Friday, December 7, 2018


     great blue heron

389.  A certain hermit emerged from his solitude with a message, saying to each one whom he met "thou possessest a heart."  When he was asked why he did not speak of mercy, of patience, devotion, love and other beneficent foundations of life he answered "The heart alone must not be forgotten, the rest will come."  Verily can we turn toward love if there is nowhere for it to dwell?  Or where will patience dwell if its abode be closed?  Thus in order not to torment oneself with blessings that are inapplicable it is necessary to build a garden for them which will be unlocked to the comprehension of the heart.  Let us stand firmly upon the foundation of the heart, and let us understand that without heart we are but withered husks.
463.  The wiping out of civilizations, the annihilation of life by which the planet was visited more than once met with precisely the same theorizing--thus also people did not care to notice the signs of disarray and continued superficially to argue about prolonging the sapped-out conditions of life.  Now also, among innumerable misconceptions people ask why in studying the highest knowledge the heightening of sensitiveness and peculiar pains become inevitable.  If they were told that because of their heedlessness the chosen ones suffer, they would not believe it.  They will not admit that in themselves they represent condensers and transmuters of energy.  Thus when numerous such apparatuses are damaged the distribution of energy is disturbed and only a few sensitive hearts take on the pressure which should have been apportioned throughout the entire world.  The solar natures take upon themselves the pressure of the fiery energy and must be responsible for millions of drones.       -M:  Heart 1932
333.  All earthly senses, when transmuted, ascend to the fiery world.  Not only do sight and hearing exist spiritually but even taste has its new application.  Without taste it is impossible to understand many chemical combinations.  And in the process of creation all the senses are needed as means of correlation.  Therefore it is necessary to refine the senses while on Earth.  With due reason a certain hermit made his daily food of herbs and leaves in order to refine his sense of taste.  And when a passer-by asked his reason for this he answered "In order to love thee better."  Thus each subtlety is of use in the realization of the fundamentals.         -M:  Fiery World 1933
144.  Love of good alone without aversion to evil is a highly active quality, it is the touchstone against evil.  The mind cannot sufficiently well discern evil.  A great many reasonings may be found in which a viper is concealed.  But the heart-feeling of repulsion to evil does not err.  The nerve centers revolt against contact with the dark principle.  It is impossible not to notice this heart sign and then is created the resistance to evil.  One may observe how the heart current immediately strengthens the armor of radiation.  One may say to such a warrior--verily, brother, you have armed yourself.  Or as one hermit compared himself to a dog sensing a wild beast--hough the eye see not nor the ear hear yet the heart has already sensed and armed itself, for evil is not endurable for the pure heart.  Evil can adorn itself with many garments, but no mask will deceive a vigilant heart.  So let us study the qualities needed for the fiery realm.         -Morya:  Fiery World 1934

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