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receive a rest; find the center of equipoise in the heart

    I come then to give you the vision, and that vision is that you might see how many thousands of souls can [and are] carrying on [with their dharma] because you keep the flame in the heart of the northern Rockies.  And as [you invoke] that light [because it] is stored in the heart of the mountains, because it is stored in the waters and in the elements that are beneath the earth, and because it is stored in the [creeks and the rivers] themselves there is indeed established here in the Earth, you understand, those pockets of the ruby ray that can [and do] respond instantly in answer to your call for the dissolution of all that would move against this community of light.
  Therefore, beloved, We are taking you this night to that very special place prepared so that you can receive a rest, so that your four lower bodies and your organs and your chakras may feel the peace [that comes from] the divine polarity of Alpha and Omega.  You might call this an R and R in the midst of the battle.  And all of you need it whether you recognize it or not.
  Blessed ones, there is surcease from the labors of Hercules, but those labors are not finished until they are finished.  And therefore please do not choose your own [timetables for] vacations and withdrawals from your projects but understand that We are project-oriented, and therefore you must summon that resurrecting energy and that light [from your Mighty I AM Presence to complete your spirals].  You must pace yourselves.  You must eat well, sleep well, exercise well, but above all call to Surya and Cuzco to be taken at night [in your finer bodies] for that recharge, for that realignment, for that restoration.  And [you must] relieve [yourselves] in this hour, beloved, [of] fear and doubt and momentums of [stress, even] as you are relieved of [them by Our angels].
  Blessed hearts, keep on keeping on, for you are engaged in a labor in this hour [that is] not unlike those of Hercules.  And I can tell you from the akashic records that this one (when he determined that he must pay a profound penance for the grievous burdens that in a fit of rage he placed upon the lifestreams of his own family) determined that he would not stop until he was finished.  And there was a passion [born of his soul’s need for resolution and for divine absolution], and the passion in his heart was the passion of divine Love.  It was the passion of the ruby ray that he would go forth and perform these labors [to fully and finally balance his karma and pass his initiations under the Twelve Hierarchies of the Sun].
  Beloved ones, [that one called Hercules] was a magnificent physical specimen.  But far beyond the physical he was empowered by his own great causal body and the Causal Body of Elohim, and that empowerment came by love.     -Cuzco:  9-30-1989 at Royal Teton Retreat     
-gold plate of Romanov family
   From out of nirvana I am come, having tarried there to prepare for my mission with you in this hour.  Thus I have garnered rings of light and proceeded along the way of the buddhic path and the Buddha’s adoration of the Divine Mother.  Thus I come again and my mission is to come and to stay with you, for Saint Germain has called me to be your special mentor of the heart.  Therefore I bring my angels of the Rose of Light and We place upon your heart-chakra the thoughtform and the manifestation of the rose [of light] unfolding petals [that are] multiplying the twelve of the heart chakra.  You may have a thousand-petaled rose of the heart chakra, beloved, for the petals increase by mercy’s flame and compassion and wisdom.
  May you be balanced then in the love and wisdom of Maitreya and Manjushri as They uphold [to the right and to the left] the manifestation of Lord Gautama Buddha in the Western Shamballa.   May the brilliance of the light of illumination’s flame make your love always practical in illumined action.  And with love and wisdom may you settle your accounts on the ray of God-power and swiftly transmute all misuses of power human or divine and therefore unlock the magnificent gift of power which the Great Divine Director extends to you.  For power is the movement, the mechanics, then the motivation whereby love and wisdom become flowers [that are] not only admired but that [also] compel the going forth of the individual to serve the light in all lightbearers found [in] precarious [circumstances] in these twilight planes of being, in these vales of illusion and karma.
  Keep the flame, beloved, for the necessity of the hour is greater than ever before.  To have then such an example of tragedy to bring home this truth is never the design or the desire of God.  But man is indeed in charge of his domain and by freewill must acknowledge and call upon the levels of Hierarchy and the representatives of Hierarchy available to him.  Especially is it so, beloved, of all lightbearers of the world.
  Therefore know that the office and mantle of Mother of the World is one that is offered gladly by your Messenger as a means of intercession in all manner of burden and tribulation. Whereas you can well understand that the Messenger in embodiment may not have hours and minutes in the day to [personally] answer in this octave all of the calls that are sent to her (although she does answer many), you can be absolutely certain that at inner levels the simple call to the Christ Self [and] the I AM Presence of the Messenger and to Lanello ascended will bring you immediate intercession.
Therefore the thought that the Messenger is too busy, the Messenger is preoccupied, the Messenger is sleeping, the Messenger is waking [is erroneous].  Whatever the thought [of limitation], beloved, the Messenger is a being of light, as you are, spanning the octaves and therefore can be reached [by a simple call to her heart] at any level at any hour of the day or night.  And this has been done, beloved, [by many] with full 100 percent, 1,000 percent response from her great God-free being and causal body.
  Do not hesitate therefore.  For when you have one in physical embodiment [such as the Messenger to intercede in your behalf] sometimes you can make the connection to Our octaves much more swiftly than when you call to Us directly; [for she has the direct contact whereas due to planetary effluvia or your emotions of the moment often you do not.] Such is the meaning of Hierarchy.  And you yourselves are a part of this Hierarchy and may also be instruments through your own path of Christhood to transmit to those in need a quantity of light from above.
  Therefore the Great White Brotherhood is a brotherhood and a sisterhood of light of those ascended and unascended [lifestreams who are committed to the path of the ascension and chelaship under the Word Incarnate].  And Our motto is: I Serve.  We stand with one another in times of triumph to steady the victor and to brace that one and [to] protect that one.  We stand by one another in times of the dark night of the soul and the dark night of the Spirit when many may become bowed down.  Thus We pray together and We give that support whereby the whole body of God may move forward in the ascending scale of being.  I therefore have come forth on this day as scheduled by the great Law to begin the process of the tutoring of the heart and the opening of the rose of the heart–not that you have not already been God-taught by many of the ascended hosts.  And Saint Germain himself has given to you his heart meditations.  These ought to be pursued.
  Yet We understand the preoccupations, the dharma of the day and the requirements of the hour.  Therefore it is necessary to develop thoughtforms, beloved, which you [can then] visualize by second nature and which you [can] anchor by mantra.  Let the mantras of Maitreya and Manjushri give to you the balance of the heart, and may you visualize the most beautiful golden-pink rose [of light assisting you to] unfold the petals of the heart-[chakra].  Let each unfolding of the petal [of the heart] be a strengthening of the petal and of its release of light.   Let there be God-mastery of the petals signifying a greater and greater release of light which does require, as has been explained to you at length, a greater protection and likewise a mounting spiral of attainment in the flame of God-mastery.
  Many Masters come to you in this hour on the two o’clock line [under] the sign of Pisces for the culmination of an age and because We desire to see you be conquerors who will vanquish death and hell in the Earth and in the astral plane and [who will] dare to challenge the pale horse.  Blessed ones, therefore [let the two o’clock line be the focus] of [your] concentration in [clearing of] the etheric body, for the clearing of that body does include, [yea, it does demand,] transmutation of fear and doubt and all records of death that have ever become a part of your lifestream through all incarnations.  This is a clearing of the solar-plexus [chakra on the 2/8 axis] and does require the balancing of all debts of karma, especially those incurred through fear and doubt and death itself [which are the perversions of your God-mastery] on that [two o’clock] line, [and] through [envy, jealousy and] ignorance which are the perversions of God-wisdom [on the five o’clock line of this yellow cross].  Thus, beloved, let there truly be the rising to the great need of the hour, the need of [God-wisdom for] God Self-mastery, the need of [the] conclusion and fulfillment [of cycles] that the age of Pisces might be sealed.
  As you rise to [your] Christhood and as you are accepted as bodhisattvas on the path so know, beloved, that your increasing light may become a sufficiency to displace and supplant the black magicians of the age of Pisces.  By your attainment [through the I AM THAT I AM] you may be guaranteed that they will be taken by the hosts of the LORD to the Court of the Sacred Fire for their [final] judgment.  [The great Law] does of necessity require the manifestation of a soul of light for every fallen one that is taken and a Christ for every force of Antichrist that is bound.
  We have found that the collective Christ consciousness of this Community availeth much, that all putting together their petals of light and [their] heart’s compassion and wisdom may form the focus of [a community] Christhood that they may not [enjoy] separately and individually.  Therefore the Four and Twenty Elders have decided to count the collective Christ consciousness of this Community as a weight of light that can be factored in when determining how the Brotherhood and you shall deal with the dark forces pitted against the light.  This is good news, beloved!  And therefore I simply say to you, if it is the collective Christhood of the Community that shall stand and withstand the opposition to the Church Universal and Triumphant, then let everyone know that this Christ consciousness may be represented as a million-petaled golden-pink rose [of light], each one of you being a petal [of that rose].
  Therefore remember the responsibility.  For if the petal as a flame is not kept by you, if you do not as they say hold up your end of the bargain or in this case your end of the rose, then the power of that collective Christhood can be diminished.  And We do not desire to see the diminishing of one petal or one dewdrop upon that petal.  For does not the dewdrop signify the capacity for compassion and for understanding and for reaching out through the heart to those who mourn?   For they have not the full flowering of the Christ with them and therefore in their grief, beloved, [they] do in fact grieve the loss of the living Christ.  When you bring [them] the petal of that Christ-light it is as a flame-flower that does reignite in them hope.  And hope, beloved, is always the beginning of a new day.
  Therefore let the rose of Camelot come again!  Let the rose of the Church as the great emblem of the rose cross be a rose of hope, a rose that is [made up] of the very ones Maitreya and Manjushri.  Let it be so, beloved.  For by love is there hope; indeed there is!   By love is there wisdom; indeed there is!  And in the perfect balance [of love/wisdom] there must be a magnet for God’s will and for the return of God’s power unto all.  Thus I begin by counseling you to breathe out the fragrances of love and wisdom through the heart; and sense when you breathe out, beloved, that you are sending this light around the world to circle it and to return [to you multiplied in kind].  [deep inhalation]  Now exhale but visualize the sacred breath passing out through the heart and see it as a mist that is truly a sacred fire tinged with golden pink sending a missile of hope throughout the planet.  And in the wake of that hope may many souls soar and return with that single outbreath to the Heart of the Inner Retreat.
  Thus Gautama Buddha does send forth the breath and it is powerful; and always on the return you will see angels in formation and saints of God returning [to him] on that very [in]breath.  Then, beloved, know that the breath of life itself [as well as] the sacred fire breath [you invoke to charge the breath of life and the atoms, cells and electrons] is able to kindle and rekindle and [to] expand and intensify the threefold flame.  Therefore let the breath [of life] be instrumental in the balancing of the threefold flame.  Therefore let Djwal Kul’s breathing exercise be that which expands the power of the light in the chakras, in the lungs, in the heart [and] in the rose [of light that you visualize].
  Now draw a circle [of light] around the rose that you visualize in the center of your chest [at] the level of the heart filling the entire upper portion of your body.  And this circle of light around the rose is pure gold.  It extends to a wider circumference than the rose itself and it is a ring-pass-not whereby the rose cannot be touched.  Therefore you have heard the admonishment: “Guard the heart.  Guard the secret place of the heart.  Guard the beating of the heart.  Guard the bird of the heart.”
  Heart therefore is the seat of sacred fire and of agni yoga.  Heart must be protected, beloved.  Let not the heart be jolted or jostled or overcome by anything beneath or above.  Practice therefore stillness in the heart, peace in the heart, strength in the heart and God-centeredness in the heart.
  Think about how you think of yourselves in your bodies. Where are you in your body, beloved?   You may have feeling in the extremities.  You may concentrate greatly in the mind or the third eye.  But I say:  find the center of equipoise in the heart and feel yourself responding from that point and that center.  Feel yourself in perfect balance in that center.  Thus it does require a going within and a holy exercise.  I counsel you then when you are hungry between meals it is a time to take your sacred bowl of rice, to chew each morsel 108 times as you affirm the mantras, in silence or spoken, of Maitreya and Manjushri.
  Feel yourself [to be] as that fire infolding itself seen by Ezekiel.  Feel yourself spiraling inward to the center of your Sun-Presence, following the spiral [formed by] the rose petals back to the center, there to commune in the threefold flame there to sense the balance of Alpha and Omega, once again to be renewed and restored physically and mentally strengthened and above all focused [in the heart of hearts of your Holy Christ Self as you visualize your Holy Christ Self not separate from you but superimposed over you, your hearts as one].
  This, beloved, is a simple exercise, but many who are too spread [out] in their consciousness and thinking [faculties, often because they are too “yin” in their four lower bodies,] and have no God-Self-mastery over that attenuation from the center scarcely know how to spiral backward into the heart [in a counterclockwise direction] that is seemingly backward. Therefore spiraling to the center is [a] necessary [exercise if the soul would establish her Christ-Self-mastery sealed in the twelve-petaled chakra of the heart].
  And therefore “I AM Alpha and Omega in the whitefire core of Being” is the mantra you recite [in] addition [to the Maitreya/ Manjushri mantras].  It is wondrous to be silent when you [engage in] this exercise as a holy ritual of going within.  And as you come to the center of the [thoughtform of the] rose [of light] through the spiraling inward you pass beyond it [through the heart chakra] to the eighth ray, [secret] chamber [of the heart,] and [here] you have a few moments to bow before Lord Gautama and his bodhisattvas who have become Buddhas, [who tutor your souls as they keep the flame of life for you here in the holy of Holies of your temple].
  Therefore a mighty trinity have you, beloved, of power, wisdom and love in [the] Lords Gautama, Maitreya and Manjushri.  See then how they come in the tradition of the Trinity and how the great power of the Lord of the World is ensconced by those who flank him with the adoration of love and wisdom.  Thus visualize your threefold flame as ensouled and embodied and personified by these three beings, even as you often visualize in those three plumes the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, or Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
  Thus Lord Gautama--O Lord Gautama, O Lord Gautama–I come to the Western Shamballa.  I bow before thy throne of grace.  Receive me, O Lord, as I, Rose of Light, humbly join your staff of ascended devotees who serve the light of those in this Community and all pilgrims who come.  O beloved Gautama, as these devotees learn the spiraling within so they shall develop a momentum of drawing power, drawing therefore by this spiral infolding itself many lightbearers from around the world even as a spiral nebula when in the procession of [the] drawing within does draw many stars to its center.
  O the processioning of the stars of the galaxies, my Lord!  How magnificent is life in all of its geometry!  How magnificent is the geometry of these souls and the wonder of their love and their service!  How We would enhance the light!  Thus it is the rose of light, light, light that I bear making karma light, making auras bright, bringing light into a darkened world by the God-Self-mastery of the Lord Jesus Christ now entering in through the Holy Christ Self of each one!  O how the Lord Christ does so yearn to merge with your Holy Christ Self, beloved, and to be the husband of your souls!  How he does long to transmit to you his God-mastery of the Piscean dispensation!
  Now therefore We will set about Our exercises, those of Saint Germain and those given by the Messenger.  But above all Our most important exercise will be loving–loving by illumined action and by a conveyance of the heart and by the rejoicing in the eternal sweetness of the Sweet One positioned above, as [this] cosmic being of light does overshadow [the sangha of the Buddha neath the Western Shamballa].  May the radiant smile of the Divine Mother be upon your face, be the twinkling of your eyes and be the smiling of many an angel through you who shall greet those in need.
  [Now] I speak to all who have passed from the screen of life, those who have been the enemies of the Messenger and the lightbearers.  Do not think that We do not watch your attempts from the astral plane to move against [Our servants].  We have taken note; so have the scribes of the Keeper of the Scrolls.  Therefore ye who would surreptitiously steal in to the circle of Our Oneness, [know that] the angels knock at the door of every degree of the [360-degree] circle of this gathering and you shall not leave without being arrested by them, bound hand and foot and removed from this place.  You may not come with your mischief and your malice [once] you have made the transition to attempt to destroy that which you could not [destroy] while you were in embodiment.
  Therefore the dragnet of the Lord does descend and the seven archangels come, having enlisted Their legions with the reapers [who are already harvesting the tares (the children of the Wicked One) from among the wheat (the children of the kingdom) on a planetary scale].  Therefore in this hour all who have moved against this Church and the saints of God and the mystical body of God through[out] the ages who have made it their priority to come here to upset the peace and the protection of the Community are bound.  Their time is up, beloved, [wherein they were given opportunity to bend the knee before Almighty God, to confess the Christ and to serve the light.  Therefore] they must [be taken by Archangel Michael’s legions] to other octaves and be restrained from any further mischief-making or malice.
  Thus, beloved, it was K-17 and his legions with Ray-O-Light and His who petitioned the Four and Twenty Elders for this dispensation.   And I, Rose of Light, as Their spokesman in this hour may tell you of this good news.  And therefore [this intercession, so needed for the protection of your altar work,] is a tribute to your staying action and to your devoutness.
  For everything that you put forth [in light], beloved, [you get back and] there is an equal [return] and [a] multiplying [of that light by the Cosmic Christ].  Wherever you place your heart and mind and energy so the LORD God does say “Behold, I come quickly and my reward is with Me!”  The LORD God does come bearing the reward of His servants, but He does also bear His own reward for His own Beingness, an aura multiplied many times over and expanded hourly [by the Guru’s extension of himself through his chelas].
  Thus you may also say “In the name I AM THAT I AM I come quickly to the defense of the Buddha and Mother and holy Church and the saints, and my reward is with me for this [my] vow and [my] effort!”  Thus you affirm the Law [of the Cosmic Christ] that the good karma you send forth [is] instantly [increased and] does place upon you the multiplication mathematically of that which you have given [out].  Behold the Lord Sanat Kumara does come to his own and his reward is with him, ten thousand-times-ten thousand saints who gather--gather for the hour of the victory in Armageddon, gather for the hour of the celebration of light and the rose of light of the heart.
  Because all of Hierarchy is concerned and gladdened that you shall pursue the path of the heart and the heartflame’s expansion, all who come here--angels, ascended masters and cosmic beings--shall be wearing the sign of the Rose of Light over the heart so that the impression is made deep within and at inner levels that this is the initiation of the hour.  And by eye contact and soul contact you will take to yourself and accept back upon yourself the mirror image of these individual roses of light.  Each one is different, beloved.  And therefore by meditation on the Beings of Light you may acquire and receive in your own heart some bit of Their attainment and of Their sweetness and of Their wisdom and of Their great God-power.
  Now with the Cosmic Cross of Whitefire I, Rose of Light, seal you.  For I am come and my reward is with me too:  it is you, beloved.  You are the great reward for the inner work I have accomplished and I am pleased to be among you as your sister of light.  I await your tug on my sleeve or apron or skirt.  Let me help you become the fullness of the flowering of the Rose of Light.  In the name of Helios and Vesta I bow to the rose of light within you.        -Rose of Light:  10-6-1989 via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    Sun into Aries on 3-20-2019 at 3 p.m. PDT:  Sun at one-fifth of circle to Saturn, opposite Moon, at one-tenth of circle to Venus.  Good tempering at hand.  (One may call:  In the name I AM THAT I AM, Lord Jesus Christ, great hosts of ascended masters, Helios and the Great Central Sun Magnet, may the solar energies from Pisces to Aries modulate for the greater good, amen.)  -r.

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