Friday, December 21, 2018

we have gathered for one purpose

  Hail, legions of the Great Central Sun!…we have gathered for one purpose and it is for the liberation of the Work and the Word of this Messenger and for the liberation of all souls who are wed to the will of God throughout this Community worldwide.
  Let all who love that will, who espouse it and who live in it know that from this moment forward the light of the first ray does descend to support every lifestream of noncompromise, for this day and date, January 1, 1989, does mark the beginning of a countdown for victory….
  We move into the new age today.  Today I say is the first and most important step.  Today is the step of the resolution for the next two thousand years.  Blessed hearts, this is the springboard to eternity and you will require every step to be the right step and the direct step.  Therefore I come; I come to you for I desire to stand on behalf of El Morya, to shape the troops, to return the chelas of the diamond heart to him, to gather others.  And those who would be discarded:  let them be discarded.  For there is no longer a hiding of the coward or the mediocre state or the lukewarm that does not have the ability to have an allegiance whether to light or darkness.  Therefore the lukewarm have not the allegiance of either light or darkness….
  Our goal is to make Freedom’s Star more than a violet planet,  it is to make it a planet of illumination’s golden flame.  Thus let the Teaching be published--let it be written, let it be heard, let it be seen.  For a base ignorance does cover the planet and that base ignorance comes out of the very misuse of the base-of-the-spine chakra, and therefore [we observe] such primitive behavior, primitive emotions and minds no longer capable of thought or of a thought process that in the divine reason leads to the throne of God.  This, beloved, this absence of the Logos as an active part of life upon earth does cause even an archangel to tremble as to what will be the outcome.  Unless every child and soul and being upon earth does have even a nail’s worth of the Word pulsating in the very seat of the brain, how, I say, how can that one be restored to eternal Life and to the Mind of God?       

-Archangel Michael:  1-1-1989, 5:40-6:10 p.m. MST, at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana

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