Thursday, January 3, 2019

How long will men deceive themselves?

    Now the identity of the alchemist is to be found in the mandate Create!  
And in order that he might obey, the fiery energies of creation are dispensed each moment.  Like crystal beads descending upon a crystal thread the energies of the creative essence of Life descend into the chalice of consciousness.  Neither halting nor delaying in their appointed course they continue to fall into the repository of man’s being.  Here they create a buildup for good or for ill as each iota of universal energy passes through the recording nexus and is imprinted with the fiat of creation.  The fiat reflects the intent of the will of the individual monad.
  When the fiat is withheld there is an idling of the great cosmic furnace as the talent of the descending chaliced moment is rejected by consciousness and becomes an opportunity lost….The creative process then is of little significance to the individual who does not recognize the mandate to Create!, for by his nonrecognition he forfeits his God-given prerogative….
  The fiat to create must be heeded, but let us pray God that men heed well the sovereign responsibility that Life has given them to create after the pattern of the divine seed.  Well might they emulate the elder gods of the race and the royal priesthood of the order of Melchizedek in their creative endeavors that they might convey upon the energy chain of life that peculiar and fascinating aspect of cosmic genius that is the nature of the Eternal God….
  To belittle the soul of man, to cast it down into a sense of sin, frustration and self-condemnation is the work of the princes of darkness….(yet) We say:  Let the power of the Holy Spirit worlds without end exert its mighty cosmic pressures upon the soul of the would-be alchemist until he emerges from the fiery furnace pliable, whited and pure in willingness to obey the fiat of the Lord to create first a clean heart and then to renew in self a right spirit….His is the passion which produce in man the miracle of unfoldment through a sense of the real; His is the passion that will drive from the temple the money-changers and bargainers who would literally sell the souls of men in the marketplaces of the world.
  There is no need then for jealousy or a sense of struggle to function in the lives of true alchemists, and wise are they who will submit themselves to the pressures of divine Law, who will seek to purge themselves of all unclean habits stemming from mortal density and of doubt and fear which are the root cause of man’s nonfulfillment of his destiny.
  Those who dare to submit to the will of God will come to the place where their souls can at last welcome face to face the overcoming Spirit that makes possible the transfer of consciousness of the Great Alchemist to the consciousness of the lesser alchemist….In this series on intermediate alchemy I am in the name of Almighty God creating in the consciousness of disciples who apply themselves to this study a spirit of inner communion.  Through this spirit--a focus of my own flame--the Most High God and Hierarchy of Light shall focus by the power of Universal Love a climate within the consciousness of the student that shall enable him to obtain his rightful place in the divine scheme.  Then the kingdom will flower… 
  The lingering fear in the world of men is of the dark, whereas faith, hope and charity are the great triune bearers of light who exalt reality and lead men toward the light.  Ready for action I remain the Knight Commander
(by Sindelar)
                                                  Saint Germain     Pearls of Wisdom 13:5
    Even as the alchemist builds on the discoveries of his predecessors so there is an inner teacher within every heart who tutors the outer self, subduing it when necessary and guiding the fires of the mind in their search for the oftentimes invisible strands of reality….
  If man has not the power to create, he is not truly free.  Therefore the stream of energy that God is giving to him in ceaseless descent must needs be channeled into matrices of creative desire patterned after the divine will; but when misqualified these energies form the links of the chain that binds him.    
  Our first step then is to labor and to transmute the negatively qualified substance in the world of every would-be alchemist….By incorrect attitudes men have kept themselves from the kingdom of heaven.  They have sought through magic and unfortunately even through witchcraft to win for themselves that which could be obtained on a permanent basis only by willing submission to the will of God, to His intents and His purposes.  How long will men deceive themselves?…
  The practicality of God must not be employed as a weapon to destroy the mystical beauties of the Spirit.  On the contrary it must be used to draw the divine mystery to the focalpoint of individual manifestation….
  How can men imagine that the Mind that created man in all of his wondrous parts, the universe, the stars, the suns, the spiritual realms would be so lacking in foresight as to fail to provide a way of escape for those who might wander from the cosmic blueprint?…Man does not know, for he has not been told, he is tied to a giant computer.  Through this computer all knowledge is immediately available by spiritual transmission to those who will use it to do the will of God….
  Be ready to find in the smallest gift an intricate treasure that like a piece in a great puzzle may not at first seem relevant.  Again I say, be patient, for time in marching on reveals eternal patterns.  Therefore to decline the search or to reject the means of cosmic study which makes possible the search is an error of the first magnitude.  Let all who are receiving this form of instruction rejoice and be glad, seeing in the very opportunity of self-study the need to render service to the Brothers of acquainting others with the teaching.  Thus by making available the gift of Life to receptive souls heaven shall respond and give a greater gift to the souls of you who have proven that you are willing to labor and to wait….
  This is the builder who sees the need to cleanse the very foundation of residue in his world, to submit to the washing of the water by the Word and to the cleansing of sacred fire.  This is the builder who sees the need to know what the tools of the aspirant are and how these tools may be employed in service of self, in service of humanity and thus ultimately in service of his God….
      To His glory I live,       
                                                   Saint Germain       Pearls of Wisdom 13:6


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