Saturday, March 30, 2019

call to the cosmic fire breath

I AM, I AM, I AM the Fire Breath of God
From the heart of beloved Alpha and Omega.  This day I AM the immaculate concept
In expression everywhere I move
Now I AM full of joy
For now I AM the full expression of divine Love
My beloved I AM Presence,
Seal me now within the very heart
Of the expanding Fire Breath of God
Let its purity, wholeness and love
Manifest everywhere I AM today and forever. (3x)
I accept this done right now with full power!
I AM this done right now with full power!
I AM, I AM, I AM God-life expressing perfection
All ways at all times.  This which I call forth for myself                                                                                        I call forth for every man, woman and child on this planet  (amen)

  For holy wisdom is imparted not only through study in an outer sense but also through attunement in an inner sense with the great spiritual powers of Light, initiates who live and move and breathe the sacred fire breath in higher octaves.  
   -Saint Germain:
"Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of Life," Wisdom

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