearts.  
 (by Ruth Hawkins)
                      -Kuan Yin  10-9-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles
  Beloved ones, We are your Gurus, and We have come with the power of Alpha and Omega, with the power of the light of the solar ring.  There is nothing We would not do for you if you will only place your offering on the altar and be the most diligent and serious class that has ever been a part of Summit University.  Your reward and the return current of Our light and love is directly proportionate, according to mathematical formula, to that which you give and that which you do day by day.    -Kuan Yin:  Pearls of Wisdom 27:27 (at Summit University)
   I come therefore on a singular mission from Our Father, once again as the handmaid of Helios and Vesta.  And the Father has said to me: “Go, beloved; go, beloved Mary.  For I place in thy hand the rod of authority for the utter annihilation of world atheism known as World Communism and solidified in a political and economic conspiracy against My Own.  Go, beloved Mother! Go, beloved Mary!  For in thy Hand is my Power to overturn that system complete.”
  Thus I am here, I am here in the physical octave in the name of Saint Germain, my beloved Raphael…. They Shall Not Pass!  They Shall Not Penetrate! and the little ones shall know the Day of the Sun.  May the implementation be the sign of the wise, the joyous and those whose hope transcends an age of cynicism, defeatism and all of the sordid that has ever come forth out of the pits of death and hell in the name of world socialism.  I raise my right hand therefore in the release of the Judgment of the Cosmic Virgin, the cosmic force of Omega passed through your hearts, delivered by angels:   "You fallen angels, reprobate ones. You who have gone forth from Our Father’s Kingdom, you who have slain Woman and then Her offspring, you who have challenged the living Word and crucified my Son:
  "I AM the Presence of the Mother Universal.  I drive back by the lightning of the Sun this day, and the full force of the Sun behind the sun, all which you have ever sent forth as that hatred, and hatred multiplied, of the universal Word and your envy and your lust and your revenge.
  "Be it upon you in this hour in the full force of the clap and the thunder of the Cosmic Virgin who does rescue Her Own and raise on high the universal Manchild that He may live in the hearts of all.  I AM THAT I AM OMEGA.  I AM THAT I AM COME FORTH FROM ALPHA.  I AM in the heart of the saint and the child and the supplicant--the votive.  I AM the Indivisible Word, the Shakti, the force of the creative Power.  I release it to devour all! of your works, all! of your planetary schemes.  Their matrix is collapsed in this instant.  By the Power of the Universal Mother-force, by the Power of the Great Central Sun I AM the rainbow rays of God, I AM the Light streaming forth touching every race and nation, touching with the Light of the crown of the Cosmic Virgin every child of God, every son and daughter.
  "Those who lay on the battlefield of Life because of you--they are raised up!  You are judged and bound! for the shedding of the blood of man, woman, child and beast.  Thus you and your warfare, rolled up therefore, is collapsed—the scroll thereof in the etheric plane, the mental belt, the astral.  And by the decree of the Word of the Holy Spirit in the Father and the Son manifest in the disciples of the living Word worldwide your civilizations and schemes and forces and darkness and armies shall crumble!
  "And My angels are the living shield. Tempt them not!  For to tempt them is to invite the wrath of the Universal Kali.  I AM Mary the Mother; I come for the vindication of all sons and daughters of God.  By the Mother-flame does the Judgment go forth!  Take heed then, ye fallen ones!  For the Judgment has descended in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, but the era of the implementation of the Judgment of the Woman and Her legions of light is come.  And this is the sign and the trembling in the cup of the Judgment in the physical octave such as not been seen before.
  “You think by the same subtleties of temptation you will cause my own to forget the rosary.  Well, I tell you, they have not forgot the Judgment Call of my Son.  They have not forgot!  And by its very repetition the cycles have turned. You have come to naught. Your darkness does not prevail.  And therefore the Mother steps through the veil.  And the Mother of the World is come in the flesh, in the blood of Her own children.  You cannot defeat Her, for She is everywhere universally even in those whom you think are your own slaves—those of My heart of Mother Russia and China and Poland and Czechoslovakia and Hungary and Nicaragua.
  “You think they serve your cause.  Look again--for they too are the fiery saints!  And they will turn and rend you, and your armies shall be decimated and your ranks shall be no more.  They shall be divided and they--they shall desert the slaughter of my own, their own.  In other words you have no power!  For the power you have used is the power of the Universal Mother.  It is withdrawn from you this day.  And no stimulus of hell or death itself or of the dead/wounded shall be to you any longer the staying of the Hand [Judgment of Mother Mary] by their life-force which you have drunk as their blood against the Day of Reckoning and the Day of the Judgment.
  “There is no time or space allowed any longer for that karma-dodging.  The act and the reaction of all cosmos to that act are one and the same.  In the very hour of thy infamy and blasphemy, you! thou fallen ones out of the pit, shall know the descent of the Word of the Woman.  Thus out of the mouth of babes and children and youth, of heads whitened with years and eyes ready to close in this octave, the Word shall yet go forth.  And the single word spoken--They shall not pass!  In the name of the Cosmic Virgin it is done!--shall be enough.  And the right hand shall be unto you all! of your death and hell that you have ever besmirched cosmos with.”
  I AM Mary, and the hour of the Woman clothed with the Sun is come.  Know then, O devotees of the Mother, that truly thou art in the Mother, thou art the Mother and the issue of Her womb.  Be myself, my handmaid and know truly the victory and God-mastery of the feminine ray through the God and Goddess Meru.    
               -Archeia Mary    August 26, 1984 via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  Beloved ones, you have heard of the pouring out of the vials of the seven last plagues by the seven mighty archangels.  It is the hour of he pouring out of the ruby ray.  And that ruby ray therefore does send light! light! light! as the initiation of the third ray and the Holy Spirit unto all people.  And those who move against the light of the Holy Spirit are therefore bound by the light of the ruby ray that is poured out!  And it is sent to the four winds and it is sent to the four corners of the Earth.  It is sent into the air, the fire--it is sent into the water and the earth.
  Blaze the full power of the ruby ray!  For truly it is the action of the Lord’s dissolution of unreality.  And therefor let one half of one percent of unreality on planet Earth in this hour be dissolved by the full power of the pouring out of the vial of the ruby ray in the Earth.  Let it be done.  So it is done by the power of the sacred fire, by the power of Omri-Tas, by the power of Mighty Victory and Alpha and Omega.    -Archangel Chamuel and Charity
October 10, 1985  via Messenger ECP    

  Work while ye have the light yet always be prepared.  Look to the future with hope but never with confidence in converting the enemy.  His jaw is set against the Lord.  He will not receive the conversion of the Holy Spirit, for God simply does not desire to convert the enemy.  Therefore be always watchful, for the enemy has not gone through a metamorphosis to somehow become the Lamb of God.  It is not possible.
  Thus, prophecy has not changed; cycles have not changed.  But what you make of them and what your communion with God shall be will indeed determine the term of months or years allotted to you as a cycle to build the new heaven and the new earth, which I am certain you realize is entirely an inner building of the temple of God.  Thus you will have to learn to plan for infinity and to be prepared for the finite world.  You must in your own heart sense the timings and the cycles and the limits to your manifestation upon earth.  This you can achieve as well by your meditation on the rituals.
  Go to the heart of God to determine your fate.  And have a heart for any fate!  The future is an open door.  You will not control it all, but you will send forth forces of light that may do your bidding as you serve the light.
  Blessed ones, I do not avoid telling you that you may go forward with your lives nor do I avoid the subject of whether there shall be war and what shall become of the economy.  But I will not cross the line to make definite prognostications. The astrology that you have heard bears consideration; for as you know it is a mathematical formula of karmic forces as they interplay through this solar system and beyond.  Many things can be calculated and foreseen, but what is not foreseen is the intercession of the Great White Brotherhood and the intercession of the unascended chelas of the will of God.
  How you take what is given, how you lock your forces with this antahkarana of God, how you increase the resurrection fire, how you do all these things is the most determining factor of all.  Not what I say, beloved, but what you say and do will determine the outcome of your life and of this Community.  Hear it well and know it clearly!  Be practical, this is your hour on Earth.  Use all sixty minutes of it to the highest good and gain for God, yourself and all lightbearers.
  What I say in this hour then is that opportunity is still at hand. Yet the enemy is fast winding about himself the coils of his own karma.  And by and by he shall reap it and there shall not be any turning back of it.  See then what the light of God can do and know that only you are the doers in this hour.
  I remind you of the pay-as-you-go policy of the Brotherhood. What you give us in the decrees offered in my name through the tapes We will multiply and send back to you.  Give us the light, the energy and the decree momentum.  Increase your contact with the Brotherhood by the rituals, and you will see what Morya will do for each and every one of you.  It is a pact We make with all who are true members by action of Our Ashram.  We will not fail you, beloved.  Give Us the light, give Us the energy, give Us the will, give Us the faith and trust and listen with the inner ear to obey Our voice.  Then you shall see in full, grand display what the Brothers in White are capable of on behalf of true chelas.
  These are my thoughts in this hour, beloved.  Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation, and watch the events of the world scene.  No chela must ever be caught off-guard when it comes to planetary events and cycles and his own personal life. You must be astute enough to anticipate the future by the signs of the times that you read and sense each and every day.
  Thus I AM with you.  Thus my Presence remains over my Messenger that you might contact me at a more physical level. And I am truly grateful for her service and staying power as well as for her compassionate heart, even as I am grateful to you for your faithfulness and your striving and your devotion and your presence that continually makes possible the activities of this Church and the service of the Messenger.  We of the Darjeeling Council salute you.  We encourage you!  And We say:  onward, chelas of the sacred fire!  Courage!  Courage!  Courage!         
                                           -El Morya  July 8, 1990 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana


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