Sunday, December 23, 2018

Now is the hour of My appearing

    I AM Helios of the Dawn:  hear the Word of the living God!  Behold, the earth is Mine and the fullness thereof.  The hour has come and now is when My children shall be gathered together from the four corners of the earth and shall respond to the ministration of the Good Shepherd of humanity, when they shall understand in a manner never before possible the meaning of infinite love.
  I say unto all:  Awake, thou that sleepest, and rise from the dead that you may receive the light of the Universal Christ.  Lo and behold, the eucharist of the Dawn is breaking and the particles thereof as the sacred flame substance of immortality are being dispensed unto those hearts waiting to receive the living bread of God that is the Word.  Hear then the living Word, for the great humanities of the living God shall be made manifest to all who are hungering and thirsting after righteousness.  Our prayer is that they may be filled!  
  Understand then that the domain of the heart is Mine and I claim it!  Understand now that the domain of the soul is Mine and I claim it!  Understand now that I AM the Lord thy God that as a living flame of fire visited thee and established in thee the pillars of eternity that thou shouldst understand My Law that is written in thy heart and in thy mind.  
  Now is the hour of My appearing--the hour of trembling and the hour of My radiance, the hour when the diamond of My Mind appears in the cup of life as that shining reality which assembled all atoms of substance as a portion, a goodly portion, of cosmic purpose revealed to view.  Yet there are those who have not seen, who do not understand, who do not perceive, whose hearts are darkened, whose consciousness remains in that nether world of human folly.  I say then let them remain there.  For I have said My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh….
  Hear now the Word of the Lord.  The hour has come when darkness and confusion must recede as the manifestation of the Christ-light appears to all.  Lo, I come with power and glory.  Lo, I come!   Lo, I come with clouds, and every eye shall see Me--yea, even those which pierced Me.  And then shall men also know that not only do those pierce Me who pierced My Son Christ Jesus but also those who have pierced My purposes by denying them. …
  Behold, I AM the Lord thy God, and surely this thing shall be.  And it shall be in My season and in My time as I shall direct it.  And it shall be as a result of mankind’s own karmic justice which they have established.  The patterns that they have brought forth shall also come upon them.  And surely I the Lord God will visit this Earth, and it shall come to pass, and I the Lord have spoken it!  Behold, the time when men’s hearts are failing for fear has come upon the Earth.  And behold, it shall intensify, for yea they have deserved it.  Yea, they have surfeited themselves.  They have thought to glorify themselves and exalt themselves unto the mountains, and behold the hour of My appearing is at hand.  Behold, I shall surely visit the family of nations, and I shall render unto all according to their just deserts….
  And instead I shall build a new heaven and a new earth, and the former things shall be passed away.  For behold, that which is righteous shall endure and that which is unrighteous shall be cast down.  I AM the Lord thy God.  Behold, I shall establish perfection in the hearts of the faithful, and I shall consume imperfection everywhere upon the planet, and I shall visit the family of nations, and I shall establish upon all men the judgment of My Laws.  For the time has come, and I tell you that nothing shall be able to stay My hand.  I AM the Lord thy God.  Behold, it shall be done.  Behold the witness of the north wind, behold the witness of the south wind, behold the witness of the west wind, behold the witness of the east wind.  For surely My Spirit shall do this thing, and karmic recompense shall come to pass.
  But now I say unto all, the radiance of My Perfection must be adhered to.  Mankind must turn their hearts from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh.  They must understand the meaning of being a new creature.  Perfection must reign in every heart, and mankind must seek Me as never before. They must understand the Laws of Perfection as never before.   They must search out to see the Laws of Helios, the Laws of the dawn--the dawn of the golden age.
  For the time has come when the golden age temples shall appear, when the hearts of men that shake also in fear shall come to understand and respect My Laws, when mankind shall turn en masse unto Me and shall understand how I love all and would extend My Love as the boundaries of My kingdom of the ages out unto all people, unto all kingdoms, and unto the waters that the waters may speak as a voice of thunder with one accord saying:  
  “Lo, O Lamb of God!  Lo, O all-beautiful white purity of the Presence of Perfection!  We understand the need for Thy Law in order to lead us from death unto Life.  And we respond by casting our crowns, our consciousness of Thy starry Perfection before Thee who only art holy, the wholeness of all that manifest everywhere.”
  And all that is darkness and degradation shall perish from the Earth, and all that is light and life and love and purity shall remain.  And behold, I will draw My children into My kingdom and they shall behold My glory and the glory which many knew with Me before the world was--they shall behold it and enter into it.  Behold, the time of the satanists and black magicians is at an end.  For behold, I this day have raised the sword; and behold, it shall smite those among mankind that insist upon the degradation of all that is holy, turning it toward wickedness and destructivity.  Behold, they shall perish from the Earth and be no more!

  I AM the Lord thy God, and My Law of Perfection and Love shall draw all who love righteousness into My kingdom, and there they shall shine as the Sun in His strength.  And darkness shall be no more!  But only light shall remain and the triumph of light speak to every heart saying, this is the triumph of thy God!  For behold, I will function in all who invite Me.  I will sup with all who will commune with Me.  I will give love to all who understand its meaning.  We cannot allow a continual presence of imperfection in the world, for this could never be in the immortality and eternality of My Presence.        
      -Helios:  11-19-1972 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet

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