Tuesday, January 15, 2019

sharing Our love with all systems of worlds and binding them together in a great divine unity

   Blessed ones, never in thousands and thousands of years upon this planet, as past history will so well disclose, have the mankind of Earth through their mortal consciousness and their physical brain been able to produce perfection. Although by the power of God they have brought forth through the ages many great examples of architecture, of music, and of culture because of the inspiration conveyed to them from God, they have yet been unable to produce perfection in their own worlds unless that perfection was to descend from their own Presence.  It is impossible that in their outer consciousness this can be brought forth unless it be a natural outpicturing of light and light’s perfection.
  It is necessary that mankind shall learn to set aside the mortal will and the will of the flesh and that which has never produced perfection, and consciously, knowingly enter into the heart of the very sacred fire that gave them birth and therein extract by an invocation of their sacred being the fullness of the flame of light, life, beauty and perfection so that they can walk the earth not as mortal men but as gods….
  If then I as an ascended being whose love for all mankind has been proven through the ages desire to leave those areas blank, to leave those spaces blank, then I think it would be well if the student body would recognize the beauty of following the ascended masters’ way and looking upon the lifestreams of all mankind upon this planet only when they act in accord with their Holy Christ Self and great God Presence as having lived and had being, and let all else seem not to have been; for in reality it has no power neither has it any real or eternal being.
  For there is no power that can act for perfection outside of the supreme will of God.  Otherwise it would be that mankind could, using their freewill, create and sustain images eternally which would be contrary to the will of God.  And if mankind could do this, then they would be setting up a hierarchy and a power greater than the power of heaven and greater than the power of the ascended masters, and this can never be.
  For Our power is the power of God!--the power of the I AM Presence, the power of the sacred fire, the power that sustains beauty not only in the octaves of heaven but upon earth in the hearts of men who love God because they recognize their own perfection in God’s heart and they recognize God’s heart as their own, as their home, their source from whence they came.  And with grateful, adoring obedience they desire to return to the hallowed precincts of God’s heart and know that that heart which beats for them sustains the entire cosmos in one great outpouring of light and the perfection of light made manifest….
  For We intend in the coming days to revive among mankind, if you will, the memory of the Law of the One and pour out a great outpouring of light through this activity in order to bring forth among mankind a greater knowledge of the ascended masters and the great spiritual Laws, many of which were so well known upon Atlantis and Lemuria in past ages.
  This must come again, and mankind must awaken from the lethargy of the present, from materialism and the greed of this age and enter into the great spiritual renaissance, the rebirth of light and life and love among the nations that they may realize what it means to be an ascended being.  They must all come to know and to realize that that which We outpicture in Our octave is intended for every newborn child--and if for every newborn child, for those presently occupying mortal form and those who may be temporarily bereft of a mortal form through which to function and are presently awaiting rebirth….
  Blessed and beloved ones, it is one thing for Us to take Our energy and bring that energy from Our octaves and thrust it down into the human octave where the thickness of the human effluvia is like molasses in a jar.  It is another thing for the mankind of Earth to accept Our energy and then not to make any use whatsoever of Our instruction but to pursue those vain aims which have never brought them their freedom—and never will!…But I am here to commend those lifestreams who have made those victorious calls and to ask the Mighty Presence of eternal Life in the Great Central Sun to charge you with more of the divine talents in return, in reciprocation of your blessed energies, O my beloved chelas of the sacred fire, of the Maltese cross, of the perfect balance of the sacred fire in victorious action here/now among all mankind.        -Saint Germain
  I come to you tonight pleading for the power of the sacred jewels--the Urim and the Thummim* of God--upon the breast of the great high priest, the Christ consciousness for this earth, in order that the sacred jewels will blaze forth in this age the power of God that cuts the earth free, that frees the hearts of mankind from this enslavement which they have caused to bind them round about with firm iron bands--because they have not had the will to be free, because they have in ignorance persisted in thinking of themselves as mere mortals in whom there was a temporal consciousness which ceased with the termination of their life-force and the last breath within their bodies.
  I am come tonight in the name of God to declare to all mankind that eternal Life is sustained by the power of the violet flame!…This may sound simple, but it is an action of the great divine Laws by which We in Our octave keep Our octave pure and free.  For the violet fire represents the highest gift--the highest gift of God to the universe!  It is the great vibratory action at the very heights of the seven rays.  It is the top of the rainbow; it is the promise of God made manifest--the mercy from the Mercy Temple and the victory of heaven!  Therefore it is the victory of earth.         -Archangel Zadkiel
*Urim and Thummim:  literally “lights and perfections.”
   It is Our will that you recognize that We have eternally desired and sired within you from the beginning the great tablets of the divine commandment—the eternal Law of Our being by which is sustained Our own existence.  And therefore within you there is a manifestation and a tracing of the sacred fire element upon those tablets within your heart where We have written Our commandments, as We have declared:  within your hearts and your minds will We write Our Law.
  The Law of God, the Law of Adoration is reflected in the words I AM.  For I, Alpha, am the one who signifies the source, the numeral 1, and the word “I.”  Omega, my beloved, represents the “AM” and is therefore called “Ah-m-ega.”
  I/Omega—the beginning and the ending—declare that the pulsating lifewaves by which the entire cosmos is created are a boon to sharing Our love with all systems of worlds and binding them together in a great divine unity of eternal happiness and solicitude….In the name of the Mighty I AM Presence I, Alpha, the beginning, and Omega, the ending, have spoken.
-these three dictations above were given in a row at Woodstock, Ontario, Canada on 9-2-1961 via Messenger Mark Prophet  

  I ask and I urge that these walls of light be constantly fed daily by the student body of this activity.  And I ask that these walls of light be called forth continually and maintained until this peril shall have passed from the Earth….it is necessary that the perilous quality of human radiation and human energy now rampant on planet Earth shall be released by you for transmutation so that We may transmute that energy into ascended master light substance and construct for mankind those walls of light which they in themselves could never construct but which by working and cooperating with heaven can be builded to protect the free world….

  Truly when men play with this type of fire someone is very apt to get burned.  And I hope that the mankind of Earth shall have learned a lesson that if this peril be mitigated and pass from the Earth, they will then build a God-society where freedom can stand and where the bulwarks of freedom will be so strengthened by leaders of government and commerce and those individuals who have to do with the building of human consciousness through opinions such as those who control the press,  radio, television and the mass media of communication—that mankind will begin to accept the divine education of the golden age and that the power of the torch of liberty and freedom can be safely passed to mankind, knowing that they will use it to walk the earth as gods and not to parade before one another their petty fancies and vain desires to glorify the ego and satiate mere physical desires of their human form.       
            -Saint Germain:   at Woodstock, Ontario, Canada on 9-4-1961 via Messenger Mark Prophet

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