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the new covenant is the oneness person by person of our hearts

   Blessed hearts, Portia and I will come to you.  We will come to everyone upon this planetary body; We will come therefore.  And you may respond, and you may recite the Word of the Son of God:  "Lo, I AM come to do Thy will, O God!  Lo, I AM come to make my ascension in this life and to demonstrate the victory of the path of the ascension to all evolutions upon Earth!"
  Therefore, beloved ones, by that inner dedication of the Law of Love and Life you will receive the impetus from the Great Central Sun, not only of my dispensation in this hour but of that of the upward momentum of the spiral of the victory of beloved Godfre, beloved Lotus, beloved Lanello, that you may move in the very vortex of that fire all the days of you service upon earth!  Now I say to you, is this not a mighty gift of light in this hour of the commemoration of my own?   ['Yes!']
  Blessed hearts, I ask you to rise and give the salutation to your own Mighty I AM Presence:  "Hail, beloved Mighty I AM Presence!  Hail, beloved Mighty I AM Presence!  Hail, beloved Mighty I AM Presence!  Hail, beloved Mighty I AM Presence!”…
  I desire you to know that in the hour when you give me personally that salutation I transmit it to your own Mighty I AM Presence, knowing full well that therein lies your victory.  And I AM walking beside you, that each time you affirm my name I affirm your name before your own God Self that your soul might reach new heights of consciousness and new awareness in Christ.    
                                                       -Saint Germain 5-3-1981 via Messenger ECP
  And I have summoned this day my twelve legions.  And They do stand on the twelve points of the circle of fire of the solar ring.  And They march with legions of light, beloved.  Going forward from the flame of the ark of the covenant They move outward in all directions.   And They march robed in white for freedom--freedom for all people under God.  And They march, and as They march They trample down the barriers of bigotry and prejudice, of tyranny and darkness.
  Beloved, the legions of whitefire, the legions from the LORD God Almighty do march to the four corners of the earth.  And as They march, hatred and war are beneath Their feet, and the Earth receives the new day of the Spirit of the Resurrection….
  Beloved hearts, the Earth can no longer stand to reel and to succumb to darkness because of the missing light of individual Christhood in every son and daughter of God.  Let these little ones then know and be known as my own.  Let the fervor of the light in you and the profound concern which you receive from my aura this day fire you with a determination to set life free!  Let us live then to set all life free.  Let us live to make life free.  And truly it is done through the alchemy of the Holy Spirit and the violet flame, as you have been taught….
  For death is a creeping and crawling thing that assumes itself into the mind with decrepitude and old age that ought not to be, for the fires of the Holy Spirit and the crystal clear water of Life are available from that Presence of God with you.  You need not be bowed down nor be subservient to the ways of the flesh and this world and therefore be divested of that sacred fire and no longer able to transmit it to those who are helpless and burdened…. I must have my home in Bethany.  I must have my place in the hearts of those who are not dismayed when millions upon mil­lions of Christians refuse to move forward into this hour of the chal­leng­ing of tyrants and to make the sacrifice necessary to do so….
  Beloved ones, the false doctrine of the Pharisees would wipe out all of this and proclaim everyone saved regardless of the record in the Book of Life.  There is a Book of Life, and the record of every man is written therein.  And until there be resolution by sacred fire, by this Spirit of the Resurrection there cannot be eternal Life!   This is the meaning of this day--that the power of the Res­ur­rec­tion is able to raise you from dead works and false doctrine and to free you from your fear to see and know the whole Truth….
  Beloved ones, those who have stood in the way of my person in church and state, those individuals responsible for the omissions of my Teaching, each and every one of them that decry the application of the abundant Life for every individual in the economies of the nations--those who deny the true doctrine point by point across the board of life--they are singled out this day, even as the mighty angel did single out in Egypt those who would be called to the judgment, and the Death Angel did pass over the house of the true Israelites and they were not touched.  The loss then of the firstborn son, beloved, is the judgment of the offspring of the carnal mind that decrees tyranny and totalitarianism, whether in education or in private life or by any means on this planet.
  Let the forces of World Communism go down!  And let the forces of World Capitalism and the moneychangers who support these systems of East and West know that it is the hour of the binding of these beasts and of the whole conglomerate of the false hierarchy that gives to them their power….Beloved ones, according to the will of the Father and its im­ple­men­ta­tion in your own hearts know then that the judgment is given--that I, Jesus, take up now my revolution within the heart of this Messenger and every other one upon earth who will receive me.  For the LORD is no respecter of persons.
  Thus I will enter where I AM welcomed!  And by the Holy Spirit I say unto you, receive me and do not disappoint me and do not go back to your old squabbling and bickering and absorption with material things….Beloved, I AM free.  I AM a free Son of God who may speak through a free Messenger who has nothing to lose.  For there is only Life and Life universal and triumphant.  And all else We have already surrendered and long ago put aside.  Therefore come.  Come ye into this communion now.  Come ye into this communion now.  Come ye, my beloved, for I would serve you then this communion of my new body and my new blood--my new covenant, beloved.  And the new covenant is the oneness person by person of our hearts….
  In the perfect love of our union I speak to you.  And I AM forever, forever and forever the fire infolding itself.  And do not think that when you are out of the way I do not withdraw from you.  I AM far from you when you refuse to receive me as I AM!  If you desire me to love you as you are, then I say, love me as I AM and do not create of me a false god fashioned after all manner of agreement with your lower desires of the status quo.  Beloved ones, materialism is a god that must come down!  Communism is a god that must come down!  Let it be so….
  I have sent the sword of my Word!  Now know that this sword goes forth with my Electronic Presence for the binding of the seed of the wicked and moreover their conspiracies and philosophies that have become part of the fabric of world consciousness in fields of education, psychology, religion and polit­ical thought.  My sword is a purging sword!  It is a blinding light!  And it is all-consuming.
  O world, know that I AM come this day!  And I will not leave you alone.  And if need be, I come then as the tormentor of your spirits until they are purged by fire and the Holy Ghost--and until you by freewill elect to serve your God as I indeed serve my own.
Let every man’s Mighty I AM Presence now become the Law­giver and Judge.  Descend, O sacred fire of the I AM Presence!            
 -Jesus Christ via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Easter, March 30, 1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles
  Now I place myself in the center of the earth.  I place myself there, as it were, physically.  And I shall meditate with the Buddha of the Ruby Ray in that center, and We shall establish a balance by sound and its vibration to neutralize the dissonance of sound bombarding the Earth and the minds and marrow of the bones of the people.  Yes, I speak of what is called music, the sound and dissonant sounds of hell to which the youth and their bodies have adapted, and many have adapted.
  The misuse of sound is dangerous and has been used by forces of darkness to inaugurate cataclysm.  This you know.  As I tell you this and as you see Our service in the center of the Earth you can know that We would come for this service only because there is a necessity.  In other rooms in this very place and in places throughout the city the rock music burns on, consuming the soul’s sensitivities, neutralizing the action of the chakras and the soul’s ability to make contact with God.
  Thus it is, beloved.  Make your heart a place of refuge for the youth of the world by establishing there the divine harmony and connecting yourself to the music of the spheres.  The music of the spheres is the music of the causal body of every son and daughter of God.  This is the music that purifies and heals, that balances and restores wholeness and displaces the insanity that is caused by the syncopated beat of rock music.
  Yes, the sick in their numbers increase and the insane in their numbers increase.  The world cannot survive in the sanity of God and the Mind of God and also drink of the cup of the fallen ones.  Thus my offering to you is the sealing of your chakras and the mending of your garments, the many layers of your garments by the action of violet flame angels.  Give Them the call and the dynamic decree and They can work a mighty work in your day.           -Omri-Tas  10-10-1992 via Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet  
(by Sindelar)


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