Monday, March 25, 2019

the middle of the road is not the Middle Way

1)   Quietly flows the dawn.  The River of Life flowing from the center of Divine Being is the quiet flowing of wisdom that is imparted from the mind of God to the mind of man.  The faculties of the senses, the points within the brain where God anchors the ideations of his mind--these are hallowed as vessels of the sacred fire.
  Fire flows as water.  Fire is the very essence of God.  But I speak of spiritual fire, and thus the gentle murmurings of the rivers of the world point the outer consciousness to the archetypal pattern of a great Source, a great fount of Life from whence all creation flows.  Thus the concept of flow has been released to you in some of Our earlier dictations, and you have begun to realize through your meditations upon the flow of fire,how all of life is in a state of flux.
  Everywhere is change; only God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  And yet this sameness--it too is a transcending fire where God, that fire infolding itself, increases the Be-ness of cosmos so that man might overcome.  If God were not evolving more of Himself, then man could not evolve more of God and therefore all progress in the great cosmos would cease.  Thus life is ongoing, and of one thing we can be certain:  our expression of life changes from day unto day, from word unto word, from cycle unto cycle.  All the way from the center of Being (which you call the Great Central Sun) down to the very atom of being within man energy is in motion.
  But there be some among the evolutions of this world and other worlds who have arrested the flow of life.  These have received God’s energy without realizing that all that is received must be given so that the flow might be sustained. Those who receive without giving of the Lord’s substance create stagnation, a damming up of the River of Life, and the ensuing manifestation is death, decay and disintegration.  Thus the Lord Christ distinguished between the quick and the dead.  Those who are quickened are released from stagnation, and they are the ones who have become a part of the great cosmic flow in Christ--that Cosmic Christ whom Jesus so personified that he became known as “the Christ.”
  It is not blasphemy to call Jesus “the Christ” any more than it is blasphemy to call John “the Christ” or James “the Christ” or Peter “the Christ.”  For in the heart of every man is that Christ-potential which We do affirm this day in order to anchor this truth upon the very decibels of energy that quiver as flow across the plains, the mountains, the margents of the Earth.
  Thus there are those who have been quickened by the great cosmic flow.  These are the freeborn.  And then there are the dead of whom Jesus said “Ye are full of dead men’s bones.” For the stagnation of energy through selfishness creates a focalpoint for the attraction of discarnate entities that are also in a state of decay and dissolution.  And thus the dead who are filled with dead men’s bones are filled with astral entities and darkness and therefore they do not have the mind of Christ. For the mind of Christ is the mind of God in a state of flow.
  Thus you see, precious hearts, that until you let go and prime the pump of the great well of being so that you can be the recipient of the waters from the wellspring on high that result in the washing of the waters of the Word (the Word made manifest that dwelt among us)—unless you allow these waters to flow through you and to flush out the debris of centuries of human striving, human pride, human fear and human will, and you pull out the stops and let the great River of Life flow--you will be counted among the dead.
  I say to you:  arise and Christ shall give thee life!  In the spiral of being man rises to the attainment of the inner glory. Wisdom which We ensconce at Lake Titicaca must be ever a part of the great flow of the River of Life.  Thus mankind, bereft of that flow, become steeped in the stagnating, stultifying knowledge of the world which is as a trinket or a bauble to the intellect.  And thus men walk proudly in their worldly wisdom without understanding the wisdom of the child, the childlike consciousness that is imbued with the Christ.
  I would speak to you of the golden era of the seventh root race.  For by the Law of Cosmic Flow the Lord God Almighty ushers in the coming of the seventh age, the Aquarian age that is designed to be the fullness of the manifestation of the seventh ray of freedom, of the seventh ray of ritual that is based upon love, of ritual that comes from divine geometry.
  Not a dead ritual and not an untempered zeal is that of the priests of the sacred fire who serve under Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst.  It is the retreat of Lord Zadkiel and
Holy Amethyst (in the etheric plane over the island of Cuba) that anchors the ray for the seventh dispensation and is the opening of the door for that seventh root race—the root race that shall come into existence under the Great Divine Director in South America and in North America.  I would speak of this golden era in order to apprise you that We are receiving applications here at Lake Titicaca from twinflames and souls united in love.  These souls desire to bring forth this race of holy innocents, who shall come forth to outpicture the divine consciousness of freedom.
  I am therefore charging the Mother of the Flame this day to go forth to South America ere the year has terminated to carry the flame of freedom that shall be an action for the clearing of the way for the seventh root race.  And I am enlisting the support of disciples of Christ everywhere, of devotees of the will of God, of those who pay allegiance to divine direction of God focused through the Great Divine Director.  I enlist your support of this endeavor, and I bid you welcome to Our retreat here at Lake Titicaca.  For We desire that Our chelas of old who have made pilgrimage to many lands should come to South America to give the mantras and invocations of light that shall pave the way for the coming of the Christ consciousness.
  Many forces are arrayed against that Christ today, and Antichrist veers its head as in left- and right-wing extremes in both politics and religion.  Thus Gautama Buddha taught the Middle Way, but the middle of the road is not the Middle Way.  For the middle of the road is a state neither right nor left nor God-centered.  But the Middle Way is centered in the Christ, and the Middle Way is the Eightfold Path.  It is “eightfold” because it includes the eighth ray which is an action of the secret rays.
  We desire then through the energies of those in physical embodiment to anchor certain focuses in the physical plane throughout the South American continent.  And thus this day I give you the impetus of Our love, the magnet of Our love that will enable you to arrange the necessary plans for this journey on behalf of the Great Divine Director, on behalf of Mother Mary and on behalf of the Holy Spirit, who lights the threefold flame in every heart at the moment of birth when the breath of life penetrates the form and the tiny babe is anchored once again in the physical octave.
  Hierarchy is concerned, We are concerned that there be a clearing of the way.  As John the Baptist came before Jesus to make straight his paths in the wilderness of the human consciousness so before the coming of any great light upon earth there must be those willing to go before that light in order to “decrease” [the darkness] that the light might “increase”--to decrease human consciousness that divine consciousness might appear.
  And thus We send you eating locusts and wild honey, [which John the Baptist ate while preaching in the wilderness and] which symbolize the manna that flows from God to man even in the wilderness of the dark night of the human consciousness.  We send you forth just as Jesus sent forth the other seventy.  And all those who are willing to make this journey and who find that they are able will receive illumination’s flame in wise abundance for the illumination of the golden era of the seventh root race.
  I stand at Lake Titicaca even as I project the Electronic Presence of myself around this Messenger, with the Goddess Meru at my side.  We commend you into the service of the golden hierarchy of the Sun, those Brothers of the Golden Robe and Sisters of the Golden Robe who have kept the flame of wisdom throughout the ages--ages of light, ages of darkness, ages when witchcraft and black magic prevailed, and ages when the Christ was born here or there in the human consciousness to dispel that darkness.
  Come then into unity in the ring of fire that is the seal of the great Brotherhood of Light.  This ring of fire denotes that all who are contained therein have submitted to the divine Law, have surrendered.  They stand within the ring of fire, all one in God.  But human consciousness cannot stand within the ring.  It must be left out.  And so within that ring of fire is the action of protection which comes from perfection-- perfection not as a static state of consciousness but always as the ever-receiving goal of a transcendent God.
  What perfection is to a child may not be what perfection is to a man.  But the standard, the principle that the child seeks to manifest in his endeavors, his art or his play is that which counts, and thus it is acceptable unto God.  Let us cease to think of perfection as the unattainable state.  Let us think of perfection as a goal that God molds according to the capacity of each man’s consciousness.  Do not think that I am referring to a situation ethics or to morality, but I desire to show you that there are levels of manifestations of perfection.  If a person with a contrite heart and humbleness of mind seeks with all his being and soul to offer an offering of love to the Almighty, then it is the motive and purity of endeavor whereby the offering is judged and received.  And if that offering is the maximum which that consciousness is capable of giving, then according to the effort and motive of that consciousness it is counted as perfection for that state of evolution.
  We tend to think that perfection must be measured as the ultimate of that which is attainable by any man, anywhere; but each man sets his own record in life, and the highest achievement of a certain period [of that one’s life] is the mark of his perfection.  So let all strive for the mark of the prize and the high calling in Christ Jesus.  Let all strive to attain the mark of their highest potential in the present.  For unless they do they will always be postponing to the morrow that which they are capable of doing today.  Thus if they will only accept themselves as they are, they will begin to build from that place.
  Some of you sit in the seat of the scornful.  You are scornful toward yourselves.  You condemn yourselves because you think you are not what you ought to be, that you have not made a great enough effort.  Perhaps you forgot to pray this morning or you did not have the time.  Will you live in condemnation of yourself throughout the day?  Or if through indiscretion you commit an act of sin for which you have sincere regret, will you be burdened by your own self-condemnation all the days of your life, thinking that you are unacceptable to the Godhead?  Finally the end result of self-condemnation is rebellion against the Deity.  For man cannot live in self-condemnation, and thus he must throw off that which he imagines to be the angry God who is condemning him.  Therefore he can only find his freedom by totally denying God.  But who has created this God of condemnation but man himself, through his dissatisfaction with himself!
  I say, O precious children of the Sun, be not weary in well doing.  Be not burdened with a sense of guilt, for there is no condemnation in God. The demons and the fallen ones stand before you to condemn you night and day, and they whisper here and they whisper there and they tell you what a terrible person you are, what a miserable sinner you are and that there is no hope for your salvation.  I tell you, precious hearts, the majority of mankind in this very hour are burdened with this sense of condemnation which stifles creativity, stifles the beauty of the Godhead and stifles the potential to bring forth the science of light, the music of the spheres and a golden-age culture.
  People walk the streets feeling unworthy of life itself.  God in you is worthy to be adored!  God in you is worthy to be joyous, to be upheld!  If you are burdened with a sense of the consciousness of sin, then I say:  what is your consciousness of God?  What do you think of God if you make sin so real that you can never be released from the bondage of sin?  Is God aware of all of this?  I tell you, nay!  And if He is not aware of it, then why should you give it even a flicker of your consciousness and attention?  For where your consciousness is there your energy flows and there your energy goes.  And thus you [send the energies of] the great River of Life into a matrix of self-condemnation, and by and by you condemn yourself out of existence.
  Some of you in this room are suffering at the present time from physical diseases or impediments that are the direct result of your own condemnation of yourself.  This condemnation has become such a burden to your body elemental that it has outpictured in your physical form.  O precious hearts, arise and be free, and Christ shall give thee light!  You must be free of this sense of sin if you would progress one foot forward on the path.  For you stop all progress as long as you conceive of yourself as a sinner.  Has the Creator lost His power to forgive, to transmute, to dissolve sin?  Nay.  Our God is a God of mercy and is a consuming fire.  Prove Him therefore as He has commanded you to do:  prove His Law.
  Thrust your sins into the fire, as in the ancient sacrifice of the children of Israel, symbolic of putting into the flame the menagerie of the subconscious—the animal forms, the darkness, the density.  How do you do this?  You simply say:  In the name of Jesus the Christ I cast all that is less than the Christ into the flame.  O God, consume it!  I ask it!  Hear my plea and answer!  I accept it done this hour in full power in fulfillment of the promise of the Creator.
  If you will but make this call, all of heaven will move in this very hour to lift the burden of the sense of sin from you.  And now on behalf of those of you who are willing to release that sense and that substance of sin I, God Meru, make the following invocation to the Lords of Karma.  And if you will ratify and affirm this invocation in your heart, it shall be done in your behalf:  I call in the name of Almighty God to the Lords of Karma, and I intercede on behalf of all of Earth’s evolutions who are aware in the very heart of their soul of my release and my message this day.  I ask the Lords of Karma to release from these who are gathered here and from the planetary body as a whole those momentums of condemnation that come directly from the fallen ones, from the Liar and his lie.  I challenge these momentums of condemnation by the authority of Cosmic Christ illumination anchored in the heart of Our retreat, and I say:  let that energy be put to the torch!  Let every man and every woman and every child who walks this planet know the freedom from condemnation that is the joy of the overcomers!  It is done, precious hearts, and as long as you retain that joy and refrain from self-condemnation you will be free in the wisdom of your God-identity.
  I AM God Meru, and I welcome you to the golden era of the seventh root race, to Our retreat at Lake Titicaca and to South America--land of ancient wisdom, land of the Incas, land of Cuzco and the ancient glory.  Come, children of the light. Come, children of the Sun.  Come, children of my heart.    -Lord Meru via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  September 1, 1973 at Atlanta, Georgia  

"The Middle Way."  in Gautama Buddha’s first sermon following his enlightenment he outlined the Four Noble Truths and eightfold path.  He explained that by following this path and avoiding the extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification one gains knowledge of the Middle Way.
  The first Noble Truth states that life is dukkha (out-of-alignment, translated as suffering, pain, sorrow, discontent, imperfection, sin, evil).  The second Noble Truth states that the cause of dukkha is inordinate desire.  The third Noble Truth states that freedom from dukkha is possible.  The fourth Noble Truth states that the way to liberation/wholeness is through the eightfold path.  The eightfold path is (from point of east clockwise) right understanding  (or right views), right aspiration (or right desire), right livelihood, right effort, right speech, right action, right mindfulness. right concentration.   (From point of east clockwise) this is the set of 8 rays--pink, violet, purple/gold, green, blue, white, yellow, ruby.  -r

God Meru, on Titicaca’s shore
Thy retreat stands there to bless mankind 
’Tis the focus of Illumination’s flame 
Gift of God to soul and mind. 

Blazing there in the golden Andes’ sacred height
Ever waiting for man to seek its pow’r 
And the love of the ones who now guard its holy light 
Holding balance in this cosmic hour. 

At thy side thy complement divine 
Lovely Goddess of this sacred flame 
Ever stands, and through her purifying pow’r 
Raises all in the I AM name. 
Now our love ever flows from every earnest heart 
To enfold all who serve to set life free 
Knowing well of thy service that forms a mighty part 
Of the building of the world to be. 

Blessed flame--Illumination’s pow’r
To the minds of all who seek thy light 
Ever send thy love from Titicaca’s shore 
That each one may feel thy might.
Penetrating the hearts of those who stand for truth 
In a world ever changing day by day 
E’er endeav’ring to be steadfast beacons to our youth 
Symbols of the Life, the Truth, the Way.

2)   Good evening, Keepers of the Flame.  I come bearing the scepter of the Knight Commander.  I come to address you in the cosmic honor flame.  I come in purity, I come in freedom  and I come in love. 
  So let your love be the fulfillment of the law of your being--not only the spirit of the Law but the letter of the Law.  For as the Law came through Moses and grace came by Jesus Christ, so that grace was never intended to supersede the letter of the Law which is the skeletal framework of a cosmos.  The letter of the Law is the grid of light that is the antahkarana of Father substance, of blue-ray energy.  It is the skeleton.  And can the body function without the skeleton?  Those who are the spineless ones without the courage to champion the Law as the Law is written are found wanting in the hour when from out the Great Central Sun the light goes forth for the freedom of the feminine ray.  
  For I tell you that the freedom of the feminine ray is the freedom of the whitefire core of your being.  And when the light streams forth from the base-of-the-spine chakra and rises as a mighty fountain of light up through the spine and through the Tree of Life [the Kundalini], penetrating all of the chakras of your body, then you will know what it is to have light flow.  And in that hour it will be necessary for you to have a momentum of the letter of the Law as well as the spirit of the Law, for the letter of the Law provides the channel and the channeling of the great energies of the feminine ray.  
  What I am saying is this--that without the foundation of the masculine ray established within you you cannot receive the feminine ray.  And therefore without the letter of the Law established within you firmly you cannot receive the grace of your Christ Self.  Understand and believe, O children of the light! 
  Do you not understand that you do not always know the way that is right, the way that is true, the way that is honorable? Therefore you trust in the ascended masters as the Gurus of the age . You trust in the Messengers and in the power of the spoken Word whereby I deliver my message to you this night despite the opposition to the victory of the sacred Word within you.  Do you understand that I come forth within you, within your heart?  I come forth with dispensations of light from my causal body, and I am ready to pour the new wine into souls who have uplifted chalices of fire.  I look for those chalices of devotion, of constancy, of sticking to a job until it is done no matter what the obstacles.  I look for chelas who are tenacious who will hang on unto the end no matter what the sacrifice, no matter what the storm, the violent hurricane, the downpour of the fire.  I look for chelas who are standing when the smoke of the battle is cleared. 
  And so you have come forth, and so you have impelled from my causal body dispensations of light.  I want you to know, as I stand before you and as I live, that my causal body is full of dispensations, but you have not called them forth with enough fervor to warrant the release of that energy!  And so I am like good Saint Nick, and the pack on my back is my causal body brimming with gifts, with abundance and with graces.  Know you not, O Keepers of the Flame, that within my causal body alone is the necessary momentum of the violet flame of freedom for the salvation of this entire planet!  Do you not understand that this momentum that is within my causal body is there and it is multiplied again through every retreat and by every cosmic being serving in this hour of victory and this hour of trial? 
  Now I say to you:  receive then the Word!  Receive the fire! And form in this moment if you have not formed it before, that precious chalice to receive my Word. For my Word will be poured forth, and woe be unto those who have not prepared for the receipt of that Word.  For should that Word fall onto the ground because you have no chalice then I say, the Lord will not hold you guiltless. 
  Do you understand then that for dispensations of light to be given it is necessary to have a circle of fire of Keepers of the Flame who are already dedicated, who come into Our meetings and into Our services prepared and purified and ready?  Otherwise We must always begin at the beginning.  We must always give the basic teachings.  And even Our dictations cannot advance without the most advanced chelas present because of those souls who are coming as babes, almost as babes in toyland. 
  So they come before the Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood.  They come to receive, and their eyes are alight with the joy of discovery as on Christmas morning they come to find the gifts and the stocking that is filled.  And so that stocking filled with toys is symbolic of attainment, and therefore to the good children the toys are promised; but to those children who have been naughty they are found wanting.  So it is with Hierarchy, so it is with the ascended masters. And therefore the Lord has said that He would pour out His light and His Spirit upon all flesh.  I come in the name of the Lord.  I come here, in this focus of the Divine Mother consecrated of old by Mother Mary to Saint Michael as San Miguel.  This is the point of the defense of the Divine Mother by Michael the Archangel.  So this is a city of light, of beauty and of the culture of ancient Mu.  So here in temples of light the Mother-flame was enshrined, and some of those temples were not unlike those buildings of art and beauty that you have seen. 
  So these buildings that hold the artifacts of civilization in this city are replicas in some aspects of the glory of Venus, of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, the Goddess of Love.  We seek to reestablish in this city that flame of the Divine Mother, that focus of the whitefire core dedicated to Mary the Mother, to Raphael and the healing masters and all who serve the cause of truth on behalf of mankind. 
  I say then, let the standard of truth be raised high.  Let Us see the elimination of vacillation, indecision, rationalization and the hopping to and fro without accomplishment.  I demand action from the Keepers of the Flame.  I demand consistent action.  I demand a daily ritual of service in the light and in the Law of Being.  I demand that you read and reread the code of conduct, that code of conduct for students of Our university.  And if you desire to be called and to be chosen and to be the elect of God, then I say:  keep that purity, keep that seed of light, keep your energies anchored in the chakras. 
  For do you understand that each chakra is a sphere of light that day by day is filled with energy through your invocations?  And so the lines are drawn as lines of latitude on the globe.  Line by line each chakra is filled with light.  And when the chakras are filled and sustained as a blazing sun of fire, then that chakra--and the next and the next and all the chakras together—magnetize the ascent of the feminine ray. 
  This is the purpose of Our focus--that the energy of the whitefire core of this state of California might be raised level by level, city by city, chakra by chakra until the entire Golden State is filled with golden liquid light because some have chosen to sacrifice the lesser self and the indulgences of the lesser self, because some have chosen “the better part,” as Mary the Mother-ray of old.  So then today let every Martha also choose the better part of light, of invocation, and of combining service with listening grace, with meditation and with the practice of the science of the spoken Word. 
  This is my dispensation that I pour out upon all Keepers of the Flame who have been loyal to the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity:  this night I pour forth the momentum of the freedom flame across the planetary body for the clearing and the protection of the feminine ray and for the freedom of that ray.   I declare the independence of the feminine ray within you, within your soul, within your seat-of-the-soul chakra, and within your base-of-the-spine chakra.
  I come forth.  Mother Mary is with me, and Jesus stands at Our side.  This is the action of the holy Trinity for the Aquarian cycle and for the anchoring of the triangle, of equilibrium, of balance in the threefold flame in this city of light.  Therefore Mother Mary releases the energies of the whitefire core for the sealing of the base-of-the-spine chakra within you and for the preparation of each Keeper of the Flame to receive those energies for the raising of that white light in the hour of appointing by the I AM Presence. 
  From my causal body there goes forth the signet of the Holy Family, multiplied by Jesus and Mary.  I give an impetus to all true Keepers of the Flame who have kept the Word.  Within the seat-of-the-soul chakra there goes forth the fire of freedom from my causal body, multiplying your own momentum of freedom contained within your own causal body.  Therefore as you have sown the flame of freedom in past and present ages, as you have been devoted to that cause of freedom so-- whatever the momentum in your causal body this hour--I shall l multiply it by the power of my own causal body.  I am releasing those momentums together then and anchoring them in the seat-of-the-soul chakra for the purification of the seed and the egg of man and woman united in holy matrimony that they might bring forth the avatars and the Christed ones. 
  I bring forth love, I bring forth purity, I bring forth freedom. Therefore I say, be sealed in your souls with the patterns of Hierarchy!  Bear them well, for these are the letter of the Law! And on the foundation of that letter so you will find freedom. 
The bird of self--the bluebird of happiness that is your soul--will fly from that cage that is a grid of light, that is the law of your being when it has received unto itself the fullness of that law.  And the soul will take flight and you will behold, even in this lifetime if you are faithful, the alchemy of the soul sealed in the fire of freedom. 
  Now I say to all Keepers of the Flame, to you who have been faithful, that from this moment forward your soul is sealed in my heart and you have reinforced a tie to my heart such has not been given to you before.  Wherever you go, wherever you are, no matter what the onslaughts or the intellectual or teleological arguments of the fallen ones, I say, they shall not hold sway and they shall not be able to sever your tie from my heartflame unless you will it by your own freewill.  And I say, no master, ascended or unascended, will ever interfere with that freewill.  Therefore this tie as an umbilical cord to the masculine ray is for the reinforcement of your freewill and the freedom of your soul to pursue the free creativity of your soul, of your spirit, of your life. 
  Now then as these lower chakras are cleared for the coming forth of the seventh root race as the issue of Father-Mother flames united in love, so beloved Jesus--as the point of the triangle and as apex of the love of Mary and myself--places his Electronic Presence within your heart-chakra.  The flame of Jesus the Christ and his mission is yours to assimilate, and thus your Christ Self is one with that Christ Self of Jesus as it is reinforced by the edict of the Karmic Board and by Jesus himself.  Therefore receive the Trinity of the Holy Family, of the balance within your being of Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit.  Where do you suppose the Holy Spirit should appear?  It is the fruit of that triangle.  It is the union of all cosmic forces within you until you yourself, as the temple of the living God, become that fire and walk the earth as that flame that is active, vital and eternal. 
  Be a flame in the name of Saint Germain, I say!  And take your calling seriously.  I say to you that never, ever was there a time when that calling and that election meant more to millions of evolutions, to planets untold, to systems of worlds. Indeed the balance hangs in the cradle of your heart.  Therefore a cause, a living flame, a Cosmic Christ aborning awaits your rocking of the cradle, awaits your tender care, your love, your concern, your alertness as a mother who instantaneously responds to the cry, to the movement of her child. 
  Now then I say this:  I have determined to overthrow the moneychangers in the temples of the universities of this nation.  I call them “temples” because it is there that the youth of the world come forth to inscribe their names and to subscribe to the educational systems of the planet.  It is there that they come to give of their heart’s devotion and of their crown-chakra, yet they receive chaff in most cases.  Therefore I, Saint Germain, stand in this place to release the energy of my causal body as a momentum of fire into every university, every college, every theological school, every institute of technology and science.  So I say, I am placing my signet, my flame, my determination, my aura, and my consciousness into these institutions of higher learning. 
 I say to you, Keepers of the Flame and those who are attending and have attended Summit University:  I am calling unto your hearts and I am demanding of your souls that when you are apart from the Motherhouse and serving in the cities of this nation that you deliberately with planned action go forth to make your mark in the schools of higher learning and also in the high schools and prep schools and preparatory junior colleges.  I am demanding that you go forth with posters, with signs, placing your names on bulletin boards and announcing discussion groups, announcing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and forthcoming lectures. 
  I adjure you this night--all of you who make contact with prospective souls of light—that you do not impart to the prospective soul more than that soul is able to receive.  In the name of the living Christ, in the name of your own Christ Self I am determined that none shall be lost, just as Jesus was determined during his mission for the Piscean age that none which the Father gave unto him should be lost. 
  So I say, you must see to it that by your zealousness which borders on pride and ambition you do not overdo, you do not inundate, you do not actually burn with sacred fire the delicate chakras, the delicate centers of light yet unopened, yet not prepared to receive the sunlight of truth.  I say then, let each one who contacts a soul of light, a child of God present step-by-step a thought, an idea, a concept and gently lead the lambs into the sheepfold.  For I say, so much depends on the proper presentation of the Law.  For a soul can be lost to the Teachings for an entire lifetime and even beyond—and even unto the destruction of that soul by your inept handling of that individual. 
  Now I do not intend that by my words you should become frightened or dubious, for I say that you are capable. Therefore don the cape of capability and go forth with sword in hand and know that the Holy Spirit will speak through you the Word of truth that is the essential elixir of life.  I say then, do not condemn any man’s religion.  I have guaranteed freedom to all to practice the religion of their choice.  I say, let ascended master Law complement any man’s religion, any man’s path save it be the path of Satan, the fallen ones or the wicked. 
  In the name of Jesus the Christ, in the name of the Cosmic Virgin I challenge the carnal mind, the Antichrist and all Satanic and Luciferian power upon this planetary body!  I say, let it be rolled back by the action of the mighty Elohim!  Let it be rolled back in all those forces that have set themselves against the Motherhouse, against the Mother of the Flame and Keepers of the Flame! 
  Let them be bound this night by the action of Our Trinity! For We have set forth the triangle of the age, and no other triangle set forth by the fallen ones, the false hierarchy or their representatives upon earth shall work a work of darkness against this focus, this forcefield or this Messenger!  Therefore I say, invoke the Trinity and the triangle of Saint Germain, Mary and Jesus and see how you will be an invincible focus of that triangle that is destined to become the pyramid, the four sides of being, fulfilled in the threefold flame. 
  Therefore I place my focus in the institutions of higher learning, even as this focus has been placed within your three chakras.  I say, it is up to the students to go forth, to be determined, to see to it that the libraries of these universities are equipped with Our books and Our literature and to continue to return to those libraries to see that the fallen ones have not destroyed those books.  I am asking that you seek time on radio stations and networks connected with the universities and in the towns of those universities so that students may receive Our lectures, Our dictations and the readings from Our publications. 
  In the name of Almighty God let the youth now be captured in the net of the Christ, and let the net be cast on the right side of the ship.  And so let that net be brought in for the Aquarian age, for the victory of the light, for the rolling back of the hordes of darkness.   And so I say, there are yet dispensations to be delivered, but Keepers of the Flame must be apprised of this dictation.  They must be apprised of opportunity, and they must be willing to pursue the letter of the Law! 
  I say to you, I will not stand before you and continue to release my Word where there is the deliberate compromise of the honor flame within you!  I tell you, if you could see the astral bodies of those who have compromised that flame, they have become cross-eyed.  They cannot look God squarely in the eye and therefore their vision is turned within themselves. 
  I say to you, the cloven tongues of fire, the twinflames of the Holy Spirit are the twinflames of yourself and your own beloved divine complement!  Each time you compromise the Law and the Spirit and practice self-deception you place a wedge between yourself and your twinflame.  For the cloven tongues of fire can only blaze forth in unison and in oneness where there is honor in love, honor in freedom, honor in purity!   I say to one and all, Keepers of the Flame, listen to my Word.  Take up the dispensation and be sowers of the seed of the Word, and let the seed go forth! 
  I have spoken.  I have given you my love, my energy and my light, just as Mother Mary and Jesus have also brought forth that light.  So I say, let Us see what can be done as a miracle of ascended master action in this nation that is still one nation under God.  I AM Sanctus Germanus.  I AM the defender of the faith, the defender of your hope, your charity.  And I AM the liberator of womankind.  So let the feminine ray blossom as the rose within you and know that I AM the heart of the rose.    
-Saint Germain via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on March 1, 1975 at University of California San Diego, La Jolla, California
  In the book Lords of the Seven Rays the Messengers explain that Saint Germain helped guide the founding of America, that he called for the signing of the Declaration of Independence and directed the writing of the U.S. Constitution which guarantees the right to freedom of religion.   
  “This focus consecrated to Archangel Michael as San Miguel.”  According to the history of Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá the explorer Juan Rodríquez Cabrillo arrived in San Diego Bay in 1542 and, following Spanish tradition, named it for the saint whose feast day was closest to the landing:  San Miguel (Saint Michael).  In 1602 explorer Sebastian Viscaino entered the harbor and renamed it San Diego.  The ascended masters teach that areas of the California coastline were once part of the lost continent of Lemuria, also known as the Motherland.  In one of the temples on Lemuria there blazed the flame of the Divine Mother. 
“The code of conduct.”   see  3) and 4) below--
3)  This is indeed the age of fearlessness, and I promise you that when you place yourself in the hands of Our representatives on earth and in heaven you will be treated royally, as kings and priests unto God.  But you must also understand that you must earn the right to be thus treated.  And thus We will demand absolute cleanliness of body and person.  Is that such a hard requirement?
  We will demand that you pursue the vegetarian diet.  Is that such a hard requirement?  We ask you to garner your energies for the opening of the third eye and to maintain celibacy during your period of instruction unless you have been lawfully married in a church of your choice.  Is that too hard?
   I say then, the disciplines of Hierarchy are universal and exacting.  And unless you are willing to come under these disciplines how can you expect to be crowned with the many crowns that the Lord of the World stands waiting to place upon your heads?                    
                                       -Maitreya:  2-24-1974 via Messenger ECP

4)   Where there is compromise of the code of conduct there is crisis.  I tell you, beloved ones, We must withdraw when individuals in Our teaching centers or study groups do not heed that which is necessary by cosmic Law for a standard of life and morality and consecration.  Realize then that these seemingly insignificant compromises do cost Us Our own commitment to your souls as well as the intensity of the focus that ought to be sustained within that teaching center.    
                                         -Morya:  7-4-1978 via Messenger ECP

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