Saturday, January 26, 2019

Regard nothing as belonging to you, the easier for you not to damage things.

III, iii, 6.  Regard nothing as belonging to you, the easier for you not to damage things.  Think how best to adorn each place, the surer will you protect yourself from rubbish.  Consider how much better than the old must each new thing be, by this will you affirm the ladder of ascent.  Think how beautiful is the morrow, thus will you learn to look forward.  Think how cruel is the condition of animals, thus will you start to pity the lower.  Reflect how small is the Earth, thus you will improve your understanding of relationships.  Think how beautiful is the Sun hiding behind the Earth's sphere, thus will you restrain yourself from irritation. Think how white are the doves in the Sun's ray, thus will you strengthen your hope.  Think how blue is the sky, thus will you approach eternity.  Think how black is darkness, thus will you guard yourself against the cold of retreat.  Think courageously about the Images of the great Ones, thus will you follow the line of unity.  Think what happiness it is to walk upon the crust of the planet, imbuing it with consciousness of  spirit.  Think what happiness it is to walk under the rays of constellations, being a focal-point of rays millenniums of years old.  Think about Our hand which guides vigilantly, thus will you prolong the thread of life.     -Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925 
-collared dove, native to south Asia, now found across various continents

488.  Indeed, unalterable are the dates of great knowledge.  Learn to love creative conflict.  Know how to put your ear to the earth and to illumine your hearts in great expectancy.  Let the ignorant desire evil, yet the dates weave the fabric of the world.  Learn to discern; learn to fly toward the ordained.  Many are the garments and veils, but the meaning is one.     
-M:  Fiery World 1935    

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