Thursday, January 24, 2019

The mystery of Christ

-Noah at Yerevan

  The mystery of Christ, the divine  Word or Logos--the only begotten Son of the Father, is one which has baffled and confused mankind since the fall of man (his descent into material consciousness).  The restoration of mankind from the place of sinner to which they have been relegated by the forces of unrighteous condemnation to that of “joint-heirs with Christ” must be accomplished if mankind are to find their freedom in this age….To this day the “scribes and Pharisees” denounce those who dare to acknowledge their own heritage as sons of God.
  Jesus’ claim to his divinity was based on the understanding that he being created in the image of God, as were all men in the beginning (Gen. 1:26), possessed all the attributes of God Himself--not in quantity but in (basic) quality, even as every drop of the ocean contains the essential nature of the whole (and vibrates on that note).  
  Jesus knew as few men before or since have known that he was the Son of God; he never claimed he was the only Son of God, but those who heard his word who had not reached this higher understanding refused to claim their own divine sonship.  While some rebuked him for his declaration others fell down and worshiped in him that which thy were not (yet) able to realize within themselves….the erroneous doctrine that Jesus is the only Son of God, handed down from generation to generation, has divided Western civilization and kept mankind en masse from fulfilling their divine destiny….
  The Christ as the only begotten Son of the Father is the only true heir of God; this Son is your own true identity, the real You whom God made in His image and likeness.   This likeness never fell into sin and disrepute but remains inviolate as the Christ--the beloved holy Christ Self of every man and woman.  Human consciousness or carnal nature has rejected Christ since the fall of Adam and Eve….
  Those who truly understand the mystery of Christ have seen that even as there is One God, One Father so there is One Christ, One Son.  It is the nature of the Infinite One to multiply Being infinitely and still remain One….
  To decree or to command the energies of life is the prerogative of the Christ-identity or higher Self of every son and daughter of God.  The human self being imperfect and incomplete has not been given the authority to utter fiats of creative direction, and thus he must always decree “In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God I AM in me and my own beloved Holy Christ Self.”…Thus recognizing his present limitations and inadequacies he acknowledges the omnipotence of God to overcome all obstacles of flesh and to renew his consciousness by the power of the Holy Spirit.  This Spirit manifest in the sacred fire blazing as threefold flame of life on the very altar of his heart….The decree or divine fiat, the decreer and the answer to the decree comprise a threefold manifestation of God Himself.              
  The decreer must recognize that God “in me” is giving this decree; it is God’s energy that flows forth to obey his command and He is the fulfilling of the Law by the power of the spoken Word manifesting “in me.”
  Man the lesser self is thus an instrument for the light that come forth from the heart of God to coalesce as manifest perfection.  He is not the source of the light, neither is he the dictator of creation, and he does not have any power of his own to cause that light to obey his command.  Therefore if the disciple will determine to raise his consciousness to the level of the holy Christ Self and know that he is in reality that beloved Son, he being One with God may present himself a living sacrifice consecrated to purity in order that God’s light, God’s Word and God’s decree may flow through him to manifest the perfect work of the Creator.
  Thus having established in mind (and in heart and soul) the realization of who is the doer--I AM the open door which no man can shut--the disciple may begin the sacred ritual of offering decrees in the name of the Father/Mother God (the I AM, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient)….Therefore remember Paul’s word:  “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelt in you?” (1Cor. 3:16)…
  By calling to the God Presence of those in need of spiritual assistance you open up the fount of heaven into their world so that all of the divine blessings of light may flow forth to heal whatever condition of imperfection may be manifesting therein.  This service may be rendered without becoming personally involved in a given situation, for the ascended masters by your calls are given the authority (concerning the earth plane where man is given authority and freewill to overcome) to move in and take command of any person, place, condition or thing to which you in the name of God may direct their attention….
  Through the giving of decrees, prayers, affirmations the supplicant draws down the light from higher octaves of perfection to lower octaves of human imperfection.  We do not need to perfect God or His Christ, but we do require change in this world of chaos, disease, unhappiness and death.  These changes can be brought about only by the drawing-forth of the light of God and the conscious acceptance of that light which never fails to give man his freedom whenever and wherever he determines to give of his energy in faith-hope-charity until God can manifest His perfect work in him.  Without consciously accepting the answer to your decrees made manifest, the pure energies of God may very well remain in higher octaves of being--a matrix unfulfilled in matter and untethered to the world of material form.  The spoken Word is the key to drawing light from heaven to earth.  You will remember that Jesus when he healed always spoke the command that released the light in order to manifest on the physical plane that perfection which he acknowledged was already complete in the kingdom of heaven….
  The light from the Presence is released through various centers or chakras focused in the body of man.  As you decree the power of the Word flows forth from the throat center; this center should be visualized as emitting an electric blue ray.  The heart-center is animated by the threefold flame; the point at the center of the forehead focusing the all-seeing Eye of God (the third eye) is emerald green; and the golden radiance or halo of Christ is at the top of the head.  Concentration is of the utmost importance while decreeing, for it is over the flow of man’s attention that the energies of the Presence travel to fulfill the spoken Word.  Contrary to the concept of most students who take up the science of giving decrees, concentration is a quality of heart rather than of mind.  
-pristine/potent chakras

-Messengers M and E Prophet in Science of the Spoken Word, S.U. Press, 1983, chapter 6
        -Krishna and Arjuna

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