Wednesday, December 5, 2018

And the line is drawn:


  Serapis cautions against becoming enamored of the gifts that result from attainment on the path:  the ascension and abilities attendant on the raising of Kundalini fire must be desired ordinately, he says....
  “Then step by step each day with rejoicing in your heart you take the power, the dominion of the God-qualities (to which you are/would be polarized)…and you use them as your authority, your substance, your collateral to invoke the grace of God, His will and His healing to remove the stain of sin and all unreality” -Serapis Bey.  From the Ascension Temple the beloved hierarch of Luxor initiates candidates for the ascension, assigning tutors to walk with their charges every missed step on the paths of the seven rays (of Life).
  This he does, stickler that he is, in cooperation with the other Lords of the seven rays.  And the line is drawn:  the chela (spiritual devotee)  may not pass until he fulfills that neglected, long forgotten or suppressed missed step….
  Now to Serapis’ classes come the artist, musicians, sculptors, architects, planners--those who serve on the fourth ray as well as the most staunch disciples of every ray--to express purity, harmony, rhythm, balance and perfection in any undertaking.  Military and intelligence strategists and all who serve in the armed forces, security and police departments of the cities--all receive special training here in the defense of the flame of Life. 

  To these and to all who seek entrance Serapis clarifies the rigors of the highest path to attainment:  the path of the white light, of a purity that is won through surrender, service, self-sacrifice and selflessness in the all/one of God.        
    -Messenger E C Prophet:  Lords of the Seven Rays, book 1, 1986, pp. 164-5
                -Great Pyramid Initiation with Serapis, by N.T. Miller

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