Monday, December 24, 2018

the Be-ness of every man

  The compasses of confusion must be exchanged for a sane direction.  Newness of life must enhance the quality of the present moment.  The bitter ones must empty their cups of the dregs of human swill.  Thousands of years of infamy can yield to one moment of the fire of the Sun.  The Sun would consume the dross.  Therefore let us burn up the mechanizations of darkness, and let human recalcitrance yield to the sweetness of the climbing rose upon the arbor wall….
  The sellers of oil and fine raiment must understand the karmic accountability that they have for each act of desecration of the Lord’s body.  The body of incorporeal substance is the sustaining power behind all natural order. Inherent within nature is the conveying, miniaturized cup--the seed atom of universal purpose.
  Each gesture of God creates a ripple in the nucleonic chain, whose pattern remains unaltered until it is intercepted by humanly ordained misqualification.  The diseases of the world are brought about as the result of mankind’s fragmentations of cosmic purpose:  and men dare to impute to the Deity the negative misqualifications they themselves have created!  Do they think that the karmic reaper shall pass them by?  His grimness shall be as the whited face of God, a solemn harbinger of justice that will not be moved, even by the cry for mercy.  Those who know and thwart the purposes of God should tremble.  Let the children of the Spirit take heart, let them not faint, let them not be weary….
  The dissonance of the world is an overpowering shroud that leads man downward into astral horror.  Neither witchcraft nor deceit, the domination of other lives or the unhealthy utilization of the Laws of visualization can produce the children of the new age.  The children of the new age must partake of the grail….
  We are not dealing then with a personality in the humanly accepted sense but with the Be-ness of every man which God foreordained from the foundation of the earth.  It was of this Be-ness that Christ spoke when he said “Before Abraham was, I AM.”  Through the mystical sense of his oneness with Life man is transformed from a being of the “earth, earthy” to a being of the Spirit….Outer vanity and the vainglorious manifestation of the human person never can and never will eat of the Tree of Life.  Man was figuratively and literally cast out of the Garden of Eden because he failed to fulfill the purposes of life.  The only return to Eden that can ever occur is that which takes place when man walks back to his original estate and communes with God in the garden of being.      
                                                   -Morya El:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:19

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