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you become knowers, intelligent of the Word

-eye chakra

  The karma of the neglect of the people of America--North and South America--the karma of their self-indulgence and sensuality is now wreaked upon them through the infiltration of their society of Serpent and his seed.  And as in the days of old, the Lord allows the outworking of the Law of the people’s karma through the enemy.  And the karma itself is the neglect of the duty to stand upon the watch.     
        -Messenger ECP before fthe ollowing a dictation by Elohim of emerald ray:

  Therefore know, O children of the Sun, sons and daughters of the God Star Sirius, know that the fallen ones who separated out of the company of the Lord’s hosts did go forth to nullify those centers of light.  And therefore they are called “the Watchers,” for their original assignment was to keep the flame of the immaculate concept for all life.
Therefore know that they have set up in the matter sphere their stations--in the very centers of Soviet espionage activities, in their centers throughout the world, in their embassies and wherever they have deemed it essential to their total worldwide awareness of the activities of the bearers of light!…
  Realize that the beholding of the Mighty I AM Presence is the greatest scientific achievement of all time that goes beyond all other discoveries that have ever been made, that will ever be made, or that are now even functioning in the highest technology of space travel!…Therefore realize that to the sons of God is given the technique.  And it cannot be stolen, it cannot be imitated, it cannot be mechanized because it proceeds out of the fount of the threefold flame within your heart!  And without that flame and without the path of righteousness and without the living tie to the living Guru, Sanat Kumara, there is no effectiveness in the use of the science of the spoken Word.
  They cannot, with all of their technology, set forth the antithesis of the use of the science of the Word.  No amount of computers, no amount of intelligence, no amount of files will yield them dominion over your Mighty I AM Presence!
  I tell you, if you will contemplate the tapping of the energy of the core of the planet as able to sustain the entire world (and it can), you must contemplate that the greater power of your own Mighty I AM Presence multiplies the power of the heart of the Earth by infinite numbers, incalculable numbers, in this sphere—that you have a direct sine wave to the Mighty I AM Presence to draw forth and tap all energy you require for the victory of the Earth!
  Your Mighty I AM Presence is able to deliver, through your heart and the science of the spoken Word, that which is needed to expose! and remove from North America every agent of the dark ones, every agent of the Soviet Union, every agent of the capitalist conspiracy….
  Why are the people caught in the drag and the net of the fallen ones?”  I will tell you!  It is because when you offer the dynamic decree you must be absolutely concentrated in the point of the vision of that for which you call.  And it is the mind coupled with the heart—the clear mind, the clear-seeing eye and the fervent heart of absolute love and reverence for life.  This arcing in your being of the center of the crown, the center of the third eye and of the throat chakra and of the heart must be synchronized….
  Let us no longer be naïve. The forces are bent on absolute world control and the destruction of the world soul!  They even plan not to destroy the physical fields or the physical people, but they desire to destroy their souls!  And this is their goal!…
  Only those who are balanced, sane, and in the center of the cosmic cross of whitefire can experience the all-power and, in the very same instant, function as so-called normal human beings.  That is why the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood may not be misused or perverted by the ego-centered individuals, the fallen angels, the serpents who bring with them their roving bands of demons and, immediately upon contact with this Law, proclaim:  “I am God!”…
  I tell you, so entrenched is darkness in North America alone that you and I could almost weep! for the state of the land and weep the more because the people themselves do not know just how much their nation has been taken over.
  Do you know that these fallen ones are so insecure in the cosmos without the Mighty I AM Presence that they actually believe that by the amassing of information on everything--satellite information, information on technology, computers, weapon systems and the entire defense complex--that only in that immersion in information will they be able to conquer the body of light?  Well, I tell you, they may march only so far with their information.  What they lack is the ability to transcend their own spiral.  And all of the intelligence of the entire world will not afford them the means to the victory….
  I tell you, beloved hearts, by way of your own personal self-assessment, that the fire you kindle in the giving of your dynamic decrees has brought about more to stay the hand of the fallen ones than any other effort on the planetary body--bar none!  You must, once and for all, come into the sense of co-measurement of the power of the Word through you! and become more scientific in the use of your seven centers which are the all-powerful, all-knowing forcefields of God.  You may envy the science of the fallen ones, but God has given to you the entire science contained within your own body temple, if you will but use that vehicle….
  The Permanent Atom of Being is a mighty generator of Life.  Let us then pursue the vision and know that the time is come for the fulfillment of the prophecy, made by Habakkuk, that the vision is sent.  And it surely has come.  And it is spoken, and you are hearing it.  And therefore you become knowers, intelligent of the Word.  And the vision must be first and foremost of your Mighty I AM Presence.  For when your eyes are locked in the gaze of your I AM Presence and none other, then, you see, there is the current that descends….
  Beloved hearts, it takes an immense effort to be a son of God, to be a co-creator with Him.  And when you do not make the effort the alternative is to become mechanization man--to become mechanized and therefore to respond to the commands of another who has set himself up as the impostor of your Christ Self and the impostor of your I AM Presence!…
  You must have a breakthrough, beloved hearts, by your own God-determination!  You must throw over that infilling of your temples with drugs and with chemicals of all types, interfering with the logical mechanism of your own infinite and scientific body of God! …You must demand it!  You must command it!  You must not take no for an answer!  You must have the breakthrough for which you have been striving!  And you must be the one who shatters the density that allows you to sleep when you ought to rise up and take dominion over this planet!
  The crystal ray emanates from Our causal body also.  The crystal ray has many properties which I shall not describe. Suffice it to say that inasmuch as all matter is crystal, in the true definition of the word, the crystal ray is the ray by which the seven rays penetrate matter.  The crystal ray may take on the properties of any molecule and, by conforming to its pattern, deliver into the space between its particles, into its whirling energy sphere the properties of the spiritual divine counterpart.  The crystal ray comes forth from the Sun behind the sun for the restorative purpose of returning your mind, your genes, your chakras, the activation of the life within you to its original strength and divine intent….
  Stand guard.  Take thy watch!  Listen for the inner sound.  Look to the hills and the mountains of God for the oncoming vision.  Be the instrument of its speaking.  Take this information, combine it with the certain Word of prophecy. Preach to the lightbearers!  Raise them up!  For they are a mighty people who know not their own inner light or inner might.  They are sweet people, containing the tender mercies of our God, though often misplaced.
  Neglect not the gold of God, for the golden threads and the emerald green and the crystal light weave a pattern of harmonious reunion whereby I proclaim: 
You shall have your God-mastery!  You shall have your God-harmony!  You shall have your God-vision!…
  Dear hearts, you cannot afford to be in that compromise of the Holy Spirit line!  You cannot afford to take that stand that, when proposing solutions to the planetary body, you leave off from the command of Lord Maitreya.  You cannot eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and espouse a relative standard for one aspect of your life and an absolute standard for another.  It has never worked!  And all of these thousands of years should have proven to you who are the seed of Sanat Kumara that the compromise does not work.
  The all-seeing Eye is a single eye.  The two-eyed vision takes in the analysis of this octave, but the soulution is single-eyed and single-purposed.  I trust you will decipher my Word--rightly dividing the Word of truth, rightly breaking the bread of Life, rightly sharing the light of Christ, but never compromising.        
      —Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia:  1-3-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles 
-Chart of I AM Presence showing Permannt Atom/causal body, then tube of light as one ray coming down from higher octaves of the universal reality


-deodar tree branch and cone

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