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In the light of the eye is the all-knowingness of God.

     In the light of the eye is the all-knowingness of God.  And if thine eye, thy third eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light.  And what shall I do with chelas who are filled with light?  Why, I shall send you to the four corners of the Earth!  I shall send you throughout this hemisphere.  I shall send you to all of South America where you might impart that light.  For you have raised up the sacred fire within your chakras but, most importantly, you have guarded the flame of harmony.
  Harmony in the members of your four lower bodies is a prerequisite to your acceptance by an ascended master for discipleship.  As you keep the flame of harmony alive within your members you are able to sustain any one or all of the flames of God within your chakras and the organs of your body.  Therefore discipline yourself to hold and to keep within your total being the rainbow-flame of the Cosmic Being whose name is God Harmony.  Seal the light you have garnered in your base-of-the-spine chakra, your own veritable fountain of youth, and do not be provoked by any person or circumstance that would take you from your God-centeredness in this Mother-light….
  I have also sent my Messenger to teach you how you can immediately apply the science of the spoken Word to the daily challenges that, like it or not, you, your families and your nations must face.  As many of you know I released the instruction on the violet flame to the world through my Messengers Guy and Edna Ballard early in this century.  And since then the knowledge of the violet flame and the application of it to personal and planetary problems have circled the Earth.  The dynamic violet-flame decrees given by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet are a step-up and an acceleration from the early days of the I AM movement, and there is not a soul on Earth who would not benefit from giving these decrees morning and night.  Soon you will become proficient in invoking the flames of the seven rays and the eighth ray.  And you will be God-taught how to balance your threefold flame--yes, how to balance the shafts of power, wisdom and love so that they form the Trinity of God in manifestation within you….
  You are my own.  I draw you to my heart--my heart that is one with the Messenger’s heart.  It is my love combined with hers that you feel when you are near her.  Recognize this, beloved; tune into it, amplify it and make it your own….
  Also consider, beloved, what spiritual genes you have stored in your causal body from past lifetimes that might be available to you through the pure stream of your crystal cord--if the great Law would allow it.  With few exceptions however cosmic Law does not allow unascended sons and daughters of God to extract from the files of their own causal bodies the spiritual genes they have garnered and multiplied over the centuries.  This is to their benefit.  For unless they have balanced 100% of their karma and attained a certain adeptship they would run the risk of their genes being pirated.  And as long as they have stacked up untransmuted negative karma in the subconscious and unconscious canyons of the mind, they may unknowingly allow these precious genes to be stolen.  The piracy of genes and soul fragments is a reality when you are engaged in the warfare of the Spirit.  For this reason the Messenger regularly conducts rituals of soul retrieval.
  Her assignment from the Brotherhood is to demagnetize negative elements that have attached themselves to soul fragments and genetic components of the human spirit and to give them a positive spin so that their lawful owners may once again claim them.  By giving calls to Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun Magnet every chela can magnetize his soul fragments and genetic components back to the seat-of-the-soul chakra, the heart chakra and the secret chamber of the heart.
But as an unascended chela, you are always in danger of losing these elements of your being through anger, argumentation or arrogance.  You must therefore be the watchman on the wall of your own soul consciousness. Unless you do this assiduously, fallen angels and demons will have entrée into the sanctuary of your heart and your seat-of-the-soul chakra and they will be able to steal the crumbs of light from the Master’s table….
  There is not an angel in heaven nor a Solar Lord who would desire to see war or cataclysm descend, whether here in South America or anywhere else on Earth.  But such is the state of world karma.  And it is futile for the Lords of Karma or the cosmic councils to sanction grant upon grant of God’s energy to prevent the extinction of the human race only to have humanity squander the energy we give them as they eat, drink and make merry on the treadmill of sensual pleasure. …
  Life is not to be lived for the thrill of psychedelia or egomania.  It is not to be lived for the pride of self and its prowess, for this can only lead to the unraveling of the soul.  To put away all of that ego strutting, to efface the self, to enter into the mighty work of the legions of the violet flame--this is what we call for.  This is what we ask you to do….
  I seal you in my heart of hearts.  May you as Olympic runners seize the torch that I now pass to you and run with it to the hour of your victory.  I AM your Saint Germain, your holy Brother, your mentor of the Spirit and your defender against the hosts of darkness.  I, Saint Germain, bow to the light within you.  [43-second standing ovation]       
                              -Saint Germain:  3-16-1996 at Bogota via Messenger E C Prophet
  From out of the Cave of Light in the heart of the Himalayas I who am called the Master R salute you, sons and daughters of Aquarius.  I send light from the Himalayas to the Andes where the masculine and feminine ray enter the Earth respectively.  I send light for the inner balancing of the Earth in consideration of mankind’s karma and those changes that could come to pass.
  The balance of light that I am able to anchor within you because you have tarried to be a vessel of light and prepared your bodies is considerable indeed, and therefore for your most gracious attendance, for your listening grace I am thankful.  As the sponsor of Saint Germain I am in search of those who will understand the mission, the great mission of my Son and who will comprehend that the holding of the balance of light in the Earth depends upon those who hear the call and take it finally in this life as a serious election in the heart of Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ.
  Blessed ones, with physical vessels in the Earth who understand the meaning of the crystallization of the God-flame in this form we can move across the Earth and hold a majesty of light.  As you become then pillars in the temple of the God who is on earth even as he is in heaven Earth can see the mitigation and transmutation that is called for in this hour.  May you who have heard and understood go forth to manifest the dream of God for the age of gold!  May you know that by perseverance and constancy you may enter into a relationship of trust with one or more of the ascended masters beginning with my Son Saint Germain.
  Realize, beloved, that the Master/disciple relationship, or that which is called the Guru/chela relationship, is one that can be sustained only by the flame of trust--trust in the guarding of the light.  For the light is power and when it is not guarded but misqualified in an unguarded moment that light simply goes to feed the sinister force upon this planet.  Thus when in a moment of anger or a sudden flash of envy the light given is turned to a lesser vibration there are always those brothers of the shadow waiting to take it from you.
  Thus trust must be the hallmark of our devotion to those students of the light. We love all who take up this Teaching, but to enter in to a guarded relationship whereby that light is transferred for the healing of nations we must then see a responsibility that is mature and that has the understanding that we deal with cosmic forces and it is the misuse of these forces that has in the past brought calamity and the sinking of continents.
  You live in an era, beloved, when the ancient karma sown in the rock and the mountain, even of this vicinity, comes due for balance.  Let it be balanced by a violet flame conflagration.  Understand therefore that those who are ascended lead you on the path of the ascension, and those who come in their spacecraft lead you on a byway of technological transcendence but have not the ability to initiate you in the Christic light of the higher dimensions.  Therefore seek ye first the kingdom of God within.  Those who are the sons and daughters of the Great Central Sun and of the God-Star know where their allegiance lies and know that their source of power and salvation lies solely within their I AM Presence and their Christ Self.
  We reinforce and multiply what light you are able to externalize in the weeks and months and days ahead.  This though you are diligent daily is however not sufficient to the fulfillment of Earth’s destiny.  Thus as you serve and give the call we do multiply it by a dispensation of the Cosmic Christ known as the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand.
  Thus as I speak to you I use these hands [of the Messenger] to direct light into this area, anchoring light-rays into the mountains themselves for a stabilization.  For I too would buy for you and for Saint Germain time and cycles for the perfecting of the Law and for that golden age to come….
  I tell you, were six hundred to gather even weekly for four hours of violet flame, what changes you would see would astonish you.  For there is a geometrization of that God- flame, and the number who gather is squared and then multiplied by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand.
  So we desire to see the thousands gather in the cities of America and this is the need of the hour.  To that end then may you understand of just what great worth is your heart and soul and your chalice in the earth in this hour. 
                         (by Sindelar)
-Great Divine Director:  2-3-1988 at Phoenix via Messenger E C Prophet
                                                                                                      (by Sindelar)

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